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Author Topic: Bad Medicine - Prolog (Working title only)  (Read 1598 times)

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Bad Medicine - Prolog (Working title only)
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:38:33 AM »
Bad Medicine      Prologue
Stop the Noise

The migraine was back. She was getting it every day now, ever since Dr. Culsu had prescribed the new medication for Buddy's depression. It had helped. Overall, she felt much more positive than she ever had before, except when the migraines kicked in. They could be unbearable. It hadn't helped the thoughts either, they had gotten worse. They weren't voices; she wasn't crazy. So she told herself anyway. They were just intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that she could hear in the confines of her own head. Most of them weren't abusive as such, but they did want her to do things she didn't like. It might be buying a pink teddy bear, or screaming at her neighbour, or picking up a stranger in a bar, but she was finding it hard to fight them. Only her music could drown them out. She turned up the volume on her PC and the speaker system around the room made her walls throb with the music.

You can't fight if you can't stand
You can't even see the underhand
Nothing to do
Nothing to see
No point in fighting what you're gonna be!

The rock song flooded her mind, filled her body with its bass beat. She knew she shouldn't have her music so loud, even at this time of day. Her neighbours hated it, but the thought called Li'l Harmony was being really loud right now, screaming that she wanted the giant pony toy she'd seen on the internet. Buddy was already overdrawn from expenses she'd given into, most of which she didn't remember buying.

"Turn that noise off!"

There was a banging on her wall as old Mr. Aster yelled his objection to the deafening racket pumping through her flat. She hated him. No! She stopped herself. That wasn't her. That was the thought known as Viper. Sure, the old man bugged her. He was always going on about kids today, government handouts and laziness, but he couldn't understand her pain and she couldn't blame him for that. He was just the product of his generation. Hell, she didn't even get mad at him when she heard him make some dumb comment about sending all blacks back to Africa, ignorant of the fact that she, a black woman and fourth generation Brit, was standing right behind him. England still had a long way to go in race relations and she understood that. Viper, though, wasn't understanding and right now Viper was yelling her venom too loudly to ignore.

"Turn that noise off!" yelled Mr. Aster. "Or I'll call the police!"

"Why don't you die, old man!" snapped Viper.

Buddy felt herself being pulled down into a morass of mental fog. Her body seemed to slide away from her as her mind disconnected from the world. She was vaguely aware of Viper leaning against the dividing wall between their flats and screaming, but she could it was like a black and white picture on a distant TV with lousy reception. Even her music was muted now. Instead, a flood of chemical formulae she'd never see before flushed through her like waste in a sewer. One formula more than any other occupied her attention; C17H19NO3. She had no idea what it meant but as the formula solidified further in front of her she began to feel strange. Her stomach cramped. She felt dizzy, confused, tired. Her legs seemed to give way under her and the her breathing slowed and stopped.

"Die, old man!" cried Viper. "Choke on it and die!"

From the other side of the wall, Buddy was vaguely aware of crashing sounds, like someone was staggering into things and knocking them over. One more, louder than any other, penetrated the haze in her head and then there was nothing. Buddy vanished.


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