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Author Topic: RolePlay Forums Etiquette (The Rules)  (Read 738 times)

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RolePlay Forums Etiquette (The Rules)
« on: June 19, 2016, 04:06:05 PM »
RolePlay Forums Etiquette (The Rules)

Readers Do:
•   Fap
•   Rep
•   Rate roleplay threads (stars system)
•   Reply with a comment (no matter the age of the last post) only in completed roleplay threads
•   Guests, please join the site if a roleplay "speaks to you" so you may gain the above privileges
•   Writers need your responses to encourage them to continue
•   Report roleplays that may violate board rules (no under 18, no bestiality)

Readers Do NOT:
•   Post comments in ongoing roleplays, posts should only be made by the players until the roleplay is concluded
•   Hotlink roleplays from RC on other sites
•   Repost roleplays from RC on other sites
•   Writers want to control the distribution of their work and remain aware of where it appears

RolePlayers Do:
•   Use the tag system
•   Place your work in the most appropriate forum (One-on-One, Group, Completed)
•   Indicate in the sub-title or OP who the players are
•   Request that completed RPs get moved to the Completed RolePlays forum and open them up to comments
•   Fap and Rep great replies
•   Reply politely and (if possible) promptly to reader comments
•   Respondents need encouragement too

RolePlayers Do NOT:
•   Violate board rules by posting under 18 sex or bestiality
•   Hotlink your roleplays from RC on other sites (we could get accused of traffic leaching)
•   Hotlink your roleplays from other sites on RC (we we don't want to send our traffic to competitors)
•   Delete any of your post content and leave a blank or garbage post in its place (see below for having your roleplays removed)
•   Disrupt the roleplay threads of other players by promoting your roleplays in their roleplay threads

Bumping Your Own Completed RolePlay Threads:
This is poor forum etiquette and will not be allowed. Intentional bumps that are not replies to comments will be deleted. This can be applied by Moderators and Admins at any time and is retroactively allowed in case of bumps prior to the date of posting for this thread or even if comments have come after from readers to naturally bump your thread. Repeated violations of this may face additional penalties including removal of the roleplay thread – in which case you lose all Faps, Replies and Ratings. You may only post the roleplay again after 30 days' time from removal. The only time you should bump your own completed roleplay thread is in response to comments or to place an important notation.

Necro Threads:
Readers are welcomed and encouraged to bump old threads by commenting on the completed roleplay. Players may not resurrect their own completed threads. It is obviously a violation of the above… Normally necro threads are bad forum etiquette, but in the case of completed roleplays it may be considered desirable.

Hotlinking Your RolePlays Around RC:
You may hotlink to your roleplays in other threads around RC if doing so is "organic" and fits the discussion or game reply you are making. If it is deemed off topic or is in excessive amounts (as determined by a Moderator or Admin) the post(s) will be removed. You may hotlink from within one roleplay thread to another if there is a demonstrable connection such as a continuation or creative link between plot/character/theme/etc. Again, abusing this privilege may have additional penalties beyond removal of posts and/or links.

Who Owns the RolePlays:
This is usually very poorly defined on forums. Let's address this important topic. Authors jointly own their roleplays. The very act of setting it in form creates rights for those authors. By posting it on RapeCage the authors jointly grant the website the right to display, ipso facto. This is why we ask that you not ever post the work of another here (No Reprints). If you are not one of the authors you cannot convey the right to display and you are violating the actual copyright holders. By not removing the roleplay, RapeCage acknowledges and exercises its right to display. RapeCage at no time assumes any ownership of roleplays posted here. RapeCage at no time asserts any right to roleplays apart from a non-exclusive right to display. The authors may display the story elsewhere as they choose. RapeCage accepts the right to display from the authors without offering any compensation in return.

Either party, the authors or RapeCage, may terminate the right to display at any time. RapeCage reserves the discretionary right to NOT display works when they deem it inadvisable to do so and may remove any works as they see fit without notice, compensation or recourse of the copyright owners. Copyright owners may revoke the right to display at their discretion. RapeCage requires mandatory notice in writing from all authors involved in a work and a 30 day period in which to comply. Requests for roleplay removal from authors should be sent in writing either by the board's Private Message (PM) system to an Admin of active status or by using the email link appearing at the bottom of every page of this site (

Disputes about right to display between authors must be settled between those authors. considers that only one author need transfer a right to display to RapeCage for RapeCage to exercise the right to display. It takes a revocation request, in writing, from all authors jointly for RapeCage to acknowledge it no longer has been granted the right to display.

RapeCage honors removal request of demonstrably proven infringements via DMCA removal request. A good sample form letter and basic discussion appears here. The request should be emailed to and must include:
  • a complete and executable link to the location of the infringing material on
  • a complete and executable link to a location showing the copyright holder's proof of ownership appearing on another website which predates the first appearance of the material on
  • a clearly worded request that the material be removed
  • complete and accurate contact information for the copyright holder or their assigned agent requires a 30 day time period from notification to investigate the claim of infringement and enact removal if the claim is proven to the satisfaction of the assigned Administrator.

A summary reporting of DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998) rights and responsibilities is here.

Note that the right of display is the only right RapeCage assumes. All other rights, responsibilities and liabilities reside with the copyright holder.

Special Note:
Revocation of right of display is only in case of original creative works. RapeCage may choose to not remove discussion and game posts upon request. Such requests might be considered only under very exacting and extreme circumstances. Posts are the lifeblood of a forum and its means of relevance. Most forums claim ownership of all posts made on the site and RapeCage includes itself among that class. Exception is made only for original creative works as defined and regulated by the DMCA. Please see this thread for more information.
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