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Conroy Johanns' Tales of Ribaldry
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:54:44 AM »
Conroy Johanns' Tales of Ribaldry

“Loni felt like she was floating on a cloud of exhilaration as she watched this rude and beautiful specimen of Humaniti 1.0 reach up and remove his helm. He had the curly hair and the golden-brown complexion of the ruling caste d'or and she realised there was a torc around his neck. She knew from the books what it meant. He wasn't just a Knight; he was a Prince!” ~ Conroy Johanns, Misadventure on the Museum Planet

Misadventure on the Museum Planet Entry in January/February 2018

(Above format borrowed with gratitude from a post by [member=1532]Smirkin[/member].)

The following list of my stories on RC is up-to-date as of 02-24-2018. I write frequently with interracial mdom themes and my work often touches on mental manipulation, bondage, anal sex, forced orgasms and (legal) teens, among other subjects. I don't often write with Extreme themes in mind, save that I've recently discovered a certain fondness for watersports in my fiction (specifically flagged where it occurs). Enjoy and feel free to ask questions here or in my Messages inbox.

If you enjoy my writing here, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Thank you!

Contest Entries

His Eye Is On the Sparrow: As the stepdaughter of an abusive crime-lord comes of age, his trophy wife and terrified victim will lay everything on the line to try to protect her little girl from his urges.
Tags: anal, nc, bondage, interracial, whipping, milf, daughter, gagged, incest

Misadventure on the Museum Planet: Loni is an innocent young student of the Celestial-Born bioroid race who has dreamed of seeing Humaniti 1.0 in all its rude and primitive glory on the Museum Planet of Vraiterre. But she gets more than she bargained for when she has an encounter with a Prince's hunting party in the forest.
Tags: sci-fi, medieval, contest, anal, bondage, forced orgasm

Humour & Silliness

The Hopewell Pop Music Academy: All about a wonderful school that's teaching sexy young girls to be pop superstars. Their methods are... unorthodox.
Link, Pt. 2
Tags: interracial, mind control, teen, school, rough, bimbo, bondage, brainwashing, watersports, anal, oral, impact play, pet play

The House of the Blue Wizard: A quartet of intrepid female adventurers takes on a quest to rid a town of a supernatural pimp. Little do they know their target lies in wait with an arsenal of surprises that will prove nasty in every way.
Tags: drugged, fantasy, comedy, parody, mind control

Longer Stories

The Customer: It's the eve of a long weekend, and Empire Apparel salesgirl Kasia has had a long day. Now looking forward to some time off and fun with her friends, she's minutes away from closing the store when a charming stranger walks in. A stranger who is not what he seems...
Tags: MMMF, TP, bondage, stranger, humiliation, interracial, watersports, rough, intoxication, hair pulling, slapping, anal

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
... on hiatus for now, but further chapters are coming...

SXIVM: The Dark Seduction: A BDSM non-con fantasy inspired by the day's most salacious headlines. A twist of fate brings an ordinary man into possession of an extraordinary Little Black Book, the key to a trove of blackmail material being kept by a sex cult that's pulling a bevy of hot young starlets into a web of perversion. Can he resist the temptation to use this instrument of evil to gratify his own desires? (SPOILER: He cannot.)
Tags: celebrity, cult, bondage, interracial, anal, gangbang, slavery, rough, branding, watersports, humiliation

Chapter One
... in process...
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"Nobody brought an extra bag!"

SXIVM: The Dark Seduction tells a tale ripped from today's headlines. Lots and lots of celebrity mayhem to come!

The Hopewell Pop Music Academy is part-story, part-unofficial pictures thread, all-pervy. Now features  Part Two!


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