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Author Topic: Future Sorority Whore (W/kittyumbrass,lilstephy,sarakitty)  (Read 363 times)

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Future Sorority Whore (W/kittyumbrass,lilstephy,sarakitty)
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:37:20 PM »
I stood in the kitchen of my new apartment, looking out of the window of a small town which wasn't too far off from Beach Point University.  It was a popular place for it's wood-like scenery and the coast not ten miles away from it. I had chosen this place from a long list of schools, not only because of the remoteness of the town or the closeness to the warm beaches, but because of the wild parties usually thrown by the students.

My parents didn't really appreciate that part when they found out about it but it's not their choice. I sighed as the sun went down and I was starting to relax after getting the last of my things into the apartment. Tomorrow I was meant to meet at the Eata Beta Sorority House and meet with its head sisters. Hopefully I'd be made an initiate within their sorority and I'd gain respect within this community.

I know this was the party animal sorority of the town, but that's what I want to be: Excitable and fun.

I didn't have class the next day, which made it perfect for me to head over to the house early in the morning. I had picked an outfit the previous night, a cute little pair of pink shorts and a white top, white bra and a nice pair of white, lacy boy shorts that squeezed my hips tightly. It wasn't a long drive at all and eventually I made my way into the main hall. My nervousness was intoxicating and it felt like my heart was going to beat from my chest.

The hall was huge, but empty, with a stairwell that went to the second floor. I didn't know much about this building, since a lot of it is secretive. I breathed raggedly, walking forward, the sound of my feet echoed off the walls and I could hear the opening and closing of a door not too far off into the rest of the house. Someone was coming to meet me.

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Re: Future Sorority Whore (W/kittyumbrass,lilstephy,sarakitty)
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 07:30:26 PM »
We at the EB have a reputation, of course. And as the most senior girl in the house, the "Queen Bee" in every sense, it's part of my job to see that we keep it.

We have all the pledges we need, of course. Girls from all the wealthiest corners of this great nation, pampered and used to power in their own ways. All of them soon come to see that in this house, I, and I alone, wield the power and am the arbiter of any pecking order. All of them have to go through a rigorous selection process to realise that they aren't the most important creatures - they are only the second-most important. Here's how it works in this town. There's Kitty, then there's the EB, and then there's all the BAFCs (below-average frustrated cunts) of the rest of the world.

Our power is in deciding who puts out and who doesn't. The highest honour anyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or willingness, can be afforded, is to be chosen to please me with their body. Which can range from getting on all fours and licking me out, to dancing under the various tortures I devise.

But, our reputation is based on sex. On hints, on promises, and yes, on actually doing it - if we're at a party, people know that the women there are DTF. They also know that more often than not, the ones they fuck are each other and everyone can look but not touch. Cos Kitty the Queen Bee is a fierce dyke and has moulded this house in her own image. That's me, bitches.

Which leaves the question of who takes the cock. Yes, our intake of pledges comes from very wealthy families, but we have another intake as well. It makes us look open and forward and "progressive", right up until this intake discovers what their role is.

They are the fourth rung on the hierarchy. Here's how it goes: Me > Eta Beta > The world > Eta Beta's fuckslaves.

And today, some poor hapless sappy cunt is coming and thinks she's going to be one of us. She isn't wealthy (well, she is by comparison to the average Joanna, but she's a pauper compared to my girls) so she's worthless to my power and domination, except in one role.

I watch from an upper-storey window as she pulls up and makes her way into the entrance hall. I use a back staircase to descend to the ground floor before making my way to greet her.

I check my appearance in the mirror before I show myself to her: 5ft10 in flats, but of course rocking my 3" heel thigh-length boots to boost me well over 6ft. My jet-black cheerleader outfit is cut to look just about as evil as possible. I'm probably the broadest girl in the house, with a wasp-like waist but broad hips that are accentuated by the skirt, and enhanced boobs lifted by the top and arms that ripple with wiry musculature - the rumour that I broke the neck of a guy who tried to rape me my first week at the school is true, although his body was never found. In my right hand I hold a 6ft ebony staff with a dragon carved into the head and a dark red ruby in its mouth and bright diamonds for eyes - the Eta Beta Royal Sceptre. Hidden in my left hand is a tape measure.

"So, you think you're worthy of being an Eta Beta sister, girl? You'd better introduce yourself..." My voice is deep, and filled with scorn and amusement when I open the door and stalk into the atrium.


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