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Author Topic: M looking for F for captivity scenario, includes rough draft of first post  (Read 107 times)

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I currently have an RP going called "The Program", read that for an example of my writing style.  I'd like to get a second one going, and I am open to hearing ideas from potential partners.  I do have one possibility I've been thinking about, that is similar to The Program.

Basically, women in prison can be leased out to paying citizens.  My character would like to have a child, so he has signed a lease for you that extends through the conception period, (However long that may take), through the gestation period, and then the birth.  With an option to renew the lease following the birth, if he so decides.

Your character can be anything you like, any ethnicity, any age that is legal and still childbearing, set your character up just about any way you'd like.  I only ask for you to be someone who actually belongs in prison, none of that "I'm really innocent!" stuff.  (Part of the story will be that I was a bit cheap on the lease, so I made a special "Sight unseen" deal.  I know nothing about you aside from you are healthy, reasonably attractive, and physically able to conceive.)  If you would like to be a hardened murder constantly plotting her escape and my death... *shrug* you get what you pay for.

As a potentially dangerous criminal, you will be kept restrained/caged most of the time.  The details can be worked out as we go along.  (My character didn't think a lot of this through before signing).

If your interested in something like that, or if you have another idea you've been meaning to try, send me a PM and we can discuss it.
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Re: Male looking for Female for captivity scenario
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Okay... I thought a little bit about the scenario I laid out, and here's my rough idea for the opening.  It's a bit comedic, which is something I've wanted to see more of in rape stories.

"Damn..." I cock and eyebrow as you emerge from the back, flanked by two guards "Is all that necessary?"  I give the guard standing next to me a sideways glance.  He holds up the clipboard with my signed papers.

"She is a prisoner, she is supposed to be restrained while she is on prison grounds."  He shrugs at me as he points to the cuffs binding your wrists to the chain around your waist.  The shackles around your ankles clink slightly as the guards bring you to a stop in front of me.

"She's wearing a face mask."  I motion towards the curved plastic mask strapped over your mouth.  "Why is she wearing a face mask?"

"To keep her from biting anyone."  The guard responded.

"Is that... a standard procedure, or a special precaution for this particular inmate?"  I look from you, to the guard, "Has she been known to bite?"

"Sir, the deal was sight unseen."  Mr Clipboard seems to be getting annoyed with me.  "You didn't want to pay the full leasing fee, so you didn't get to pick, you get a 'sight unseen'.  She's healthy, her plumbing works, and she ain't ugly."  He gives me an exaggerated shrug.  "That was the deal you signed."

"She looks like Hannibal Lector."  I turn back to you, focusing on the breathing holes in the mask.  "Hannibal... Lectress?  Is that what I'm renting?  Am i going to wake up to find my liver has been cut out, and a delicious smell is wafting in from the kitchen?  Who the fuck is this bitch?"

"If you don't want her, you don't have to take her."  Clippy responded with a shrug, "But you've already signed the papers, and the deal stipulates: No Refunds."  He holds up a keychain and jingles it in front of my face, "Now do you want the keys to her, or not?"

Even taking the 'Special, Sight Unseen Deal', this cost a hell of a lot of money.  At least a hell of a lot of money for me.  Looking you over one last time, I reach out and take the offered keys.  The guard nods, and points to each key, telling me which one if for your wrist cuffs, and which one releases the shackles on your ankles... then he warns me to be VERY careful when freeing you.

Already feeling some buyers remorse, I tentatively reach out and take you by the arm, guiding you towards my little, black two door car.


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