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Author Topic: Turkish Weightlifters In Kazakhstan (May/June Contest)  (Read 596 times)

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Turkish Weightlifters In Kazakhstan (May/June Contest)
« on: May 24, 2022, 06:07:21 AM »
The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real-life persons or events is purely coincidental. If you can't understand the difference between fantasy and reality, read no further. This story is meant for consenting adults who do understand fantasy.

The characters in this story are all 18 years old and up. The words "teenager", "teenage", "teen girl", "lad" and "college girl" always refer to characters who are 18 or 19 years old.


Turkish Weightlifters In Kazakhstan

When she flew to Noursoultan, the capital city of Kazakhstan, Sümeyye Levent was happy for two reasons.

First, her training had gone tremendously well. She was perfectly confident she could improve her results in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, the two competed events in Olympic weightlifting, and therefore her Total, which decided who won the competition. She knew she had good chances to win the Silver medal, perhaps even Gold! She was representing Turkey in the 76-kilo class at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Sümeyye had another reason to be happy. She was travelling and lodging with Nuray, a shorter girl who still looked like a teenager at twenty-two years old. Nuray competed in the 59-kilo class. She was also Sümeyye’s young girlfriend.

Nuray kept cuddling Sümeyye. She had spent the entire plane trip leaning against her and taking advantage of the dim light to hold her hand and gently stroke her thigh. They were only three years apart, but Nuray always felt like a little teen girl next to twenty-five-year old Sümeyye. She was in love!

Nuray’s thoughts kept coming back to Sümeyye’s naked figure. The taller girl was leggy with lots of muscle on her thighs and butt, which was the tell-tale mark of the Olympic weightlifter. Sümeyye’s butt was Nuray’s delight! She never had enough of kissing and licking her tight curves before pleasuring Sümeyye until she’d scream her bliss while calling her name!

“Sümeyye my love,” Nuray whispered softly to her girlfriend’s ear, “As soon as we’ll be alone in our room, I want to lie down on the bed, naked, and you will kiss me from head to toe!”

“Shhh! Not so loud!” Sümeyye whispered back. “But yes my sweet Nuray! Anything you’ll ask I’ll do. I want to be your slave! I love you!” As she said this, she refrained from kissing Nuray because a flight attendant was nearby.

They had been dating for almost a year and life was just great!

Nuray had a great competition. She won the Silver for Snatch, and Silver for Clean & Jerk, after making 116 kilos and narrowly missing 117 kilos. She also won Silver for Total. She had been beaten by a Russian lifter whose face had clear masculine features indicating that she had been using PEDs and successfully dodging the drug tests.

Sümeyye was pissed! She had nailed 103 kilos in the Snatch, improving her personal best by two kilos. She then had narrowly made an impressive 130 kilos in the Clean & Jerk, thus totalling 233 kilos—her very best total ever—and under normal circumstances she should have won Silver or Gold, but she walked home with the Bronze, thanks to a lifter called Bertha!

Bertha Stockton was representing Australia. She was the very first transgender athlete to compete in Olympic weightlifting. There was a lot of controversy around the unfair advantage her formerly male body gave her in competition against athletes who had been female since their birth.

Indeed, Bertha easily out-lifted her competition, usually by a wide margin. The 2019 Asian Championships had been no exception. Unfortunately for Sümeyye, Bertha had lost some weight and was now competing as a 76-kilo lifter.

After successfully snatching 103 kilos and missing 106, Sümeyye had seen Bertha opening with 115 kilos and making a third attempt with an unreal 123 kilos. The lift had been disallowed by the jury on replay due to a slight press-out, but Bertha had still been credited with her second attempt of 120 kilos, which the transgender lifter had made look easy.

Then, Sümeyye had seen with unbelieving eyes Bertha hoisting 140 kilos as her opener—and she made it look like a toy! Bertha eventually Clean & Jerked a monstrous 154 kilos to set a new World record for Total with 274 kilos.

This was so unfair! Female athletes like Sümeyye spent years training and improving. They deserved respect. And what did they do to her and her fellow lifters? They threw her some transgender woman whom she simply couldn’t compete against!

To Sümeyye’s lesbian eyes, Bertha looked absolutely disgusting. She was short, barely taller than Nuray, but she was abnormally thick for a female lifter in her weight class! Bertha had meaty round shoulders, thick arms and a waist that expanded into a roadblock of a butt. This ungracious mass was supported by thick, stocky legs. On top of that, her pudgy face was plain ugly!

As she stood on the podium, Sümeyye’s temper got the better of her. She looked up at Bertha and said something she would come to painfully regret later...

“Congratulations, S...!” she had said.

The remark wasn’t lost on Bertha, who had not heard clearly Sümeyye’s last word, but she took it that Sümeyye had just called her “Sir”.

Bertha hated being insulted! She exacted revenge whenever she could! She was a sadistic, dominating trans woman. Bertha always dated masochist girls who were dainty and submissive.

All her life, Bertha had been mocked and humiliated by people around her, even by her own family members. She felt that the world owed her something. Now she had grown strong! Now was payback time!

Once, she had gotten in touch with a former classmate who had been a plague for her as a bully. Bertha had pretended to make friends with her. This young woman had become a very nice and considerate person; she had stopped being a bully in her early teens.

This didn’t prevent Bertha from setting her a trap. The young mother of a toddler had fallen into Bertha’s hands! Bertha had friends with her—two old men who clearly looked like they had seen much better days. These two old geezers had viciously raped her, before Bertha added her own personal touch by busting her ass for fifteen minutes straight using a dildo belt! And that dildo wasn’t small.

Bertha decided that this Sümeyye Levent needed a hard lesson! She started stalking Sümeyye on Instagram. She quickly saw that Sümeyye was a lesbian. Her pictures with Nuray clearly showed this. Nuray was on two thirds of all Sümeyye’s Instagram pics.

Their Instagram accounts were full of useful information, which Bertha readily obtained by running their Turkish words through Google Translate. The translations were far from perfectly accurate, but through them, Bertha learned that Sümeyye and Nuray were going out for a few days on a horseback trek in the vast Kazakhstan countryside.

Bertha had friends. She had once been in the Australian military and deployed in Afghanistan. She had been to Kazakhstan as well and made some dubious friends there. She knew the right guys for what she had in mind!

Karl, or Big Karl, was a mountain of a man and a fucking creep who loved raping teen girls. United Kingdom had become too hot for him since he had sodomized his stepdaughter, who had turned out to be the favourite niece of a Scotland Yard inspector. He was living a simpler life in faraway Kazakhstan.

His two buddies were not much better. Bruce had been discharged from the military because of too many misdemeanours, fistfights and sordid stories of rape. Steve was a drug addict who kept fucking everything that moved and wore a little mascara.

Bertha called these three guys, who had been mercenary soldiers at some point. Each of them was tall and kept lifting immense weights in the gym. They would handle the pair of Turkish lifters no problem. And they would be very delighted to take their payment in kind by raping Sümeyye and Nuray!

The lesbian couple would be utterly broken by this corrective rape, and Bertha knew these guys! This was going to be brutal!

Bertha liked Nuray’s petite frame and pretty face. Oh, this was going to be great! She pictured Sümeyye’s dismayed face as the bitch would watch her girlfriend getting horribly abused by the three big men, each of her rapists twice her size and twice her age!

Payback Time!

Sümeyye and Nuray took Ibrahim with them on their horseback trek. Ibrahim was a long-time friend who liked Sümeyye very much. Some time before, they had been friends with benefits. Sümeyye liked having the heavyweight lifter around; it would be a lot safer if their hired guide grew too fond of them.

Ibrahim was not only there for safety. Nuray didn’t want anything to do with men, but she had told Sümeyye that seeing her getting fucked by a man could be very arousing to her. She wasn’t sure, since she had never tried it, but this trek in the back country would be the perfect occasion to do so.

Sümeyye was pleasantly surprised by Nuray’s openness. Sümeyye was bisexual, perhaps more attracted to girls, but she wasn’t against taking a good thrashing from some heavy-built man from time to time.

Ibrahim was more than pleased to go along with them. As they set out on their horseback trip, he watched Sümeyye riding her horse and wearing a cock-teasing tank-top under an unbuttoned khaki shirt. Sümeyye’s perky breast shapes were lovely to watch under the bright sun as her torso gently jiggled up and down in rhythm with the horse’s movements!

Sümeyye was a rather tall girl, perhaps five feet eight, and weighed around 165 pounds (75 kilos), although her muscle mass was so heavily concentrated in her legs and butt that she had an athletic torso that made her look trim and fit.

Even better, Sümeyye had long, shiny hair that freely flew with the Kazakh wind as they rode into the vast plain! She had the same light-olive skin as so many girls from Istanbul, along with “hard” features—a long, straight nose, strong eyebrows, sharp cheekbones and dark-brown eyes, as opposed to the softer features of European girls. She looked pure Turkish!

Nuray was even cuter and girlier! Ibrahim seriously hoped that Nuray would decide to experiment with a man’s dick—his dick! He watched her short frame as she rode near him. Nuray’s face looked pure and innocent with a bright skin under her sharply contrasting hair. Her breast curves were small, but they pushed out of her torso just enough to tease fuel a hard boner as he rode on through the Kazakh plain.

At the end of that long day of riding, Ibrahim looked at the sunset with joy. He contemplated the dusk sky over the tranquil countryside, sure, but most of all, evening meant he was about to become reacquainted with Sümeyye’s naked body! On top of that, he’d get to see Nuray topless if he was minimally lucky!

Ibrahim was twenty-five years old, six-feet-three tall and built like a 310-pound human tank. He could really rough up a girl, and Sümeyye loved it rough!

They had a nice, quiet supper with soup and plenty of naan bread, along with fine Turkish coffee Nuray had brought from her home in Istanbul.

The Kazakh guide, a small man in his forties, spoke about tomorrow’s path and the best belvederes they’d ride across. He said that many breathtaking views lay ahead! He used a peculiarly enthusiastic voice that sounded weird to Sümeyye. He then wished them good night and—after one last look at Nuray—he retired into his politely distant tent.

“I think he’ll masturbate thinking of Nuray!” Ibrahim whispered to Sümeyye.

“Yes, probably... You’ve noticed too! Of course...” replied Sümeyye, her face moving closer to Ibrahim’s as she longingly looked into his eyes. It had been a while since she last kissed a man, and presently, Ibrahim’s large, fleshy face of olive skin looked very inviting with its massively virile jaw!

“Hmm, hmm!” Nuray uttered. “Don’t pay attention to me; I’ll join you in the tent when I’ll feel ready!” she added.

Sümeyye and Ibrahim took the hint. They went in their tent and immediately started kissing and making out. Ibrahim soon lifted Sümeyye’s tank-top and finally tasted these girly breasts of hers that had teased his cock all day long!

They had been at it for a while, perhaps fifteen minutes, when they heard Nuray’s alarmed voice...

“Sümeyye! Ibrahim! Two cars! They’re headed our way! Come out! Quick!”

The guide also emerged from his tent. Sümeyye, Nuray and Ibrahim saw the two cars—which were in fact four-by-four jeeps—coming to a halt twenty yards away from their camp.

Four people emerged from these jeeps. There were three heavily built men, one of whom was just as big as Ibrahim, and... “Who was this?” Sümeyye thought. This person’s figure looked vaguely familiar. Who could this be?

The evening was too dark for Sümeyye to recognize this fourth person. The newcomers stood on the dark side of their jeeps’ headlights.

“Hello Sümeyye! Howdy!”

This couldn’t be! Sümeyye recognized Bertha’s low-alto voice, a voice weirdly low-pitched that belied her gender. She had heard Bertha speaking to Australia’s coach backstage and she could recognize her voice among thousands!

“Surprise surprise, Sümeyye! I thought we could become better acquainted! And what a lovely evening this is!”

“Bertha,” Sümeyye finally replied, “I don’t know how you managed to follow us here, but you will kindly leave us alone!”

“Tut-tut! I insist! Why wouldn’t we all circle around a nice, warm campfire and tell each other some funny, scary tales! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Bertha’s laughter sent chills of ice down Sümeyye’s spine. Nuray looked at the three heavy men with fright. She cowered into Ibrahim’s arms.

“So, you won’t go?!” said Sümeyye defiantly, then she added: “All right! Then I’ll take my I-phone and call...”

“You will do nothing of the kind!” thundered the guide.

Ibrahim, Sümeyye and Nuray turned around to face the short man. Their jaws dropped when they saw what he was holding in his hand. The nine-millimetre pistol was pointed straight at them!

Ibrahim felt like twisting the little man’s neck and dismembering him alive, but the gun was cause enough for him not to try anything foolish. It suddenly dawned on him that these newcomers and their guide were working together. In other words, they were screwed!

“If it’s money you want,” said Nuray in her heavily accented English, “we’ll give you what we have, but please don’t hurt us!”

“We’re not here for money, honey!” Bertha replied with an evil note in her voice.

“I want to be the first man inside this little slut!” the guide said, pointing his pistol at Nuray.

“You will keep your dirty hands off my girlfriend!” Sümeyye shouted at the pistol-toting man, while Nuray screamed and buried her face into Ibrahim’s gigantic chest.

Ibrahim tenderly stroked her hair, feeling immensely ashamed of his nascent hard-on. His darkest inner soul was secretly looking forward to watching Nuray’s rape.

As Nuray sobbed in Ibrahim’s arms, she felt his shameful bulge against her lower belly! She looked up to him with a mix of anger, dismay and disgust in her lesbian eyes. How could he!

Then everything moved fast.

The three men attacked Ibrahim all at once! They whacked him with an iron bar and once he was down, half unconscious, they had him handcuffed with his belly flat on the ground and his massive arms behind his back, in a position that was very uncomfortable for this heavily muscled lifter. They also tied up his ankles for good measure.

While the guide was still pointing his gun on the lesbian weightlifters, Bertha walked straight at Sümeyye and suddenly slapped her hard!

Sümeyye almost fell to the ground. Nuray screamed. Bertha hit Sümeyye again and this time, she knocked her down.

“You fucking lesbian cunt! Listen to me now! You have insulted me when we stood on the podium. You have called me Sir! I am not a Sir! Tonight you will learn this lesson in a very deep and painful way!”

Bertha looked at Sümeyye’s prostrated figure. She then chuckled as she looked at the terror in Nuray’s eyes. The guide, this little weak man, was grinning with evil light in his eyes as he kept his gun on Nuray. He was fiercely eye-raping her.

“Yes Amir!” Bertha said to the guide. “You can have the little bitch first! You’ve helped us directly getting here with your GPS, so you clearly deserve the privilege.” Then to Sümeyye: “Now you will be handcuffed and tied up where you will watch all men present fuck your pretty girlfriend!”

“No! You have no right!” Sümeyye protested.

“Hayır!” Nuray screamed in Turkish, meaning “no” in her native language.

Tears were welling in Sümeyye’s eyes as she realized that Nuray’s fate was inevitable. The five-foot-one lifter was going to be gang-raped right in front of her! There was nothing she could do about it. It was so horrible!

“Nuray! No! Let her go! Monsters! You’re just a bunch of filthy bastards!” Sümeyye cried as tears began to stream down her cheeks. Bertha laughed and jeered at her.

Ibrahim felt immense pain resonating through his head from the massive blow he had been dealt with. He nonetheless turned his face sideways so he could watch the scene. He began silently weeping, feeling both powerless and ashamed.

He felt powerless for failing to protect the two girls he liked so much, and he felt ashamed for feeling an intense, evil pleasure at the prospect of watching Nuray’s brutal gang-rape.

Bertha planted a solid stake of iron into the ground, where Sümeyye was taken. They tied her hands in her back using handcuffs, forced her to sit down next to the stake and then firmly attached her ankles to it.

“It’s very important not to let yapping bitches loose!” Bertha told her as she verified her bondages. Then she added, using a mocking tone: “Now that your Highness is properly seated, we will let the show begin!”

Nuray screamed in shrill panic! She was now alone amid these foul men!

The four men circled around the panicked girl, playing cat and mouse, jeering and taunting her as they kept scaring her away from one man to the other. They were already having some serious fun!

As they watched the girl’s panicky moves and dismayed face, they also looked at her figure and lewdly commented on her perky assets, clearly visible through the trim tank-top and tight-fitting sweatpants she had been wearing for Sümeyye. They all had a massive erection out of sheer anticipation!

They made this cat-and-mouse game last long enough for them to be driven crazy with lust! Finally, the largest man caught Nuray and force-kissed her. He then pushed the screaming girl against another man, who also force-kissed her.

Sümeyye shouted at them! She called them the foulest Turkish names she could think of as she watched each of these filthy men force-kissing and groping her beloved Nuray. She knew all too well that they were only getting warmed up.

Things soon got more heated! Sümeyye saw that their guide and these three big pieces of shit were good buddies; they were clearly on first-name basis. At one point, the short, rat-faced man got his turn and force-kissed Nuray while she squirmed in their clutches.

The forty-five-year-old man grabbed Nuray’s raven head of hair and forcefully, painfully pressed his lips on her. Then he stepped back and looked at the sobbing girl. Wearing only socks, she looked like some Turkish college girl they had dragged out of her student’s dormitory!

Her small, perky breasts were pushed out of her chest as she panted hard, trying to catch her breath through her terrified sobs. She feebly begged them in Turkish.

The vile little man looked at Nuray’s breast shapes. He loved how her small breasts actually looked full and perky on her diminutive size. These girly breasts had been dancing under her black tank-top all day long, teasing his lust!

At last, the guide did what he had been daydreaming to do from the moment he saw Nuray. He grabbed the black tank-top and violently pulled it down, ripping the strap on her right side and exposing her shoulder; her skin looked ghastly pale against the evening darkness.

“Hayır! Hayır!...” Nuray kept squealing amid her sobs as the jeering men around her got more and more aroused.

Sümeyye kept calling the guide a filthy little rat, making him laugh as he violently pulled at Nuray’s sports bra, angrily stretching the surprisingly tough material which refused to break.

Unwilling to relinquish his spot in front of her, the weak man left Nuray’s breasts covered and greatly enjoyed the helpless girl’s shrill screams as he roughly pulled her jogging pants down. He then did the same to her purple panties.

“The dirty little bitch has a small black forest down there!” Amir said, making the men around him laugh. “I don’t like this very much, but I’m not going to stop and shave her! We’ll do this later...” he added.

Then he motioned the big men to lay Nuray down on the ground, where she found herself pinned with her arms on either sides of her head. Sümeyye kept shouting Turkish slurs at the men while Nuray was squealing frantically, shaking her head in powerless refusal as Amir gleefully pulled her sweatpants and panties all the way down her legs and feet.

He also took the time to pull her socks off, freeing her bare feet and letting his foot fetish bring his erection up and hard into a pillar of rape! This Turkish girl had lovely little feet, even cuter than he had anticipated! Now he was going to rape her! Oh! This was going to be good!

Things got even better! Big Karl put his bear-like mitt on Nuray’s chest and powerfully ripped her tank-top away from her torso, leaving a purple sports bra that kept encasing her perky breasts for a fleeting moment before she let out a deafening shriek as the huge man made short work of it!

The sound of tearing fabric filled the entire place and Big Karl grunted with satisfaction as Nuray’s breasts came into view! All four men experienced a powerful erection as they saw her girly boobs throwing strong, deep shadows against the jeeps’ headlights.

These headlights caught Nuray’s breasts sideways and threw shadows that made them look fuller and powerfully erotic!

Amir experienced an unreal expansion of his already-raging erection as he beheld Nuray’s bright mounds, complete with light-brown nipples and girly-small areolas. Big Karl plunged and avidly sucked Nuray's breasts. Each of the men followed suit and took their turn in tasting Nuray's delightful nipples.

Sümeyye kept shouting a never-ending supply of Turkish foul words at them, until Bertha punched her several times... “Shut the fuck up, yapping bitch!” Bertha yelled as she punched her bloody.

After sampling this magic girliness, Amir decided to rape her missionary style, so he’d watch these boobs jiggle under him the whole time!

The moment when Nuray’s cock-teasing tank-top got ripped off and her breasts fell into view would always remain among his favourite souvenirs, which he would masturbate to for the rest of his life.

Amir’s eyes lighted in approval as he noticed that Bertha was filming the entire thing. He sure as hell would enjoy watching the footage after!

Ibrahim remained silent. He kept watching Nuray’s undressing with an impossibly massive erection!

Sümeyye had stopped shouting. She was presently weeping as she helplessly watched Amir dropping his pants while Nuray kept squealing her life out, writhing in the big men’s grip and trying hard to free her ankles; all in vain! These men knew how strong this girl was and they never remotely eased their grip on her.

Nuray screamed, in Turkish, that she was a virgin and begged them to let her go when she saw Amir’s fully erect dick between his small legs as he knelt down and then settled himself on top of her.

“Hayır! Hayır!” Nuray screamed as Amir pushed his cock against her dry entrance.

Unable to penetrate her, he propped himself up and spat a liberal amount of saliva into his hand, before using it to lube his cock. He should have taken some time to finger this girl and force some juices down her vagina, but he wanted to rape her urgently, and besides, hearing her screams of pain was going to be fun!

He laid himself down again and pushed hard against Nuray’s virgin pussy! The Turkish girl  kept screaming “Hayır! Hayır!” while her treacherous guide kept pushing and hammering his cock into her entrance.

Amir finally felt some of the resistance give way! He groaned in savage triumph as he forcefully penetrated the virgin lesbian!

“Oh yes!” he exclaimed. “She is tight as fuck!”

Then Amir started to pound Nuray like a madman, making the sobbing girl bawl and shriek in searing pain while Sümeyye watched her girlfriend’s rape, sobbing and powerless.

Ibrahim watched and heard Nuray with secret, evil delight while he felt like a complete piece of shit for experiencing this.

As he raped Nuray, Amir kept thinking of her figure as he had discretely watched her under full daylight as she rode her horse, so naively pure and beautiful in her shape-revealing clothes! Now he had her naked under him, her cute little boobs jiggling under him as he raped her with savage delight!

He quickly reached his no-return point and screamed his bliss as he exploded inside Nuray, spewing deliciously hot shots of cum inside the corrected lesbian!

“Here you are, fucking lesbian slut!” he said as he pulled out of the wailing girl and got back up to his feet.

Big Karl, the 330-pound mountain of a man was next! Karl motioned Amir to take his place and keep the girl’s arms pinned on the ground, which the little man did with joy—from that position, he would be watching her breasts jiggling as each man would take his turn!

“Do you like what you’re seeing, fucking bitch?” Bertha said to Sümeyye with a mocking tone while the gigantic man laid himself down on top of Nuray, whose tired voice kept squealing and begging.

Karl began raping her, driving his entire weight behind each powerful hip thrust, as if he wanted to stomp the petite girl into the ground! Sümeyye watched with horror Karl’s massive butt powerfully flexing as he repeatedly pounded her girlfriend.

As he mounted her, Karl kept telling Nuray that every lesbian deserved to be punished with a large supply of hard dicks and furious streams of cum!

Nuray groaned in pain every time the big man rammed his dick home inside her! The man’s thrusts were jackhammer-heavy! He defiled her following a regular, hammering pattern as he kept looking down on her, calling her a Turkish slut and a fucking lesbian the entire time.

After several painful minutes of this brutal hammering, Nuray heard his animalistic growl and felt his load of seed flooding her pussy. Tears ran down her pretty face as she tried, but failed to register what was happening. She felt like a piece of garbage for allowing this to happen. She hated Ibrahim, remembering the bulge he had between his legs at the very moment he should have been thinking of nothing but her safety.

Big Karl announced he’d be back when he pulled out of her destroyed virginity.

Then Nuray’s corrective rape got even worse. Bruce, the third man, didn’t want sloppy seconds inside this “piece of Turkish pussy”. He told his buddies to flip the little bitch around so he could rape her ass!

Nuray’s butt was mind-boggling! It elicited a very potent erection! Even the guide and Karl, who had just raped her, experienced a new surge! Amir happily found that he was going to enjoy seconds inside her tight pussy! Raping this little lesbian slut was even more fun than expected!

Sümeyye screamed her rage and horror as she heard Nuray shrieking and groaning her life out when Bruce raped her ass while she was being held in place, down on all fours with no other option than enduring the anal rape!

Her pretty face kept sliding as her body was rocked and shaken on the Kazakh grass, under Bruce’s grunting fury. Nuray would never be able to see any patch of long grass again without shuddering in horror.

Bruce kept pounding her ass with unbridled savagery until he looked up into the starry sky and screamed his echoing victory as he shot his massive load inside Nuray’s ass!

“Oh good God!” Bruce exclaimed in triumph as he got out of Nuray’s battered asshole. “I had never fucked a Turkish girl, and now I know what I had been missing out on! This is a hell of a good fuck!”

“I’m taking a crack at the other girl!” said Steve, the fourth man, as he was unwilling to have sloppy seconds and realized that this taller girl was a fresh pussy!

“Hey sweetheart, I love your legs!” Steve shouted at Sümeyye as he approached her.

“Hayır! Hayır!” Sümeyye screamed, also reverting to her native Turkish as she suddenly realized that she was not going to be just a witness; she was getting raped herself!

Steve and the other men quickly untied her from the iron stake. They kept her handcuffs shut, telling her that this was the proper way to punish yapping bitches like her! They positioned her down on all fours with her arms painfully restrained behind her back.

As they roughly pulled down her Bermuda shorts and panties to bare her butt and expose her entrance, Sümeyye felt a dark sense of relief from knowing that she was sharing her girlfriend’s burden.

In an effort to bring some juices into her pussy and make the rape less painful, Sümeyye thought of her favourite gang-rape fantasy, which came from a cheap sci-fi movie that included a vicious scene where a female ship Captain was stripped naked out of her regulation uniform and then savagely raped by eight space pirates.

The fantasy worked, at a cost for Sümeyye’s pride—when Steve’s cock entered her from behind, she moaned hard, picturing herself as the spaceship Captain getting doggystyled by a bunch of ugly, stinking pirates!

She heard the nearby men laughing and commenting on how “this fucking lesbian was finally learning the value of a stiff cock!”

Sümeyye felt a sense of intellectual superiority over them as she kept being raped and moaning. It didn’t occur to these deep-shits that she was actually bisexual and enjoyed a dick inside her from time to time.

The man raped her from behind and very roughly so. Sümeyye didn’t find this too bad physically, although the moral pain and humiliation were unbearable. She did her best not to orgasm, but she was getting close and knew there was no stopping it, but then, her rapist urgently accelerated his pounding speed and growled as he shot his seed and told her that he loved her butt.

The other men and Amir were establishing a grim rotation of dicks inside Nuray, each man raping her doggystyle and quickly hitting a screaming climax that gave them wobbly legs for a couple of minutes of post-ejaculation bliss.

Sümeyye’s hard moans were not lost on Bertha, who decided she had spent enough time as a spectator. Bertha swiftly stripped herself naked down her waist and donned her dildo belt.

Bertha walked near Sümeyye and took immense delight in watching her panicked face as the Turkish lifter saw her nemesis approaching with the massive, nine-inch artificial cock powerfully pointing at her in a very ominous way!

Bertha knelt behind Sümeyye and began raping her doggystyle, ragingly and roughly, forcing her to groan. She kept pounding her until Sümeyye let out a long-enduring growl that filled Bertha with unfathomable delight!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Bertha laughed. “I knew we would end up getting along fine! Ha! Ha! Ha... Now take this! This! And this, yapping bitch!”

Bertha kept raping Sümeyye, inflicting her several forced orgasms as they both watched Nuray getting savagely gang-raped in her never-ending ordeal.

Sümeyye sobbed as she moaned under the relentless barrage of dildo thrusts; her vagina was utterly battered and stretched. It was mostly painful, but at times, a powerful orgasm sneaked up on her!

Steve and Bruce forced Nuray to take their dicks inside her mouth. They threatened her into opening her mouth and giving them head!

“This is how you correct these little lesbian sluts!” they kept saying as each man face-raped her while another man was taking his turn in raping her ass or pussy from behind.

Always down on all fours and unwillingly giving the men a full-blown erotic show, Nuray bitterly wept as she took each man’s cum inside her mouth and on her face!

“Feel and taste our cum, you fucking lesbian bitch!” they yelled at her as they blissfully filled Nuray's mouth with cum and liberally spilled some on her pretty face! Nuray had rivers of tears streaming down her abused face as she gagged and spat out the rancid sludge, only to get a new foul-smelling dick that rammed itself home deep into her throat!

The man also grabbed Nuray's head and face-fucked her with grunting abandon, asking her if she was learning to appreciate men.

“Enough! Enough!” Sümeyye begged as she watched her girlfriend's horrific ordeal while Bertha was driving her nuts with the forced orgasms.

“Very well! I’ll stop!” said Bertha. “After all, I’m getting tired,” she added.

“I’m getting tired of this foreplay!” Bertha suddenly said with an evil tone.

She then pulled out of Sümeyye’s vagina and immediately pushed her big phallus toy into her ass!

Sümeyye shrieked in agony as she realized that now, only now, the real punishment began!

Bertha didn’t spare Sümeyye. She kept ass-raping her into near-fainting for nearly twenty minutes, until she herself got tired and needed a break. At the beginning, Sümeyye had screamed that she was so sorry for calling her Sir, but after a while she just groaned and agony and wished she were dead.

When it was finally over, Sümeyye fell like a corpse on the grass, but she was roughly picked up by Big Karl, who rammed his giant dick into her gaping mouth and gave her his own, personal version of Turkish delight by face-raping her without mercy until he properly filled up her mouth with his hot porridge!

“Ugh! Yeah! Aarrghh!!! Right in your face, you fucking lesbian slut!” Karl summed up his exploit as he happily exited the Turkish lifter's face and shot one full rope of cum on her face! “Take this as a souvenir, cum dump!” he added before letting her fall back on the grass like a lifeless lump.

By this time, Nuray was completely exhausted. Feebly whimpering and mumbling nonsensical words in Turkish, she now let herself being used like a lifeless doll by any man who had some steam left; her head kept bobbing nonstop on the long grass while her small, college-girl breasts kept jiggling beautifully under the big men's long-enduring assaults.

As she drank a cold beer, Bertha spotted Ibrahim, who had kept watching Nuray’s brutal gang-rape. She ordered the men to free him while she took the iron bar and kept a close watch on the immense Turkish lifter.

Bertha read in Ibrahim’s eyes and knew what he was about to do. The super-heavyweight lifter rushed at Nuray and very urgently raped her, ignoring her weak squeals of horror and disgust as he pounded the exhausted girl missionary style. He groaned and grunted until his dick finally detonated and relieved himself from his time-compounded load.

Ibrahim screamed three times into Nuray's face as he blissfully shot three massive ropes of cum inside Nuray. This was his most powerful ejaculation ever! He felt both ashamed and elated. At last, he had fucked Nuray! His evil side didn’t mind the dubious conditions in which he had done so.

Bertha had recovered some of her steam. She looked straight at Sümeyye and knelt behind Nuray, who had been repositioned on all fours. To Sümeyye’s unspeakable horror, Bertha raped Nuray’s ass for a good fifteen minutes, giving Sümeyye’s girlfriend such pain and agony that the poor girl fainted while her pretty face kept sliding on the Kazakh grass.

The dildo belt was a very powerful weapon in wicked hands.

They kept whoring the two Turkish girls the entire night. Next morning, they brought them to a nearby hamlet, where they sold the girls’ sexual favours to the local men, who all used them with unmitigated relief. All the male village populace, from teenage lads to the elderly, had their taste of Turkish delight!

Bertha was satisfied that the lesson was complete. From now on, Sümeyye would think twice before insulting a transgender woman!

Sümeyye would feel the bite of the handcuffs on her wrists for a very long time; during her brutal and repeated rapes, the iron cuffs had cut a bloody trail all around her wrists. She would need long weeks of recovery before resuming training. Her pride never truly recovered.

Nuray was never the same lifter again; she quit competitive lifting within a year. Ibrahim resumed training and went on to win the Bronze medal at the Worlds later that year. Sümeyye never spoke to him again.

The worst part was that some of Sümeyye’s university friends found the video of her Kazakhstan ordeal somewhere on the dark Web. Bertha had filmed their corrective rape from start to bottom.

The End.

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