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Author Topic: Kali's end in Kitty's dungeon (consensual)  (Read 503 times)

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Kali's end in Kitty's dungeon (consensual)
« on: July 05, 2016, 08:21:15 PM »
This is a roleplay performed in Private that [member=1250]KalistaSadi[/member] kindly agreed I could save the transcript from. She has asked me if I could polish it a little and present for the general membership. It's the first complete RP we did in private.

There may well be more such posts in future, as she kindly let me keep all our transcripts and we would both like to share them :)

A large downstairs room in an isolated country house, equipped as a torturer's dungeon with a metal chair screwed to the floor, and a hard table turned into a rack, amongst other things. a long way from any kind of rescue.

- kittyumbrass: leads you into the room, having invited you "home" from a kinky event

- KalistaSadi: I follow you meekly, eyes down and hands behind my back. I am an experienced player and well trained.

- kittyumbrass: closes and locks the door behind you - your consent is not entirely relevant any more, but I am fascinated by your willingness Strip for me, sweetcunt! my words harsh, but delivered in a sweet, almost singsong way, and quietly

- KalistaSadi: My eyes downcast I slowly peel off my sweater top. I let my hips move to an inner beat as I undo the buttons of my skirt and let it fall to the floor, catching on my hips and thighs. I stand before you in my bra, stockings and garter belt, g-string thong, and high heels. My hands are steady as I remove my bra and glance up for your approval

- kittyumbrass: smiles to you encouragingly, and I look pointedly at your remaining items - stockings, thong and such

- KalistaSadi: Still dancing I turn as I work the thong down over my belt and stockings. With a flirtatious smile I toss them at your feet. A few more steps and I am down the belt as well. I turn around and bend at the waist as I roll each stocking to my ankle, my long braid almost brushing the floor. I make quick work of the heels and the last of the stockings and stand before you nude.

- kittyumbrass: coldly pick everything up. stern look

- KalistaSadi: Yes Ma'am I pick everything up and fold it neatly into a pile

- kittyumbrass: put it in the hamper points and then take a seat points to the cold, metal, chair

- KalistaSadi: I pick up the pile and put it in the hamper. I then go to the seat and sit, legs together and hands in my lap - not hiding my breasts

- kittyumbrass: padlocks the hamper closed before turning to face you

- KalistaSadi: My eyes widen a bit at my clothes being locked away, but I keep my head down and just wait patiently

- kittyumbrass: crosses over to you with long, fierce strides now you're mine. pulls your wrist out of your lap and locks it to the arm of the chair

- KalistaSadi: I wince a little at the rough treatment but just nod Yes Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: locks your other wrist to the other chair arm

- KalistaSadi: Thank you Ma'am I whisper

- kittyumbrass: for what, dumbfuck? my voice colder and harsher

- KalistaSadi: For restraining me Ma'am, for choosing me. I lick my lips, nervous now

- kittyumbrass: yeah, I fucking chose you. and now you're mine and I can do whatever I fucking want to, whether you like it or not!

- kittyumbrass: smacks your breasts savagely

- KalistaSadi: I whimper Please Ma'am, use me however you like. My only wish is to please you

- kittyumbrass: smiles evilly you might not survive that, dear girl!

- KalistaSadi: I shiver a little As Ma'am wishes

- kittyumbrass: shows you a big hunting knife sure?

- KalistaSadi: I meet your eyes Yes Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: licks your face, running the back of the blade across your throat from the other side

- KalistaSadi: I tremble and close my eyes in pleasure. I lean into the knife just a little bit

- kittyumbrass: you really mean it, don't you? you'd have come here even knowing where I was truly bringing you! cuts your cheek with the knife before licking up the first oozing droplets of blood

- KalistaSadi: I shudder in pleasure, my breath coming in pants Yes Ma'am. Please, do whatever you want to my helpless body

- kittyumbrass: I will!

- kittyumbrass: takes a pair of shears and methodically hacks away your hair

- KalistaSadi: I gulp but sit still

- kittyumbrass: connects a hose to a water tap in the corner; there's a slight depression and a drain beneath your chair. I turn the hose on your head to wet what remains of your hair

- KalistaSadi: The cold water makes me shiver uncontrollably and my teeth start to chatter

- kittyumbrass: adds shampoo for your head, working it into a lather, then using soap and a rough , scratchy cloth flannel I wash down the rest of your body as well

- KalistaSadi: I gasp and look away, but I can't hide my erect nipples or the fact that I am getting wet from your attention

- kittyumbrass: fetches a wicked razor and proceeds to methodically shave your scalp, not worrying over much about a few nicks of your skin here or there. when I'm done I use the hose again to wash the soap and shampoo and hair away down the drain

- KalistaSadi: Tears are in my eyes, well camouflaged by the water

- kittyumbrass: crowing I bet you were proud of that hair, weren't you, trollop? but you don't deserve it. you're MINE now!

- KalistaSadi: Nodding sadly Yes Ma'am. Thank you for curing me of my vanity Ma'am.

- kittyumbrass: I wonder what other body parts you're proud of... squeezes your breasts suddenly with both hands these, perhaps?!

- KalistaSadi: I shake my head No Ma'am, but use me as you will

- kittyumbrass: of course you are! what slut like you could fail to be proud of such fuckmagnets? smacks your breasts sharply but it would be a waste to destroy them utterly...

- KalistaSadi: I tip my head a little, missing the feel of my heavy hair

- kittyumbrass: fetches a rough, coarse towel and vigorously rubs you dry, paying special attention to torturing your sensitive erect nipples and cunt with the scratchy material

- KalistaSadi: I pant at the sensation, my hips and back arching into your touch

- kittyumbrass: shows you a poker and a chef's blowtorch, and lets you watch as I heat the end of the poker with the flame

- KalistaSadi: My eyes widen in fear

- kittyumbrass: grins at your reaction so there is something you'd resist?

- KalistaSadi: I gulp and say slowly, my voice trembling As you will Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: walks closer, the tip of the poker glowing dully in the dim light of the dungeon as I wish. but wouldn't you like to have a say?

- KalistaSadi: i shake my head just a little You have the control Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: moves the glowing tip of the poker to a few inches in front of your face, making it hard for your eyes to focus on it sure you wouldn't offer a few suggestions, dear slut?

- KalistaSadi: I gulp Please don't burn me Ma'am, I hate the pain of burns...

- kittyumbrass: that's not the choice I'm offering, idiotcunt. if you can explain why, though, I'll let you choose where. if I like the reason.

- KalistaSadi: I whimper Burns are a gnawing, growing pain that hurt without endorphins. I have enough of that pain.

- kittyumbrass: smiles so now tell me where you'll take that pain, to please me...

- KalistaSadi: M-my th-thigh please Ma'am I stammer

- kittyumbrass: and why there?

- kittyumbrass: moves the poker vaguely towards the suggested area

- KalistaSadi: I blush all over my freshly shaven skull Because it won't interfere if you spank or whip my ass or tits, and it is an area with lower nerve concentration

- kittyumbrass: dumb toy! should have stopped when you were ahead, but you just admitted to trying to cheat me out of your suffering! presses the tip of the poker for long seconds against your inside thigh, as near the top as possible while definitely your thigh

- KalistaSadi: I throw my head back and give a deep scream - the pain and smell making my vision grey out and I break out into a sweat. The pain just grows and grows, feeling like it is crawling up my entire side and into my cunt

- kittyumbrass: laughs, a slightly manic sound
- kittyumbrass: moves the poker to the back of your hand and holds it there still longer

- KalistaSadi: I scream as fast as I can inhale, the pain searing and crippling. After at least 10 seconds I pass out, unable to take it anymore

- kittyumbrass: dumps the poker in a bucket of sand, and fetches smelling salts to force you back to consciousness

- KalistaSadi: I am groggy and I wince at the sharp smell of ammonia. The pain in my hand and thigh make me whimper - a pathetic wounded animal sound

- kittyumbrass: grips your chin from behind you and pulls your head back so I can glare down into your eyes as you suffer still think you want to be here, my darling? softly and sweetly again

- KalistaSadi: I whisper softly If you are going to kill me, then yes Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: breathes wow! bends to kiss you, then turning the kiss into a savage bite of your lip. whispers: I think you deserve to die

- KalistaSadi: I match you in the kiss and whimper softly at the bite. My whole body relaxes at your words, my eyes even going soft Thank you Ma'am

- kittyumbrass: reaches down and pinches your nipples as I rive with my head to tear your lip and draw blood

- KalistaSadi: My torso arches into your pinching and my tongue darts out to lick at my bloody lip

- kittyumbrass: fetches something new - nipple clamps with wicked spikes where the pads should be. I slip the clamps over your nipples and tighten them mercilessly, until yet more blood oozes out from your punished tits

- KalistaSadi: I scream and thrash my head from side to side, anything to try to ease the sharp ache

- kittyumbrass: attaches bells to the clamps, then smacks your breasts hard to make you jingle

- KalistaSadi: The sharp smack just makes the piercing pain burn brighter, drawing a lttle of my focus away from my hand and thigh

- kittyumbrass: pushes a cold titanium vaginal pear inside your cunt and starts opening it to stretch you I think it's time to find out what a slut like you can truly stand!

- KalistaSadi: My pussy has dried from the severe pain and you have to force it inside me. I arch my hips and tighten my muscles around the neck of the toy to keep it inside me.

- kittyumbrass: goooood fuckdoll! continues stretching your cunt further and further

- KalistaSadi: I start to wiggle a little, the toy going from uncomfortable, to painful, to excruciating

- kittyumbrass: when you can't take it any more... you can beg to die...

- KalistaSadi: I throw back my head and scream, it feels like you are tearing my pussy apart

- kittyumbrass: leaves the pear at its maximum girth, wider than even a large baby's head, inside you, and moves to the hamper where I unlock the padlock

- KalistaSadi: I pant around the burning pain. My body on fire. My head droops and I can only focus on my torment

- kittyumbrass: picks out one of your stockings and wraps it around my hands. I move back to you playtime is over! I wrap the stocking twice around your neck and pull it tight

- KalistaSadi: I throw my head back, exposing my throat to you. My eyes go limpid as I whisper Thank you Ma'am. I hope you enjoyed my pain

- kittyumbrass: the opportunity to end one such as you is always to be cherished! pulls tighter, cutting off your airway and circulation completely, leaving you no voice

- KalistaSadi: my wrists clatter against the bonds as my body tries to fight my end even though my mind not only accepts it, it begs for it

- kittyumbrass: relishes the writhing, frantic motions of your body, holding on for dear life, letting you see the mixture of snarl and sadistic glee in my normally kind and friendly face

- kittyumbrass: die for me, cunt! die for me!

- KalistaSadi: my struggles ease as my vision goes dark, my face turning purple.

- kittyumbrass: thank you whispered in your ear just before the light fades from your eyes

* The murderer dumps her lifeless lover into the hamper with her clothes. They can be buried in the morning…


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