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Author Topic: We so Horny starring Karen Fukuhara  (Read 559 times)

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We so Horny starring Karen Fukuhara
« on: January 07, 2022, 01:44:32 PM »
Trigger Warning: This story utilizes racial slurs and other derogatory language.

Disclaimers: This story is entirely fictional. Not real. Made up. This story is not meant to accurately portray and/or bring any harm to Karen Fukuhara in any way. This story is not meant to encourage, support, and/or condone rape and/or violence. Any similarities to any real life people and/or events is purely coincidental. This story is meant purely for entertainment and fantasy purposes only.

Karen Fukuhara was at her friend Sarah’s bachelorette party. She chuckled as she looked down at the outfit that Sarah asked her to wear. It was a skimpy, lacy black outfit that was somewhere between a burlesque outfit and lingerie. A top that had sheer, lacy material for short sleeves and covering what little of her torso that it did besides her breasts, where it was a more solid black. The lace was see-through, meaning it barely did anything to cover her. Her skirt was rather short and loose, leaving little to the imagination and allowed anyone to look and see her black lace panties. Sarah had a history of being a party animal, and wanted to throw a wild bachelorette party to say goodbye to her wild side as she planned on settling down. They were at a dance club, with a loud and throbbing sound that passed for music, strobe lights that bordered on giving them all seizures, and a few too many smoke machines. How this club had become so popular recently was beyond her. The place was cramped, smoky, and hot. Just getting to the bar to get something to drink proved to be challenging. Wading through a dance floor full of people who had a few too many drinks, with some taking the opportunity to grab and slap her ass as she tried getting through. How much of it could be attributed to the alcohol and how much were guys just being opportunistic was anyone’s guess. By the time they got to the bar, the music, lights, and smoke had already gotten the best of her. She looked around and realized that Sarah and the rest of the bachelorette party stayed on the dance floor. Based on how Sarah was dancing with the guys, Karen figured that she was intent on getting a divorce on top of a marriage.

“What can I get you?”

Karen turned back and saw the bartender talking to her.

“Directions to the bathroom?” Karen asked.

“Go through the archway over there, turn left, and keep going down. You’ll see two doors. One will lead you out back. You can’t get in from the outside, so don’t go out it. The bathrooms are on the left.”

Karen thanked him and followed his directions. The smoke machines and strobe lights were starting to get to her, and she started rubbing her eyes. As she went down the hall, she grabbed a door handle and opened. As she stepped through, she felt cold night air. She stabbed rubbing her eyes and looked around and realized she went through the wrong door. She had accidentally gone through the door leading to a back alley. She tried opening the door, only to prove the bartender right. The door wouldn’t budge. She sighed heavily and shivered. Her thin, sheer outfit offered little help against the cold in the air. She wrapped her arms around herself in futile attempt to warm herself up. She looked down the alleyway and saw that she was rather far from the street.

“Wow, the club’s pretty big.” She said to herself.

She was thankful that she didn’t actually have to go to the restroom, and at least the fresh air might help clear her head. She started walking back to the front when the door opened back up.

“Hey, this isn’t the bathroom.” Said a male voice.

“I told you it was the other one.” Said another male voice.

“Hold the door.” Karen said as she rushed at them.

“Sure thing.” Said the first voice.

She came back in and got a good look at the two men. The first man was a tall muscular black man that easily dwarfed her at over 6 feet tall. The second man was white, and while not as physically imposing as his friend, still stood impressively at 5’10” and was a more lean muscular as opposed to the first man’s bulging muscles.

“Nice outfit.” The first man said with a smirk as he eyed her body up and down, licking his lips while he did so.

“Hey Jake, isn’t that the same outfit that those sluts were wearing on the dance floor?  The ones that guys were throwing money at and going into the VIP section?” Said the white man.

“Yeah, you’re right. The ones that looked like hookers?” Jake said as he turned to Karen. “So is that it? You a hooker?”

‘Goddamnit Sarah.’ Karen thought to herself. She hated how unsurprised she was she would be cheating on her fiancée so close to their wedding. Not only that, but she seemed to have ended up dragging everyone else into her debauchery.

“There’s been some sort of a misunderstanding. My friends are just sluts. This was supposed to be a bachelorette party for one of them. For a wedding that probably isn’t going to happen now, from the sounds of it. So I should probably try to get them out of here before they get into too much trouble.” Karen said as she tried to get past the men.

They grabbed her and pinned her to the wall.

“We got money.” The white man said as he pulled out a wad of cash and pushed it into her cleavage. “We pay, you put out.”

“I told you that this is a misunderstanding. My friends and I aren’t hookers. They’re just fucking sluts.” She said as she tried to squirm out of their grip.

Her attempt at freeing herself was futile. Their combined strength was too much for her.

“I’m a fucking actress! I was in Suicide Squad, The Boys, She-Ra…” she started to say before Jake slapped her in the face.

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking gook cunt! You think you’re too good for us!? You’re going to take off all your fucking clothes, and we’re going to fuck you as much as we want. Is that understood?” He said.

“P-please, j-j-just let me go.” She said as she tried to fight back tears.

“Luke, let’s start taking off her fucking clothes. Nothing worse than a whore that thinks she’s too good for paying customers.” Jake said to the white man.

Luke punched her hard in the gut as the men let her go. Karen couldn’t believe how hard he hit her. It felt like all the air came rushing out of her lungs as she collapsed to the floor. The men started tearing at her clothes, trying to pull them off of her as she did her best to resist.

“Help! Somebody help! Please!” Karen cried out.

Then it hit her. The music. There was way someone would be able to hear her over the music. She started crying as despair came over her. The men took advantage of her lowered defenses, quickly taking off her shirt, dropping it and Luke’s money to the floor. She was snapped back into reality as Luke slapped her in the face hard.

“You got some nice titties, chink.” He said as both men chuckled and smirked.

She had no idea how she zoned out to the point that she blanked on them taking her shirt. She looked down and saw her breasts completely exposed. She quickly covered them with her arms as the men howled in laughter. They both started kicking her, making her scream out in pleasure.

“Stupid fucking chink! Gotta make this harder for all of us!” Luke hissed through clenched teeth.

“Just gotta play with our dicks for a few minutes, you fucking gook whore! Nobody likes a difficult whore!” Jake yelled.

“P-p-please stop!” Karen sobbed as she flailed her limbs out in a futile attempt at a defense.

They stopped kicking her as Jake knelt down and wrapped his hands around her neck and began choking her and slamming her head against the floor hard.

“You going to fucking behave?” He asked.

“Y-yes.” She managed to squeak out.

She wrapped her hands around his wrists and her legs kicked limply, barely getting enough air to breath.

“You going to let us take off your skirt? And those sexy lace panties we saw peaking out?”


“And let us fuck you? Take our money and drain our balls?”


The men smiled and laughed. Jake let go of her neck and grabbed her skirt. He pulled it down as she offered no resistance. He smiled as he looked at her panties. He flipped her over.

“Get in all fours, chink.” He chuckled.

She obediently got on her hands and knees, fearing another beating or choking. Jake smacked her ass hard, causing her to cry out.

“Spank her again, man! That was a nice cry.” Luke said with a cackle.

Jake struck her ass even harder. The men laughed at her cry of pain. He began striking her ass again and again, causing more cries of pain and laughter. He pulled her panties down, revealing how red her ass had become from the spanking.

“Your ass looks so nice, you fucking gook.” Jake laughed.

“You wanna ‘rove us rong time’?” Sam asked.

Tears began to swell in Karen’s eyes as she looked away from the men. Jake grabbed her hair and pulled her up. He started slapping her face hard, and she shot her arms up instinctively to protect herself. Luke grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back, allowing Jake to continue his assault unimpeded.

“Fucking say it, you fucking chink cunt!” Jake laughed.

“Tell us you’ll ‘rove us rong time’ stupid gook!” Luke said as he humped her ass.

Karen could feel Luke’s erection even through his jeans. The fact that they were beating and degrading her was bad enough, but their laughter and lust in doing so is what made it truly degrading.

“I-I, I rove you rong time.” Karen said as she began to sob.

The men threw her to the ground against the wall and laughed. They pulled down their pants, and she recoiled as she saw their cocks. Erect, large, and throbbing. Each one was about 6”, girthy, and throbbing at her expense. Luke grabbed her and rammed his cock inside her mouth with so much force that the back of her head hit the wall and almost made her gag. Jake grabbed her hair and ripped her away from Luke only to start fucking her mouth himself. The men started alternating, grabbing her hair and violently jerking her head over to themselves to fuck her mouth and bang her head against the wall. Were it not for the deafening music, the sounds of her gagging, her head hitting the wall, and the mens’ loud moans of pleasure would surely garner more attention. Tears streamed down her face, causing her mascara to stream down her face, with only enough time given between cocks being alternated to allow her to only allow a single sob to squeak out.

“Your mouth feels so fucking good, you Jap cunt.” Luke said as he held his cock as deep inside her mouth as he could fit it. “I bet your pussy feels even better.”

Luke took his cock out and slapped her face as Jake pulled her panties all the way off.  Jake spread her legs open, exposing her bare, clean shaven, moist pussy to the men, who chuckled sinisterly. Luke shoved his right index and middle inside her pussy, causing her to cry out. He aggressively started fingering her as he rubbed her clit with his left hand. She squirmed and cried out as she tried to push him away. Jake grabbed her hair and punched her, making her stop. Luke pulled his fingers out of her pussy and chuckled as he admired her juices that covered them.

“Jap cunt must get off on this kinda treatment.” Luke said to Jake.

“Must be one of those hookers you pay extra in order to get rough with.” Luke said.

“P-p-please stop.” She begged, prompting Luke to slap her.

“What’ll get it through your thick chink skull? We ain’t stopping until we’re satisfied and we told you to speak in an Engrish accent.”  Luke said angrily.

“I-I’m sorry. P-prease forgive me.” Karen sobbed as she submitted to them.

“You going to be a good slut for us?” Jake asked.

“I-I’rr be a good srut.” She said.

Luke smiled and lined his cock up with her pussy and thrusted inside her, making her cry out. He laid her down on her back and started aggressively fucking her pussy. Jake grabbed her throat and started choking her. She gripped his wrists and desperately started gasping for air. Jake rammed his cock inside her mouth. She started choking and gagging on it as it reached as deep inside her mouth as he could. Her body went limp as her spirit completely broke. As the men fucked her from both ends and showed absolutely no regards for her well-being, she couldn’t help but give up.

‘Prease, prease hurry up and finish. Cum and then ret me go.’ She thought to herself, then realized that she was even thinking in an Engrish accent.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum!” She heard Luke cry out.

Jake took his cock out of her mouth as Luke thrust his cock deep inside her pussy. She could feel him shooting strings of cum inside her, filling up her up with his warm seed. His cock twitched as he shot the last bit of his load as he let out a loud sigh of relief and pleasure.

“Fuck, that felt good. Your pussy makes a great cumdump.” Luke said as he withdrew his cock from her.

She looked up at him, seeing the smug satisfaction on his face as his cock went limp after shooting his load inside her.

“I got an even better idea where to fill her up.” Jake said.

Jake flipped her onto her stomach and smacked her ass. Her eyes widened as she realized that he planned on fucking her ass.

“D-do you have any rube?” Karen pleaded, keeping in mind their insistence on her Engrish accent.

“Fuck no. Wasn’t expecting to come across a chink hooker with such a nice ass.” He said as he shifted himself behind her.

“P-p-prease, d-don’t.” Karen said, scared as she had never had anyone fuck her ass before, and was scared due to his size.

“I love hearing you beg, bitch.” He said as he spread her ass open.

He smirked as he leered at her asshole. He grabbed his cock with one hand and lined it up. She gritted her teeth and braced herself as she felt it start to penetrate her. In one aggressive motion, he thrust his entire length inside her, causing her to cry out loud enough for people to hear if it weren’t for the deafening music. He pinned her shoulder down with his left hand and grabbed her hair with his right.

“My cock likes your ass even better than your mouth.” He mockingly said in her ear.

He slowly started fucking her ass, making her moan in discomfort. She could feel that with each thrust, he put a bit more force into it than the last. He started moaning as he picked up speed. She started screaming out in pain as his speed and force started becoming unbearable on her already abused ass. He let go of her shoulder and pulled her up by her hair while still fucking her ass. He started groping her tits and licking her face. She could his heavy breathing on her, labored from his merciless treatment of her. Her only hope was the possibility of him being almost done. His fingers dug into her tits as he moaned loudly into her ear.

“Fuck! Your tits and ass are so fucking amazing! I’ll have to pay for you again, you fucking gook!” He screamed in pleasure.

He let go of her tits and slammed her to the floor. He got into his feet and went into a stance that allowed him to drive into her ass with more power as he grabbed her hair. He started fucking her ass even harder than before as Karen cried and screamed out until she lost her voice.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He cried out in pleasure.

“Fuck that chink ass good!” Luke cheered on.

Karen scratched at the floor as she struggled in pain as Jake continued his merciless assault. She felt as though her ass would never recover from his brutality.

“God, I’m going to pump your chink ass full of my cum!” He cried out.

With a few more pumps, he let out a loud grunt that turned into a moan as strings of his warm cum shot into her ass. He collapsed on top of her as he panted heavily.

“Fuck, that was great.” Jake said as he rolled off of her.

The men pulled their pants up as Jake stood up, legs wobbly. They grabbed their wallets out of their pockets and pulled money out. They tossed money at her as they give her a couple more kicks before walking off laughing. Karen grabbed the money and cried as another man walked into the hallway. Karen looked up at him and spread her legs.

“Me so horny. Me rove you rong time.” She said to him.

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Re: We so Horny starring Karen Fukuhara
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2022, 06:50:55 PM »
Very nice lady, i’d love to get to know her more intimately and deeper, just a few inches. Your very nice story gave me great pleasure. Wellcome to the RC.

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Re: We so Horny starring Karen Fukuhara
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2022, 07:39:53 PM »
What a story that I hope is just the beginning chapter to her misadventure at the club.  Really liked how she went from scared to submissive by the end of the story. Really hoping they have friends who they think she should be introduced to! +Rep from me!
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