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  1. The Bar (with Blossom)
  2. Dinner Party (Smirkin and the savage)
  3. Cody Takes Tessa
  4. Deep Into The Woods with PlaysWithKnives
  5. Beach Babe Broken
  6. A new position (with Smirkin)
  7. High Sea Plundering (myself and Teaseme69)
  8. Destroying Lauren (With StalkTheGirls)
  9. The Auction with The Savage
  10. The Morning After (The Savage)
  11. Betrayed By Daddy (With TeaseMe69)
  12. Disturbing Past, Dark Future. (The Savage)
  13. Malfunction (teaseme69)
  14. A trap backfiring (featuring Ayako)
  15. The Rapist Next Door (with Corvid)
  16. The Final Girl (Teaseme69)
  17. Psychotic Rape (With TeaseMe69)
  18. Mackenzie's Endless Despair (With TeaseMe69)
  19. A dream Fulfilled (with teaseme69)
  20. A Fantasy Too Far (The Savage)
  21. On The Run (With TeaseMe69)
  22. Spare Heir (Derick and Ayako)
  23. From Slaver to Slave (TeaseMe)
  24. Perfect Match (teaseme69)
  25. Herione Defeated ( The Savage)
  26. "It's just business" (with the savage)
  27. To Catch a Thief (Derick & dawn)
  28. "Rape The Chatroom Bitch" chat transcript
  29. Good Intentions (with the savage)
  30. Birthday Present (tease)
  31. Guilty Pleasures (Zero & Smirkin)
  32. Anniversary (Rvplymates and Myself)
  33. Apocalypse Rape
  34. Costume Party (teaseme69)
  35. A good idea gone bad. (darkfantasygirl)
  36. First Contact (The Savage and Myself)
  37. Vengeance
  38. In Hot Water (roped_wrists and Bra Snapper)
  39. The trip of a lifetime (EssenceofRed)
  40. Rocky Mountain Lust (Alastor82 & TeaseMe69)
  41. Till death do we part (The Savage and myself)
  42. A broken family (EssenceofRed)
  43. Trill's Surprise Rape Transcript
  44. Kitty's Rapetrain Transcript
  45. Centurion's Prize (A Fallout: New Vegas based roleplay with the savage)
  46. High Score (essence of red and myself)
  47. The Crush (essenceofred and the savage)
  48. Lucky Number 13 (smirkin)
  49. The Summer Job (for ShySweetie)
  50. Obsession and Possession (Essence of Red)
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