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Author Topic: Fucked to audio (M/F, anal, freeuse, masturbation)  (Read 64 times)

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Fucked to audio (M/F, anal, freeuse, masturbation)
« on: April 30, 2022, 05:11:56 PM »

In my circle, the online one that is, I get sent things. Too often it's dick pics from rando's who have no idea how to woo a woman or what the meaning of "Owned" is. Many times they are videos or pics that some of my followers like and enjoy, a private shared experience of something or someone we can both enjoy. And today, a friend sent me an audio file.

Now, it wasn't like the one I'd posted recently, it was more of an audio erotic play. A woman telling a story, true or not, it didn't matter, and a hot and fucked up one at that. The kids were napping, yard work had been done after a stressful morning. I decided to finally give the audio a listen since at 8 minutes long, I needed to have some free time for it. It was indeed as deliciously over the top dirty as had been advertised and my legs had parted of their own accord. Baxter whimpered in the corner, smelling my excitement but neglected. About two minutes in, fingers sliding in my cunt, my hair was grabbed as I was pulled up.

"Start it over," Jack said as he let go of my hair and started unzipping his pants. I bent over a bit and restarted the file as Jack pushed me down on the table. As the woman talked about the most perverted of things, I turned the audio up. As I did that, Jack pressed me harder on the table and pulled out my Princess plug. It was quickly replaced by his cock, as he steadily and firmly fucked my ass as we both listened to it. I tried to rub my cunt but he slapped it hard, making me wince.

"Masturbate my fucking cock with your ass," he told me and I did. Gripping the table, I worked my ass back and forth over his cock as he stood there. Tensing, relaxing, tensing again, back and forth, in a cycle for a couple of minutes. Then he gripped my sides hard and started slamming into me, smashing me against the table with all his might.

With over a minute left in the audio, he came in my ass. He didn't even have me clean him up. Just spurted in me, wiped on my ass, zipped up, and went back outside to trim more trees. I stood up slowly, rewound the audio for a couple of minutes, and set to work on myself as cum leaked on the chair. When I came, the images in my mind from the story the woman had weaved, I licked my fingers clean. I put my plug back in, wiped up the table and the chairs, and got back to work.

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