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Author Topic: Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)  (Read 1532 times)

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Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)
« on: September 23, 2017, 01:18:43 PM »

"Ugggh! I'm sick of these people!" Tomi Lahren fumed, her two hands smacking down on the steering wheel and another exasperated sigh escaping her lips. Less than a mile away was her boyfriend, Steve, sitting in their favorite Dallas Tex-Mex bar with a pitcher of margarita and a dinner reservation for two that had started ten minutes ago. But Tomi was stuck here, thanks to another Black Lives Matter protest that had just taken over the street. More insta-outrage over another unarmed black man who had wound up on the wrong end of a police officer's gun. Tomi didn't know the vic's name. Or care. All that mattered was, these protesters felt entitled to spoil her night.

"My date night matters, too, dammit" she muttered and honked her horn, knowing it would do no good. A sea of cars closing her off to the left, to the right, and in back. And in front, a trio of cars—one to block off every per passing lane—sitting idle, their drivers lounging on the pavement while waiting for the barricades manned by droves of mostly black picketers chanting choruses of "Hands up, don't shoot!" and "No justice, no peace!" to finally die down and give them back the roadway.

Tomi had had enough. She turned off the ignition and stormed out of her car. Her flats smacked the pavement in a brisk clap-clap-clap that made her lustrous golden-blonde locks of hair bounce as her bare, shapely 23-year-old legs made a quick forward march up to the mob. Her chest rose and fell in a few deep, purposeful breaths, under the slim white sleeveless blouse whose middle-low cut just hinted at the pert, firm breasts hidden inside.

"You people should be ashamed of yourselves!" she yelled. "Do you even think about all of us stuck here on this road because of you? No, of course you don't."

A tall, lean and very dredlocked black dude squinted at her. "''You people'? That's what you call us, li'l miss white girl? No, massa, I don't see no racism here, no sirree."

"Oh, don't you dare play the race card on me," Tomi snapped back. "I am not in the mood."

"I don't give a fuck what kind of mood you in. You're gonna get back in your car and leave us be if you know what's good for you." Dredlocks took a few steps toward her.

"I have just as much a right to be here as you do," Tomi snapped back. "This is everyone's street. And those of us who have jobs and lives need to drive it and get to where we need to be."

Unfortunately, Tomi didn't even notice Dredlocks's four buddies, who had crept up behind her. Whatever was going on between this white chick and Randall (their dredlocked buddy) looked far more interesting than the protest.

"Damn, girl, you got some attitude," said Anferny, the first of the four. He sauntered over and took a closer look. Tomi's head snapped to her right, following the voice. Then she swiveled to her left to see Will, Jamal, and Luke, who had fanned out and formed a semi-circle around her backside. Alarm bells started sounding in Tomi's head. They had her surrounded. This isn't good, she thought to herself.

"What I have is somewhere to be," she shot back, acting braver than she really felt. "And I'm going to get there, and your stupid little protest does not have a right to stop me."

"In case you haven't noticed, it's our street now, li'l miss white-ass bitch," Will spat as he stepped up to her left. "So you gonna shut your mouth."

Jamal shuffled right on up to her. "I think I'ma shut it for you," he said, sneering. "With ma' dick!"

Tomi slapped him.

And very quickly regretted it.

Jamal feigned shock and looked around to his buddies. "Are we gonna let her get away with that?"

Will whispered something to Luke. Luke smirked. Tomi looked one way, then the other, her mind racing through possible next moves, when a hand grabbed her ass. She yelped and leapt forward, elbows out. She had to break out of this circle.

But it wasn't to be. Randall caught her by both elbows and spun her around. He shoved her back into the middle. Jamal's hands shot in and grabbed both her breasts.

Tomi screamed. Her arms flailed. More hands grabbed at her. Then Will and Luke both took her blouse's bottom hem and yanked it up, exposing her tight, flat belly and shapely lower back. Their fingers roughly explored her skin, one set of hands squeezing her breasts over and over while another took her by the hips and started working its way down to feel her butt. Fingers poked into her rectum.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop!" Tomi was frantic. Her eyes darted this way and that, looking for police. Or at least someone willing to help. No such luck. Another ten guys convened around Tomi and her assailants and watched with ravenous eyes. A few broke into the circle to get a piece of the action themselves. Tomi heard a sound of fabric rip—then realized it was the front of her blouse. A mass of hands dove underneath her bra and found her nipples, and gave each a rough pinch. Tomi flinched and gave a cry of pain. More pinches followed. Three more guys rushed and tackled her to the ground. Away slid her keys, and Luke picked them up and put them in his pocket.

Next went her shoes. One large man sat down on her legs and pried them off her feet. He tossed them into the air and two other guys caught one each. They tossed them up in turn, and an impromptu game of catch ensued with her shoes.

But Tomi didn't think about the shoes for long. The girl had bigger problems at the moment. Like the pair of hands that just discovered her pussy lips and were ramming fingers into her canal, sending hot flashes of pain one after another. Tomi's bare feet kicked and swung aimlessly. But the assault dragged on.

"Help! Please, somebody help me!" She screamed bloodcurdling screams, her torso twisting and her head shaking furiously. Fingernails were digging into her clit while others mercilessly pulled and twisted her breasts like pretzel dough.

Then a police siren sounded. "Aw, shit. The 5-0!" The hands loosened and her assailants ran for cover.

Police! I'm saved, Tomi thought and sat up.

She was wrong.

"Aw, hell no," said Jamal. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her into the alley.

"Owww! Ow! Oh my God, you asshole!" Tomi shrieked. But he was too strong. Tomi stumbled along as Jamal tugged her across the sidewalk and into a parked car. Her car. With Luke in the driver's seat and some sixth guy sitting shotgun. Will and Anferny were in back. Jamal yanked open a rear door and shoved Tomi onto Will and Anferny's laps and then squeezed himself in. The door slammed shut and, the mob of protesters now disappearing fast, Jamal hit the gas and sped away, leaving Randall and the rest of the crowd far behind.

Tomi screamed, kicked at the car doors and flailed her arms as the three men pinned her down with theirs. Then guy number six turned around and landed a fist right into her gut. "Shut the fuck up, bitch!" he hollered, then punched her gut hard a few more times just for good measure.

Tomi curled into a fetal position, sobbing and clutching her poor tummy. The reality of her situation set in. She was overwhelmed, overpowered, and most definitely not in control. They were. And they were going to do whatever they wanted to her.

Tomi sank back, and her cheek graced Will's crotch. Which had grown very erect. And by the feel of it, it was big. Very big. I wonder how big, Tomi thought. Bigger than Steve's? She nudged her cheek into it, just a smidge. Yes'm, way bigger than Steve's.

Oh my God, Tomi, stop this right now, she started, horrified at where her mind was going. These thoughts are NOT okay. Keep your wits about you.

But her kidnappers didn't feel like stopping a thing. As she mused about Will's schlong and what he might do to her with it, Jamal's fingertips rubbed up and down her calves, her thighs, and the soles of her feet, making gentle, circular strokes wherever they went. Meanwhile, Luke took to reaching underneath Tomi's already-tattered bra and massaging her breasts. His fingers flicked her tits, just a bit, first one way and then another way, before fanning back out over her soft mammary mounds.

Tomi lay still. After all the pinching and twisting and pulling of earlier, this didn't feel so bad. Know what? It even felt a little—good? Stop it, Tomi, stop it. You are NOT enjoying this.

Then Luke's hands found her panty line. They slid under. And they crept inch by inch to her pussy. And started to rub, round and round over her pussy lips. Tomi's breath drew short. Then she gasped. As her pussy lips opened and let two of Luke's fingers on through. Her flesh gripped the fingers tightly as they began to slide back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Her pussy eased them in with a first trickling of wetness.

Tomi was still feeling fear. And rage. And desperation for a way out. But she couldn't deny that somewhere, she felt the first stirrings of something else. Oh my God, no, just no, her mind sputtered.

And then Will, like he had read her mind, let her see just how big his manhood was. As she lay still, in full surrender to the two pairs of hands running all over—and in—her body, Will unzipped his pants and loosened his belt buckle. And his cock—all nine glorious inches of it, popped right up, almost hitting Tomi in the eye.

"Scoot her over. It's time for some road head," he said.

Tomi snapped to her senses. I have to suck his dick? No, I can't do this. I can't!

She twitched and shook her head, pleading at Will with her frightened eyes. But he wasn't having it. He gripped her windpipe and started to squeeze. Tomi lowered her eyes, nodded, and let Will turn her face right toward his bulging dick. She closed her eyes and braced for the inevitable. And Will's big, meaty member pushed its way past her lips and into her mouth.

Luke's finger-fucking went on. And picked up speed. His thumb worked her clit back and forth, drawing small, quick breaths and, after a few minutes of this, faint moans.

Jamal pulled one of her legs up and closed his mouth around her toes. And he licked. A few toes in his mouth at a time, each one getting a thorough work-over from his tongue. Tomi giggled, in spite of herself—though by now, her mouth was chock full of Will's cock.

Tomi was in the throes of full-on sexual domination. A cock in her mouth, fingers stimulating her pussy, and hands and a tongue rubbing her up and down her yummy legs and feet. Tomi was overwhelmed. And very turned on. More wetness seeped out onto Luke's fingers and her vaginal walls clenched his fingers. And her hips started to shift up and down in rhythm, as more gentle moans crossed her lips.

Oh my God, I think I'm cumming. She was. With a yelp and a shudder, she let loose a flow of pussy juice into Luke's hands and down his right pants leg.

"Damn, girl, you having fun yet?" said Jamal, watching the scene hungrily.

Ugghh! Tomi couldn't believe herself. How could she let them do that to her?

"Fuck you," she spat back.

"Yeah, you will, bitch," he replied.

. . .

They pulled into a gravel driveway aside a drab brown row of apartments and a miserable-looking parking lot shot through with asphalt cracks and littered with beer cans and burger wrappers. And rows of beat-up old cars, not one of which looked like it had been bought in this millennium.

"Help me get her in, Chuck," Jamal said to the guy in shotgun. Chuck nodded and grabbed Tomi's ankles and yanked her straight out of her assailant's laps. She fell with a thud to the asphalt, scraping her exposed butt as she landed. She registered a shot of pain for a second, and then forgot it: Chuck had just let go. She leapt up and made a run for it. And got four steps—Jamal stuck out his leg as she passed him and sent her careening to the ground.

"You stupid bitch! Don't you fucking try that again," he hollered and grabbed her again by the hair. Tomi slapped at him and made a kick at his groin, only to be tripped again. Chuck grabbed her by the ankles again and lifted her up. Will and Luke took up an arm each. And they brought their prize in through the doorway and down a hall before stopping at a numbered door on the right. They entered into a living room with a torn-up sofa and a giant flatscreen TV blaring some sports newscast in HD.

"You in our house now, bitch! And that's our house, my rules. When I saw you suck a dick, you suck a dick. When I say 'fuck,' you're gonna fuck. Know what I'm saying?"

Tomi, her eyes blurry with tears, nodded.

"I hate you," she muttered.

"What the fuck you say?" Jamal's eyes narrowed.

Tomi summed up her last trace of courage. "I hate you, you lowlife animal." And she spat in his face.

Jamal swooped and tore Tomi's skirt clean off her hips. Then his buddies took off the scrappy remnants of her blouse. Jamal whipped out a knife and made three strokes, and Tomi's bra and panties fell away.

Tomi curled up on the floor, completely nude save for a string of pearls around her neck. Then Anferny took off his belt. Just his belt.

Twack! The leather strap struck Tomi's ass. Anferny cracked it again. And again.

"I like where yo' head's at," Jamal said. And he pulled off his own belt and joined the fun. "Yeah, spank that white bitch ass."

Tomi let loose a torrent of shrieks and yelps. Her legs kicked helplessly. But Will and Luke kept their grip on her arms and she wasn't going anywhere. She was going to do one thing only, and that was lay there and take her punishment.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Tomi screamed more, crying, begging them to stop. Her ass cheeks turned bright red with the abuse.

"Okay, we good. Don't tear her ass up too much," Jamal said with a smirk. "We'll do that later."

Oh my God, Does he mean anal? Tomi shuddered. She had been with five guys in her whole life, including Steve. And not one had put so much as a finger in her ass.

Jamal thwacked his belt against the floor, just inches from Tomi's face. "Get the fuck up." Tomi sat up, her butt still on fire after the spanking.

Anferny now grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face up to his erect cock, which now jutted out of his unzipped fly like Will's had. Before Tomi could say a word, he smashed her face up against his groin and shoved his cock through her pursed lips. His cock head rammed all the way through to her throat.

Tomi retched, gagged, and tried to pull away in a fit of coughing. Anferny gave her ten seconds to catch her breath, then right back into her mouth his cock went. Both his hands clenched her scalp and his thick hips swayed forward and back, forcefully fucking her mouth.

Tomi went with the flow and hugged his legs and let her tongue slide back and forth over his cock as it pushed through her lips in a steady, slow seesaw. Her eyes closed, and she pretended it was Steve's cock, and that this was their condo back in suburbia.

Until Jamal, Will, and Luke unzipped all their flies, too, and got naked. And four muscly black bodies with four very erect cocks now poked at Tomi's lips. Then it was five: Chuck set up a video camera over to the side and, once he made sure it was on, he shed all his clothes, too, and joined the pack.

Tomi looked up, dazed and wide-eyed at the circle of muscle and penises. "You know what to do," Will said.

Tomi resigned herself to her fate. There was no way out of this except by sucking all five cocks. And she had already sucked off one. Oh, what's a few more? she told herself.

"And look at us when you're sucking our dicks," Anferny said.

Tomi's ocean-blue eyes fixed on Luke's cold, squinting eyes, as her hand took hold of his balls and her mouth enveloped his cock. She bobbed her head up and down. Her tongue flicked up and around his cock head, then she slid her lips back and did a long, concentrated sucking of the head while her hand worked his shaft. Luke grinned and chuckled. "Oh, damn. Oh, damn, she good," he said.

Chuck yanked her away by the hair and forced his own cock into her mouth. Anferny took one of her hands and placed it back on his member. She figured out what he wanted easily enough and started jacking Anferny off in short, brisk strokes. Then Will took ahold of her mouth and got in another round of suck action. Chuck took her other free hand and placed it on his cock. Then Jamal steered her over to his erect member. Tomi attended to all five cocks as best as she could.

This went on for another 20 minutes, all five men tugging Tomi in every direction and demanding she give each cock some love. Then finally Will let loose a load of spunk right onto her tongue. She gagged again and made like she would spit it out. This got her a slap in the face from Jamal. "You gonna swallow that, bitch." And he gripped her lips and sealed them shut. Two more blasts of cum followed from Chuck and Luke.

"How's that pussy? Is it still wet?" said Anferny.

"I don't give a fuck," said Jamal. And he shoved Tomi down to the floor. As she lay on her back, he knelt down and gripped her hips with both hands, pushed her legs up over his shoulders. And his hard cock, dripping wet with Tomi's saliva, dove like a torpedo right into her pussy.

"Owwwww! Fuck!" Tomi screeched. But she wasn't in pain for long. That full-body workover in the backseat had primed her more than she realized. And that lengthy group blowjob session had put her mind in a deeply sexual mood, whether she liked it or not. Before long, Jamal's rapidfire thrusts in and out of her pussy hurt less and less. Her vaginal lips went moist again and squeezed Jamal's cock like a vise. Tomi's legs wrapped themselves around his muscled back.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh," Tomi panted. Oh shit, it was happening again. That same old heat building up in her loins, that same pressure. "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God…" Her body was on its way to another orgasm. This one, even bigger than the first.

"Ah ah ah ah ah" …. She quickened her moans and gasps as his thrusting sped up into a sustained power-fuck. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…oh, God." He kept going. Ten minutes, fifteen, almost a half hour. "Oh, fuck. I'm cumming!" Tomi screamed. And the words shocked her even as she said them.

Jamal went on thrusting for another minute, then popped his dick out and sprayed a load of cum onto her tummy. Tomi lay back, winded, sweating, and trying to catch her breath.

But Jamal and his buddies were just getting started. Chuck pulled her up by her right arm and walked her over to a pair of doorways leading into bedrooms. He took her into the first bedroom, plopped down onto the bed, and pointed to her to do the same. His five other buds following behind them, Tomi did as she was told. He put a hand behind her head and guided her mouth over to his upwards-facing cock. She started sucking right on cue. Chuck gave her an approving pat on the head.

Chuck didn't cum in her mouth this time, though. Soon as she'd gotten him hard, he pushed her away. His cock stood a solid eight inches into the air. Chuck leaned over, grasped Tomi by the shoulders, pulled her up onto him, and sat her straight down on his cock and started pumping. Tomi submitted, resting her hands on his chest and swaying her hips to match his thrusts. And that warm, rosy feeling down between her legs came back as her pussy again went moist. She closed her eyes, pursed her lips, and didn't even try to hold the feeling back anymore. "Oooh, ooh, oooohh," she purred in obvious pleasure.

She was so deep into it, that she didn't even hear Will climb into bed behind her. Then his also-erect—and massive—cock poked at her asshole. That got her attention pretty damn quick.

"What are you doing?" She turned, alarm in her eyes. Will didn't say a word, just took hold of her bucking hips and edged his manhood on into her rectum. "No, please," she pleaded. Will paused, and then with one brutal heave he crammed the full nine inches into her ass up to the hilt. Tomi screamed bloody murder, her rectum stretched past the breaking point, the skin chafing and tearing and drops of blood seeping out. But she was powerless to stop him as he started thrusting in and out of her.

Here she was, skewered between the two powerful men, rocked by their double thrusting as they assailed her pussy and her rectum all at once. Within a few minutes, though, her ass calmed down, seemingly used to the new intruder. And she again felt herself getting caught up in waves of hormonal pleasure.

Then the threesome became a five-some. Jamal and Anferny weren't done enjoying Tomi's oral skills, so they climbed into the bed. "Ooh yes, yes, yes, ye---" Tomi's cooing was cut short as Anferny's hard cock rammed on into her mouth. Then Jamal's finger went to Tomi's lips, hooked them and pulled them toward him. Tomi's mouth gaped open, and Jamal filled it with his cock. Tomi could barely fit the two into her mouth at once, let alone suck on them both at once. But the two men left her no choice as they seized the back of her head and took turns thrusting their cocks into it.

Four cocks impaling her at the same time. Four naked, sweaty, muscly male bodies smothering hers. Her pussy was getting sore, and her ass still strained to fit the invading cock, but her whole body brimmed with unwanted euphoria. "Mnnh, mnnnh, mmm, oh Gahh, oh Gahh, oh Gahh, yeth---" Tomi yelped and cried out amid mouthfuls of hard cock.

That's when Luke and Jay sidled up to get in on the action. Each took one of Tomi's hands and wrapped it around his cock. The girl was bouncing and bucking back and forth between Chuck and Will, her hips gytrating more and more frantically, and it took all her focus just to keep servicing the two cocks at her lips. But somehow her hands kept at steady grasps, and she started to get them off. Just as her third orgasm of the day was reaching its apex. Her toes curled, her back arched, her hands clenched down on the two cocks they were pleasing, and her torso trembled and shook. And her head bounced back as she let out peals of pleasure sounds.

"Oohhhhhh shit, shit, shit, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah I'm cumming ohmyGodohmyGodOH GOD!" Tomi shrieked, her lips running as fast as they could yet they couldn't even keep pace with the speed of pleasure overtaking her little body. She came hard and spilled all over Chuck.

Seemingly heeding a signal, the five men all let loose right after. Chuck's splurted over her breasts while the other men coated her back, face, and hair with their fluids. Tomi fell into the bed next to Chuck, a sticky, gooey, exhausted, and radiant mess. Two whole hours had gone by.

A phone rang. One of the dudes'. Tomi listened as one of them picked it up and started talking. Couldn't tell who—she was barely awake, every muscle in her little body sore and her orifices felt like they'd been rubbed down with sandpaper, so raw from two hours of nonstop pounding. Her butt still stung from the belts, not to mention Will and friends' multiple anal assaults. Tomi longed for ice, a gallon of Brita-filtered water, and sleep for days.

But her captors had other ideas.

"Yo, fellas, it's Randall," Said Anferny, putting the phone down. "He's on his way. And he's bringing Jay and all his crew with him. They all getting a piece of li'l miss white chick, too!"

. . .

Randall and Jay did show up. Them and six of their buddies, all very hung—and very horny. Tomi was now in the throes of 13 black men.

And for the next three hours, she was subjected to all of them. Jamal marched her into a shower and rinsed her off soon as they all showed up. Then it was right back to fucking. They bent her over the bed for more anal raping. Fucked her one-at-a-time on a loveseat. Took turns tag-teaming her on the sofa. Lay down on the floor while she simultaneously rode one thug cowgirl while sucking off or jerking off two or three others standing above. Enclosed her in circles of eight or nine guys at a time and made her suck or stroke all eight or nine dicks at the same time—and take the gooey waves of bukkake at the end with a smile.

Tomi swallowed pints of cum before the night was over. More pints drenched her hair, face, and every inch of her tummy, backside, and tits. Tomi would get at least five more orgasms. And one megaload of more pain and burning in all her feminine parts.

. . .

Tomi woke up in the bed, a hulking male body sleeping on either side of her. The whole place was dead silent. Tomi tiptoed to the hall, slowly, cautiously, out into the hall. They were all sound asleep. Lucky break, finally. She fished in the dark for her keys and for what was left of her skirt and blouse. Then she eased open the door, crossed down the hallway to the building's exit, stepped out into the cold, and limped over to her car. The ignition was on and she was speeding away just as two of her assailants busted out the doorway after her. She had wheels; they didn't. She was free.

. . .

Tomi neared her street and pulled into her driveway, thanking her lucky stars that it was late enough that her roommates were asleep, too. They wouldn't catch her stumbling in nearly naked and soaked in male seed.

The familiar worn rug, watercolor paintings, and fridge stacked with hummus and Dos Equis greeted her. She was home. She was safe. It was over. She dragged herself up the stairs and into the shower room. And she brushed aside the shower curtain, flipped on the faucet, and let the warm cleansing drizzle wash the men's filth down the drain. And she collapsed in a ball and burst into ragged sobbing and tears. And just lay there. Her tears and the shower's stream just flowed and flowed on.

Tomi woke up some 12 hours later. Her roommates were awesome, she smiled weakly: They had figured she'd had a rough night and had let her sleep it off—if they only knew how rough.

She checked her phone. Seven missed calls and texts from Steve. Shit. Steve. What do I tell him? Tomi sighed.

Then a new text appeared. A Dallas number, but she didn't recognize it. Not at first.

The text was a video. Of her. Naked. Riding two black cocks and in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. "Oh God, oh God, Oh God," she heard herself cry out on the video.

Another text, same number: There's more video where that came from, bitch. And we'll dump it all out there on Pornhub if you say a word to the cops.

Then a third text: Also, we went through your bag. We know where you live. Call the cops, and you'll be seeing us again real soon. Bitch.

Tomi dropped the phone, her hands shaking and a whimper escaping her lips. The whole world froze. Her mind returned to the smells and sounds of a dingy ghetto bedroom and of naked black men force-fucking her brains out. Tomi felt nauseous, afraid, exposed, and … something else. Excited? Aroused? The right word escaped her as her fingers crept unbidden to her pussy lips and started to rub and twist the already-moistening flesh. Dear God, help me. Please.

Whatever it was, God had nothing to do with it.
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Re: Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 03:41:10 PM »
Nice...very nice indeed.   :)
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Re: Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 07:35:19 AM »
Glad you liked it. Though I note that your country has a Tomi-esque babe they call Lauren Southern, and I dare say I find her even hotter. If I write another celeb story anytime soon, don't be surprised if I make Miss Southern the star.
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Re: Lost Little White Girl (a Tomi Lahren story)
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2018, 01:29:24 AM »
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