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Author Topic: One Last Gasp  (Read 731 times)

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One Last Gasp
« on: May 17, 2017, 12:22:45 AM »
'Lo again, all! This is definitely a darker fantasy of mine, much more violent and containing snuff and torture. Fair warning that chances are, anything I post in 'extreme' stories from here on will only get worse.  :laugh2: Yeah, yeah, I'm a degenerate, on with the story! By the by, this same story is posted on another rape fantasy site, so you may recognize it from there.

I've always had this fantasy. It's fucked up, but nothing gets my cock harder, quicker. Nothing turns me on like the thought of it.

I want to choke a girl to death on my cock.

I think it started with my first real girlfriend. I was sixteen and hung like a fucking horse. You'd think they'd like that, but almost every girl I've met tells me it's too much, it hurts, whines when all I'm fucking trying to do is get my rocks off. I asked my first girlfriend for head back then, and she said she'd suffocate on it. Broke up with me, not so long after, for even asking.

Maybe I got a little bitter. Maybe I just liked the image she put in my head.

So I've always figured, if I want to get to fuck a throat for real, it'll have to just be at the expense of some slut. No huge loss, right? They're everywhere, after all. Wasn't too hard for me to find one, get her in my car for twenty bucks. I didn't bother with that roofie shit - just pulled a knife on her when we parked, forced her into the garage.

She was begging, of course, cheeks already black with smeared mascara and tears. I guess I could have just gotten straight to the skullfuck, but I figured I'd get my money's worth. Work out some frustrations on the whore. So I slapped her around a little, got some duct tape and tied her up tight. Especially her tits - I looped it around them more like a rope, squeezing them tight as I could. They looked fake, but it didn't stop her from fucking bleating and crying the entire time. It was easy to throw her around, too - she couldn't have been more than twenty, with a tiny little waist and bleach blonde hair. I grabbed fistfuls of it whenever she fought me, dragging it out of her skull until she settled down and let me get to work.

Like I said, I figured I'd get my money's worth, so I started with her cunt. She started blubbering, of course - 'it's too big', 'you'll break me in half', the usual bullshit. I'll admit, she was tight for a whore - just past halfway in and I felt like I was hitting a wall. She was screaming underneath me, tits pressed up against the frigid concrete and rubbing raw while I fucked her. Felt good to know I was doing that to her, not just fucking her, but raping her, hurting her. I pulled her up off her stomach onto my lap to get deeper and she let out this scream like an animal, and it only made me fuck her harder. I came inside her, too. Not like she was gonna have time to get pregnant.

Then her ass. She was starting to lose some of her fight by then, but it took a couple of good slaps to shut her up. One of her cheeks and her lip was starting to swell and turn purple, a little trickle of blood coming out of her nose. By that point, her tits looked like balloons, ready to burst. I held onto them, yanking them back and forth while I drove my way into her pink, puckered little asshole. I got deep in there, and plugged her up with come in there before dropping her to the floor. She just lay there, gasping, squeezing her eyes shut. Maybe she thought it was over.

But I had a few things ready for the grand finale. Welding and carpentry hobbies of mine, and I'd made two special little things, just for this occasion. I hauled her up onto a sawhorse I'd built at just the right level, where I could ride her throat and fuck as deep as I wanted, and she'd never be able to get away. Used almost an entire roll of duct tape tying her down to it - didn't want her to struggle, not during this last step, and wanted her legs wide open, too.

I'd made a little sculpture, see. A cock, made of metal and thick as a coke can, longer than my forearm. Added whatever sharp bits of junk I could weld onto it - nails, bits of wire, whatever would hurt going in, and it had a texture almost like sandpaper in some spots. She'd be begging for me to fuck her again, rough as I wanted, after a good fucking with this little toy.

Well, if she survived it.

I shoved it in her, no warning, four or five inches deep at once. She'd been quiet before, maybe in shock, but this got her screaming again. Writhing on the sawhorse, then making these low, hoarse grunts and inhales the deeper I pushed it in. My come and blood made it slick enough to keep pushing in, but I had to use both hands and give it a good shove to get it in all the way. I thought I felt something break in her - she jerked on the table, then started making little choking sounds.

But all this build-up had to lead somewhere. I'd had a cocktail of drugs before beginning all this, every pill I could find to keep my cock hard and ready until I was finished with her, and I wanted to make the most of it now. I moved back to her head on the table and grabbed another tool of mine - a sort of metal compass. Jammed it between her teeth, and started to crank. She didn't fight until her jaw was stretched wide enough that her lips started to crack, tongue thrashing. I didn't stop there. Another half inch and she was bawling. Her muscles and bones started to push back, making it harder to turn the crank, but I kept it going until I felt a crack. She screamed again and her jaw fell sort of loose and open, broken. She wouldn't be closing it again.

Finally, the little slut was ready for me. I got the crank out of her mouth and pushed into her gaping mouth. Her tongue pushed against me, hot and wet. Felt good - maybe a whore's instincts, kicking in. But I wanted a skullfuck. A little deeper and I felt my cock pop into her throat, felt her gag and heave around me. Deeper and she was trying to rock on the sawhorse to get away from me. Halfway and I was as deep as I'd ever been in a bitch's throat, and god, it felt like heaven. Her pathetic sounds under me, how tight and pulsing her throat was, knowing she was choking for my enjoyment. I gave her tits a good squeeze, then held onto them as I started ramming back and forth into her throat, beating past any resistance it could give, deeper every time. Rubbing it raw, plugging her up and making her hyperventilate through her nose, until she couldn't even manage that. Backing off slowly, making her feel every inch drag out of her slutty little throat, letting her gasp a few breaths before drilling back inside her.

Finally, I felt it. Her nose hit my ballsack, her throat bulging with every inch of my cock inside it. I must have taken a full minute to pull back out after that, really letting her feel it all, how I was forcing her to mold around me like wet clay. I let her inhale and bawl again, mouth still gaping open, face bruised and slimy with her spit, my precome, pinkish mingled with her blood. Her eyes were bloodshot, the black mascara under her eyes smeared all the way down her face. Just the way a whore should look.

Bracing myself against the table, all at once, I plunged back into her throat.

The monster dildo in her cunt probably would have killed her eventually anyway, deep like it was, but that wasn't how I wanted her to go. I massaged my cock through her throat, squeezing and strangling her to push it against my cock, making her neck turn black and blue. Still, not enough. I didn't want to do the work myself - I wanted this little slut's throat to massage me, to skullfuck her and fill her last few breaths with my come. It took some work, cutting and taping her up again, but I pulled her upwards enough from the sawhorse that her head could dangle some, so I could fuck her throat like I wanted.

This moment, I wanted to be able to relive. Behind me was a camera, at just the right angle to catch her expressions behind me as I mounted her face, slid my cock back into her throat to hump her from above. With her jaw broken, with all my weight on her, it must have hurt like a bitch. Not that she could do much screaming. But watching the video later, I could see it in her eyes.

I started fucking for real now, drilling as hard as I could in and out of her, using her face and throat like a fleshlight. Jumping up and down, bringing my weight and my cock against and into her as hard as I could. The view was perfect - her swollen tits my leverage, jerking them back and forth and squeezing them until I thought they'd tear off, able to see just the tip of the monster I'd shoved into her filthy cunt. Almost enough to get me off then and there. I kept going, though, loving every moment of it, loving the sounds she made - gagging, wet choking, squelching every time my cock plunged into her throat, forcing her body to work for me.

Finally, I couldn't ignore it any longer. My gut was boiling, tense and stretched from how badly I needed to come. I stopped bothering letting her breath, stopped trying to pull my cock partway out - just leaned all my weight onto her and bucked, making her swollen, blackened jaw strain with every movement against her. I gave her three minutes of it, just to make sure.

One and she was still fighting some, throat squeezing, body twitching.

Two and she was slowing down. Her fists were all balled up, chest shrinking and expanding fast enough to make her tits bounce for me.

Three, and I knew she was just about done. Just trembling, but no more sounds besides my cock moving around in her throat. When I pulled out she inhaled, croaking, and I came - making her inhale my come, force it into her lungs, before pistoning myself back into her as she arched up against the table and choked. Kept fucking her, still hard even as I shot into the back of her throat, knowing that her last moments would be this. Writhing on the sawhorse, throat full of cock. Only when she was really finished, when even her hands stopped twitching, did I finally start to soften.

Finally, I was finished with her. Pulled out and came one more time on her still body, then got things cleaned up. A lot of work, to get rid of evidence, but it was worth it all.

I kept the tape, though. Jerk off to it still. It adds a new dimension to what I experienced, getting to see her face like that - red, then purple, eyes bulging and rolling until only the whites showed. When I came and choked her, forced her to inhale it, some dribbled down her face onto her eyes. She twitched and closed it once, but then opened it again, my come clinging to her lashes and dripping into her bloodshot eyes.

I've watched a lot of porn, fucked a lot of women since then, but I still have that video. Still, nothing gets me harder.

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Re: One Last Gasp
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 06:33:41 PM »
Brutally twisted, [member=2277]Kuriosity[/member]! I love the idea of her life ending so terribly, her existence snuffed out in an instant, as if she were nothing more than so much garbage. All the people who cared about her left wondering about the senseless nature of her death - while he continually relieves her last moments, over and over again, with the aid of the video tape. Reading this story, I felt as though my throat were slowly constricting, and as the climax approached, I had to take a break for some fresh air - too bad his victim couldn't do the same! But seriously, this is hot! It's the first story of yours I've read, but it won't be the last!

Offline Kuriosity

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Re: One Last Gasp
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2017, 08:11:07 AM »
Wow, thank you very much!  :x I'm glad you liked it and definitely intend to share more!


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