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  1. Independence Denied (With Teaseme69)
  2. Professional Help (KendallbelongstoArchon)
  3. No more Decisions (TeaseMe)
  4. Dirty Business (with Teaseme69)
  5. The Fairy and The Dragon. (Derick and Smirkin)
  6. Obsession (Archon and PlayswithKnives)
  7. No Place Like Home (Nix and the savage)
  8. They Only Come At Night (Smirkin & DrahkTales)
  9. Maternal Instincts (Kendallbelongstoarchon)
  10. Last Night of Freedom (blossom)
  11. My New Roommate (Smirkin)
  12. Sudanese Rebels Surprise Attack Thanks to EMP! (interracial -- with Kenzie)
  13. Wrong Place. Wrong time (Kenzie)
  14. Military Rape (Kenzie)
  15. The Contract (with Smirkin)
  16. A Summer to Remember (Smirkin and Panthers70)
  17. F4M Raped in prison by guard
  18. Taken on my way home
  19. A Lovely Pet (Lady Venamisa and MinisculeVidel)
  20. Home invasion
  21. Paying the Rent (MinisculeVidel)
  22. After the Party (with lilCutie)
  23. Alice hosts her first college party
  24. The Novice Superheroine (Trill and Badman)
  25. RolePlay Forums Etiquette (The Rules)
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