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The 10
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:44:43 AM »
The Latest U.N. Conference Over,   Its ramifications were not lost on the old warrior, He sighed, and thought How he could save the situation  here on the island,  to keep one of the worlds first truly multinational bases intact, against the rising tide of radical expansion from the desert tribes on the mainland.
Leafing again through the dossier given him earlier that week , He came to realize  that the only way to save his beloved base and second home was to leave it.

His Holiness the Supreme High Religious leader Of the desert tribes had set his sights on the island-nation  and 'redeeming it and the temple of our ancient ancestors from the Impurities of the so-called developed nations'.  Worse this Cleric had begun to raise and radicalize his own little army, the  "Holy-Warriors-of-the-Desert-Sands"

And now this...
  With a deep sigh he picked up the phone and spoke to his old friend the Ambassador.   
They quickly came to agreement that indeed, though it would worsen tensions initially,  it was the best chance for all concerned. 
At last he asked.  "How much longer?"

"It's still far to hot now,  Early fall,  when the temperatures drop to a bearable level for both day and night maneuvers, certainly before mid winter.    Your Captain Carri is very resourceful, and fortunately  You also have Lt. Kalia of the  LuSusa tribe  who can answer any other questions, and is still fluent in the tongue of the ancient rituals...
 Farewell my friend,  Blessings to you..."

- -

"We've been dealt the worst possible of hands Carri.",    the old  Brigadier sighed and continued, his face falling.   "You may not think so now, but I am actually going to do you a favor by taking all the men with me and leaving you in command of the remaining women.   It was a dirty trick they played in the U.N.   and  we are now  required by the local government to reduce the strength of this base by at least half.    Since they are still of the same basic culture as the desert tribes on the mainland,  It will be a serious slap in the face that we leave only female soldiers here.  And they if they want otherwise, they will have no recourse  but to ask for a larger presence once the efforts to appease this new Holy-Leader and his renegades are dealt with..."
The Captain shook her head,
 "How I am to maintain our presence on this island with scarcely 200 soldiers?"

"You do not need to do more than maintain the base for now.  All exercises have been canceled, and the embassy will maintain its own garrison. Picked from our best people."

"If we must, Sir."

"I have had  this dossier compiled  on the belief systems of the island and the desert tribes.    I think you will find it very interesting reading....  especially in light of your now being an all female force..."
"Safe travels Sir."



Shortly thereafter, Capt Carri  acquired several pigs  and had  loose pens  set up blocking the easiest approaches to the base-camp.   On consultation  with Lt. Kalia,  she  kept them  on the opposite side of camp from bowl which contained the crumbling ancient shrine;   as far away from it as possible.  But they did clear the valley floor there, and refresh the sands knowing that should the worst happen,  as Lt. Kalia confirmed,  it would be there that last stand would  most likely occur.

The old brigadier was only too right.

The news that the worlds superpowers had pulled out all  of their fighting men,  leaving only women manning the International base was just too much for His "Supreme-Holiness" to resist.  He openly led his men on the island in a series of terror-attacks in the most populated areas, as they claimed,  to be cleansing the land of the poisonous influences of the 'developed nations'. 
At last he was captured, and quickly sentenced to death,  but his final request for 10 Houri to be presented to him on the evening before his execution  sent shock waves through the Island's Government.


The consul introduced  his excellency the old ambassador, originally of the desert tribes himself,  to the Captain, then hastily retreated back to the city...

"They cannot be serious!"  she exclaimed, looking down at the papers before her.
"You have one of yours who is also originally of the tribes like myself,   together we can help separate likely from certainty for you." 
"Tula!     Get  Lt. Kalia in here,  yesterday!" 


But  Captain Carri  was not ready for the reaction from Lt. Kalia....

With tears flowing and a shriek she fell to her knees,  "Please!! Do not require me to link my soul to his eternal service!!"

His Excellency  rippled off a string of sentences,  to which Kalia  raised her hands and began a ritual response,  at the fourth line he quoted along with her emphasizing  two words.

She gasped,  and replied with another quote,  her eyes growing wider.

Three more slowly carefully expressed sentences from His excellency followed.

Kalia rose in a fluid motion.

"Captain, My Captain,    My humble apologies for my outburst.   His Excellency has clarified the ancient way to me.   Am I to understand  that you wish me to lead the firing squad?"

"Yes.  But that was not my original reason for summoning you,  and first  I want a full explanation  of what was just said.     For I have here orders  that we are to  provide 10 women for his final pleasure,  and we are, unfortunately,  bound by  treaty  to do so. "

She looked expectantly at the two..

Another quick exchange of words in the fluid tongue..

"In English Please!"

"Sorry,  Captain.  Lt. Kalia, just confirmed to me that no men are here...  You do remember the dossier,  right?"

Capt Cari sighed. and pulled out the folder. 

He continued,  "If you still had a mixed force here I'd say you were doomed.   But between  your Lt. Kalia and I;  I believe  we can help you  come up with an operational plan that will significantly  reduce the risk of any casualties.  And get those 'Holy-warriors-of-the-desert-sands'  to leave this island in peace at least for a time..."

"You have my attention."

"Then let us start by going  over every  psychological advantage you can eek out using their beliefs against them..."


"Ladies,   today you learn why we were left  as an all-female regiment.    In a matter of hours  the spiritual leader of the desert clans  will be handed over to us  for summary execution.

"Yes,  We can and will execute him as an international terrorist,  at the behest of the duly elected government of the people of this island.   And yes, even though a formal request for an internment party and honor-guard to take his remains back to the mainland has been sent;   I still fully expect us to be attacked at dawn by that very same large party of his 'holy followers'  attempting to free him and kill as many of us 'infidels' as possible. 

Fortunately for us, their belief systems can be used against them,  and to that end several orders will be issued, which although bizarre,  will ensure our greatest odds of  victory,  and hopefully with minimal casualties.

First.   It is part of their beliefs that to attack and cause injury to a woman is extremely dishonoring, and to be hurt by a woman, degrading.   Yet for the Holy Warriors who will be coming here to honor their Supreme leader?   To engage in combat with naked women will be both degrading and defiling to the point of endangering them with a trip to their version of Hell.   
So,  before we leave this  muster, everyone myself included, will strip and be wearing  only  light footwear, and her weapon. Nothing else.

  We need 10 to volunteers for the execution squad.
And this duty will be no picnic as you will have to endure his final evening with him in his cell.   He has already demanded we present him 10 women as 'Houri-on-Earth', for his final request as a condemned man.  Due to current international treaty law,  we cannot refuse.
That plus the near certainty of a dawn attack is the  primary reason this countries government   has dumped him on us...

A growl rose from the ranks...

"Yes,  They think to deflect the uprising by foisting  its leader off on us.   But,  We are going to save them from themselves."

"Now Listen carefully." she  continued,   "Each of the execution squad is to verbally refuse,  but not physically resist him.
   And at 1 AM they will be shooting him,  and as each one will have a live round in the chamber, it is very likely that several if not all the squad members, will be executing her rapist."

This is a duty detail that I want only volunteers for,   It is not often I ask  for some of you to go well above and beyond for your sisters."

In the pregnant pause that followed,   Lt.  Kalia  as pre-arranged, marched forward, and called out
"I volunteer to lead the the execution squad!"   

"Accepted."   "I need nine more volunteers who will follow her lead, and her instructions, to the letter."
At first there was silence,  Kalia had broken the ice,  but this was still too much for many to take in quickly.
"Remember,  each one of the squad  will be putting a live round into his heart".

A rustle, then slowly more ladies stepped forward,  and finally there was a burst of several at once.
  "Enough.  We have the 10.  Proceed forward, those arriving last are  to stand as squad backup and an unarmed cell-block detail.  Lt Kali,  brief your squad as to what awaits them.

Medical will be open shortly,  you will report there  for a special spray-tan which includes an insect repellent and sunblock.  All of you, not just the light-skinned.     
Then form up at the mess  where each of you will wipe lard on the tips of your bullets."

On arrival  His Supreme Holiness  did not seem at all shocked to find the base occupied only by naked women.  Rather he appeared quite pleased.   He was, however, disappointed to learn that he would not be permitted to choose the 10.

Kalia carefully re-explained the rituals normally involved in  a desert-cleric's last request of Houri-on-Earth.    It was, even among the desert tribes, if the man was not devout, often little better than sanctioned rape.  And by formally refusing him in the tongue of the tribes,   it would count as such tonight  under international law.   To a girl of the tribes to be seeded by any 'holi-man' was supposed to be a special honor.  The higher and more devout  the holi-man the greater the declaration of eternal servitude he was to get from his Houri-on-Earth.    Mis-use or abusing Houri was however tantamount to defiling ones afterlife even before one got there. But that detail was never spoken of in His Supreme-Holiness's  variation of the 'Sacred-Desert-Way'.   
She demonstrated several positions which they might be ordered to take, and affirmed that assuming positions when ordered,  after the initial refusal,  would not negate that refusal in any way.

She led them in at  sunset,  and kneeling before him,   when each gave her name, she gave only her first, then the refusal instead of her  surname.
 His rage seethed at being challenged so by mere infidel women!  This behavior was begging him to break them as well as fill each with his seed!!
Since   Kalia  knew  the ritual tongue,   and the desert ways,  he forced himself on her first,  making her the example,  and often returned to use her to demonstrate the next humiliating position  he wanted one or all to take.

To those on unarmed duty outside, forbidden to intervene in any way,  the anguished cries  coming from within brought bitter tears to their eyes, and haunting night terrors for days to come....

Mercifully  One AM arrived and the signal was given.

Unceremoniously the guards threw open the cell door,  grabbed him,  slapped on the cuffs , and frog-marched him outside to the showers.   Others followed,  having made sure his final garments were still ceremonially clean.


His excellency  came to attention as  His-Supreme-Holiness was led to the weathered platform where  his ancestors had made their ritual sacrifices.   Secured  above a fresh mound of the creamy sands  he stared in disbelief as the 10 he had been so happily ravishing shortly before, now locked home the clips loaded with the very bullets  His Excellency had just prayed over.

"But it is still night!" He protested...

"No,  by the laws of our modern times it is now  One AM in the morning.   Each of your 'Houri' will now put a bullet through your heart, and then sit the desert vigil until dawn as the sands absorb your blood.  At sunrise  your lament shall go up,  honoring your passing.  Thus completing the matter according to the ancient rituals of our peoples.

This time you are not going to be rescued, and  in the morning your avengers will face an army of only women.  Naked women.   Armed with bullets already coated in fat of pigs.
If they are true holy-men of the sands, they will be unable to fire a shot at these, (his sweeping hand taking in all assembled),  without  being utterly defiled in the process.
But, If they do fire on naked women  they will forever betray all that you and they claim to stand for.
No. Your end comes now."

"But ladies how could you kill the father a child now seeded in you ??"

"Ready!" - "Aim!" - "Fire!"

The rifles  spat as one.   All ten shots  tore through his chest within a second of each other.
He mouthed words but no sound came out as he slumped down,  the creamy sands  already drinking in his hearts blood.

The guns returned to the ground, and medics stepped up. 

"No Pulse."
"No other vitals."
"Removing restraints."

The 10 settled into the still-warm sands to begin sitting the vigil.

The mild weather held,  food was passed out,  and in the pre-dawn hours the remainder of the regiment re-positioned themselves in spread formation behind the 10;  all now clothed only in their spray-tans, each holding her weapon at the ready.
As the sky lit a lavender then rose hue,   the lumps of the advance scouts could be seen at intervals along the ridge-lines, outlined by the growing light in the east.

A wail was heard as one of them confirmed that the execution was long over.

As the light grew,  more and more men were discernible sitting  atop the dunes staring down in stunned disbelief at the naked women arrayed below.

More movement along the high-dunes between the ruin and the sea.

The winter sun at last fell full on the still form of his holiness,  its solstice pattern on the stone work above him,  ironically  just as it had for the ceremonial victims of his ancestors a millennia earlier.

His excellency uttered a long undulating cry, and motioned for the Captain.

His excellency,  picked up the microphone for the loudhailers.
A similar wailing sequence to the first.  But its words were more distinct.

"I have uttered the call for the honor-guard to remove the felled and take him back to his proper place of interment.  For us, at least   the rituals are over.  Now we see if they behave with honor or not."

- -

There was a slight movement  on  one dune, 

His excellency uttered another  long undulating cry, 

 It was answered  from somewhere upon the dunes..
 Then a longer chanting sequence  clearly  asking some kind of question?

 Kalia's  gaze locked upon a point half-way up one of the dunes, a longer sorrowful sequence rippled forth from her lips.
In the pause that followed  His excellency added a firmer sequence.

In an aside to Capt Carri ,   
"They can see  that he was not beheaded,  the senior holy man is asking  how the rituals could have been kept if he sees no other male present... only me;    and there are swine in the vicinity."

One shot was heard and in its pen one of the pigs let out a death-squeal.

His excellency  ripped of a commanding burst,  strong and full of warning.

Now Kalia added her voice an octave higher her chanted phrases brought a mixed ripple of surprise and anguish.

"I reminded them that you are women, and infidel women at that,  so to coat your bullets in the fat of pigs, to further ensure the ultimate defilement of any they must fight,  is but a small matter to you."
The voice on the hillside  punched out another interrogative,

Kalia replied with a sequence so mournful it caught in ones chest. 

 The voice again,  querying?

 Kalia suddenly shivering glanced at His Excellency,  who in turn unleashed a sequence almost identical,

"Ha!  Clever that one,   he wanted Kari to intone that all the squad  had eternally bespoken themselves to their supreme leader as his houri in the afterlife.   I reiterated that they had been presented as 'houri', and were still sitting in desert-vigil.

The voice again,  and this time raising her arms, Kari  gave the ancient ritual response with a stronger and more confidant heart.

"He has moved on,  he is verifying  that they have held vigil, not moving from their places."

Another query,

"..and now he asks if any bear the Fallen-Leaders seed..."   

Kari repeated her original mournful sequence.

"Now in context, she has confirmed that they all do.  And that it was they who sent him on into the after-life by each piercing him through the heart with a bullet."

 Shock and wonder  is palpable from the crowded dunes.

Again the voice,  this time Kalia's response is more measured.

"He has clarified 10 bullets to the heart, & 10 houri, still in vigil position.  Women, yes, but Earth-Houri bearing his seed by his final request,  already they are arguing the conflicting implications among themselves...."

The voice  rippled off a warbling sequence, which ended in the roar of many men.

"Your Vigil is over.  Squad rise and ready! We have incoming!!"
"Steady now!"  "Maximum restraint!  No one fires unless either directly fired upon, or you are shooting the man who has just dropped one of your comrades!!  One man at a time! Target ONLY  those who actually fire on you!!"

The dunes erupted with men wailing and running down to the temple ruin, firing their weapons into the air..   
As they realized that the bowl was indeed full of nude females,  and armed nude females at that,  they either slowed or froze.
Again His excellency  produced a long wailing chant.   At this, some stood in disbelief, but the foremost approached the platform and outlined a ragged  lane back to the dunes.
A drum began to beat, and new chant arose, And a white-garbed group approached.

"This is the honor-guard."

 "That means I have convinced them a tribal male  has overseen and caused the rituals to be adhered to, even though you are infidels,  and,  Kalia has confirmed the specifics of how they were kept.
  But, they are still struggling with how you managed to both simultaneously venerate and humble their supreme spiritual leader leaving them no  excuse to overrun  the base and take it for themselves,   not to mention  there is no concept in the language if the tribes for a woman who is both nude and able to defend herself.  In fact, the words for  a 'nude female', and 'utterly-defenseless' are homonyms... he chuckled.

The men had reached His holiness, and held up his cloak, showing all it was pristine, they draped it over a stretcher and lay him gently on it  folding it over him.

Another was lain over a second litter, and a mound of the blood-soaked sand now sat upon it.  Then it too was folded over and they began the slow march back over the dunes to the sea, and the boats that would take them back to the mainland.

One could take it no more and spun  screaming;
 "You cannot be women!  You are evil Jinn!"  His rifle barked and one of the 10 screamed  as the round pierced her shoulder and her weapon fell to the ground. 
 Even as she collapsed to her knees on the sand, two fired back taking him in the chest and head.   His agonized shriek at the realization that he had been fatally wounded, felled by women, died as quickly as it began, for he drew naught another breath.
Others turned their guns on the brigade,  but not another shot fired.

His Excellency's wailing chant again echoed out, but this time with a combination of scorn and lament.  The voice on the dune echoed with a confirmatory note.

Those nearest  the fallen man  spat on him acknowledging his ultimate defilement, and left him there  untouched, as they  all withdrew, a final rear-guard to their fallen leader.   
A litter carried by nude medics swiftly  collected  the wounded squad member and bore her back for medical  attention.

 Calling out to Kalia in the rolling tongue, the voice on the dune finally made his appearance.

A lone man in white garb descended, and approached the base if the platform.    She  went down on one knee motioning the remainder of the squad to do likewise.

The Cleric  gave a  half-bow to  Kalia,  then intently regarded the solstice alignment over the place of execution. 

He turned to His Excellency.

"Ambassador!  Tell your useless government  that today they have been shamed more deeply than His-Supreme-Holiness  could have ever  arranged or imagined.    They have been kept from  the path of our cleansing  storm not by Warriors, or even Men,  but by women!, and Infidel women at that!!

For you Captain,  by your devious devices,  have both humiliated and venerated the strongest of the desert clerics.  And,  His Excellency told you true.  There was not till now  a place in the thinking of the desert tribes  for  women who had the courage and discipline  to dare to stand before us as you have.   No, you have earned  the right to be seen by us as warrior-women, and your presence will not defile the temple of our ancestors, for you are women, and it is women to whom the traditional vigil duty falls.

  For now, you have earned the right to guard and defend  this temple of the ancients,  and with it the worthless  remainder of this island.  None of this gathering shall  ever return to this Island.  We will restore our honor in battles elsewhere and leave the cleansing of the Island to  future generations."

Then, "Yes"  he continued more softly,  "I know where you really sent Him,  Kalia of the tribe LuSusa".
You would never have willingly submitted your eternal spirit to him.  So he dishonored himself yet again last night upon your body,  and yet you kept the infidels honor by not resisting him.   We will speak not of this among the tribes. Save to announce You, Kalia, earned the honor to stand blood-guard here."

He turned to the ambassador.   "You shall not speak of this beyond reporting to your apostate government leaders,  for  he departed from our Holy-ways in his actions here.   Still,  He  shall be given all the desert  honors of a dying cleric who had but wished  the houri-tradition as a last attempt to increase his blood-line."

"There is a small empty crypt to the left of the platform.   Dump the body of the defiled in it.  He spat in the direction of the man who had shot the squad member.    He who wounded a houri bearing His-Fallen-Holiness's  seed,  It will be his curse to both haunt here, forever the spirit-guard of the sands that drank of her blood."

As he turned and retraced his steps over the dunes toward the sea,  he was faintly heard to say...

"Maybe  your legends of the Amazon warrior-women  have some small grain of truth to them after all.."

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