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Author Topic: Carrie's Boyfriend  (Read 1166 times)

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Carrie's Boyfriend
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:10:07 AM »
Carrie's new boyfriend had changed her life since he moved in. True, not all of the changes had been to Carrie's liking, she reflected, as she knelt naked on the front door matt and licked his boots clean before he left for work, but Steve had told her she would get used to the changes and grow to accept them as she learned her place.
"And don't forget, slut, my friends are coming round tonight, so have the place looking tidy and dress pretty." Steve usually called Carrie "slut," which she hadn't cared for at first, but she hardly noticed, now. Anyway, she preferred it to some of the other names he called her. The name-calling had begun after their whirlwind romance and after Steve moved into her flat. As he told her, a dirty whore like her had to get used to being called what she was, and it was no good complaining. That would just earn her a thrashing.
The regular thrashings had begun then too. Protesting did no good, indeed it just made sure Carrie's delicious bottom ended up redder than ever. Or it might cause the thrashing to escalate onto her bare breasts, her pale inner thighs, or even, on one occasion, her pussy. Carrie had to simply accept that Steve had the right to punish her as he saw fit, sometimes for reasons she couldn't understand with her feeble female brain. Sometimes, he would say, he was punishing her just for his own pleasure. There was nothing unfair about this. He had the right, and what Carrie liked or wanted didn't count.
Carrie finished tongueing Steve's boots until they shone, and he patted her on the head. Then he had her stand up so he could tweak her nipples. They were still sore from the biting her had given them during last night's loveplay. Steve's loveplay was increasingly aggressive, and generally left Carrie with some sore spots, bitemarks or bruises, but she dare not complain about this or again she would get a thrashing. She accepted this was the correct order of things. But now her eyes were watering as Steve twisted her tender titties.
"Bitemarks have almost faded. They'll look pristine when my friends come round."
"But Steve," giggled Carrie, "Your friends won't be seeing my bare breasts."
"I think they might," smiled Steve, and left, leaving Carrie to ponder that.
Carrie spent the day making sure the flat was spotless, though she had to spend two breaks of one hour each masturbating. Steve had a video camera set up in the bedroom so he could check the tapes after he returned. Carrie's duty was to play with her pussy until she was on the edge of orgasm, but not to allow herself to cum. When Steve returned, he might or might not fuck her, but he wanted her to be ready for it, which was only fair. It meant Carrie was in a flustered, frustrated state for most of the day, as the "edging" was a particularly cruel punishment for a girl with as strong a lust for life as Carrie. But she knew the rules, and knew from bitter experience that to allow herself to climax in Steve's absence would result in a truly severe whipping which might be repeated every day for a week. Just one little orgasm wasn't worth that, she told herself, even as her pussy yearned for release.
Somehow Carrie couldn't lie to Steve, so if he asked her about furtive trips to the bathroom to frig herself off, she would tearfully confess and then have to take her punishment. Any attempt at a lie would not only be a failure, as Steve's eyes burned into her, but it would lead to an even more severe beating, accompanied by special humiliations Carrie didn't like to think about. So she was a good girl today.
Steve was satisfied with the condition of the flat when he returned, but not with Carrie's appearance. Her glistening blonde locks were fine, and her red lipstick and general makeup, but the cute dress she had on would have to go. Steve had her strip down to just stockings and suspenders while he picked a specific look for Carrie to entertain his friends in.
Stripper shoes. Suspenders and stockings. A tiny apron for cooking and serving in. Nothing else.
"But... you can see my bare bottom when I turn around. And the side of my breasts... they's almost spilling out!"
"That's tight, slut, and if I lift the apron at the front I can see your pussy, too. It's ideal. After all, I want my friends to see how beautiful my girl is."
Carrie blushed. Steve could be quite sweet.
"Alright, but don't leave me alone with them. They might get the wrong idea."
"Don't worry, whore, I'll be keeping an eye on you. That cunt belongs to me, so I won't be letting anyone else near it."
The doorbell rang, and Steve sent Carrie to answer it. Nervously, she opened the door and  found a burly stranger staring at her with undisguised lust.
"Hi, I'm Jeff. You must be Steve's new piece of ass."
"Uh, yes. I'm Carrie. Please come in. Let me take youe coat."
"I like YOUR outfit, anyway. Shows off your bum to perfection. Steve always had great taste in pussy."
"Umm, thank you."
Carrie led Jeff through to the lounge, where Steve was relaxing.
"Hey, Steve. I was just saying what a terrific piece of ass your girlfriend is."
"Yeah, she's a pretty good fuck. Needs slapping around once in a while, but otherwise I can't complain about the cunt."
The two guys high-fived and then the doorbell went again. Steve gave Carrie a playful but hard smack on the ass and sent her to answer it.
Two more guys were outside, a fat one and a nerdy one, whose eyes nearly popped out when he saw Carrie's outfit.
"Whoah. Steve said you were a hot little bitch, and no exaggeration," guffawed the fat guy. "I'm Dick. This is Chris. Nice rack, slut."
"Th-thank you," blushed Carrie.
"Why don't you show us through to the lounge, then, you silly tart. Then we can admire your ass as you go."
Carrie duly led the two guys through, as they commented loudly on her shapely behind. Jeff and Steve joined in as she reached the living room.
"Yeah," said Steve, "It's a good ass for looking at, for fucking and for spanking. And since the slut is so stupid and passive, I can do whichever of them I like, whenever I want. OK then, cunt, go get us some beers."
Carrie tottered off to the kitchen in her stripper heels, while Steve put on a pornographic video. When she returned, carrying four cold beers on a tray, the lads were watching a black girl getting gang-banged, very roughly. Her screams and sobs echoed around the room as Carrie stood by Steve's chair, waiting to be noticed.
Finally he said, "Good, hand me a beer, cunt," and took one open bottle. Then, to Carrie's alarm, he lifted her apron exposing her pussy, and shoved the icy neck of the bottle into her pussy.
Twisting the hard glass tube around in Carrie's cunt, Steve then yanked the bottle away and drank from it. "Mmm, tastes nice with a little pussy juice. Pass the drinks around, slut."
Carrie walked over to Dick and Chris, who each took a bottle. Dick immediately shoved his bottle into Carrie's pussy. He began fucking it in and out, and as he was doing so, Chris started trying to shove his bottle in too. The bottle's rim pressed against Carrie's clit, and clinked with Dick's bottle, and then eventually by synchronising their thrusts they were able to jam both bottlenecks into the poor girl. Then then fucked her with them for a minute before withdrawing and drinking from the pussy-flavoured bottles.
Carrie then hobbled over to Jeff, who was eagerly awaiting his turn. She thoughtfully positioned herself in reach, and awaited the inevitable. Jeff duly snatched a beer from the tray and placed its cold glass mouth on Carrie's pussy lips, rubbing back and forth. As Carrie waited for the inevitable penetration, Jeff continued to merely rub. Carrie felt all eyes on her. The poor black girl on the television was ignored entirely, though her sobs formed a stimulating background track as the bottle slipped from labia to clitoris and back. Carrie felt her blush deepening, her breath shortening...
Then, as Carrie felt she might be about to climax, Jeff rudely rammed the bottle up her, as hard as he could. The base of the neck, where the bottle flared out, slammed into Carrie's puffy labia. Then Jeff started fucking her hard with the bottleneck, while taking a second beer from her tray. The tray, piled with many bottles as per Steve's instructions, rattled in Carrie's shaky hands.
She had a moment to try to prepare herself as she felt the second bottle positioned at her tiny puckered asshole, but the foolish girl clenched her cheeks, which just made it more painful when Jeff rammed the bottle up her ass, pushing her on to tiptoe. Then he simply left the bottle there, its whole neck buried in her anus, as he withdrew his beer from her aching cunt and sipped at it, smiling.
"Mmm, that IS delicious!" he remarked. "But aren't you having one, slut?"
Carrie blinked.
"You heard, cunt," amplified Steve. "Yank that bottle out your asshole and drink from it."
Carrie manoevred her clinking tray onto one arm and her collarbone, her chin clamping down on it awkwardly, and reached for the bottle stuck in her butt. Tugging at it, she managed, by twisting and shoving in gently in and out, to remove it with a certain amount of discomfort. She breathed a sigh of relief when it finally slipped from her sphincter. The men laughed.
Then Carrie raised the bottle to her lips, her nose wrinkling as she smelled the unmistakable odour of her butthole. The guys were all watching, grinning. The bottle touched her lips and she poured some beer into her mouth. To her disgust, the drink carried the flavour of her ass perfectly, concealing nothing. The guys all laughed at Carrie's revolted facial expression as she gagged on the foul liquid.
"Keep drinking, cunt, while we watch this black slut getting raped," said Steve.
Carrie stood, miserably sipping her ass-beer, with nothing else to do except watch the poor girl on the television, who was being triple-penetrated while having her ass beaten with a paddle and her face repeatedly slapped. The masked men fucking her kept swapping holes, so that girl must be tasting her own asshole, thought Carrie. Just like me. She took another sip, imaging the beer bottle was a cock, fresh from her ass. Ugh.
"They're really letting the bitch have it, aren't they?" said Chris.
"Yeah, but she deserves it," said Dick.
"What do you think, slut?" asked Steve. "Does that black bitch deserve the raping she's getting?"
Carrie almost choked on her shitty beer. "Um... I guess. If you say so, Steve."
"And what do you think the whore did to deserve getting raped?" asked Steve with a wicked grin.
Carrie was most flustered. "Oh, I, uh, I'm not sure. Maybe she disrespected the men?" She took a hasty swig of beer to cover her confusion, forgetting about the taste and suddenly being unpleasantly reminded."
"Good answer. You think cunts who disrespect men ought to be raped?"
"Umm... I guess..."
"Let me hear you say it, then, cunt."
Carrie felt on the verge of tears. She took another revolting sip of ass-flavoured beer. "C-cunts who disrespect men... deserve to be raped." Jeff applauced and Chris and Dick joined in. On the television, one of the men was choking the black slut while throat-fucking her savagely.
"Mind pausing the video while I take a piss, Steve," asked Chris.
"No need," said Steve. "Carrie will kneel and drink your piss so you can keep watching the movie uninterrupted. She'd be happy to do it, wouldn't you, cunt?"
Carrie gulped. Steve touched his belt buckle, signalling what her fate would be if she refused. And she could only imagine her fate if she defied Steve in front of his mates! Then she really WOULD deserve the most severe possible punishment!
"O-of course I would, Chris," said Carrie, trembling.
"It's settled, then. Put that tray down and crawl over to Chris's chair." Carrie complied, conscious of how her ass and pussy were on display to the other viewers as she crawled on hands and knees to Chris.
"Now unzip him and take his cock out. Put it between your lips." Carrie obeyed like the good slut she was.
"Now," said Steve, "I should warn you, cunt, that if you spill a single drop of my friend's piss, I will take my belt to your pussy and give you the thrashing of you life. is that absolutely clear, cunt?"
"Y-yes, Steve," whimpered Carrie, her lips at the head of Chris's cock so her could feel her hesitent breath on his bell-end. "This cunt will do her best to drink all of the piss."
She took Chris's cock into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around it. Chris sighed. He was semi-erect and getting harder, and it wasn't easy for him to unleash his urine under these circumstances. But by closing his eyes and doing his best to relax, he managed to spurt his hot urine into Carrie's mouth.
"Ulp!" she gasped as the pee hit the back of her throat. Carrie gulped eagerly, as her mouth filled with warm, salty piss. There was too much! The more she swallowed, the more Chris's cock jetted over her tongue. her nostrils burned with the taste as she tried to get it all down. Her eyes watered. Finally the Niagara slowed to a trickle, then seemed to stop, then a last spurt, and then Carrie was devotedly licking all over the head of Chris's cock to make sure not a single droplet of piss escaped her lips.
Jeff applauded. "That is one obedient set of fuck-holes you have there, Steve," he said.
"Yes, I think it's pretty well trained," smiled Steve.
"Mind if she does me now?" asked Dick, unzipping.
Of course, Steve had no objections, so Carrie had to crawl over to him and drink his piss now, her head nestling under his ample gut. While she milked his penis of every drop of stinking piss, Jeff shoved his second beer bottle up her pussy and worked it in and out. The sensation was... rather distracting, but again Carrie managed to give good service and be an efficient little piss-whore. Not a drop was wasted.
Of course, then Jeff wanted to pee in Carrie's mouth. Carrie looked to Steve with her big doe eyes glistening piteously, and Steve just smiled and nodded, so Carrie turned about as Jeff withdrew his bottle from her tender cunt, and she unzipped him and sucked on his massive dick. Jeff pissed long and hard. Carrie's mouth filled up so fast she really feared that, despite the practice she now had at piss-drinking, she might choke. But she got it under control and gulped down Jeff's voluminous flow like the good human toilet she was.
Until the end, when Jeff deliberately yanked his dick from her mouth and sprayed the last burst of his golden shower right in her surprised face. Carrie blinked and spluttered as the hot urine spattered her face, got in her hair, her eyes, and dripped down onto her tits, soaking the front of her apron and making it cling to her curves.
Jeff and the others laughed, and Steve stood, removing his belt. "Too bad, cunt. And you were doing so well. Hold her down guys, and I'll give the little bitch her punishment."
Jeff led the way, grabbing Carrie drom behind, his hands cupping her tits, and throwing her onto the couch as Dick and Chris rose from it. Dick gripped Carrie's wrists and held them behind her head, as Chris and Jeff each grabbed an ankle and spread Carrie's legs wide.
Steve had his belt off and gave a few practice swipes, cutting the air with a whoosh. "I think six strokes should warm you up enough, cunt," he said. Carrie closed her eyes in anticipation.
WHACK! The first blow made her scream, raising a fire in her pussy like being branded with a red-hot poker. WHACK! The second scream was muffled as Jeff pressed a cushion into the slut's face. WHACK! Getting into the swing of it, Steve was able to really let Carrie have it with his third stroke, causing her whole body to spasm. Since her lims were pinned down, this in effect caused her torso to rise, her cunt meeting the belt as it sliced fown for its fourth stroke -- WHACK!
Carrie's ass sank back into the couch, but that in no way spared her from the fifth blow, stinging her right on the clit, WHACK! and the sixth, the hardest of all, which made her red, swollen labia quiver with the force of the impact. WHACK!
Jeff removed the cushion from the half-smothered, weeping blonde. The guys released her and she fell off the couch onto the carpet, curled up and clutching her aching snatch. Pulsing in her hands, it felt swollen to twice its normal size.
"Good," said Steve. "Now, I need a piss. Crawl over here, cunt, and drink it down like a good little toilet."
Carrie knew she had better obey, so she uncurled herself and dutifully crawled to Steve, stuck her head in his lap, and let him empty his bladder into her mouth. But just as before, Steve pulled his prick from her lips before she had finished. He purposely pissed right in her eyes, then in her hair and over her throat and tits, wiping his cock clean with a handful of her blonde hair.
"Too bad, guess your slit gets another whipping. Who wants to do the honours?"
Of course all three of Steve's friends volunteered, so Steve obligingly told them they could each let Carrie have six of the best on her cunt. That would make eighteen blows, plus the six Steve had already administered making a nice total of twenty-four. In the event, Steve allowed each of his friends a couple of extra swings, so Carrie's cunt ended up being whipped thirty times that night.
Carrie never knew how she got through the ordeal, but it did become a kind of blur of pain and humiliation after a while. The more she wept, the more amusing the four men found it, and the harder they beat her. She felt like she almost lost consciousness, but that mercy was denied her. But suddenly Steve was talking low in her ear.
"Now then, cunt, you know how you were saying that any slut who disrespects a man deserves to be raped? Well, I really feel that by failing to drink Jeff's piss and my piss, you've disrespected us, and in front of Chris and Dick too. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to have you raped. Guys, I don't think I should take part. Since Carrie's fuck-holes are my property, I can't really be said to rape her anyway. And I'm afraid I have to declare her pussy off-limits. That's for my use only. But feel free to use her mouth, her asshole, her hands, her tits, any way that pleases you. And since it's meant to be a proper rape, be as rough as you like."
"You bet!" said Jeff. "I've raped a few bitches in my time, but not many as pretty as this slut."
"I never raped anyone before," said Chris, looking awed. "This is gonna be great!"
Dick just grinned, pushed Carrie onto her side, and nudged the head of his dick against her asshole. "Nooo," begged Carrie, "Not there..." but nobody listened. Dick thrust his hips, and sank the head of his cock into Carrie's tight, tight butt. Meanwhile Jeff straddled her, and before she could murmur another plea, jammed his member between her jaws.
Chris, unable to take advantage of Carrie's temptingly swollen snatch, scooped up two handfuls of tit and spat between them, sliding his erection into the moistened cleavage and giving Carrie a good tit-fucking. He took full advantage of the offer of roughness, pinching Carrie's nipples, twisting them, and yanking violently on them, as Jeff roughly choked her with his nine inches of shaft.
"Nice as this is," said Chris after ten minutes mauling the poor girls jugs, "I'd quite like to sink my meat in a hole. Are you nearly done, Dick?"
"Not yet, but I'll let you take a shot," said Dick, generously yanking his prick from Carrie's poor asshole. He'd been raping her entirely without the aid of lube, and her ring looked red and inflamed. Chris was more thoughtful, spitting on Carrie again, this time between her pink ass cheeks, before sliding his long shaft into her burning centre.
"Let me take a turn at those titties," said Jeff, allowing Dick to rape Carrie's mouth. Jeff was even more vicious with Carrie's tits than Chris had been, but his main motivation in moving over had been to see Carrie have to suck a cock fresh and sticky from her own asshole. He found it highly amusing. After that, Chris wanted to make the cunt suck, and he shoved his dirty cock between Carrie's weakly protesting lips and forced her to suck and lick her ass-flavours from his bell-end, and Jeff took his turn to ram his king-sized cock up poor Carrie's behind.
In the end, each man used Carrie's mouth, asshole and tits, with Chris shooting his load in her startled face, Dick giving her a pearl necklace, and Jeff finishing balls-deep in her once-tight ass, the jizzum scalding her anal lining as she sobbed and struggled pitifully.
After that, it was time for the guys to go. Carrie had to stand at the door and bid them farewell, thanking them for each degradation they had inflicted on her. "Thank you so much for ass-raping me, and cumming in my face. And than you for whipping my cunt. I deserved all of it."
"You're welcome, whore!" laughed Jeff, and slapped Carrie hard in the face. Dick received his thanks and rewarded Carrie with another bruising pinch of the nipples, while Chris contented himself by spitting prodigiously in the slut's face.
After they'd gone, Carrie still wasn't allowed to clean up, as Steve wanted to use her pussy -- the evening had been very stimulating for him, and he wanted his reward.
"Oh please," begged Carrie, "I'm so sore!" Steve laughed, fitted the ball-gag, and fucked Carrie's aching cunt hard for forty minutes. Halfway through he had the inspiration of removing one of her stripper shoes and forcing the long, sharp stiletto heel into her tender asshole. He twisted and jabbed at her senistive anus while aggressively fucking her well-thrashed pussy.
"Maybe it IS possible for me to rape my own girlfriend," he mused. Then he started thinking of who he would invite round next weekend. Chris and Dick and Jeff could come again, of course, but another four or five guests would be nice. Carrie was a pretty good hostess, he reflected...

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Re: Carrie's Boyfriend
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Re: Carrie's Boyfriend
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