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Author Topic: Work in progress  (Read 323 times)

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Work in progress
« on: October 20, 2017, 12:07:45 PM »
It had been a rather ordinary day, working lives filling the hours. Both him and his partner going thru the motions. She was expected home late from work, later still with a social life to take part in. He had been enjoying an afternoon in solitude, a very different enjoyment but delightful all the same. He felt different today, usually enjoying an outward expression of love to others taking joy in sharing but today was much more inward as he was feeling selfish and had his eyes on what he wanted. He moved some things around the flat and waited for his partner's return.

As she walked in she could sense something was wrong, something had changed and she couldn't put her finger on it. She opened the door tentatively unsure what she would find and was instantly grabbed by the throat, she knew the hand well and found it comforting but she also knew it would hurt. He slammed the door shut behind her with his other hand and pulled her into the room, standing confused and helpless in his grip. He said just one word, a strong order she knew better than to fight "strip" and with that she frantically clawed at her own clothes knowing he would not give her long to comply. As she stood naked lost in his grip he moved behind her still fully clothed holding her throat as his arms wrapped around her, she knew he could take anything from her now. She wriggled her bum against his crotch trying desperately to please him in the hope he would be gentle, instead he pulled her wrists up and handcuffed them behind her back, her situation getting worse by the moment. He then held her close and pointed with a finger outstretched from her shoulder at a chunky rectangular paddle, he felt her twitch with fear as her eyes focused on it. That was when he told her she didn't have long to undo his belt and unzip his jeans before he beat her, his demeanour relaxed and calm as she again became frantic trying to avoid the pain he had picked for her. As she finished the task he pushed her to grade herself "do you think that was fast enough?" and as he did the feeling of her sinking was clear, she sobbed back "no Sir". He took his time and savoured her fear as she stood waiting for him to strike her, he made her bend and push her face down into a pillow, everything about it stripped away her freedom. There was one firm smack leaving a red smudge across her bum, she whimpered bracing for another strike to follow but it didn't come. She was confused and helpless knowing he could have thrashed her for hours but that even with one she was his. She held her face into the pillow afraid if she dare turn to look back and see what he would do next it would goad him into making sure it hurt her more, it felt like eternity and she sobbed into the pillow as her predicament continued to sink in.

He took his hand and raised it between her thighs, the warmth of her soaked cunt radiating out to welcome him. He grabbed her pubes and yanked on them, years of allowing her to have a bushy pussy had turned them into a very easy way to pull her around. She tried her hardest to hold still, fighting between his order to stay in that position and his grip tearing her away from it. He loosened his grip slightly from her hair and before the sigh was out of her forced his hard cock deep inside her. It filled her to the point it hurt, unexpected it pushed deeper and deeper until his thighs smacked against her ass and then he pulled back and it started all over again. He was entirely in control taking everything he wanted from her, she arched her back accepting the better she made it for him the sooner it might be over. His voice rough "you are a good hole" it broke her even more reducing her to nothing for his enjoyment but she mustered up another "yes Sir" from her tears. By now she was placid all fight and frantic struggle gone, she had to accept her body wanted him to use her as it pushed out a moan from her tears. As he got rougher and pushed deeper he reached a point of almost primal instincts and drove her down onto the bed, landing on her back pinning her down the fucking didn't stop. She was so relieved to feel his load inside her, feeling him force his cum deep inside her was the warm fuzzy feeling this might soon be over.

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Re: Work in progress
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 04:54:35 PM »
Nice story!
I really enjoyed it...
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