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Useful Board Features
« on: June 25, 2014, 01:12:13 PM »
RapeCage has a number of features you may want to know about.
  • You may upload the avatar of your choice under your profile. We've currently got the limits at 185 x 185 pixels.
  • Board categories you don't wish to read may be collapsed by using the - button to the right of the categories on the home page.
  • You can IGNORE individual boards that you don't wish to read by clicking on:
    Profile > Modify Profile > then select from the dropdown list Ignore Boards Options
  • You can IGNORE people who annoy you. This feature should be your first line of defense. Report to the moderators only posts/people that blatantly break the Rules. (And read the Rules if you haven't already to keep safe and avoid a ban.)
  • We have a Chat Room! You may enter it by clicking the button at the top of the page. (Read more about it here.) The Chat Room is accessible only by Members. Unfortunately the "Ignore Member" feature does not work in the Chat Room yet.
  • We have a Shoutbox! It's at the top of our home page; if you're not seeing it, you may need to expand it by clicking the to the right of the text reading "RapeCage Shoutbox". Say a quick hello or invite others to the chat room. Be aware that the Shoutbox is visible to visitors. If you want to chat about something only registered members should be able to see, use the Chat Room. Members on your Ignore List will be ignored in the Shoutbox.
  • We have a Calendar! Anyone interested in scheduling regular chats may do so here. Events & Birthdays will show up 7 days in advance in the "Upcoming Calendar" section under "Info Center" at the bottom of the main page. Birthdays show up automatically; you need only fill in the month and day on your profile (you needn't fill in the year of your birth). Unregistered guests cannot see the Calendar.
  • If your browser is compatible, you may compose messages in Rich Text format (WYSIWYG). (Firefox is currently capable; Internet Explorer is not.) You may toggle between Rich Text (WYSIWYG) and normal view by clicking the button. If you compose in normal view, you may use BBCode and click the Preview button to see how your post will look.
  • We have a private messaging system. From the horizontal Main Menu select My Messages to read messages received or compose new ones to other forum members.
  • To keep you connected to the forum, RapeCage has an option to notify you via email when you've received a PM (Personal Message or Private Message) here. To enable/disable it:  Profile > Modify Profile > Personal Messaging > Select "Always" on the option reading "Notify by email every time you receive a personal message".
  • You've got both a regular "Forum Profile" (Profile > Forum Profile) here and an "Ultimate Profile":
    Profile > Forum Profile > Modify Profile > Ultimate Profile > check "Enable Ultimate Profile".
    The "Ultimate Profile" adds some extra stuff to your profile, like "About Me" and "My Interests". Note that here you can control if only buddies may see certain things on your wall (like photo albums or comments) or if everyone can view those things.
  • You can choose to make yourself "Invisible" so others (with the exception of Admins and Global Moderators) can't see your online status. From the horizontal Main Menu, select: Profile > Account Settings > untick the box reading "Show others my online status".
  • You can choose to hide your email address so others (with the exception of Admins and Global Moderators) cannot see it or email you. From the horizontal Main Menu, select: Profile > Account Settings > untick the box reading "Allow users to email me".
  • If you want your online status on outside private messengers like ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YIM to be visible to other members, you may activate those by filling in the relevant information on your profile. From the Main Menu, select: Profile > Forum Profile.
  • After you make 100 posts you are eligible to view the "Inner Wanktum" board. On this board we post the slightly more private things we prefer the casual guest can't view too easily.
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