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Author Topic: Beyond Human III  (Read 1131 times)

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Beyond Human III
« on: May 30, 2016, 11:05:57 AM »

 I was a real person once...

Then they 're-made' me into a  sex toy.
Worse,  they re-constructed me especially well,  to take incredible abuse, and still last a very long time..
 Then my sister-units and I were declared "defective, and unstable".
It was naturally assumed, with such a declaration,  we would all just shortly break-down and cease to exist..
But we were built to last...

I endured those final decades in the institution, most of it a blur,
my mind and emotions numbed from daily presenting myself to be used for sex,  often being brutally raped,
 and frequently told that all this was further proof that I was not human...

If anything, it proved to me that those who were fully human had a far greater capacity for "inhumanity" than I did..


The news of my being auctioned off  spread like wildfire...

What should at worst have been an hour or two of gang-rape at the hands of the Board of Health  'testers' and senior officials,  quickly deteriorated into a hellish nightmare as more and more government personnel arrived and got in line.
For the remainder of that entire afternoon I never had less than two of them inside me at a time, (except for a few brief pauses when they stopped to rinse the cum off of me) and many times there were three.   Nurse Jenny was forced to retreat in order not to be caught up and ravaged in the fray. 
 Finally I was so covered in cum that even the worst of the younger officials who were there just to have their round on the cyborg 'rape-toy', were no longer coming back for more..   And the last insult, were the two who insisted on playing a game of spinning me around, alternately forcing me to deep-throat the one as the other double dipped.  At this, Nurse Jenny came to my rescue, and with two orderlies, got me into the showers, and all my openings were properly cleaned and disinfected...

Now with my memories fully restored,  and the afternoon of being forcefully used by every minor government official who could find an excuse to check out the "action at the auction"  behind me;
I sit,  freshly washed and cleansed,  wearing only a filmy see-through outfit.

Now the auction rituals begin in earnest.  A full list of my original commands has been located, and I am again ordered into an array of 'presentation' positions as the final bidders arrive.
Fortunately for me,  a loop of this afternoons activities (without my outburst) has been up on constant display on a side screen, satisfying most of the other rituals of a sex-borg auction,   and they want me kept clean and as attractive and alluring as possible,  so I will not have to endure any more of that for now...

The auction itself is over quickly,  my new owner,  promptly pushing the bidding well beyond what anyone else could possibly afford.
Nurse Jenny is at his side still in a nurses outfit,  But not just any outfit..  It is identical to those worn by the nurses when I first awoke after my reconstruction.  Its sheer fabric hides nothing, rather it acentuates and highlights her curves and private parts with an elegant sensuality.   Her collar and leash are thin and black,  and she nuzzles up against him with a devoted affection that frequently draws all eyes away from me.

Instead of using me immediately on stage, as is the modern custom,  he has it announced that Nurse Jenny,  a fully accredited and Registered Nurse,  will conduct a full assessment of my current condition for the official government record.
She almost floats onto the stage,  and gently disrobes me,  as a medical chair is brought out.
The entire exam is documented, on camera, in front of the audience,  and no one leaves as my bio-construction is explained and the rapid 'healing' of my vaginal tissues (torn during the afternoons 'activities') is displayed on screen.  It is announced that  I am indeed a true "Gen 2" prototype, and not a production model.  Further, scans of my remaining 'cognitive matrix', show none of the 'degradation' claimed for my series.  And based on these,  I am declared an irreplaceable cyborg device, a part of our technological history.
 My Prime Ident codes are re-registered in the world computer, and to my surprise, I am officially listed, along with Nurse Jenny as part of His  collection of "Female Augmentation Project Prototypes".

I am now His.  Just as Nurse Jenny is His.

Tears come to my eyes, 

I am not alone.

Not only do I have a new home to go to,
The one who has treated me best, of all those here, Jenny and I, we are 'Sister Prototypes'.

I have a family!

"Yes dearie",  Jenny whispers, as she slips me back into the sheer, original edition, sex-toy harem outfit..
"I am the only known remaining Gen 1 in existence, less digital parts than you, more analog sensors, and flesh & blood bits,...
 makes it easier to pass myself off as a 'normal' human from time to time...", she sneaks me a soft kiss, 
"And like you, I was specially built for maximum longevity" She kisses away the last of my tears. 
"And as registered 'historical artifacts',  we will never again be thrown to the wolves..  Yes, our master will see to it we get properly exercised from time to time'...
  Her eyes briefly show that  naughty twinkle,
  "But we are too valuable to risk permanent damage,  even as rape-toys" 

"You?"   I gasp. 
"Yes,  and I was the one who bumped your pleasure feed back loop up an extra 15%  when we realized just what a fighter you could be..,  Glad I locked that setting in,  it's helped save your sanity".
The memory is easily accessed,  and there she is,  softer, more youthful,  but it is her..


"Relax,  dearie,  we can talk more after we get you safely home."  She taps her collar.  "But there are still more formalities to get through,  Now if you will kneel beside me...."

Together,  Jenny and I kneel,  and  with a calm satisfied look on his face,  her master arises from his seat, and lifts an ornate black collar and matching leash from a small case..
He speaks,  ignoring the room and  paying full attention to us...

"In honor of your original find, and your already demonstrated ability to take good care of her, you shall pass your old collar on to the newest member of our household, and accept this as a sign of my pleasure, and your official status as her senior."

Jenny can barely hold her hands steady as she holds her leash up as he unfastens the thin collar and places it in her upturned palms.  Then he gently secures the wider ornate collar around her neck.  and further amazes her by saying.

"Jenny,  it is time,   you are now ready to collar your first junior."
Tears moistening her eyes,  her gaze looks deeply into me as she asks..

"Do you want me to look after you?"

A surge of warmth flows through me..   Deep inside, buried emotions are awakening,  I look back with joy and gratitude.   

"As He said, you already have been,  Jenny.   You are the best of all that has happened to me here.  So Yes.  Oh, Yes..."

She pulls herself together,  and secures the collar on my neck, and together as one we hold our leashes up to our master.
There is brief applause,  and the remainder of the audience begins to leave..

We are escorted to a  chauffeured vehicle, and sink sensuously into the wonderfully soft seating.
Jenny wastes no time in reassuring me and stroking me gently just the way I love it,  and fills Master in on my favorite sensations, and other things which I barely knew about myself..
He in turn, compliments her on her learning to read me, and his features exude confidence, compassion, and strength as he observes me,  and gives her additional pointers  now that  He is reading me in person.
  Jenny's actions are now more calming and reassuring, than arousing.  I wriggle and try to turn a breast more into one of her caresses, and they both laugh and tell me  that I must wait until we get home,  and I have time to 'settle in'...

I relax, and it seems like no time passes before we arrive...

 We are greeted at the entry by petite twin house girls dressed similarly to Jenny and I,  except that their  garments are far more revealing of their stunningly perfect bodies,  they look like they cannot be a day over 21, except that their  curves are too perfect, too well balanced to be real.   I realize  that these must be Gen 3's or possibly 4's...
 They take Masters coat and hat, as Jenny un-clips my leash, and He hers.. As he puts them on a hook in a niche, I see several other leads hanging there on other hooks as well..  Watching me, Jenny smiles.  "We are not the only toys in Masters collection,  but we are the most valuable."

 We are led through to the master suite, and to a room just off of it.
There are three beds here.  One is clearly Jenny's,   as it has the 'Nurse' items on the shelves next to it.  One slightly larger is a classic "Dungeon Bed" right out of a BDSM dream catalog.  And, the third is clearly mine,... Looking at the once familiar items carefully placed on the shelves by the bed,  I realize I am looking at all the accessories, the paraphernalia that I, or one of my kind would have been originally delivered with...
   I suddenly know what a child's doll might feel if she were put back with her original display carton, and all the deluxe play-set accessories...
I am speechless..  I truly am, I try to say some kind of thanks for this amazing place to lay my head, but I cannot manage to get a word out...

Then Master Speaks. . . 

 "Lona-Su." "Welcome to your new home."   

"Since Jenny is the oldest surviving model of your kind, she is senior to you,  and at least until you have learned our ways, she will be fully responsible for you.  You will answer to Me first, her second.  But, from now on,  You will address her just as  Jenny;  for true sisters in kind are you.  The others have already been instructed to treat you in the same manner as they treat her."

"In truth you are humans,  just early-prototype  Augmented Humans.  But, due to the laws of these times, you are trapped between the status of 'human' and 'machine', and must therefor be "owned".   
"I saw your break-though, Lona-Su, and I heard you cry out.   Here you will be safe and protected. Know that here you will be treated better than most of the so-called elite treat their 'pets'. 
But I think Jenny has already demonstrated to you, quite adequately, what kind of humans we are..."

He strokes me lightly, just where I like it the most.   This time the pleasure is almost indescribable,  stronger and sweeter than I have ever known before.  I let go and all the emotions now free from long hibernation, join those sensations, and utterly overwhelmed, I collapse at his feet.
Tears course down my face, as I cling to his legs,  deep wracking sobs wrenching my body as the utter relief of finally having my own place, in a family, safely away from the institution,  hits home.
He makes a concerned noise,  and Jenny holds my wrist and the sensor points on the back of my head.. 
She quietly says.. "They are happy tears, not sad." "She is releasing emotions held back far too long"..

Together they just hold me..

In time the sobs ease and the tears slow.  Finally I regain my composure.
Jenny has indeed prepared me for this moment with all that she has done...

I look lovingly into his eyes..
"Master, you have bought me at an incredible price.  I am yours.  What do you ask of me?"

His rich, strong, voice ripples with compassion and humor.

"Be Yourself"  "Where you are uncertain,  let Jenny guide you,  and I shall be watching over you both.
In time we shall train you  just as I have already trained her.  And you will learn many things about yourself.  Both of your personalities, (but yours especially), will now be nurtured and developed – in the manner that was originally intended by the projects designers  back before the governments intervened..." 

  They decide that for tonight  Jenny and I will sleep together in the big bed and gently he tucks us in,...  Jenny delicately caresses me and I am soon out like a light..

I awaken to soft voices and the savory smells of a hot breakfast. 
I am told the "nutrient paste" I had at the asylum is now a thing of the past;  that my digestive system will get used to "real foods" and "natural nutrients",  and that even a cyborg should be allowed to enjoy a good meal.

After, with a mischievous gleam in her eye  Jenny introduces me to the 'play room'.   Here there is a full dungeon setup and what I am told are the usual 'accoutrements' and devices, in addition to an even bigger bed with enough space and hardware to secure at least four people.  But it is the three 'Sybian Riders'  the latest iteration of the Original 'Sybian Saddle' of long ago, that Jenny is proudly showing me.   
I am tentative at first,  but with her help take my first ride,  one where I am totally in control of the sensations and what happens...  It is nearly mind blowing for me.  For I am orgasm-ing by my will, desire and actions, and not by someone else forcing it on me..

Master makes an appearance and  reminds us  (well me) that as world heritage registered  prototype  cyborgs,  and certified sex & rape-toys at that,  he is required to ensure that we are adequately 'exercised'  and the riders are but the first part of that program. Jenny will help me to expand my knowledge of my sexual self, and catalog my primary turn-ons, and both of us will proceed from there..

In the following days I learn that my greatest pleasure and strongest orgasms come when I am secured to a bed,  in any sexually exposed position;  It only takes the slightest struggle against my restraints to bring on the maximum effect to the 'resistance-into-pleasure' feedback loop.  And, whenever I am penetrated in that mode,  the sensations rapidly approach full sensory overload, and I even black out from the pleasure..
Finally, Master has me go over all the times I found myself actually wanting to be ravished. 

And with that information fresh in mind.

Jenny and I begin my re-training in earnest..

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Re: Beyond Human III
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 01:01:09 PM »
Great part 3! It's interesting to see Jenny and Lona-Su referred to as a sort of sisters now.  I'm curious what all will happen now that she's in her new home, what trainings will come. How will she continue to settle in and get along with her new master and housemates :-?

Hope to see a further peek into Lona-Su's world in the future!
Thanks for sharing the story, BK! :*

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Re: Beyond Human III
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2017, 09:10:41 PM »
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Re: Beyond Human III
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2017, 11:29:35 AM »
I love happy endings and this is still my favorite series of yours. I look forward to more!
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