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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
« on: June 24, 2014, 05:13:40 PM »
Rape is a repulsive crime! Why would anyone fantasize about it?

People don't choose their fetishes; they simply exist. Rape fantasy (or more politely: ravishment, reluctance, or non-consent fantasy) is a pretty popular fetish that your grandmothers probably indulged in when reading paperback romances of yore. (Remember those? The heroines were at best reluctant until they were overwhelmed by lust.) Some of this fetish may be built into the genes by less appealing ancestors who found a way to reproduce on the sly. Some fetishists are past assault victims who may be subconsciously using fantasy to regain control over painful memories. Some are just submissives who enjoy temporarily giving up responsibility for sex (and handing that responsibility to a trusted dominant). Whatever the reason, this fetish concerns fantasy, not reality, so it's limited only by your imagination.

Is it safe here?

NONE of these rape fantasy sites are safe -- we're just the rare one that's honest about it. ;) The truth is that a determined and clever predator can bypass every safeguard message boards employ and return under another name with relative ease. It would be great if every rapist were convicted and sitting in prison with no Internet access, but since that isn't the case, your best bet to remain safe is to guard your private information closely; do NOT post personal photos here that you have used on other social media like Facebook! (A Google Images or Tineye image search can "out" you. See also "How to strip data out of photos you took".) If you decide to meet anyone here in person, employ the safeguards mentioned in our article called "What is Rape Fantasy, and how is BDSM linked?"

You should also take care with any private photos you share on your Profile, if you have "Ultimate Profile" enabled. Remember that you can set permissions there so only "Buddies" (and admins) can view your photos. (Profile > Modify Profile > Ultimate Profile > check appropriate checkboxes)

Isn't this site just encouraging rapists?

This site encourages rape FANTASY only. If you find this site is encouraging a real-life destructive compulsion, leave this site and get help. But I hope you can learn to safely channel any urges into fantasy alone, where you can enjoy a fetish and it harms nobody.

Why the name "RapeCage" (RC)?

It's a little bit rape fantasy, it's a little bit BDSM. This site represents the interests of both, as they are related. (See "What is Rape Fantasy, and how is BDSM linked?")

I don't agree that rape fantasy and BDSM are related. Can I say so?
You may express your opinion, dangerous though it is.

Who owns RapeCage? Who are the moderators?

I own the name, but RayPistonprowl pays the bills. We're committed to keeping the site running as long as members are willing to use it. As our staff expands you will take up most board-related issues with individual moderators; their names are visible on the main board under the forums they moderate. Otherwise you may write the "Admin" contact at the bottom of this page for technical and legal issues, and for complaints regarding staff. Note that staff have been trained to be polite and professional in their administrative capacities, but their responsibilities do NOT include settling everyday disputes between members. If someone merely annoys you, put them on Ignore. (Since staff cannot be put on Ignore lists, we ask them to use more discretion than regular members, but remember they're still human.)

How is RapeCage different from other rape fantasy sites?

If we approved of the way the other sites were run, this site wouldn't exist. Complaints about other sites are mostly along the lines of the operators being unclear on the line between fantasy and reality (for instance, thinking the target will somehow appreciate the cleverness of using real-life information provided during the registration process for purposes of humiliating/blackmailing the target -- yes, it's happened). Many site admins/moderators somehow find it appropriate to order members around like slaves. Their sites are vanity projects for the simple purpose of finding playmates and exerting their "dominance". (If you want to know if a particular site has earned a bad rep with us and why, ask me privately. Note that we do not permit publicly venting about competitors.)

We aren't them. Our philosophy is that members should be treated fairly and courteously, and the site should be run invisibly, with a light hand, enforcing our Rules to comply with laws and not just someone's arbitrary opinion. If any moderator violates these principles by unfairly harassing/banning someone, the member may appeal to the Admins (under "Contacts" at bottom of page) and the moderators themselves may face a ban of their own. Board arguments will happen, but we are not here to settle them. If someone is merely annoying, put them on Ignore and do not bother staff about them. (Staff cannot be put on Ignore so they are held to a bit higher standard.)

Why can't I talk about [Competing Rape Fantasy Site] by name here?

The Rules here do not permit you to talk about competing sites by name. Use abbreviations or initials if you must mention them at all. We do this primarily for legal reasons, because some are actual businesses who may sue if you disparage them. We also do it because we don't want you starting board wars, so DO NOT COME HERE AND CRITICIZE COMPETING SITES.

One of RC's members is a real-life rapist. Can I post that information here to protect others?

You may post a real-life name and a link to the sexual offender database where their name is found as that is all public information, but do NOT simply link their real-life name to their online name here; this violates THEIR privacy. If a lawyer can prove in court that the two are one and the same (and we will provide an IP address to that end), then you may link to that public court decision; otherwise you open yourself up to a libel case which may force us to give up YOUR IP address to THEIR lawyer. Don't risk it.

Why can't we submit content involving bestiality or underage children?

If I ruled planet Earth I'd be happy to let fantasists talk about whatever they want since it is entirely limited to thought and no actual crime has taken place. (The difference with photos or videos of such acts is that real children or animals may have actually been harmed in the making of them.) Unfortunately, what amounts to thought crimes is still legal in some parts of the world, so we must defer to the rules set by our host.


One "underage" exception that we will permit involves BDSM's "age-play" fetish, in which a legal adult roleplays the part of an underage person, or "little", and the dominant plays the part of an adult, often a "Daddy" figure to the little. Just make it clear in your story that all participants are really adults!

One "bestiality" exception that we will permit involves participants who are fully animal or partly animal (as with werewolves), or are so at the time the sex takes place. The key is to avoid sexual interactions between full humans and full animals. (I know, a silly distinction since technically we're all animals, but let's not let science get in the way.)

Another "bestiality"-type exception involves "pet play", or play in which a human dominant plays master/owner to a submissive playing the part of a human pet. The sub may wear puppy, pony, kitty, or other animal gear  to help her immerse in her role, but she is still human.

How do I delete my account?

You don't. We will only delete your account if you have a very, VERY good reason for asking. (It makes a mess of the board.) Getting pissed off at someone here and flouncing off with a delete demand to the volunteers who make up our moderators is NOT a good reason and may earn you your own ban.

What board software is used here, and will you consider something different/better?

This site was built using SMF (Simple Machines Forum). The old chat is PHP Free Chat, and our new chat room is Blab! Unfortunately, text chats are fast becoming a thing of the past, being replaced by voice/video chats (which are not appropriate for this site and usually require a more expensive dedicated server), so though we're willing to pay for a better text chat, we have limited options. Your suggestions are welcome; you may place them in the "The Suggestion Box" thread.

Why include a Survivor Support section?

Because on almost every rape fantasy board, there are real life victims who are attracted to rape fantasy but don't understand those attractions, and they work through their pain by sharing their traumatic real-life stories. Unfortunately, that real-life pain can jar people who are trying to fantasize out of their fantasies and ruin their fun here. Therefore we provide a section specifically for talk about real rape. Be aware that even though the board is Members-Only, there are probably predators out there getting off on your real pain, and we can't effectively prevent that (NO board can), so take care with any personal information you share. If you change your mind on sharing, you cannot delete your posts, but you can modify them.

Why include a Rage Cage (politics and religion) section?

Because I've seen other sites become trainwrecks when these two topics come up and aren't either deleted or relegated to their own clearly designated section so that other people can safely avoid them. Since some members enjoy politics and religion, we chose to give them their own space. If you don't want to see the Rage Cage, use the Ignore Boards option (Profile > Ignore Boards Options). Do not bitch about content found there when it's your responsibility to not read it.
No more Rage Cage as of August 2018. We got fed up of the drama. Do not discuss politics or religion here anymore.

I work for / am an affiliate with a commercial rape- or bdsm-related porn site. May I post a link to my site?

Porn sites and affiliates are encouraged to post RELEVANT video links/thumbs in the "Videos" section, but ONLY there. Feel free to put a link to relevant sites in your signature. No scams, spam, link farms, irrelevant material, or links to competing message boards!

What is RC's privacy policy?

We will never share your privately supplied information with marketers. This site is completely non-commercial and will remain so. Most everything you say and do on RC is stored in a database that RC's two admins may access if it's necessary to comply with law enforcement. That includes Personal Messages and messages sent in the Shoutbox and Chat Room; however, these databases are flushed from time to time, so time is of the essence if you need us to save something for such use. Though your passwords are recorded in the database, they are encrypted and not usable by admins. In short, we don't care what you do here unless it harms someone else.
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