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Author Topic: Some Work, Some Play  (Read 147 times)

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Some Work, Some Play
« on: August 05, 2022, 04:36:40 PM »
It was far from simple but I was able to monitor Jolene's condition as well as prepare the mattresses intended for her rape sessions simultaneously.   

From the moment I had met the brown eyed barkeep I'd dreamed of stringing up Jolene naked by her ankles inside my torture chamber.  It's challenging.  Physiologies vary and it's probable that a female would lapse into unconsciousness if her body were left dangling upside down like a slab of skinned meat overly long.  Something about the lungs.  Or the brain.  Involving oxygen.  I dunno'.  I just concentrated on where I wanted the mattresses set up.  Whilst also regularly lowering and raising my nude, inverted captive painfully by her ankles on a regular basis.  To ensure that Jolene would be responsive enough to absorb the shock of the rapes I had planned for her incredible body.

I didn't mind at all that the brunette with the fake tits was sobbing.  I welcomed that.  But her protestations could be I lied to Jolene (not the first time, nor the last) that the clear liquid in the glass beaker I flaunted in front of her face was a potent, quick acting acid.  As she dangled helplessly at my mercy I threatened to splash the contents of the beaker into her pretty face.  Or to dribble a stream of same between her incredible legs.  That shut the whore up.  That adjusted Jolene's priorities to dovetail with my own.

"Bitch...the duration and severity of your scheduled torture depends entirely on how well you perform sexually on these mattresses.  I suggest you 'participate' willingly and fully as I sample you.  Over the next several months.  A slut with nipples and feet as lovely as yours has to be careful down here Jolene.  But my, DO look lovely stranded up there in the air.  Let's get you back down to the floor.  Everything's ready.  I've got more then enough pics of you dangling like a Christmas ornament to share with my allies.  AND...your sister."

Disorientated and saturated with fear, Jolene wept convulsively as I lowered her already spent body down to the largest of the three waiting mattresses for sexual use.  Her arms were already bound up behind her back agonizingly at both the wrists and elbows.  And I left the biting coil of rope about her ankles.  I did take the time to apply a choker hold about Jolene's thin neck before raping her.  I wanted complete control over BOTH my pending orgasm(s) as well as - if the whore was smart - Jolene's future orgasm(s).

Like I said.  On Jolene's part I insisted upon demonstrable willingness.  Full participation. 

Or the upcoming torture tally would be augmented.  Increased.  Intensified.

"Yes sir...y-yes sir.  Thank you for, for...lowering me sir.   It's time you fucked me Master."


Jolene was offering up the back side of her throat as she knelt naked in front of me.  Working her lips and tongue over the cock that had been spearing her vagina and anus on a constant basis over the past nine days.  I watched intently as the slave before me 'welcomed' the gag sensation my erection was inflicting upon her ruined face.  The whites of Jolene's eyes widening in anguish as her Owner insisted upon raping her otherwise worthless mouth as violently as he could and as thoroughly as she deserved. 

"You have to hurry, you filthy whore.  First...I have to cum.  In your face Jolene.  Then you have to remain kneeling there upon the stone floor naked - with your arms pinned behind your back - until every last drop of my ejaculate cools, stiffens and hardens across your fucking face.  Until then I can't agree to lower Carla down to the floor.  You understand, yes?  I mean, no one knows better than you Jolene how painful and how terrifying it is to be strung up naked by your ankles inside a torture chamber, right?  RIGHT!  All the way in!  USE YOUR TONGUE SLUT!  Or your sister stays right where she is.  All...the way...IN!!  I can make it very uncomfortable for Carla if you give less than a hundred percent effort Jolene.  SUCK IT!  You have to hurry.  Your sister is helpless.  ALL THE WAY IN WHORE!!"

Not that I minded.  Carla looked fantastic strung up by her ankles again.   
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