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Author Topic: Turned on by older men/women  (Read 6400 times)

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Re: Turned on by older men/women
« Reply #120 on: April 27, 2019, 12:01:05 AM »
I'm attracted to any man that looks good. I'm pretty shalow, in that regard *shrug* . Age is irelevant, as long as a guy is hot by my standards, hes got a chance to score. He can be 18, he can be 65 (i dont go over 65 as a mater of principle, i'm afraid of giving them heart-attacks, or going too rough on thoze old bones :P ). He can be anithing in between.

I wil service (if payed enogh), any man, 18-65, no mater how he looks, if hes healthy, clean, and provides medical proof of both. But thats diferent from being attracted to him. Thats business.

Vhen it comes to women, its mostly the same deal. Looks score high vith me, unless its business. - my kink list. Read it and bust a load! 4 years out of date, but stil prety much accurate.


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