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  1. Request: Horny Girl looking for Men to Use and Abuse Her.
  2. Searching for story: 2 women spectate homeless guy raping girl in park
  3. Lesbian rape of a straight girl
  4. Rape my wife
  5. Best Ways To Mentally And Emotionally Break Someone Who Is Fairly Strong Willed
  6. Request: Rape Stories including my Wife
  7. Naughty and Degrading Things to Call Your Victim (or Be Called by a Rapist)
  8. Katy Perry story removed from CSL
  9. Worth being taken down
  10. Do writers enjoy receiving comments?
  11. Looking for old story: mom pretends to be mind controlled by son.
  12. Rape by Centaurs in a fantasy tale
  13. just wanted to clarify
  14. build up or sudden twists
  15. How cruel is the gentler sex?
  16. how to end
  17. Story Request
  18. Details to add authenticity
  19. PT rape fantasy article
  20. Writers - What do you use to write?
  21. Don't forget to keep local copies of your stories!
  22. Request: story with FGM
  23. Petite Asian fiancé Cancun honeymoon
  24. Need your advice
  25. Waitresses...
  26. I really like autumn.
  27. Stories based on porn
  28. Someone create a series about Jerry's imprisonment and fucking
  29. Would anyone be intrested in these stories...?
  30. I obey my Master!
  31. Unmarked van at a protest
  32. Titles: Where do they come from?
  33. Position of Authority.
  34. Not what you are expecting
  35. Perhaps i could be of some inspiration
  36. Request
  37. How many ways to say Breasts
  38. Epstein Inspired- too far?
  39. MOVED: Skyrim RP
  40. Story request about a friend of mine
  41. Mom/Son Taboo Story Ideas
  42. Dark and Twisted Concept
  43. Help Fleshing out Two Lawyer Characters?
  44. How many ways to say pussy
  45. Taking Requests Again
  46. What sites do you use?
  47. What are your tips or tricks for anyone new to writing stories
  48. Question About E-Books
  49. How do you get feedback on your writing as a new member?
  50. New story request
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