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Author Topic: How to Add Buddies to your Buddy List  (Read 846 times)

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How to Add Buddies to your Buddy List
« on: January 27, 2016, 05:59:25 PM »
To send someone a Buddy Request:

1. Locate person you want to 'buddy' (you can use Members > Search)

2. From their Profile page, look under the "Contact Me" section and click on [Add To Buddy List]. They must accept the invitation before they will appear on your Buddy List!

If you received a Buddy Request, you must ACCEPT:

1. To accept the request, scroll down to the bottom of your Buddy List (Profile > Buddies/Ignore List > Edit Buddies) and click on the Accept icon. Once you've accepted, the sender and recipient should see each other on their Buddy Lists (Profile > Buddies/Ignore List > Edit Buddies).

Note that on your Profile Page only your first 6 or 12 buddies will show at a time, depending on which you've selected. To select how many buddies to show on your Profile page:
Profile > Modify Profile > Ultimate Profile > Select number from dropdown list under "Number of buddies shown on profile".

Note as well that you can choose to show your Photo Albums only to Buddies! This is handy for sharing pictures you'd rather not share with the entire forum or in the "Inner Wanktum" (100 post minimum). To limit viewership of your Profile's Photos to Buddies Only:
Profile > Modify Profile > Ultimate Profile > Select "Show my pictures only to buddies and admins". You can also limit viewership of your Profile itself to only Buddies by selecting "Only buddies can view my Ultimate Profile".
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