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Author Topic: KCon Rape  (Read 128 times)

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KCon Rape
« on: May 11, 2022, 10:21:38 PM »
Trigger Warning: This story contains racial slurs and other offensive language.

Chapter 1

Starring Bell Sodsaengthien

KCon, a music festival that helps bring Kpop and other aspects of Korean media to other countries. The event in Los Angeles had drawn large crowds. With such a large crowd, not many have come to appreciate the Idols for their stage performances.

Bell Sodsaengthien from the group Z-Girls was in the crowd with her group mate Priyanka Mazumdar. The pair had tried to stay close together in the main convention center, but as more and more people gathered, the harder it was for them to keep track of each other. Bell went off to an isolated hallway and pulled out her phone. She started texting Priyanka when she heard men talking. She looked up and saw three men, black and easily dwarfing her at over 6 feet tall each.

"Hey baby, you're pretty cute." Said the first man as she caught his attention, alerting the other two to her presence. "Whatcha doing over here all by yourself?"

The men walked over to her and surrounded her, pinning her back to the wall with their presence. The first man, heavily tattooed, stood on her left, a man with dreadlocks on her right, and a man whose smile revealed a gold tooth stood between the other two. Tats, Dreads, and Gold looked her from top to bottom, chuckling and grinning, sinisterly admiring her outfit, a short skirt, sneakers, and button-up shirt. Bell started getting nervous as the men's presence felt anything but friendly. She started to text Priyanka when Gold grabbed her phone. Bell tried to grab it back, but Gold was tall and strong enough to keep it away from the dainty 5'2" singer.

"Who you talking to, baby?" Gold asked.

The way he said 'baby' sent a chill down her spine. It came across as predatory.

"Priyanka, huh? Is she as pretty as you?" He mockingly asked.

"Please give me my phone back." Bell asked, hopping up trying to get her phone.

"What's the matter? Don't wanna talk to us?" Dreads asked.

"We really want to talk to you." Tats said as Gold put her phone in his pocket.

Bell reached for Gold's pocket when Dreads grabbed her waist and pulled her up against him. She squealed in shock, then froze. As his crotch pressed against her ass, she could feel something poking against her. His cock. Between his erection and Gold taking her phone, their intentions were perfectly clear. They wanted to fuck her. She tried to squirm free, but he wrapped both arms around her arms and waist, locking her arms in and holding her tightly. She screamed and started kicking her legs, causing all three men to laugh. Gold grabbed her ankles and spread her legs, flashing her white cotton panties.

"Such cute panties." Tats said as he rubbed her crotch. "But I'm more interested in what they're covering up."

He pushed aside the crotch, revealing her clean-shaven pussy. She let out a cried moan as he started rubbing her clit, squirming in non-consenting pleasure.

"You like this, you little slut?"

"N-no." She said, squirming as much as she could and fighting back moans.

"Come on baby, moan for me." He said as he slid his middle finger in her pussy. "Your pussy is wet."

Bell bit her lower lip, desperately fighting back a moan. She hated how well her body was reacting to the intrusion, and hated the idea of her body betraying her further by showing it. He knelt down and began to lick her pussy while still rubbing her clit. She started crying as she tried to resist their assault and her body's desire to enjoy it. As his tongue penetrated her vaginal lips and wiggled around inside, savoring the taste of her juices, her will broke and she let out a moan.

"Looks like the chink likes us." Tats laughed.

"That moan was all the invitation we needed." Gold said.

Dreads let her go as the men grabbed her shirt and started ripping her shirt open. She desperately tried to escape, but their grip was too strong. Buttons flew as her shirt was forced open, revealing her bra. Tats punched her in the gut with enough force to knock all the breath out of her and make her collapse to the floor in pain. He grabbed her bra and pulled it up, revealing her breasts. The man started fondling her breasts while she regained her breath. She starting slapping and kicking them, prompting Dreads to wrap both hands around her neck. Her eyes widened as he began choking her. He started violently shaking her as she panicked from the lack of air. She desperately tried to get free, but got weaker and weaker. Darkness started to fill her vision as she started to pass out. Just as she was almost out, he loosened his grip and she breathed harder than she ever had before. He began choking her again, starting a vicious cycle. He would choke her long enough to make her almost pass out, then allow her enough air to stop her from doing so.

"I can't fucking take it anymore, I gotta fuck this fucking chink whore!" Tats said, worked up into a frenzy.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She panicked as she saw his thick, long, throbbing cock. As he grabbed it and lined it up with her pussy, she started sobbing and begging.

"Please don't! Stop! Please!" She sobbed.

She let out a loud cry as he pushed past her vaginal lips. She screamed as he pushed in.

"Damn, you're fucking tight but so fucking wet!" He grunted.

As he pushed back some resistance, he pulled his cock out, revealing a bit of blood.

"Oh shit, did I just break your hymen? Looks like we got a virgin chink!" He said gleefully.

The men laughed as he slid his cock back into her pussy. An overwhelming amount of shame overcame Bell. Not only was she losing her virginity by being raped, but she was wet and they preferred her being a virgin. His cock almost felt good as it stretched out her previously untainted vaginal walls, as if her body was betraying her by wanting to enjoy it. He violently rammed the last bit of his length inside of, making her cry out in pain. He began choking her with one hand and groping her tits with the other as he violently fucked her pussy. Her pussy was sucking his cock in, like it wanted it despite her true desires. He kept thrusting harder and harder, vigorously choking and groping her as if she were nothing more than a sex doll or a cheap whore coked out of her mind.

She hadn't even noticed that Dreads and Gold had taken their pants off. Tats let go of her neck and dragged her out so Dreads could get on the other side of her head. He thrust his cock into her mouth and grabbed her throat. As his cock pushed further and further inside her mouth and into her throat, his balls resting on her face, she began to gag and choke. He began to fuck her mouth just as hard as Tats fucked her pussy. Her body squirmed aimlessly as she coughed saliva over Dreads' cock and balls as they violently slammed into her face. She couldn't think and could barely breathe. She was so overwhelmed that she could no longer think. She grew less concerned with her pussy, with what cognizance she could muster split to her oral rape. He couldn't care less whether or not she could breath, just that her mouth was a hole that could be fucked.

Attention was drawn back to her pussy as Tats started furiously rubbing her clit, providing more unwanted pleasure. It felt good. That was the worst part for her. She was being raped and abused, and her body was enjoying it. Her pussy was having such a disconnect from her brain that despite the pain and borderline suffocation, it wanted more. She didn't want to admit even to herself that she wanted more. She felt an odd feeling that she had never felt before. Like a balloon swelling up inside her, getting ready to burst. Then it happened. She felt like a floodgate had been opened and waves of pleasure rippled and waved throughout her body. Her back arched and her body convulsed as more and more juices poured and shot out of her pussy as it tightened around Tats' cock, drenching it in her fluids. Her body convulsed and spasmed violently as it succumbed to her first orgasm. As her pussy clenched Tats' cock, she could feel it twitching as he thrust deep.

As her body came down from her high, it went limp. She was too weak and exhausted to fight back. The pleasure she felt was replaced with shame. She had accepted her fate and allowed the men to continue their assault. She felt something shooting out of Tats' cock. He was cumming inside her, and she couldn't even fight back.

"Fuck, looks like we got a cute little slut." Tats said as he slid out of Bell's pussy.

"How's she any different any other gook?" Gold said as he violently pried her head away from Dreads and shoved his entire length inside her mouth.

Gold held her head against his crotch, holding his cock inside her mouth. Her eyes watered as she limply squirmed. She gagged on his cock, spitting up what little saliva could come up against his cock.

"Come on, baby. Spit up on my cock. I want all your fucking ching chong spit." Gold said.

Bell continued to spit up on his cock, slathering and drenching it with her saliva.

"Either fuck the chink or get the fuck out of her mouth." Dreads said.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm gonna fuck her. Just wanna lube up some first."

As Bell continued gagging on Gold's cock, he moaned loudly as Dreads impatiently waited. Gold yanked her head back, taking his cock out of her mouth, and slapped her in the face.

"Thanks for the lube, bitch. Now time for your ass." Gold said.

Bell's eyes widened as he quickly bent her over and smacked her ass hard. He spread her ass cheeks open and led the tip of his cock inside her. She let out a pained moan as he eased his cock further into her ass. He gripped her waist and violently thrust the last inch of his girthy length inside her. Her bottom lip quivered as he stretched out her ass more than she thought possible. He draped her legs over his arms and put her into a Full Nelson. He sat down with her in tow and started fucking her ass. He started slow, but soon started picking up speed. Dreads walked up and plunged his cock into her still drenched pussy. The men fucked her holes fast and hard, making her scream out. Gold gripped her hair as Dreads choked and slapped her as hard as he could.

"Don't fucking try to act like you don't love this you fucking chink slut." Dreads said aggressively.

She sobbed as the men continued fucking both her holes. Dreads choked her with both hands. Her body went limp once more as she let the men continue to abuse her.

"Please just cum already." She pleaded, with what she could get out from her choking.

She caught even herself by surprise. She just wanted it to end already, even if it meant them cumming inside her pussy and ass.

"You like our cum, huh? You get addicted to black cocks and cum, you chinky whore?" Gold mocked.

"Y-yes, give me all your cum." Bell squeaked.

Bell hated herself for saying it. She was so desperate for her torment to end that she would say anything to make it end.

"Say that you're a chink cunt whore desperate for black cocks and black cum." Dreads said as he loosened his grip on her throat.

Bell averted her gaze and cried. Dreads slapped her in the face hard.

"Fucking say it, you fucking slut." He said angrily.

"I-I'm a chink cunt whore desperate for black cocks and black cum! Please, j-just pump my ching chong holes with your black cum already!" Bell pleaded, desperate for them to finish and leave.

The men laughed and started fucking her more aggressively. She let out an unwilling moan. The more she got used to the sensation of the pair of cocks, the more she found it almost pleasant. And she hated her body for feeling that way. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as it rolled back.

"This slut really is liking it. Nothing better than a slanty-eyed slut." Gold laughed.

Gold let out a few more thrusts and a moan as he shot cum inside her ass. He let her go and stood up.

"All yours, man." Gold said.

Dreads laughed as he flipped her around into a doggystyle position. He gripped her waist and smacked her ass as he continued to fuck her. He gripped her hair and violently yanked her head back with every thrust of his cock. The two other men laughed and hollered as she was helplessly used. She felt him speed up. She felt as though she could get whiplash from the intensity of him pulling her hair. She let our grunts that were a mix of pain and pleasure. Then she felt it again. The feeling of a balloon swelling.

'Oh God, please let him finish before I cum again.' Bell thought to herself, desperately trying to repress her pleasure.

Just as she thought it, she could feel him let out a few more labored thrusts, she felt his cock twitch and shoot out thick strands of cum inside her. That was all her body needed. His cum made the balloon burst. As he tried to ease out of her pussy, it gripped onto it like a vice, holding it in place. She let out a moan as her body collapsed in her second orgasm. It was less intense than her first, but it still overwhelmed her. She convulsed helplessly as she locked Dreads in place. After what felt like an eternity, she went limp and let him go. He stood up and the three men laughed.

"Nothing beats a chink slut." Dreads said.

They zipped their pants back up and walked away, leaving Bell exposed and too exhausted to redress herself or get up.

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Re: KCon Rape
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2022, 10:30:44 PM »
Your stories are top notch! Love the interracial angle as well. Do the black rapists only go after asians? Or are there some pale redheads doomed to the same fate? :thumbs: :thumbs:


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