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Description: A story written for Sami, aka Caturday.

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Author Topic: A Caturday Hunt  (Read 2968 times)

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A Caturday Hunt
« on: July 26, 2014, 12:49:46 AM »
Sami was a modest, innocent girl, the kind who didn't realize just how sexy and alluring she was.  I think that was part of what added to her attractiveness, actually. She had just about the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, so big and brown, accented with her usual black eyeliner.  She dressed in a casually sexy way, not reservedly hiding her assets, but not flaunting them like so many girls these days.  No, instead she chose to show her feminine side but keep her sexuality reserved for her boyfriend.  That lucky bastard, getting to fuck her and experience all that she had to offer.  But that was going to change.

See, I had wanted her for a long time now, ever since I had first spotted her that day.  It was months ago, by happenstance, while I was at the mall on a non-hunting trip.  It had been a little while since I had hunted, stalked, and raped a girl, but this trip was simply about getting some needed shopping done.  And then I saw her, alone, sitting on a bench in the middle of the mall.  Her pretty face, those gorgeous eyes, that hint of cleavage showing from the top of her light green sundress.  I smiled to myself, thinking about how I'd follow her home and rape her.  I never passed up an opportunity like this, after all, and something about her called to me, alluring, seductive.  But I stopped when she looked up and smiled at some guy.  They walked off together, and I narrowed my eyes, reconsidering.

I had never given up due to another man getting in the way.  I was a trained, career combat soldier, way more than capable of taking out one guy.  I also had many ways of getting away with it; I had dozens of trophies to my name, each one holding a special place in my memories.  But I had to prepare.  I had to mitigate the danger and risks.  And besides, if I planned it out, I'd get to have more fun with her, get to spend more time enjoying her.  So I followed, waiting, watching.  Always from a distance, always so carefully.  I learned where they lived, together in that house that they rented.  I learned their habits, their routines.  The more I learned about her, the more I wanted her.  I had to have her, I had to make her mine, at least to satisfy this obsession I had for her.  And then I learned that her boyfriend was going away for a week to visit his family.  She'd be alone, all alone and completely at my mercy.

So there I was, dressed in my black cargo pants and long-sleeved shirt, my messenger-style satchel strapped across my back and my favorite blade tucked into its sheath at the small of my back.  It was mid-afternoon on a Monday, and I knew she'd be home. The neighborhood was mostly deserted, everyone off at school or work, making my work that much easier.  Just to be safe, like always, I took my time, stealing through the neighborhood carefully, finally arriving at her house.  I caught a peek of her sitting on her couch through the front window, and I smiled.  She looked so damn good there, wearing another sundress, this time a deep blue.  One last look around, checking windows and scanning for nosy neighbors, and then I picked the lock and was inside.

Quietly now, I put all of my skills to use.  I locked the door behind me, and stepped lightly, carefully down the hallway to where I had seen her through the window.  The open window was a hazard, of course, giving a clear view of me assaulting her.  I couldn't have that, and so I waited patiently.  Soon enough, I heard her get up and move around.  I pressed myself against the wall, blending back with my old friend the darkness.  She passed me, her bare feet padding on the carpet.  Damn, she looked good, her sundress falling a few inches above her knee, subtly hinting at all that her body offered underneath.  I stepped out, following her silently to the kitchen.

Suddenly she turned, catching sight of me, and her beautiful brown eyes widened in shock.  I grinned, so eager to play now.  She opened her mouth to scream, but I was on her in that instant.  One of my large hands clamped over her mouth, the other gripping her wrist and twisting it up behind her.  I pushed her forward into the wall, slamming her into it and then pressing myself into her.  She felt so good already, her soft body, more than half a foot shorter than my powerful frame, feeling so right against mine.

"Hello there, Sami," I said in my low baritone, seductive and dominant.  "You have no idea who I am, but I know all about you."  I looked her in the eyes, seeing confusion and fear.  She struggled, but couldn't shift enough or break free of my grasp.  She pressed at me with her free hand, slapping when it pushing had no effect.  "And now that your boyfriend is gone for the week, I get to have you all to myself."  Her eyes widened, maybe realizing my intent.  She said something, my hand muffling her, and she struggled harder then, punching at me ineffectively with her left arm, unable to get enough leverage to hurt me.

"Shhh," I soothed, enjoying the feeling of her squirming against me.  She pulled at my hand trapping her arm up behind her, pressing into her back and the wall.  I knew it had to be uncomfortable if not downright painful, but that was the point, after all.  "Just relax, baby. I'm not going to hurt you."  She didn't believe me, and fought me harder, trying to stomp on my arches with her bare feet, kick at my shins, claw at my arm and face.  Enough of that; it was time to play.

I pulled her away from the wall suddenly, spinning her around and roughly manhandling her to the kitchen table.  I bent her over it roughly, shoving her down by the back of her neck, holding her there with one powerful arm.  She screamed then, a loud, piercing cry of pain and distress.

"Help! Get off of me! Heeeelp!" she called out, and I chuckled, knowing nobody was going to hear her.  She knew it, too, and she struggled, kicking back at me now, and slapping and scratching behind her.  I was positioned too well, my crotch buried in her ass, making her kicks ineffective and her scratching little more than an annoyance.  "Get off! Let me go!"  I loved the sound of her voice, her struggles, the way she tried to push herself up.  I had all the leverage, all the strength, though, and there was nothing she could do.  I had her right where I wanted her: bent over the table, ready to be fucked.

"I've wanted to do this for so long now," I growled, hiking her sundress up to her hips, revealing her plain black boyshorts.  So modestly sexy, and so damn alluring, making her ass look so fucking good.  Hot damn, was her ass every bit as perfect as I thought it would be, so round and full. "Very nice," I said, quickly undoing my belt and my pants, pushing them down to my thighs.  She fought harder then, the sudden realization that this was happening giving her a burst of frantic strength.  Too bad for her it didn't do any good.  My cock was fully erect, throbbing and eager for her, and my lust had been building steadily for so long. 

"I'm going to fuck you so hard."  I tugged her panties aside, revealing her sweet little pussy, and I pressed against her.  She was dry, just like I knew she'd be, but that never stopped me.  I pushed, steady short thrusts to work through the friction of violating a dry pussy.  She froze at the first thrust, and then screamed, bucking at the pain.  She cried out, her feet sliding on the floor as she tried to push away from me.  "No, no, Sami," I growled, holding her down still with my one arm, gripping her hips with the other.  "This is happening. Just be a good girl and take it." I accented my words with thrusts, forcing my way inside of her hot, dry channel.  She felt so good, so tight and inviting.  I groaned as I violated her, working deeper, more than half of my thick cock inside of her.

"Holy fuck you feel so good," I groaned again, shoving harder now that I was past the worst part, that burning friction as the head of my cock breached her dry lips.  She whimpered, crying out again.

"Please stop!" she begged me, her voice choking. "Please, pull it out.  Get off of me!" I loved her begging, the sound of her whimpering from the fear and pain.  She grunted as I shoved mercilessly into her, finally burying myself fully inside.  "Oh god, please," she begged, scratching at me and clawing at the table, trying to find purchase.

"Fuck yeah," I grunted, fucking her hard now that I was fully buried inside of her.  Hard, deep thrusts, shaking the table as I worked myself within her tight channel.  She felt so good, looked so good, getting fucked bent over the table, my cock splitting her, stretching her, her panties pulled aside and her sundress up at her hips.  I gripped her hard, keeping her right in place where I wanted her.  "So fucking good, just like I knew you would be." I didn't bother holding back, instead working myself straight to orgasm.  I had wanted her for so long; I deserved to get off right away.  I'd show her exactly what I wanted from her, and then I'd do it again and again.

"No!" she cried out again, feeling me pump harder, grunting and groaning.  She knew what was coming. "No, please! Don't come inside of me!" But I ignored her, thrusting away, my legs tightening, my orgasm building rapidly as the friction in her pussy grew to an almost painful level.

"Take every drop," I groaned, just to emphasize that I was doing exactly what she begged me not to do.  I came so hard, violently shaking and emptying my hot rapeseed into her tight pussy.  "So deep inside of you," I gasped, feeling my warm fluid filling her, spreading, easing those final thrusts inside of her.  I held her firmly as she gasped, sobbing now, shuddering on the table.  A man who wasn't her boyfriend had just raped her, taken her against her will, used her like a jerk-off toy, and then filled her with his seed.

"I sure hope you're on birth control," I said, still not pulling out.  Her whimpering sobs answered me, and I smiled.  "Oh, you dirty girl, letting me come inside of you then." She curled her fingers into a fist, but there was nothing she could do, not with me still inside of her, pinning her down like that.  "I bet you make your boyfriend use a condom or pull out, don't you?  All the better for me.  Now you can feel me trickling down inside of you, can't you?  Dirtying you.  You'll never fully get me out of you."  She sobbed once more, and then I finally pulled out, yanking her to her feet by her hair.

"Come on, dirty girl," I said, grabbing her arm as she swung at me.  "Let's go to the bedroom."  She pulled away from me, kicking at me, aiming a shot at my semi-erect cock.  All things I had seen before, all things I was prepared for.  She struggled as I manhandled her, finally dropping to the ground to try to thwart me.  "You want me to fuck you on the floor here?" I mocked, slapping her hard across the face.

"No! Please, just get away from meeeee!" she begged, kicking at me and flailing, forcing me to block and swat her arms and feet away.  She was desperate, trying to keep me from raping her again.  But it was inevitable.  I forced her thighs apart with my knees, mounting her as she sobbed.  I pinned her arms above her head, looking her in her beautiful, tear-filled eyes.  "Just please‚Ķplease stop," she begged quietly, those haunting eyes pleading.  I smiled, a leering, victorious grin.

"But Sami," I said in a low, seductive tone, "don't you know? I'm your boyfriend for now.  That means you have to give it to me whenever I want." I tugged her panties aside and pushed at her shaved pussy once more.  She was so wet now from the full load of semen I had left inside of her, so I slid in easily.  "Oh, fuck you feel so good." She closed her eyes, letting out a little whimper, knowing now that I wasn't going to be done even after this second rape.  I put my hand over her mouth, stifling her whimpers and sobs as I raped her, a slow, steady fucking that gently rocked her on the hard tile of the kitchen floor.

"Oh yeah, just like that," I moaned, loving every second of being inside of her.  She was so wet, so tight and hot, just like I knew she'd be.  And now with my initial lust satiated, I could really take my time and enjoy her.  She sniffled and cried as I kept up my steady thrusting, slowly working inside of her.  I felt her growing wet of her own accord, her body's natural reaction to sexual stimulus.  And since I wasn't being rough this time, it only added to the effect; it would be impossible for her not to feel it and react.  "I knew you'd be good," I grunted, kissing her face, biting down on her neck.  "I knew you'd be a good little fuck."

Over and over I pumped into her, taking my time, using her pussy to pleasure myself as she laid there, not really fighting me anymore.  She'd tug her arms, trying to break her wrists free of my grip, but it was useless.  She sucked in air whenever I loosened my hand clamped over her mouth, but I never gave her enough time to scream.  She knew there was just nothing she could do except hope that I finished and would leave her alone.  But there was no way that was going to happen.

"I'm going to come inside of you," I grunted into her ear, finally drawing close to orgasm after so long.  She stiffened, pulling once more at my grip.  I knew she was already hated the thought of me being inside of her, something I was pretty sure she didn't even let her boyfriend do.  Another load inside of her would be another small victory for me, another way of showing her that I could do whatever I wanted with her.  She pulled hard, pushing her hips up and rocking, bracing herself with her bare feet, trying anything to deny me.  But like everything else, it didn't matter.  I groaned loudly as I came inside of her, flooding her womb once more with my rape seed.

"Holy fuck, that was good," I panted, lying on top of her and catching my breath.  Her body felt so good under me, so soft in the right places, her breasts pressed into my chest.  I kissed her neck and she shivered, trying to pull away from my touch.  I chuckled.  "You're not a cuddler, then? Or are you just mad that I didn't make you come?"  I pulled out of her, rising up to my knees.  I gripped her panties and pulled them off of her, my trophy for all of my hard work.

"Simple but still very sexy," I commented, stuffing them into my pocket.  "These are getting added to my collection." They'd go into a ziplock bag with your name on it, a reminder of the fun I had with her.  She stared at me in horror as she realized she wasn't the first I had done this to.  She sat up, backing away from me until she hit the cabinet.

"You sick bastard," she said quietly, drawing her knees up to her chest protectively.  I almost chuckled, since that gave me a great view of her twice-violated pussy.  "Fuck you!" she screamed at me, turning her legs aside to block my view, anger rising in her voice.  I stood up and fixed my pants, eyeing her like a delicious piece of steak.  I had already fucked her twice, but I already wanted to again.  There was something about her, her innocence, her beautiful eyes, her soft, lovely features; I just couldn't help myself.  I advanced on her, and she screamed again, this time in rage, quickly scrambling to her feet and reaching into a drawer.

"No, no, Sami," I said, gripping her wrist as she pulled out a large knife.  I backhanded her, wrenched the knife from her, and then tossed it into the sink.  "That's not a real knife, anyway."  I pulled out my hunting blade, quickly holding it under her throat.  She froze, feeling the sharpness against her soft skin.  "Now let's go to the bedroom, like I told you the last time.  Unless you want me to rape you here again."  She shut her eyes, fresh tears leaking out.  I snatched up my satchel and shoved her toward the hallway. She complied, however reluctantly, letting me push her into the bedroom.  I pulled her sundress off of her, torn and one of the straps broken from my rough handling of her in the kitchen.  I tossed it onto the floor, leaving her naked save for her plain black pushup bra.

"Damn, those titties look good," I said, admiring them fully.  I reached out and caressed them, kneading and caressing.  They were so perfect, large handfuls that weren't too big and fit my hand so nicely.  She shivered at my touch, but did nothing with my knife at her throat.  I played with her breasts for a while, just enjoying them and her reaction, but finally reached behind her and unhooked her bra.  I pulled it off of her, revealing her succulent breasts, ripe and ready for my touch.  "So damn nice," I said admiringly, my cock stiff in my pants.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you again," I said, looking her in the eyes.  She narrowed her gaze, anger, shame, and frustration showing.  "It's happening, so you may as well get used to the idea.  I'm going to fuck you for the next week, keep you nice and warm for your boyfriend while he's gone."

"I hate you," she said coldly, but unable to look me in the eyes.  I chuckled and pushed her backwards onto the bed.  I fucked her again, raping her harder this time, making her grunt and whimper as she had to lie there and take it.  My knife at her throat the entire time kept her compliant, after all.  It took so long this time, too, her pussy soaking wet from my semen and her own protective juices.  She let out a pitiful moan now and then, an involuntary showing of her body's reaction to my fucking her.  And then finally, mercifully, I came once more, filling her for the third time.

"Holy shit," was all I could say as I laid on her, catching my breath, enjoying the feeling of her trapped beneath me.   I was satisfied for now, tired and content.  And besides, I had five more days of fun to have with her.  When I recovered, I pulled out and rolled off of her, reaching down into my satchel.  I bound her hands behind her back with my 550 cord, that lovely, rough, strong cord that I used when I needed to keep a girl in place.  She struggled, of course, since I didn't have my knife then, but it was no use.  She was exhausted from fighting me and enduring the punishment I had given her.  Her ankles and thighs were next, and then a thick, long white tubesock gagged her.  With her fully secure, I cuddled up behind her on her bed, spooning her like a lover would.  I drifted off to sleep to the lovely sounds of her soft crying.

I awoke later, refreshed from a damn good nap, my pretty little fucktoy still there beside me.  She didn't really have a choice, after all; I had my strong arm wrapped around her vulnerable, naked form the whole time, and with her bound and gagged, she really couldn't have even gotten off the bed.  She jerked at my caress, obviously afraid that I was going to rape her again.  And she had every reason to think that, as I rolled her onto her belly, slapped her ass until I was fully hard, and then shoved into her.
I didn't even say anything this time, just fucked her, grunting and groaning in pleasure until I came.  When I was done, I pulled out of her, got up and stretched, leaving her whimpering and crying on the bed. I went and took a shower, and then helped myself to some food in her kitchen.   I went back to check on my plaything finally, smiling when I saw her curled as best she could.  I shut the front window, concealing all the fun to happen, and then watched some television, passing the time. I pulled her up and took her to the bathroom, letting her do her business, but not untying her.  Her face burned with shame as I helped her sit and stand, still bound so roughly.

"We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow," I said as I crawled into bed behind her.  A big day full of rape, anyway.  And so I slept, keeping her there next to me, and I was so content and satisfied.  In the morning, I awoke, pulling her to her feet by her hair, taking my knife, and pushing her into the shower.  I turned it on, letting the cold water blast her.  She shivered and screamed, twisting and trying to get away, but I held her there until it warmed.  "There we go," I said, stepping into the shower, my powerful naked frame next to her soft feminine curves.  I cut her bindings and pulled out her gag, letting her rub her sore, raw wrists.  She had obviously been testing them during the night; else her wrists wouldn't be that raw.

"So today," I said as I handed her the soap to wash me.  "You get to suck my cock."  She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, so cold now.  "You suck my cock, and you don't get raped.  But if I get bored, then you get raped anyway, so make sure you do it right."  And she did suck it well, bobbing up and down, stroking me with her hand, running her tongue along the underside.  Down on her knees while I sat in the living room chair, watching a movie.  She really didn't want me to rape her again, that was for sure, and I loved the enthusiasm she put into it.  I almost had to warn her not to spit, but she saw the look on my face, and she gulped it down, two hearty swallows to get it all.  I made her suck me off twice more later that day, but she just couldn't get me off a fourth time.  She cried as I raped her, finishing off inside of her.  Still so good for me, but now she had a worn out, sore jaw and had been raped anyway.

"Get up, baby," I said, waking her on the third morning, eager to have more fun with her.  I dressed her up in some sexy lingerie she had in her dresser, something she only wore for her boyfriend on special occasions.  A sexy pink and black lace pushup bra and matching thong.  I raped her twice while she wore that, once so sweet and gently, and once brutally rough.  Both times she cried, the first from the forced intimacy, and the second from the pain and humiliation of being fucked like a whore.  By the end of the week, I had raped her nearly twenty times, never pulling out, never growing tired of her.

Then on our last day, I wanted to make it something special, something she'd really remember.  It wasn't going to be just another rape in the never-ending nightmare that had been that week.  I made her dress in lace boyshorts and a pushup bra, sexy but still conservative.  She knew what it meant, that her rape was imminent.   But this wasn't going to be just any rape; no, this time I was going to finish her humiliation.

I kissed her, her body responding to my now-familiar touch.  She resisted me, of course, but couldn't fight me.  I had shown her just how rough I would get with her the more she resisted.  If she did more than just struggle, I got more violent, and she had learned quickly the limit of what I would tolerate. So I kissed her, sucking on her lower lip, on her neck, caressing her, kneading her soft flesh.  Her pussy was wet when I pushed my fingers into her, not because she wanted it or enjoyed it, but because her body knew what was happening.  She closed her eyes as I pulled her down onto my lap, rubbing her pussy and clit.  She moaned, a soft pitiful display of unwanted pleasure.  She pressed her hands against my thighs, trying to push herself off, but I held her with one strong arm as I worked her sex.

My fingers were coated with her juices by the time I stood up, pushing her down onto her hands and knees.  I shoved my cock into her wet pussy, fucking her hard as I reached under her to rub her clit.  She tried to pull my hand away, but I batted away her attempts and kept at it.  I gripped her hair and pulled back, mixing the pain and pleasure, the hard and the soft, and brutal and the intimate.  She couldn't take it; she had been raped so many times, used so much and always left without her own satisfaction that her body was craving.  She tensed, resisting so hard.

"Please," she whimpered, begging me for the first time in days.  "Please, no."  But I didn't stop.  I fucked her just like that, her body shaking, her breasts bouncing, grunting, groaning, resisting, begging, pleading.  And then she came, a long, whimpering moan that was the most exquisite mixture of pleasure, release, and shame.  Her pussy clenched me, her body shook and twitched.  But I didn't finish then, no, I wasn't done.  Before she had recovered from her orgasm, I pulled out and pushed into her ass.  "NOO!" she screamed, trying to pull away instantly, the pleasure from her orgasm gone just like that.

"Fuck, your ass is so tight," I grunted, breaching her clenched ring of muscle.  It was hot and tight, resisting me, but couldn't keep me out.  I forced my way inside, relishing her screams of pain and fear.  I fucked her ass hard as she clawed at me, at the floor, trying to buck me off, to crawl away.  But it was useless.  I thrust hard, pumping away with a singular purpose.  "I've been saving this until the end," I grunted, savoring the burning friction that was building as her lubrication dried.  And then I came, spurting a final hot load into her, this time deep into her bowels.  And it was such a damn fine way to end things with her.  She was sobbing, crying loudly as she curled into a ball, looking so defeated and vulnerable.  I left her there and gathered my things, snatching up her license, her cell phone, and several other little things to use as collateral.

"Now I have to say goodbye," I told her, my voice filled with semi-feigned regret.  I had really enjoyed her, spent more time with her than most of my hunts, that was for sure.  "I'm sure you know what'll happen if you consider turning me in or even reporting this.  Tell a soul, and I ruin you and your boyfriend.  And everyone you hold dear." I shook her phone at her, smiling wickedly.  And with that, not even bothering to elaborate or needing to clean up further, I left her there, broken and used, her panties from when I first raped her in my pocket as my trophy.  My little Sami, so thoroughly raped.
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Re: A Caturday Hunt
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2015, 02:27:31 AM »

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Re: A Caturday Hunt
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2015, 03:45:25 PM »
Wow! I honestly loved reading this.
It was so well written and hit so many of my buttons; the sundress, being bent over the table, the gentle caress of the knife. You have an amazing way with words!
Jeez, this really turned me on..

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Re: A Caturday Hunt
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2017, 01:26:48 PM »
I was mesmerized by the story, it was perfectly done.


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