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Author Topic: OUTLANDER Fanfiction The Capture and Martyrdom of Claire Fraser in the New World  (Read 207 times)

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This story is based on Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and Starz's TV show under the same name. The story starts roughly when the latest season of the show (S6) ended, and diverges from the 6th book (A Breath of Snow and Ashes) at chapter 90.

(Book and season 1) Claire was a WWII battle nurse in English army. Soon after the war ended, Claire and her then husband, Frank Randal, was visiting Scottish Highland when Claire stepped through a standing rock in a mysterious stone circle and landed in 1743. There she met a young Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser, and fell into love with him and married him.

(Book and season 2) Armed with her knowledge of the future, Claire and Jamie tried to stop the impending Jacobite rising of 1745, when Scottish clans united under Bonnie Prince Charles in rebellion of English rule. They failed in their mission and was dragged into the war. The night before the doomed battle at Culloden, Jamie was determined to die in the last stand of the rising; and sent pregnant Claire through the stone back to the safety of 20th century.

(Book and season 3) Frank took Claire back in; and together they raised Brianna, her daughter with Jaime, in Boston. Claire became a successful surgeon; yet, unable to let go of her past love, her marriage with Frank fell apart. In 1968, after Frank had died in a car accident, and Brianna had grown into an] young adult, Claire learned that Jamie did not die in the battle of Culloden. Instead, he was imprisoned by the English for years then released. Claire travelled through the stone again, reunited with Jamie in 1766.

(Book 4/5/6 and season 4/5) Along with Jamie's nephew, young Ian Murray, Jamie and Claire moved to the New World. They acquired a large parcel of land in the wilderness of North Carolina mountains, attracted immigrants to settle there as tenants, and established a thriving settlement called Fraser's Ridge. Brianna, and her 20th century boyfriend, Roger MacKenzie, both travelled through the stone to find Claire and Jamie. They got married and settled down at Fraser's Ridge, and had a son named Jemmy. However, troubles were brewing. Richard Brown was the leader of a nearby committee of safety, a militia self-appointed as the law enforcers in the countryside. His brother, Lionel Brown, led a group of armed thugs to raid Fraser's ridge. They kidnapped and brutally raped Claire. Jamie rescued her and killed off Lionel Brown and his gang.

(Book 5/6 and season 6) Tom Christie, an acquaintance and rival in the English prison with Jamie after Culloden, settled on Fraser's Ridge along with his young adult son Allan and daughter Malva. Claire liked Malva and took her in as the apprentice of her medical practice. However, Malva got pregnant and falsely accused that Jamie was the father of her unborn baby. One day Claire discovered Malva’s body in her garden, her throat slit by unknown assailant. In an attempt to save the unborn baby, Claire cut open Malva's belly to take the baby out, but she was unable to keep the baby alive. There had long been rumors and suspicions that Claire was a witch, due to her advanced and unconventional medical knowledge and practice. Malva's murder put Claire and Jamie in the center of a storm. Seizing this opportunity for revenge, Richard Brown and his safety of committee arrested Claire and Jamie to travel to Wilmington for trial. Tom Christie came along to ensure Frasers' safety and a fair trial. Halfway through this journey, Jamie and Claire were forcefully separated by Brown's men. The story of Claire's ordeal started from this point...

1 Claire got captured by Browns men.png

The main characters of the forecoming parts:

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser is a nurse, later a doctor, and a time-traveler who has lived both in the 20th century and the 18th century. While on a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, Frank Randall, Claire inadvertently travels two hundred years into the past, where she meets and eventually marries Jamie Fraser. As the primary (and sole first-person) narrator of the Outlander novels, Claire is compassionate but medically ruthless, with a quick tongue that tends to get her into trouble.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is a Scottish soldier and landowner. He is well educated and has a knack for learning languages. Raised to be the future Laird of Lallybroch, he is a natural leader, from the homestead to the battlefield. He first meets Claire on his return home to Scotland from France.

Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is the second daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Brianna did not know the story of her true parentage until after the man she had thought was her father, Frank Randall, had died and her mother took her to Scotland, where she told Brianna and Roger MacKenzie about her journey through time and her life with Jamie.
Lord John Grey is an English soldier and diplomat. At age sixteen, he meets the infamous Jamie Fraser before the Battle of Prestonpans, and the two do not meet again until he becomes the governor of Ardsmuir, a Scottish prison. They form a tenuous friendship, which soon becomes complicated by the fact that Lord John has fallen in love with Jamie.

Neil Forbes is the local lawyer in Cross Creek, where his most prominent client (until 1775) was Jocasta Innes of River Run. In early 1770, he purchased a sawmill in Averasboro. The same year, he made a proposal of marriage to Brianna Fraser of Fraser's Ridge, but she declined his suit. This rejection, in combination with several altercations with her father, Jamie Fraser, contributed to Forbes' animosity toward Fraser family

Phillip Wylie is a wealthy plantation owner in Edenton in the colony of North Carolina.
Little is known of Phillip's personal history beyond that he came into his wealth at a young age. Through his wealth he moves in high ranked social circles knowing people with various levels of influence.

Richard Brown is a resident of Brownsville, and the brother of Lionel Brown and Thomasina Brown.
Richard and his brother Lionel have both been a source of trouble for the Fraser family since their first encounter in 1770, when the brothers attempt to kill Isaiah Morton, a member of Jamie Fraser's militia.

Tom Christie is the father of Allan Christie and uncle of Malva Christie. He joined the Stuarts during the Jacobite Rising of 1745, and was imprisoned at Ardsmuir, where he met Jamie Fraser
The son of a self-made merchant from Edinburgh, Tom inherited his father's business as a young man. When the Stuart Rising began in 1745, he paid a visit to O'Sullivan, the quartermaster-general and adjutant for the Jacobite army, and came away from the meeting as a commissary officer. He followed the army through the campaign, but left it at Nairn the day before the Battle of Culloden. He had left it too late, though – driving a commissary wagon, he was waylaid by a government troop of Campbells, and they arrested him.

Ian Fraser Murray is the youngest son of Ian and Jenny Murray. He is most commonly referred to as Young Ian, to avoid confusion with his father.
The events on the day of Young Ian's birth prove a rather inauspicious beginning to an eventful life. His uncle, Jamie, living in a cave at the time, had come down to the house to be with his sister when she went into labor. The elder Ian was not there at the time, having been arrested and taken away to deal with the matter of who rightfully owns Lallybroch. There were redcoats still lingering in the district on the day Ian was born.

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Chapter 1

Claire screamed and kicked hard, but she was no match to the two men who jumped on the wagon. They held her down firmly and the wagon took off. Her eyes were fixed on Jaime, who was struggling against the six men holding him down. "Claire!" He yelled desperately, but a man hit him hard on the back of the head with the butt of a rifle, and he fell to the ground, his strong and powerful body limp. "Jaime! Jamie!" Claire squealed, her voice hoarse, and her heart sank like a stone. Then wagon turn a corner and Jaime was out of her sight.

Half an hour later a few riders caught up with the wagon, led by Richard Brown and Tom Christie. "Bastard, you fucking bastard!" Claire cursed at Brown. "What did you do to Jamie?" "Nothing! We are just making sure to send him safely home." Brown grinned cheerfully. "As for you, dear mistress Fraser, we will see to that you answer for your crime. Your neck must look very handsome hanging from a noose."

"Tom, you must go back, you must save Jamie." Claire turned pleadingly toward Christie. "Trust me, mistress, Mr. Fraser is safe. Mr. Brown's men will not harm him. He gave me his word of honor." Tom Christie said grimly. "And you trust his words?" Claire demanded incredulously. "Yes, I do. Your husband can take care of himself. I swore to keep you safe until you receive a fair trial. I will not leave you out of my sight." Said Tom Christie firmly. He reached out, gave Claire's hand a reassuring squeeze, and walked back to his horse.

The small procession continued down south until sundown, then gather around a campfire to have their supper. Tom Christie brought Claire some food, but Claire was in no mood to eat. A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, most of them about Jamie. She stood up to retire to the wagon, but Matt Hodgson, one of Brown's men, stopped her in her track. Richard Brown walked over, made a dramatic bow to Claire, and said, "Mistress Fraser, we would like to invite you to stay for the night's entertainment." "Entertainment?" Claire was confused for a brief moment, then tried to turn and run away as understanding sank in. However, Hodgson and Peter Dewson, another Brown's man, grabbed her arms and pushed her firmly against the wagon. She landed a kick on Dewson's shin, who grimaced but didn't budge. Hodgson locked one of her legs between his own, and Dewson promptly got her other leg. "Let me go you filthy pigs! Let me go!" But her protest was swiftly cut short by a punch by Brown in her belly that took the wind out of her.

Tom Christie hurried over and yelled out: "What is god's name is this? I demand you to stop it this minute!" Brown gave him a broad grin. "Calm down, Mr. Christie. It is just some harmless fun, everybody involved will like it, Mistress Fraser included. You

Long enough for me." "God and law do not allow rape!" Tom Christie protested loudly. "I am the law, right? After all I lead the committee of safety. As for God, putting a murderous witchy bitch into her place is doing lord's bidding, isn't it?" Christie was about to protest further, but one of Brown's men pulled out his dirk and stuck it to his waist and forced him to step back and sit down.

Brown turned back to Claire, who was immobilized by two men against the wagon. "Your mother must be proud of you for treating a woman like this!" Claire hissed at him. "Well, my mother would be proud of me bringing justice to a witch and murderess. Now let's see what is on the schedule tonight." He made an exaggerating bow. Claire spitted at him, but he merely wiped away the spit with smile on his face. Then with one swift movement, he tore open Claire's gown and bodice, exposing her thin shift. Wet with sweat due to her struggle, the shift is nearly transparent in the firelight. Brown swallowed at the sight of her nipples, grabbed the shift and torn it down. Her breast popped right out, areolas and nipples dark in scarlet rose color again fine fair skin. "Exquisite indeed!" Brown murmured and kneaded her breasts appreciatively. "I suppose you are not young anymore, with silver in your hair, but working for devil certainly has its benefits". "You will go straight to hell you bastard!" Claire hissed. "Possible, but if I do, I am sure you will be waiting there for me." He sank his head to her breast, sniffing, licking and flickering with his tongue. "Ah, witch you may be, I cannot find fault with your bosoms."

Claire struggled violently. Annoyed, Brown held her chin tightly and stared right into her eyes. "Madam, you have a beautiful face, very beautiful indeed. I heard that my brother and his men beat you all black and blue, even broke you fine little nose. Ah, how very tasteless of them! I shall be very reluctant to do the same, very. To think of ruining your beautiful face like that, hmmm... So please, don't force me to." Claire froze at this as memory of that horrific night with Lionel Brown's gang rushed back to her mind. Brown smiled at her reaction and leaned over to lick her earlobe. She turned her head away in disgust but did not protest further.

Thus satisfied with the effect of his threat, Brown turned his attention to the lower half of the body of his helpless victim. Skirts and shift fallen to the ground, and Claire stood in stark nakedness in the fire light. It was a marvelous body. She was well-proportioned, with long and slender limbs, heavy and firm breasts, narrow waist and well-endowed hip. Her skin was creamy, smooth and supple, accentuated by the scarlet areolas and nipples and the dark bush between her thighs. the only mark that decades had left on her was the somewhat faint one on her belly, a souvenir from Briana's birth.

Brown swallowed audibly at the sight. Behind him, his gang stared hungrily, eyes glittering as a pack of wolves surveying their prey. Tom Christie, sitting across the fire with his head hanging low, looked up and his jaw dropped, then he caught himself and lowered his head quickly, face in deep red. Brown chuckled, "oh well, it was the hard work of escorting you so far south, mistress. But I have to say we are getting some fine payback, aren't we, lads?" Laughter and jeer rose from his gang, but Claire held her head high in defiance, her eyes were almost spitting fire.

Brown slid two fingers through her bush, parted her slit and rubbed against her folds. Claire squirmed in vain trying to get away from him. Brown drew back to appraise his fingers, "hmmm, a bit dryer than my liking, but let's fix that". He licked his fingers, slid into back down to her slit, and pushed up into her vagina. Claire jerked, but bit down her lips and didn't make a sound. Brown pushed his finger all way up, slid down, then all way back again for a few times. "Nice and tight, nice and tight", he said gleefully, withdrew his fingers, and sniffed deeply to take in Claire's scent.

Brown's breeches dropped to the ground, and his dick stood hungrily. He made another deep bow to Claire, "Mistress, let the entertainment begin, shall we?" Matt Hodgson and the other man push Claire down onto the wagon platform, her face and ample bosoms pressed tightly against the wood floor. Her legs were pulled open forcefully, completely exposing her backside. Her round and full buttocks, her dark anus and her bushy quim were all in full view of Brown and the men. Many of them reached down into their breeches. Tom Christie stole another glance and hastily turned away; his hands curled in tight fists. Brown stroke against her dry slit impatiently, then rubbed a bit of spit on his own dick, and thrusted right into Claire's sex. Claire only let out a muffled painful grunt and stayed silent afterward. Brown's thrusts were slow and deliberate at first, but soon replaced by a increasingly urgent rhythm. He pounded Claire's vagina hard and fast, hands pulling her arse wide open. Then with a satisfied howl, spread his seeds deep inside her.

"How do you like that, whore?" Brown asked as he came off Claire. "I am not a whore, and you are a pathetic rapist!" She pushed the words through of her clenched teeth. "Jamie will kill you, I promise you!" Brown laughed hysterically at this. "I am sorry, but you do realize that you will never see Mr. Fraser, ever again, right?" Claire felt a cold shiver passed through her spine. "But you promised not to harm him!" "Ah, I am honored that you trust my promise." Brown chuckled. "Well, I am flexible in this regard, and given your prophecy I shall seriously reconsider if it is worth keeping this promise." He continued cheerfully as Claire's heart sank to the bottom. "But don't worry, he is safe, and I mean him no harm at all. It is just that he won't set foot on this land again, at least not before your body had rotten away for a long long time."

Brown's men already lined up behind him with their breeches down and cocks up. They took their turn to ravage the poor woman; their cum overflew from her vagina. Claire suffered through the ordeal quietly. As her last claim to dignity, she refused to let her painful cry add to the rapists' excitement. But silent tears slid down her cheek freely. As the last man pulled up his breeches, Brown turned to Tom Christie. "Come on Mr. Christie, it is your turn. I assure you it was the finest entertainment." "No, you will be judged before god for this hideous crime!" Tom Christie growled. "I know you want it; I saw you peeking at her quim. Am I not right?" "You are a devil, Mr. Brown, and I will not suffer this!" Tom Christie stood up and stomped away amid the laughter and jeers of the men.

Matt Hodgson pulled Claire up, her body unsteady with exhaustion and hurt. He turned her around and forced her to kneel before him. He held his smelly half stiff cock to her mouth. "Suck it, bitch! I want you to suck it hard so that I can have another go!" His companions cheered loudly. "No way you filthy pig, I will never suck your tiny pathetic cock!" Claire retorted. Hodgson rubbed his cock on her lips, but Claire turned away in disgust and kept her mouth firmly shut. Getting impatient, he grabbed her hair and pinched her nose tightly. When her mouth was forced open to take in air, he thrusted his cock deep into her mouth. "Lick it, suck it, or else ... Aoooooo" He could not finish his sentence before Claire bit down hard on his cock. Hodgson let out an inhumanly cry, but he could not get away as Claire would not let go. Brown jumped over and slapped her hard, Claire fell over and Hodgson was finally released. He staggered back, holding his appendage. Bleeding profusely, it was still attached, but just barely. "Help, help!" He cried out. His companions, watching the scene half alarmed and half amused, came over to wrap it with handkerchief. "You probably won't have any use of it from now on." One of the men shook his head. In a furious fit, Hodgson pulled out his dirk and lunged at Claire.

"Stop it you fool!" Brown knocked him over before he could reach Claire and cut her throat. "Remember, I don't want her damaged now. Don't you dare to put your knife to her. I want to see her hang naked from a noose, her arms and legs thrashing as she fights for air that will never be there, and she loses control of her bladder, what a sight that will be." "But we can hang her right here and now!" Hodgson protested. "No, she is a witch and a murderess, she deserves a much larger audience, doesn't she? She will be paraded through the town, and the judge may well order a multi-day execution, fitting for a witch and whore that she is. I certainly would not deprive her of that honor.”

“Now you only have yourself to blame.” Brown continued, wiping blood off Claire’s lip and chin. “What fool would stick his cock into the mouth of such a vixen without teaching her manners first?” He turned to the men gathering around her. “Maybe a touch or two with a red-hot iron will stimulate Mistress Fraser to oral excellence, what do you folks think?" A chorus of "yay" came from the crowd. One man added, “A red-hot iron on the bosom makes a good pussycat out of a wildcat in no time at all.” The men nodded eagerly; many had their hand on their cocks again. “I heard bitches like her love this stuff, better than milk they say.” Another man commented. “Yay, let her drink it!” The crowd cheered.

Brown put a poker into the campfire, watched it turning red hot with satisfaction, and brought it an inch from Claire's nipple. Claire flinched and tried to draw back, but she couldn't move in the grasp of two men. "Mistress Fraser, I am sure you can do an excellent job with your sweet mouth. Can you open it to show us, if you please?" Claire clenched her teeth at first, but fear got better of her when Brown brought the iron so close to her defenseless nipple that she let out a cry of pain and let her mouth stay half-open. Brown turned and grabbed Peter Dewson and shoveled him in front of Claire. "Now you will satisfy Mr. Dewson with your little mouth and tongue."

Dewson looked at Claire and then Hodgson in apprehension and indecision. "Don't worry Peter, Mistress Fraser will be on her best behavior. Won't you, Mistress?" Claire nodded as the poker closed in on her nipples again. "Maybe you will be so kind to lick Mr. Dewson's balls first?" Holding back tears and disgust, Claire stuck her tongue out to lick Dewson's testicles thoroughly. After a little while Peter's cock was firm again, and he stuck it into Claire's mouth. Wishing to end it as soon as possible, Claire sucked it in earnest, and her tongue licked and teased the glans. Soon Dewson turned into deep-red as he grabbed her head and pushed his cock all way into her throat. She gagged in reflects and spewed the intruding cock out, coughing violently. "Put it back!" Brown grabbed her hair. She hastily took Dewson's cock in again and sucked vigorously. In a moment Dewson let out a low growl and exploded deep into Claire throat. Claire tried to spat it out, but Brown bended her head backward and said, "Swallow it!" Claire swallowed and retched, barely able to keep the vomit down.

Excited by the sight, Brown's cock was ready for action again. He pushed Claire back, lifted her legs over his shoulder and shoveled it into her center again.

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Love this so far. I hope her sexy little red head daughter gets it too and swings beside her mom.

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Chapter 2

The following days passed in a blur. The group settled into a routine. They push south in the days. The men's spirit improved markedly, they laughed, jeered, and made fun of their "whore", Claire, who was tied up in the wagon. Tom Christie followed at a distance, his head hanging low. At night, they stopped for supper, then had their "entertainment". Claire almost got used to it, if such a thing was possible. Under the constant threat of bodily harm and torture she mostly stopped resisting. She just laid there, allowing one after another men, stinking in their sweaty unwashed bodies and their bad breath, to get on top of her, raping her repeatedly, releasing their seeds inside her, on her belly, her breast and sometimes her face.

She took all the abuses without much more than occasional painful grunts. Truth be told, they weren't particularly rough. Brown told his men that he didn't want her damaged. Sex with Jamie could be much rougher than this; both of them often ended up with bruises, and she always liked it very much. But then, that was with Jamie, and she was always turned on and wet, well-lubricated. Taking the assaults dry was always painful, especially the first one. After that, cum served as lubricant which made it a bit easier. She retreated inward as the assaults on her body continues. She learned how to introspect her body a long time ago. Now she used it as a sanctuary. She would let her minds eyes go through her own body parts and organs, taking inventory. Overall, despite the suffering over the past weeks, all of them were in surprisingly good shape, except, when she got to the vagina, she was acutely aware of the foreign objects that repeatedly assaulted her. But she found that she could assert some control over her vagina. Instead of tensing up automatically when the assault came, she could actually relax it a bit, thus making it a little bit less painful. It was certainly nothing even close to pleasure, she could not bear associating that notion with what she was going through, but she found no reasons not to lessen her own suffering, if she could manage it.

It was the 5th, or 6th night after Claire and Jamie were separated. Claire lost count. They were still passing through thick forests like the days before, but the air has a faint salty smell. So Wilmington was close. Claire could not help wondering what laid ahead for her. The prison? That seemed like an attractive alternative of her current situation. And what beyond that? The trial? And the gallows? "I am innocent!" She told herself firmly, but then did the truth really matter? She pushed these thoughts
By sundown they reached the edge of forest. There was an abandoned barn in the open field, standing forlornly in the purplish last light. Its door had fallen to the ground; some wood boards had rotted away; there were holes in the roof. But it made a reasonable shelter and they stopped there to spend the night.

Brown opened a barrel of whisky and distributed it freely. The men drank cheerfully around the fire, louder than ever. Brown even handed a flask over to Claire. She took a gulp. It was good, smooth whisky; both warmth and dread spread simultaneously in her stomach. She recognized it immediately, it was the JAMMF special, the good batches that Jamie made, stolen by Brown in his raid. It brought back the thoughts of the comfort of the Big House, and most of all, of Jamie. Oh Jamie, her heart ached at the thought of her beloved husband. Where was he now? Was he still alive? Brown was firm that Jamie was not harmed, but how could she believe man as vile as a cobra? And how could she believe the hollow assurance of the coward of a man as Tom Christie? She pushed that thought aside as well, and told herself firmly, "he is alive, because he has nine lives; and he will come for me, because he is Jamie, and I am his sassenach."

Jamie would not come before the time for tonight's "entertainment" though. As the men undressed Claire, she kept her face as blank as she could. Fueled by copious amount of whisky, Brown's gang were more raucous and impatient.

Peter Dewson shoveled Claire over to a haystack and ordered, "get on it, on your all four... like a bitch!" “No! Your perverts!” Claire resisted and would not get into the humiliating pose. Getting impatient, Brown unbuckled his bet. He pushed Claire against the wall and slapped her hard on her buttocks with the belt.

“Ahhh!” Claire cried out painfully, her arse bright red in a flash. Another slap landed with a crack. Then Brown turned her over and asked, “are you going to do as told now?” Claire didn’t answer but kicked him on the shin as hard as she could. Furious, Brown slapped his belt right across her tits. The pain on her sensitive parts was much sharper than on her butts, and her cry turned into scream as she doubled over with her arms raised protectively over her breasts. Brown dragged her by the hair to the haystack and threw her onto it. “Now, get on your all four! Do you hear me!”

She complied, got on her hands and knees, her arse lifted high in the air, exposing her sex to the eager thugs, waiting for the coming penetration. One man grabbed her soft and round buttocks. He kneaded them and her bushy mound vigorously, sending sharp pain through her body. Then with two thumbs he parted her lips to open her pink orifice wide for everybody around her to see, bringing a round of lewd cheers from the gang. "That makes a nice nest for my bird." He rammed right into her orifice. His pelvis slammed against Claire’ red butt loudly. “Owww” Claire grunted painfully, lowered her head and shut her mouth and eyes tightly while enduring the assault. But Dewson pulled her hair up and commanded her to open her mouth and take his cock in. It was a wet, sloppy blowjob. Her warm mouth was filled with saliva. Dewson thrusted so deep and hard that she kept made gurgling sound. "That is it, like a bitch in heat!" The sight of naked Claire getting fucked on both ends and her still reddish boobs swaying to-and-fro, drove the men around her mad. They greedily snatched at her breast, her arse, all trying to get a piece of Claire, just as a wolf pack tearing up an innocent white lamb. Matt Hodgson joined them too. He grabbed one of Claire's dangling breasts, pinched and pulled the nipple so hard that she screamed in agony. "Get lost!" Brown dragged him out of the way.

After a moment Dewson said, "let's change up." He laid down on the hay and pulled Claire to sit on top of him, sheathing his cock deep into her. The men standing around competed to put their cocks into her mouth. One man shoveled his cock into her mouth. "It is my turn!" Another shouted. "Mate, have some patience, I may not be long, this bitch sucks well. Ohhhhh..." The first man leisurely thrusted into Claire's mouth, with dreamy expression on his face. "To heck with it..." The second man apparently had no patience, instead just pushed his penis into Claire's mouth as well. With two cocks inside, Claire's mouth overflew with saliva and was about to burst.

She was gagging and chocking but could not make a sound. Two other men each grabbed one of Claire's arms, wrapped her hands on their cocks and ordered her to rub.

Only after the two men pulled their cocks out, when she was able to cry for mercy. "Please, please stop, this is too much." But her feeble plea was immediately choked back as another men pushed his cock into her mouth.

The abuse only stopped a couple hours later. By then Claire was lying on the hay unconscious; her white, fine body covered with cum, slap marks and bruises. Brown spotted Tom Christie, still sitting far from the scene, miserable and half drunk. He walked over to pull Christie up. Christie resisted, but Brown could clearly see his breeches bulging like a small tent. "Come on," he shoveled Christie over to the haystack. "You always want her, don't you? This is your last chance. Tomorrow she will be in a prison cell and off limit!" "No, no, not like this! Not rape!" Christie was almost pleading. "It doesn't matter, she won't even know you did it. See, she is not even sensible." Christie tried his best to resist but Brown could see the desire burning like fire in his eyes. He gestured two men to pick Claire up, took Christie's right hand and pressed it on Claire breast. Uncontrollably, Christie's fingers caressed her silky skin and pinched lightly her dark cherry like nipple. Brown turned her slightly so that her backside faced Christie directly, and place Christie's fingers on her quim, letting them explore on their free will the terrain, her bushy pubis, her soft labia, and the moist opening that led directly the Christie's deepest secret desire. Christie's right hand, the one that had been fixed by Claire with her expert surgical skill and her tender care, shook convulsively on her most sensitive skin, as he battled, lost his war against his own devil. He let out a growl, pulled down his breeches to expose his fully erect and wet-tipped cock. He grabbed her waist, penetrated her with one quick move. Claire let out of an unconscious groan, but her body remained boneless while Christie thrusted urgently into her over and over. It didn't take him long before he made a whiny sound, almost a mewl, and his body tensed and shook. He rested on her buttocks for a moment, red-faced and panting, then his half hard cock left her, drawing out with it a trickle of whiteness. Brown watched with great satisfaction as Christie turned and staggered away, his shoulder hunched in a soundless sob.

Claire woke up confused. She didn't know where she was and what was happening to her, but those didn't matter. Her body knew without a shred of doubt the one thing she urgently needed, air. She struggled to move her arms and legs, but they were all tied up and spread wide; she tried to arch her back but was weighed down by something very heavy; something hard and cold was penetrating her in relentless thrusts; and worst of all, she could not breath. All she could manage was making low chocking sound while wiggling like mad on the hay. Yet at the same time, a strange warmness was spreading from between her legs to her whole body.

Matt Hodgson kneeled on Claire's breasts with grim satisfaction. "Fucking bitch, you have to pay!" He said under his breath. His right hand held a death grip over Claire's throat; his left thrusted the barrel of his pistol, in lieu of his dysfunctional cock, in and out of Claire's vagina. Under him, Claire's face and neck had turn deep red, her eyes rolling back. Her areolas swelled; her nipples hardened into erection. The pistol barrel moved with increasing lubricated ease amid sound of splashy wetness.

Claire's desperate panic was receding as her consciousness started to fade away. Suddenly, with a loud crash, the grip on her throat and the pressure on her breasts were gone. Air rushed in, almost chocking her. Her chest moved up and down fervently. Then she was washed away by an overwhelming sensation, every end of her nerves exploded with brilliance. "Ahhhhhhhh~~~" her loud moan pierced the stillness of the night.

Brown, who just kicked Hodgson off Claire, watched with fascination as her back arched upward, her breasts bouncing, her toes curling, and her legs shaking in vain attempts to close around the pistol firmly lodged in her channel. He bended down and pulled the pistol out; her fluid exploded with it, a few drops splashed on him face. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Claire gave another high-pitched scream. He could see clearly her pink and glistening clitoris, firmly protruding from its fold, demanding attention. He pressed the ball of a thumb on it and pushed 2 fingers into her soaking cunt. He rubbed the thumb quickly on her clitoris, curling his fingers and pulling at the inner wall of her vagina, sending waves and waves of sensation through Claire body. "Ahhhhhhhh~~~~ahhhhhhh~~~~", she wailed again and again, her limbs in spasms, her juice flew freely from her cunt. All Brown's men gathered around and watched the spectacle gleefully, hoots and jeers echoed in the barn. Tom Christie sat at the far corner of the barn, his hands tense over his ears.

Brown bent over Claire's deep rosy face as she gradually came down from the peaks of her climax, still panting. "Mistress Fraser, what a show! I have never seen anything like this! I was wondering why you were so cold these days, never suspected that this was what you really needed." Brown lifted the pistol, barrel still glistening, and licked it appreciatively, "Mmmm, that tastes good!” He wiped the pistol barrel across Claire’s lips. “You should taste yourself, so horny!” Another round of loud laughter and lewd remarks came from the crowd. “Such a whore!” “Have you seen her juice, I could fill my cup with it!” “Her moan! If there were a cemetery nearby, I bet she would have raised dead buggers to come fuck her!”

Brown's eyes were still travelling up and down her naked defenseless body. "Well, I hope you can have a quiet sleep now. Because tomorrow morning we will need to present you properly to the good folks of Wilmington, as the whore you are." The disinterested surgeon part of Claire's mind was telling her that it was simply the result of asphyxiation, which was known to trigger strong orgasm. Her brain, confused by the lack of, and the sudden return of oxygen, released powerful dose of dopamine and serotonin into her blood stream. Nothing more than biology and chemistry. Yet Claire shrank back in utter humiliation, the wetness between and under her legs the mark of her shame.


Jamie pulled hard on the rope. The sailors around him were all shouting at each other, but he could barely hear a thing. The wind drowned out their voices, the driving rain blurred their vision. In front of them, a wave the size of a small mountain was moving fast at their ship, which was struggling to turn to face it head on.

Yet Jamie wasn't really paying much attention. The same questions were racing through his mind for the thousandth time, where was Claire? And how was she doing? Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw the same image, Claire, furious and panicking, held back by two men on a wagon moving away from him... That was the last memory he held of her, before his world turned black.

He woke up with a throbbing headache. His hands were tied, and ankles chained to a wooden post. He was apparently in a cabin, aboard a ship; and judging from the nausea that he got from ups and downs of the ship's movement, it was ocean-going. He wasn't sure how many days he spent in that cabin, overcame by seasickness, vomiting his gut out. But over time, the nausea lessened, and he was finally able to eat some of the stale food thrusted in front of him by a sailor. But all his questions about the whereabout of Claire only got a blank stare in return. The only useful things he learned were that the ship was named Mercury, and they were heading to Scotland. Scotland, his birthplace and beloved home country, he would imagine that in a different circumstance, he would be happy to embark on such a journey, if, his sassenach was by his side. But now it felt like the worst nightmare. The trip would take at least two months, or possibly three; then even if he could find a return ship immediately, it would be almost half a year before he could return to the colony. All when Claire was held by the thug of Brown, sending to jail, putting on a trial for a murder that she did not commit; and God knows what the sentence would be. The thoughts of what Claire would be facing it all alone, without his protection, was tearing his heart out. And the prospect of not knowing what happened to Claire for six months was driving him to the edge of madness.

Then the cabin door opened, the sailor came in and unlocked his chain and untied his hand. "A big storm is coming; captain needs all hands on deck! Move!"


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