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Author Topic: Batman, the Dark Knight: Night of Assassins  (Read 413 times)

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Batman, the Dark Knight: Night of Assassins
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:32:13 AM »
Preface: This story focuses on a major story arc, very loosely based on Batman Arkham Origins. It introduces Barbara Gordon as the Oracle before Batman recruits her, and also establishes a rogue's gallery of bad guys for Batman to tackle. Like the other Batman stories, it will be told incrementally.

Please see my introduction here:,3424.0.html

"Alfred, see if you can pull up blueprints for the Falcone shipping warehouse," I said, crouching on the top of the neighboring building.

"One moment, sir," Alfred replied over our secure channel. "Strange. I've pulled them up, but I very much doubt they'll be of use."

"Oh? Why is that?" I asked.

"Because, sir, they are obviously falsified," he said. "I rather doubt that the building in question is a ten-story block of flats." I chuckled, somewhat amused at the Falcone's security.

"I guess I'm going in blind, then," I muttered, giving the security I could see one last look.

"I might be able to help," a voice chimed in. Female, sweet, and somehow familiar.

"Who is this?" Alfred demanded. "This is a secure channel!" He was right. We were using military-grade encryption on an altered frequency.

"You can call me the Oracle for now," she replied. "Okay, I've got the actual blueprints up. Looks like there are points of ingress through the obvious entrances on the ground floor, and then three others." I was impressed, especially considering and dismissing the possibility of it being a trap. This strangely familiar voice, or rather, the girl behind it, was able to cut through my security and the Falcone's. But why, and how did she even know what I was up to?

"What is it you want, miss?" Alfred asked. "And how did you learn of our operation?"

"No time for that now," the voice identified as Oracle replied. "They're getting ready to execute the prisoners. You have to get in there now, Batman!" She rapidly provided me with the alternate ingress points, and also an estimated number of goons I might encounter based on their own radio chatter.

I burst into the cargo bay, gliding down into a powerful dual-booted kick to the first goon.

"It's the Bat!" another yelled, several of them startled by my sudden appearance. Fear was my weapon. Surprise my ally.

"Fuck me, he's real!" a third yelled, letting off a burst of panic rounds, his bullets spraying into his unfortunate comrade. I dropped a smoke pellet, filling the immediate area with a cloud of dense concealment. My lenses engaged automatically, adjusting for the obscurity. I moved swiftly, pouncing between two goons, hammering each with a flurry of blows. Onto the third, snatching his rifle from him and smashing it into his face. By the time the fourth and fifth recovered from their surprise and the smoke had dissipated, I was onto them, too. Before they could draw a bead on me, I hurled myself at the first, dropping him with a vicious kick to his belly. I spun, drawing both of my sidearms, and fired off a double-tap with both, all four rubber rounds finding their mark.

"You're safe now," I told the police officers. "I'll leave these thugs to you." I untied the four of them, all uniformed Gotham's finest, and watched, semi-amused at their reactions to both me and the aftermath of the quick and brutal fight.

"I thought you were just a tall-tale," one of the cops said, his east-side accent thick. "But boy am I glad you aren't!" He reached out his hand and I shook it, eager to build a strong relationship with the true police force. Unfortunately, I knew it was riddled with corruption, and part of my job was going to be cleaning it up.

"Hmph," another of the cops said, eying me with suspicion after giving the goons a look-over. "Vigilantes are no better than crooks in my book."

"Oh, come off it, Gordon," the first said. "He just saved our hides!" Gordon scowled, but at last nodded. He nudged the goon I shot with his boot, and the goon groaned pitifully.

"Less-lethal rounds, eh?" he asked rhetorically. "At least you're not a ruthless killer."

"They need to fear the law," I said, already turning for the exit. The less anyone actually saw of me, the better. "Killing them only proves their way is right, and we're no better. But they're wrong. They need to pay for their crimes, and we need to show them our way works." I pulled out my Batclaw, ready to make my escape.

"The Commissioner is not a fan of yours, Batman," Gordon said. "She's on the verge of declaring you public enemy number one."

"That's because she's under pressure from those cops on Falcone's and Maroni's payroll," I said. "And while I don't have proof yet, I highly suspect she is, too." I made note of each of their reactions, especially the subtle nervous shift of one of the cops. I'd be checking in on him later. "Anyone on the right side of the law has nothing to fear from me." And with that, I fired my Batclaw and hoisted myself up and out into the night.

"Thanks, Batman," Oracle said as I landed on the roof. So, there was a connection there. Based on the tone of her voice, it was more than simple gratitude for rescuing police officers.

"You're welcome, Barbara," I said, a calculated deduction.

"How…" she began, but quickly recovered. "Touché, Batman. I always suspected you to be highly intelligent. But that was some very good detective work on your part, or a very lucky guess. Want to share how you figured it out?"

"Perhaps later," I said. Gordon was the only cop in the room of the proper age to have a teenage daughter, and when I heard the relief in her voice, it was one of familial relief. Then I placed where I knew her voice: at one of the GCPD's fundraising events. Detective Sergeant James Gordon brought his daughter along, a very pretty young girl in her senior year of high school. Soon to be Lieutenant Gordon, actually. "For now, I need to find the Penguin and put a stop to his arms trafficking."

"Let me help," Barbara said. When I said nothing, she continued. "You're going to need my help, Batman. You've seen what I can do already, and trust me: you're going to need all the help you can tonight. Look." I hit the button on my holoscreen projector, seeing the files she sent me. "There's a bounty on your head. Apparently, you've made Black Mask very angry. He's pulled both the Falcone and Maroni families, along with the Penguin, into an temporary alliance to fund your demise. Six million for you, dead or alive. And these are the assassins who have accepted the contract."

I flipped through them, quickly familiarizing myself with their dossiers. Damn. I was going to be in for a long night.

"Looks as if you've really stirred the hornet's net, sir," Alfred said, reading through the files from the Batcave. "I'll review these in depth while you pursue the Penguin, if you please, sir."
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Re: Batman, the Dark Knight: Night of Assassins
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 08:30:55 AM »
Dropping the last of the Penguin's goons, I caught my breath, scanning to room to ensure there were none lurking in the shadows. The creepy Penguin himself was long gone, along with one of his cliched sexy lieutenants. The other one, Candy, was up in the control room, an amused smirk on her face at witnessing my decisive victory over the goons. The only reason she'd be so cocky was if there were something else…

I barely had time to deflect the first of the strikes, the katana seeming to materialize out of nowhere. The second was just as fast, from a second blade. Damn good thing Lucius Fox had finished improving my armor just the week before, the hardened allow in my gauntlets letting me block the deadly blades. Maybe I needed more than just a few strategically-placed plates. Block, block, no time for even a counter-strike. Duck, sidestep, parry, block. No opening at all!

"I'll get that bounty," my opponent said, stepping back and levelling one of his katanas at me. Finally, I had a chance to study him. Deathstroke, I knew from the dossier, aka Slade Wilson, former Special Forces and subjected to a top secret super-soldier experiment. No wonder he was go fucking fast. I was going to have to be very careful with him. "Make no mistake, Batman. I don't care who you are, not like those others. I just want my bounty." He launched himself at me, so fast I barely had time to react once again.

Block, block, parry, duck, there! I caught one of his blades in the fins of my gauntlet and twisted, snapping the blade. Block, easier only by a hair, but it was enough. I countered, catching him with a strike of my own. I let loose a flurry of blows, and he took each one in stride, gritting his teeth before flipping backwards out of range. I was trained to the pinnacle of human perfection, and he was faster, stronger, and apparently, felt no pain. I couldn't beat him like that. I quick-fired my Batclaw, catching his bandoliers, yanking him forward. At the same moment, I lurched ahead, catching him by surprise in a clothesline, then slammed him into the ground.

"Nice try," he snarled as he rolled away from my boot heel aimed at his face. Luckily my strike caught his other blade as he rolled, and I snatched it away, snapping it as I had the other. He drew a short pipe, the length instantly extending into a full bo staff. Interesting… Again, he assailed me, and it was all I could do to block again and again, waiting for my opening. I grabbed his staff, trying to wrench it from him. No good; he was impossibly strong. Letting go with one hand, I shot my Batclaw up to the roof, hoisting us both into the air and dropping him. Smoke pellet, a flurry of Batarangs that he somehow blocked even though blinded, but it still gave me enough of an advantage. I dropped him with a double-booted kick as I fell, snatching his staff. I whirled, gaining all the momentum I could, and brought it down like a sledgehammer. Four, five, six, seven times, the metal finally snapping from the force of the blows.

"No bounty for you," I sniped, dropping the broken weapon on the unconscious Deathstroke. I idly wondered how he lost his one eye, and if I'd been able to beat him had he had both. Blood trickled from his nose, ears, and lips, but I knew he wouldn't die. I'd come back for him when I was done with my job there.

Candy's eyes were wide now, and she backed away from the glass, giving a little shriek as I rappelled myself up into the control booth. She was the brunette of the two lieutenants, with glasses and a very well-fitted business suit that gave her a sexy librarian look. Gone was her smug look of superiority now, replaced with outright fear.

"You're going to tell me everything I need to know," I growled, backing away, her heels clicking on the metal flooring. Her eyes flicked to the computer, then back to me, aware she had just unconsciously telling me where to find my answers. "Good girl," I said, my wicked grin spreading. "Now I'm going to show you that crime doesn't pay." My hand shot out and cracked against her jaw, my backhand sending her to the ground.

"No!" she squealed. "Don't hurt me!" I gripped her hair, her brown locks falling out of her perfectly styled bun. She gripped at my wrist, as useless as a paperclip against a tank, and I slammed her against the wall. She grunted, and then again as I bent her over one of the desks. "What are you…noooo!" she struggled, but couldn't do anything as I hiked her skirt up, revealing her lace-top stockings and garters. I worked my suit, freeing my cock, and easily pinned her wrists behind her at the small of her back. "You can't do this! You're supposed to be one of the good guys!"

"And you're supposed to obey the law," I mocked, my free hand tugging her thong aside. "Maybe if you criminal scum had an actual fear of the law, then none of this would be happening. Well, you may not fear the law. But you will fear me." I lined up at her unwilling entrance and shoved, impaling her on my meaty cock. She screamed at the painful, violent intrusion, unprepared for my forceful entry. She was a little wet, perhaps from watching my alpha-dominance against all of her goons and then Deathstroke, but she wasn't wet enough to ensure she wouldn't feel any pain or discomfort. And that was just fine by me.

"Noooo!" she wailed, and then grunted as I pounded into her from behind, keeping her wrists pinned with one vice-like hand, and holding her shoulder with the other to help ram myself into her even harder. "Ughhh, ughhhh, mmmmph! Stop, please! Stooopppppp!" Her cries and pleas fueled my lust, and I fucked her good and hard, looking from her pretty face, twisted in pain and humiliation, to her lingerie, her thong sliding along my cock, her garters stretched across her ass, her lace-topped stockings hugging her thighs. I ran my hand under her, yanking hard and ripping open her jacket and blouse, groping her breasts, making sure she felt fully soiled and used everywhere.

"I'm so glad you're one of the bad guys," I taunted her, growling in her ear. "I get to fuck you however I want. And so nice of you to dress up like this for me." She moaned pitifully, tears running down her cheeks from the shame and the brutal fucking I was giving her. "Mmmm, and you feel so fucking good, too. Just like a good little bitch should." I fucked her, yanking back on her hair as painfully as I could, jamming my cock up into her again and again. I came deep inside of her, shuddering in pleasure as I released my full load into her unwilling, tight cunt.

"Mmmm," I moaned unnecessarily when I had finished, right into her ear. "So good. Thanks for getting me off, Candy. Now why don't you run along home and rethink your life? Turn over a leaf and go straight. Or else I won't be as nice to you next time." I pulled out of her, smiling wickedly at the sight of her blood on my cock. She was no virgin, so I must have really done some damage she'd be feeling for days, if not weeks. I tugged her panties off of her, snapping her garters to get to my prize. Slapping her on her ass, I left her there, already dismissing her as just one of the countless women I was going to reeducate. The men got broken bones and worse, and the women got raped. They would all learn to fear me, one way or another. Looking down into the cargo bay, Deathstroke was gone, already recovered enough to make his escape. Whatever. I'd deal with him another time, if I had to. And I'd be better prepared the next time, too.
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