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Author Topic: Case 001 Smalltown PD.  (Read 1264 times)

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Case 001 Smalltown PD.
« on: June 16, 2016, 01:43:14 PM »
(Please note:Fictional story, grammar sucks, but story is original more to come in this series I hope, this is my fist story here so enjoy).

Case File 001.
The roads were curvy and sitting inside my unmarked cruiser I could sit and target those drives that crossed the yellow line when coming around the bend. This was an easy ticket and a great way to catch a few hotties that may come by.  Today was not different than any other, low traffic and the sun beating down on my car even with the air running it felt blistering.
 Then with my luck a little convertible came around the corner, it was exceeding the speed limit by 20 miles per hour and almost took the side of my car off.  I hit the subdued lights and engaged pursuit; the car rounded the corner and pulled over in a patch of gravel on the side of the road.

 I grabbed my hat and called in the plate. WJJ-349, Chevy Convertible at Anderson and Coevally Rd. Dispatch squawked back Roger unit 33 running through LEIN now. I made my way from the cruiser and walked to the convertible and to my shock this little redhead was sitting behind the wheel; she turned and asked "did I go to fast around that corner officer?" Yes ma am and I need your license and registration please. As she went inside the glove box and started looking for the papers she said "I'm really sorry officer, my husband left me 6 months ago and I had to work a double shift and I am just trying to get home to go to bed."

 I took her information and walked back to my cruiser and sat down inside the air, I proceeded to call back to dispatch and get an update on the LIEN for any hits. Negative unit 33! No warrants or wants.

 I sat watching her for about ten minutes, knowing she was getting all hot, hotter then she already was actually.. What am I doing, I am on tape. (I hated the fact that those damn recorders start as soon as you hit the lights). I exited my cruiser and walked back to her door, she was covered in sweat and still apologizing.  Miss Sanders, I would like you to slow down especially on these back roads. We have lost a lot of lives in this area and I would hate to see you ending up a statistic. I handed her back her registration and title along with a warning citation for failure to maintain safe speeds for road conditions, she looked shock "Thank you so very much officer. After tomorrows shift I have 3 days off and I can finally relax, thank you again I will slow down I promise.." I know you will ma'am, you take care.
I got back in my car, called dispatch and gave a all clear code one, and returned to my previous spot. All the time looking back at my MDT terminal I grabbed my little black pocket book and wrote down the following:

Rating 8
Miss. Suzy Sanders.  Redhead.  34A-34B green. 130 5'6. 177 Epsilon Drive.
Note:  husband left 6 months ago, off 3 days after tomorrow nailed on Anderson and Coevally Rd.
Closed book, and waited for my next hit.

 It took about 35 minutes when I seen the commercial truck comes around the corner, damn little Jimmy Roland, you sir are on parole, and have a suspended license… Easy hit for me but I think I have a better idea, I quickly sped up to his van, he could see me when I started to pass him, just before I overtook him I motioned for him to pull over, and of course the little shit did. I walked up to the car door and looked at him as he said Ah Shit Wayne not you.. Yes Jimmy it is me, you know you are not to be driving without a license and I can violate your ass right back to the pin for this!

Come on man I got a wife and three kids, this is all I can do when you got a rap sheet as long as mine. I cut him off right there, Jimmy is that a roach in the ash tray? I asked… Ah shit, Jimmy we have a problem..

 Look, I will do anything man anything, just cut me loose, I will walk if that is what you want just don't send me back man I can't go back….  Jimmy was stuttering and obviously about to piss himself, when I said "Relax Jimmy we can work out a deal this time." Anything, anything at all you name it anything, he repeated and I let him I loved to see idiots beg…

 I want you to fix my AC for me it has to be done between 8am and 3 pm tomorrow only! "I can do that, what is wrong with it Wayne? "Jimmy asked. Nothing I replied but I have a tenant that refuses to move, and they are behind in rent by about 4 grand. So I cannot legally throw them out but I can refuse to fix stuff till they move, and with tomorrow being around 102 degrees this should be incentive for them to leave.
Ya, man I get you, I am struggling to ya know with my own shit. But I can fix it to where it no longer runs that all you want me to do? He asked with a smile on his face, I reached in my wallet and pulled out two one hundred dollar bills and handed them to him, what is this for he asked, I said I would do it for ya..

Yes Jimmy but I want to make sure you get your kids some food in your house… Thanks he said you are the best; I reminded him of the address and the times and let him go on his way…

I returned from my shift, handed in my reports and walked into the Captains office. Hey cap I think I was out in the heat to long, the ac in my car is out and I am feeling a lot worse than normal for this time of year. He looked at me and said I can see you look a little worn out, go home get some rest and if you still feel like crap in the morning let us know and you can take the day off. Ya sure I said, just let me put in a repair order for the cruiser and I will go home. Nonsense he said, I got it you just head home and get out of this heat. (He did not need to know that I cracked the ac line intentionally).

 It was around 8 pm when I drove over to jimmies neighborhood. Sure the shit he was out in his lawn chair and passed out drunk again. I walked to his van, door unlocked nice.. I look under the seat the visor and of course jimmy you can't be that stupid can you? Yes you can keys in the ignition.

I turn the van over and head towards Epsilon Drive, about twenty minutes later I was in the area, driving slow only two houses in the past mile and yes 177 is lit up with only a single light and a few fans in the windows, I turn off my headlights and watch, after about a half hour lights go out.

I open the door to the van when I notice the work shirt; I throw it on and grab a bandana from the tool box around my lower face. I sneak up to the house hoping for no animals and no one else to be home.  To my luck no other cars, and no animals, I used my connections with the alarm company to get a list of alarms for the area (Perks of a small town) and I already knew she had nothing.

I sneaked around to some windows to peek in; one story so it was not hard and finally I saw her there, lying on her bed. She had no covers on, just a small white tank top and some short shorts. I could feel the heat coming from her windows; it must have been at least 115 in the house. Poor Jimmy did a good job for once.

 I went back to the side of the house to a window that was opened and no fan, I slowly slid the screen to the side and entered the house, I walked towards the area that I figured was the bedroom and sure enough their she was, sleeping soundly on top of her sheet like a angel wanting to be carried away. I slowly walked to her admiring her nice body, the way her tits lay on her chest, the rosy colors of her thighs and that hair, I was already getting hard but I needed to make sure I composed myself a little longer.

 I looked around notices an old pottery dish by her jewelry box on the dresser; I lit the roach and snuffed it out in the dish.  I reached slowly for the hand that was above her head, she did not seem to move as I slipped the zip tie loosely around it, the hard part I tried to move her other hand above but she got startled. Her eyes opened wide as If she was in the middle of a bad dream, little to her knowledge she was.
Before she could scream I yanked her arm up to the other one and drew the zip tie shut fast, she started to scream and I delivered a hard blow to her stomach knocking the wind out of her, she gasped for air and I took that moment to crab her pants laying by the bed and used them to secure the zip tied hands to the headboard, she catches her breath only to find me hitting her in the face.. Everything for her went dark…
I moved my hands down to her shorts, tracing the curves of her thighs, her crotch oh man she looked good. I took her legs and zip tied them spread eagle to the foot board, looked around and found two pillows that was in the closet must have been the husbands, but they will do and I used them to prop under her back. She started to stir and I knew I was going to have some fun with this little firecracker.
She started to come to and within seconds was screaming and trying to get out of her restraints. You can fight all you want but you will not be able to get free my prize… Let. Let. Let me go take whatever you want just please let me go. She pleaded.

I took the box cutter from my shirt pocket, (even though I had gloves on I want to be safe) I opened it and moved it to her shirt. As the steel touched her flesh she jerked, I wonder what when into her mind as she felt me cutting through the material and exposing her breast, perfect like small melons just waiting to be sucked on, nipples that needed to be twisted and bit. OMG she cries please don't hurt me; please let me go before my husband gets home!!! She cried. Nice thought to throw that in their miss Suzy I already know your all by yourself.. I took the blade to her shorts, I slowly started to cut and she laid there still as if afraid I was going to cut her or something, I moved the blade further down and the shorts came off.. Why Suzy you're not wearing any panties…I smirk behind my mask, I took in the sight of her inner thighs, the way her legs molded that body perfectly, then to her hair… O wait her shaven pussy, it looked soft almost as soft as the rest of her body. She started to scream, loudly and even louder as she fought against her restraints as if the moment had sunk in that she was in danger for real and that she was not in a position to get away easily..

I bent down towards he face and said softly in her ear, I do not want to hurt you, so if you just shut up and let me play with your breast I will leave you alone, understand…. She was soaking the pillow in tears as she nodded yes, just don't hurt me she said…. I told her to close her eyes, and she did. I removed my bandana and wrapped it tightly around her head so that she could not see my face. I moved down to her breast and started to feel them up, nice soft and playable almost like putty  like I used when I was a kid, I started to suck on them when she jerked and cried more, but that was ok I enjoyed the sounds of her tear soaked cries. I started twisting and pulling on her nipples, nibbling and then bit one must have been hard enough that she screamed and tried to get away from me again.

Bad move Suzy as I smacked her hard across the face, I told you to let me suck these tits, she muffled back the crying and I reached my hand to her pussy and started to play with it. Noo she said, you said just tits, please leave me alone… she started begging harder now..  I replied to her softly again. I said you would not get hurt if you let me suck your tits, then you started to resist me so now I am going to suck your pussy and you're not going to resist me any further are you…  Please, no please I beg you stop and let me go please… I took the box cutter to the side of her cheek and slowly pulled down just enough to get her attention but not draw blood. Oh ok as long as you don't, please don't hurt me I don't want you to hurt me… Then do as I say I told her…

I bent down between her legs and started to suck on her cunt, she tasted sweet, I could tell she was not used in a while but I was giving her my best to make sure she knew what she was missing. She cried and her will power was strong for sure, she showed no signs of enjoying herself and I was already rock hard, as I continued to work over her pussy with my tongue I inserted a finger and she jerked and her body was like frozen for a second and I waited for it but nothing, she was silent and just sobbing now. I moved between her legs and positioned my cock for entry she did nothing as I entered her, slowly I moved in and out, watching her chest move up and down, her tits bouncing as I picked up speed.. Still nothing from her she just laid there probably hoping I finish and then her ordeal would end.

 But now I am just getting pissed, her tight little cunt felt great grabbing my shaft like a newly purchased baseball glove fits your hand, but damn she gave up to easy…. I leaned back and cut the zip ties to her legs, and forced them up to my chest so I could pound her deeply, all she did was whimper with a horse sounding voice and grunt from the air in her chest not being able to catch enough breath. Damn her I pounded harder almost to the point that I was starting to hurt and still no reaction….

On my last thrust out I aimed for her asshole, and without warning, and a lot of resistance I rammed it inside her and she let out the biggest scream and her body started flailing trying everything to get me out of her.. At last now I can enjoy myself more, she was crying and begging me to stop, please not there anyplace but there, I will do anything just stooppp…. OMG please it hurts…. I smiled and said I know it hurts you but it feels so much like heaven to me…. My thrust was building up faster, I know I was about to blow my load, it was to much anticipation I think, but I knew I was not going to just give into it just yet. I pulled out and moved to the top of the bed and lifted her mouth to my cock and told her if you want to live through tonight you will open your mouth and if I feel one tooth, I will end you right here, do you understand??
 Without even a word she opened her mouth, I used no ounce of restraint and started fucking her skull intently, her gagging and gasping only added to my enjoyment and helped the climax, strong was my last thrust and deep she gagged as I blew a load into her throat, I held it there for a few seconds, I noticed she was struggling to get air and I thought about just keeping it there a little more but withdrew, she started gasping and trying to throw up….

No.,.no my dear, I cut the zip tie off of her now sore wrist and grabbed her by the head and dragged her into her bathroom.  From behind I placed her on the ground her head facing the toilet, I reached my fingers into her mouth and forced her to gag, then her body did the rest…. She threw up, and we continued three more times until she was shaking from the stomach cramps, her stomach was empty, and I sat her on the toilet, told her to not move and looked around yes, this will work. Her shower had one of those hoses that you can lift for a shower head or for a tub faucet. I placed her into the shower and turned on the water,  and removed the nozzle from the tube, I told her stand very still and inserted it into her cunt, within a matter of a few minutes her body was forcing the water out at a rather amusing rate.  Please stop, please she cried as her red headed little face had a look of being broken on it. I pulled it out of her cunt and waited for more fluid to drain and yes it was time I told her to bend over she did and I inserted the tube into her ass. No resistance this time good.
 After a good flushing I took her back to her bed she just laid their sobbing, I grabbed her shower tube the jewelry box and walked out to the window I came in at and climbed out as I walked back to the van I could hear her sobs, I threw the shirt, the bandana and box cutter back on to the floor and drove off back to jimmies house. He was still passed out drunk the looser.

The next morning at the station the chief asked if I was feeling better; yes sir I told him he said well I need you and Tony to serve an arrest warrant on Jimmy Roland. I asked in excitement what did he do now?

The chief replied. He broke into a girl's house on Epsilon Drive, he raped her bad and we have a warrant.
I didn't do it Jimmy told the detectives, I was set up.. I swear I went there to fix the Ac ask Officer Wayne he can tell you…
The detective looked at jimmy and said look, Officer Wayne's camera, and M.D.T.  (Mobile Data Terminal) was not activated; we know you were there…

No No  No I was home! Jimmy Said..
No, the detective replied. We have your van there the day of the attack, and the night of the attack, we have the roach you smoked and put out in her house, it has your dna along with the DNA from your bandana and we also have a neighbor seeing you in your work shirt this being said Jimmy we also found the her jewelry box and the shower hose with her DNA all over it inside your work van… Your own wife says you went outside drinking and she went to bed… You have no alibi and you're already on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and public indecency…

No, this is fucked up I didn't…… I was set up…. Jimmy said one last time as they escorted him to the cell.

As for me I am curious as to who will be stopping in to see Jimmies wife in the weeks to come…

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Re: Case 001 Smalltown PD.
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2016, 06:19:07 PM »
Nice story :clap:


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