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Black Jack'd
« on: November 09, 2017, 07:01:02 PM »
Black Jack'd
   "Seriously? I finally come home after being gone for two months and this is your idea of a welcome home?"
   I know it sounded harsh, but after two months and over 2,000 miles of separation, coming home to a wife that was cranky and in a mood to argue was not what I had envisioned.  I realize it was difficult on her, but at least she had been home, surrounded by family, friends, our home, sleeping in our bed, while I lived out of a suitcase in a hotel and had to deal with complete strangers every day.  Plus, coming home to a messy house was the icing on the cake.  I let me anger out.

   " Being home without you wasn't all that great for me!" she retorted.  "I had to do everything on my own."  I looked around incredulously.  I was full of ammunition for a really, really good argument and all I had to do was point out the obvious.  Instead, I took a deep breath:

   " You know what?  I refuse to fight.  This is ridiculous.  I work this job so that we can live.  It's called "a Living" for a reason, right?  THIS is not how I want to live.  I want to live being happy.  If I need to quit this job to stay home and deal with the house, then we can live on your salary."

   I don't know what it was after that, but the waterworks started then.  She began to cry and I was left wondering what had happened. 

   " I'm sorry," she began:  "I know the house looks terrible.  I know the washing machine needs fixing and I didn't bother with a repairman.  I was just so busy at work and when I got home I was too emotionally exhausted and constantly sad because I missed you."

   "Well", I started, "This isn't my idea of a homecoming.  I apologize for taking it out on you." I turned and left the room to give us some space and time to cool down.  When I turned around, she had followed me.

   "I know you are disappointed.  I really am sorry.  I will make it up to you and start cleaning now."  She turned to leave the room, but I reached out and pulled her to me.

   "You need to get some things straight here.  It isn't the house.  It's you.  I want to be able to spend time with you, not watch you clean the house.  I need YOU and I need you badly."

   She stopped to consider this for a few minutes.  Then, she surprised me by saying:
   "Do you want to go do something tonight?"
   "Like what?  Grocery shopping is not a high priority to me right now."

   "I don't know," she responded in her typical fashion.  "I will do whatever you want." 

   I cocked an eyebrow at her.

   "Anything I want?" 

   She laughed it off.  She knew that "Anything I want" usually meant sex.  It had been that way for 25 years of marriage.  It usually involved going to bed on a Friday night then waiting until Saturday morning when the kids were out of the house and having some good, old fashioned, missionary position sex. 

   "Fine," I said, "If you promise anything I want, I will make some arrangements for us to go out tonight and have some fun."

   "Really?  Just the two of us?"  She actually jumped up and down with a bit of excitement.

   "Well, us, and whoever else happens to be there."   I joked.  "Is it a deal?  Tonight is my night and I set it up.  Fair?"

   She was more than a bit relieved that I was willing to make the arrangements.  She really hated making decisions on her own.  It was a perfect chance to set things up and have a little fun.  With that, we decided to head up to bed.  I had plans to make for the next day.

   Morning came, finally, and she headed off to work.  I started doing some research online.  I was looking for a decent, but not entirely reputable, motel in the area.  I wanted one with a bar/ restaurant, but nothing fancy.  I found what I wanted, not far from home, across from a truck stop.  Instead of calling, I went to check it out.  I asked for a look at a room.  The room was a basic room.  It was a one-story motel with doors that opened out to the parking lot instead of in to a hallway.  There was also a bar that served food.  It was a real dive of a place, with posters advertising karaoke that night.  It was perfect.  I booked a room, got a key,  and continued with my preparations.

   I stopped by the local porn shop, (surprisingly close to the motel…or maybe not surprisingly), and picked up a new "dress."  The price was more than it was worth, but it was what I needed.  It was bright red, sure to be noticed, not too low cut, just enough to show some cleavage.  The best part was the slit on the left side: it went up past mid-thigh, which was exciting.  My wife was nearly 50 but she had nice legs.  In fact, to me, she had nice everything.  Tonight I wanted to show it off.

   I also noticed the bondage gear at the store and thought, "Why not? After all, she said "Anything" I want."
   I looked around and found a set with wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and thigh cuffs.  I thought it would be good for a laugh if for nothing else.  The only thing missing was a way to fasten the cuffs to the bed.   I decided that I had gone that far, so I made a trip to the local hardware store.  I bought some rope and some spring clips.  I figured I could run the rope under the mattress and use the clips to attach the cuffs. 

   After all my shopping, I stopped back by the motel to drop off the stuff from the hardware store.   I checked under the bed, (a scary thing to do in any motel), and discovered that the frame was actually metal.  I set about tying the rope to each side of the frame in three different places: head, middle and foot of the bed.  Then I attached the cuffs and pushed them beneath the bed.  Now, it was time to wait.

   When I got home, I sat and thought about the night to come.  I was excited, but fully expected her to change her mind.  Still, I was going to press it to the end.  When my son got home, I handed him $20.00 and told him he was going to take his sister to the movies that night.  His mother and I had plans and would be gone.  I also gave him money for a pizza and refused to answer any further questions. 
He finally gave up, and when my daughter came home, he had the movie picked out, told her to get ready and they left just as my wife drove up. 

   "Where are the kids going?"  She asked as she came in. 

   "Out," I replied. "We have a date night tonight, remember?"

   "Right.  I remember.  Did you make reservations anywhere?"

   "Yes, I made plans.  Now, go take a quick shower and get all prettied up.  I will tell you all about it when you're ready."

   She looked at me with a question in her eyes, but turned to go upstairs.

   "Where are you going?" I asked.

   "If I am going to shower, I need underwear and a change of clothes."

   "Oh, don't worry about that.  I will take care of everything while you shower.    Now, get in the shower."

   As she showered, I got everything I had picked out for the night.  I had a nice bra in mind, some very sexy panties and a pair of thigh high hose.  I also had a deck of cards ready.  By the time she finished her shower, I was sitting there, waiting.  She opened the shower curtain and gave me another look: 

   "Just what are you thinking, dear?  I hope you haven't gotten your hopes up too high because I don't want another fight."

   "Oh, there won't be a fight.  In fact, if I remember correctly, you said tonight could be anything I wanted.  But, I know you well enough to know that you will try to get out of it if you can."

   That seemed to hurt her feelings, but it also made her consider.  She knew I was being truthful and she really did try to get out of things even if she had given her word.  She would always claim I was trying to trick her.  So, I looked at her, dripping wet, tits hanging nicely, nipples hard from the chill.   I reached up, gave her left breast a quick squeeze and handed her a towel.

   "I know what you're thinking, and I know you want to get out of an agreement you made. BUT…" I continued, "I will give you a fair deal.  I have a deck of cards.  We'll cut the cards and if YOU draw the high card, you make all the decisions tonight and decide what we are going to do.  If I draw the high card, we do what I want, just like you promised." 

   She dried off, and with an exasperated look and irritated edge in her voice said:    "Fine, I'll play along.  But, I get to shuffle the deck!"

   "And…if you lose?"

   "If I lose, it's what you have planned.  Let me get dressed."

   "Not yet.  Shuffle the deck and draw your card.  Your card decides if you put on your flannel pajamas or what I have for you."

   I handed her the deck and watched her shuffle.  I stifled a laugh because this seemed like the exact opposite of strip poker.  High card decided what she was to wear.

   She handed the deck back to me.  I shuffled once again and offered her the deck for her draw.   She pulled the card and looked at it.  I could tell she wasn't happy with it and she tried to put it back in the deck.

   "Best two out of three, right?"  She almost begged.

   "No.  That wasn't the deal.  Let me see your card."

She turned the card to me and I was elated.  She had a four of hearts.  Of course, I had to draw, but I knew I had a great chance of winning this draw.   I reached for the top card, drew it and looked at it.  I had drawn the 5 of spades.  I had won the draw by one. 

   "Looks like I am the winner.  It's my night and here is what you are wearing."

I handed her the clothing and she looked at me like I was crazy:

   "You only one by ONE.  One lousy point! Seriously?"

   "Winning is winning.  You agreed last night, I gave you the opportunity to draw and we are back where we should have been when you first got home.  Put on your makeup, fix your hair, put on the clothes and let's get going." 

   It took her a while, but when she finally finished, she came out of the bathroom with an exasperated look on her face.  Despite the look, I was floored.  She was looking great! 

   "Are you serious?  You want me to wear this?  Are you crazy?"
   "Yes.  I am crazy…crazy for you!  You look awesome!"

That didn't really help.  She kept pressing the issue:
   "And you expect me to go out looking like this?"

   "Would you just trust me, please.  Where we are going, you will fit in fine.  Plus… you drew the loosing card."

   With that, I took her by the hand, grabbed my keys and headed to the door.  We stopped long enough for her to put on the shoes I had already waiting by the door.  We stepped out the back, I led her to the car and opened the door.  I watched as she got in the car, the slit in the dress exposed her leg up to nearly the hip.  I was so turned on, I was ready to just drag her back into the house.

   She grabbed her dress, pulled it over her leg and looked at me with that look in her eye that said:  "If I could, I would kick you in the balls." 

   We drove in silence to the motel.  When she realized where I was headed, she looked at me:
   "THIS is where you are taking me?"

   "What did you think?  I got us a room for the night, away from the kids, away from the house and away from reality.  We can just enjoy a night away from the mundane and from home.  Isn't that fair?"

   "Well," she said, "since you put it that way.  You could have explained what you had planned at first and it might have made a difference."

   "No, I really couldn't have explained it.  You know it wouldn't have made a difference anyway.  That's why I had to resort to these."  I reached into my jacket pocket and produced the cards and shook them in front of her.  "I know you pretty well, so I know how you think.  I had to cover my bases to make sure I really did get anything I wanted tonight."

   "Am I really that bad?"  She began.  Before she could say anything else, I cut her off.

   "Seriously, all I am asking is you carry through with your promise for one night.  Is that too much to ask? Stop thinking about if you are "THAT BAD" or how you look, which, by the way, you look great.  Just let me have this one night."

   "Ok.  I'm sorry.  You can have this night.  Anything you want."

I looked in her in the eyes and said:
   "Say that again.  Tell me that one more time."

She looked me in the eyes and said:
   "Any… Thing…You…Want."

I smiled, opened my door and then reached in the back. 
   "What's that?" she asked.

"I packed a small bag.  Can't have a night at the motel without a small bag, right?" 

She actually laughed at that.  "Right.  I forgot: Men and their toys."

I joined her laughter: 
   "Tonight, honey, YOU are my toy.  Let's go."

I walked around and opened her door.   She looked so hot.  Her auburn hair blew a bit in the wind.  Her dress billowed nicely in the slight breeze.  She had her hands full keeping the hair in place and the dress down.   I took one of her hands and led her to the lobby.   She didn't really know the place so she thought we were going to the room.  Instead, I led her to the bar.   

"Wait, why are we going here?" 

"We haven't eaten.  They have food.  It makes sense to eat here before we go to the room." 

I could tell she was feeling self-conscious.  She had a right to.  She was looking hot.  There were the normal bar-flies there, the lounge lizards, the women who frequent places like that, but my wife stood out.  She didn't look like them and it got her noticed.  The women were instantly jealous, the men instantly interested. 

The woman at the bar told us to sit anywhere, so I chose a table toward the back.  We sat next to a couple of guys who were enjoying a meal and a beer…or two. I think they were both surprised and pleased when we sat down.  I noticed one guy nudge the other as and they both stole a glance at my wife's leg as the slit opened up. 

I could tell these guys weren't the regular lounge lizard types.  They weren't dressed up like everyone else.  I figured they must be truckers from the local truck stop.  As I mentioned, it was just across the street.  Second, they were sitting facing each other.  Everyone else was facing the front in anticipation of the karaoke. 

As we sat down, after giving them a moment to admire my wife's assets, I nodded at them and said:
   "Hello.  You guys here for the karaoke?"

They both laughed and said:
   "No.  We're not singers.  Just passing through and needed to stop for the night."

   "Oh, Karaoke?" Said my wife.  "Seriously, that is why you are here?"  She knew my weakness for singing and karaoke.  I know, it sounds horrible but I love watching people try to sing.   I sometimes feel like that guy on that show everyone used to love.

   "Yep.  Karaoke.  You said anything, remember?" 

   "Yes," she moaned comically "I remember."

   "Say it again for me."

   "Anything you want," she intoned.

The two guys were watching us and I took this as a moment for a quick introduction and explanation. 

   "Hi, I'm Jay.  This is Wendy.  We had a bet, she lost and has to do "anything" tonight.   So, I brought her here.  Let's just say she isn't a fan of karaoke."

This brought laughter from both of them.  They introduced themselves to us in a very friendly manner.  It turned out they were both named Jack.  Both were in their late 40's or early 50's, about our age.  Jack number one was white with graying hair.   Jack number two was black with a shaved head.  They were truckers who met up from time to time and shared a meal and a drink when on the road.  Both were friendly and even though they stole glances at my misses, they were polite and made sure to not stare outright at her. 

The waitress soon came and took our drink order.  I ordered whiskey on the rocks, which surprised my wife.  I am not much of a drinker and neither is she.   I then asked the waitress for something sweet for my wife.  With that I really got a look and I turned and mouthed the word "anything" to her. 

I explained to the waitress that my wife wasn't much of a drinker so she needed something sweet but with some alcohol to loosen her up a bit for the evening.   I think I wasn't the first person to make such a request because the waitress nodded like she understood perfectly.   She asked if we knew what we wanted to eat yet, but I told her to bring the drinks and we would make up our minds.   I wanted some alcohol to take effect before we had anything to eat.

We then turned back to Jack and Jack and picked up our conversation.  We asked all the basic questions:  Where are you from, how long have you been away from home, what do you do when you are gone from home for so long?  We talked a bit about ourselves, how we were out for an evening together.  I even went so far as to tell them that I had picked out my wife's clothing for the night. 

   "Well, " said Jack number one, "You did a fine job because she looks great!"
   "Oh yes, she does!" said Jack number two.

My wife didn't know how to respond to that, so in an effort to change the subject she said:
   "It must be difficult for you both having the same name.  Do people get you mixed up?  I mean, if they don't see you, um…"  she let it hang, trying to be politically correct.

Both men laughed at this.  They were good natured.

   "You mean on the CB?  Because, ain't nobody so color blind as to mix us up if they are looking at us."
   "Yes.  That's what I mean!" She blurted out, trying to recover her faux pas.

Again, they burst out in laughter. 
   "It's ok, honey.  I knew what you meant, I just wanted to see that pretty face blush."  Said Jack number 2.  "In fact, my handle on the CB is Black Jack, like the card game.  You know about cards?"

   "She has a passing knowledge" I laughed.  She blushed even more.

   "Good.  Maybe we can play sometime." Said Black Jack, with a grin.  Somehow I didn't think he was talking about cards. 

   The waitress appeared with our drinks.   
   "Here you are, love birds.  One whiskey on the rocks and one special iced tea."

My wife looked up at that point and asked:
   "What makes it special?"

   "It has a smooth kick, honey.  You'll love it, trust me."  She looked at me when she said the last words.  Jack and Jack noticed it as well. 

We placed our orders for a couple of burgers and the waitress left.  My wife took a drink and looked surprised. 
   "Yum.  This is actually good.  I like this."

With that, the "Jacks" laughed, as I did also. 

   "Well, drink up, babe.  We can always get another."

After making small talk with the two guys for a while, our food finally arrived.  My wife was feeling pretty good by the time it came and Black Jack (like the card game!), suggested that the waitress bring my wife another drink.   I agreed, told her to bring two more of the same, (mine wasn't quite empty, but what the hey), and we started eating.  The food was good, not great, but it was filling enough and did the job.  The second drink turned into a third for my wife.  We finished dinner as the DJ was setting up for the karaoke.  I looked at my wife, feeling drunk for probably the first time in her life, and said:

   "Crap, I should have dropped this bag off at our room.  I am going to run it there before the singing starts.  Jack and Jack, will you look after my wife and save my seat for me?  It seems to be getting crowded in here."

Both men readily agreed.  My wife started to protest, but I promised I would be right back.  I looked at the men and said:
   "Remember, I expect you to be gentlemen.  Order her another drink if she gets bored! "  They both laughed and promised they would make sure she got what she needed.

I took my bag to the room and dropped it off.   I took time to use the restroom as well, figuring I wanted to take as much time as possible.   I was not in a huge hurry to get back.  I was hoping that by being the "perfect gentlemen" our new friends would be getting a bit familiar with my wife.  I finally finished, walked slowly back and, to my utter delight, found my wife had switched seats and was sitting next to Black Jack, who had his arm resting on the back of her chair. 

As I approached, he noticed, and with a sheepish look, began to remove his arm.  I waved at him and let him know he could keep it there.  He wasn't sure of my motives, but he didn't bother moving it, either.  I gave him a wink and let him know it was all ok.

We sat like that, chatting and listening to a few of the so-called singers.  The Jacks bought another round.  Apparently they also bought my wife one while I was away.  She was really feeling the affects at this point.   After a few songs, I suggested it was time to go to the room.  I stood, thanked the guys and asked:

   "Are you two going to stay and listen?" 

   "We'll probably be here for a while.  Never know, maybe someone interesting might walk in." Said Jack number 1.

   "Probably not as interesting as your wife, if you don't mind me saying" said Jack number 2.

I laughed and winked again:
   "I don't mind you saying it at all."

With that, I helped my wife to the room.  She got stares again, partly because she was drunk, but also because she wasn't being as careful with the slit in her dress.  By now, everyone knew she was wearing thigh highs and sexy panties. 

When we entered the room, I lay her on the bed.

   "Honey, tell me again, what did you promise me?"

With that, she looked at me with glassy eyes and said:
   "I promised anything."

   "Good." I said. "I have something more planned."

I reached under the left side of the bed and pulled up one of the wrist cuffs.   I placed it on her right wrist and fastened it.  Then, I walked to the other side, pulled out the other cuff and did the same with her left wrist.   

   "Oh, God, Jay.  Seriously.  You want kinky?  I don't know if I am up for it tonight."

   "You said ANYTHING.  I am taking what you promised." 
   "Ok.  Anything."  She repeated.

I made sure that her wrists were secure, but not too tight.  I also made sure to stretch out her arms.  I then walked to the foot of the bed and brought out the ankle cuffs. 

   "You really thought of everything, didn't you, you pervert." She laughed. 

   "Oh, I have thought of everything and a bit more, actually."

I left on her heels, attached the ankle cuffs, but didn't stretch her legs straight.  I wanted her knees bent.   Once attached, I pushed up her dress so that both legs were bared.   At this point she started moaning seductively, expecting me to go for her pussy and get it over with.  Instead, I reached under the bed and brought out the first cuff to go around her thigh. She didn't know what I was doing at first.  I attached it high, by the knee, and pulled the rope to open up her legs.   I moved to the other side of the bed and did the same,  so now my wife was on the bed, fully clothed, but in a very sexy, very compromising position. 

   "I think you forgot something, Einstein…" she was really feeling the alcohol at this point so her words were a little slurred.
   "You forgot to take off my clothes.  How is this going to work?"

   "Oh, don't worry about it, " I said, "I have everything planned out."
With that, I brought out the bag I had dropped off.   I reached in and found what I wanted.  I leaned over, began kissing her on the lips.  I could tell she was now horny and she began to kiss me with an open mouth.  We French kissed for a bit, then I would pull back.  She would open her mouth and whine a bit, wanting more, and I would bend back over to kiss her.  I did this several times.   The last time, as she became more wanton, I quickly inserted a ball gag into her mouth, worked the straps around her head, and pulled it tight. 

   She grunted in surprise as I pulled away, and began testing the bindings that held her.  I watched closely, in case I needed to adjust anything.  I was pleased with the job I had done because her legs stayed open above the knees, her arms and ankles were secure.  She was a sexy sight.   I stood back and took a couple of pictures with my cell phone. 

   "There, now, that should do it."  I laughed a bit.  "You look so gorgeous all trussed up like that. We are going to have a lot of fun."

I walked back over to the bag and reached in.  I pulled out a pair of scissors and the deck of cards.   

   "I'll be back in a little bit, baby.  You stay right there, just like that.  Maybe struggle a bit more.  Your dress rides up higher each time you move."
With that, I walked out the door and back to the bar.

When I walked into the bar, the karaoke crowd was in full swing.  People were standing about.   I headed back to the table where we had eaten in hopes of finding our new friends there, but before I could get halfway back, a hand reached out and touched my shoulder.   I turned to see Jack number one standing there.

   "What's wrong?  Did she pass out on you?  You can't be done with that hot little number yet!"

   I laughed at that.  The alcohol had loosened him up a bit, too. 

   "No, nothing like that.  Where's Jack?  I want to talk to you two."
With that, he led me back to their table.  All the seats were taken and there was standing room only.  He looked at Jack number two and pointed at me:

   "Jay wants to talk to us."

   "Bout what?"

   "Don't know, he didn't say."

At this point, it was loud and they were nearly screaming.  I motioned toward the door leading outside.  They nodded and followed me.

   "I don't think he got lucky tonight, Jack!" said Jack number one

   "Yeah, it sure don't look like it!" Said Jack number two.

I smiled and kept walking until we came to a little area away from the bar and bar traffic.  I turned and said:

   "Here's the thing.  I don't know yet who is lucky.  But, I do want you both to entertain an idea for a bit.  How would you like to enter into a game of chance?"

   "What do you mean by game of chance?" asked Jack number two.

   "Well, Black Jack, and by that, I mean the card game."  I produced the cards from my pocket.

   "And, where is that hot little piece of ass you call your wife?  She know you're gambling?"

   "She's a bit tied up right now and she will definitely be aware of the fact that I am gambling." 

   "What's going on, really?" asked Jack number one.

I produced my phone, opened up one of the photos, and showed the men.  They both grunted loudly as they took in the sight of my wife, panties exposed, bound to the bed.

   "Ok, that still doesn't tell me what is going on."  Said Jack number one. 

I took a breath and figured it was now or never.
   "It's like this.  My wife is in the room, tied up tight.  I have a deck of cards.  I need some players.  I want to play black jack.  But, the rules are this.  For every hand that is played the winner gets a pair of scissors.  With each winning hand, one and only one cut may be made on any garment that remains on my wife.   Play will continue until all garments have been removed.  At the end of play, a tally will be made and whoever has the highest number of wins gets to fuck her first.  THAT is what THIS is about."

   "No way…." Jack number one started to say.

   "Yes, way." I cut him short.  "I noticed how you looked at her.  I noticed you helped ply her with alcohol.  Obviously I couldn't help but hear you call her a hot piece of ass just now.  Now I want to know, are you willing to bet on what you want or not?"

   "What happens if we lose?"  Asked Jack number two

   "There are no losers.  You play, no money changes hands:  if you win, you go first.  Second place is second, third takes left overs.  At the end of the night, you leave, I take her home in the morning.  Are my rules acceptable?"

   "What does she have to say about this?"  Asked Jack number two.

I looked him square in the eyes and said: "Didn't you hear her say that tonight I could have anything I wanted?  I believe she said it just after we met, before she had anything to drink." 

   "She did say that, Jack" said Jack number one.  "I remember because I couldn't help but think I wish I was in his shoes tonight."

   It took a few minutes of standing there in silence.  I could see them both thinking it over.   I twirled the cards in my hand and finally I said:
   "Ok, if you guys aren't interested, I guess I could always go back to the room alone.   Nice to meet you."

I turned to leave, but then heard Jack number one say: 
   "Ok, we're in.  I just can't see us passing this up.  We'll be gone in the morning anyway so you deal with anything left over."

   "Good!  I was beginning to wonder about you two.  Thought maybe I had misjudged you both.  Let's not keep the lady waiting.  She was in a rather awkward position when I left."
   With that, I led them to the room and my waiting wife.

Once in the room, they stopped just inside the door.  My wife had obviously struggled more against her bonds as her dress was higher than ever, but she was still nice and secure.  She looked up and when she saw that I was not alone, she began shaking her head violently and trying to speak around the gag.

   "Hi, honey!  First, all you need to remember is the word "Anything."  Second, I think you remember our new friends, Jack and Jack.  They have agreed to our little game and will be joining me in a game of black jack for the evening's entertainment."

I motioned them over to the table and chairs that sat at the window.   
   "Gentlemen, I have one question.  Do you both have cell phones?"

They both produced them and started to hand them to me.  I guessed they expected me to say they couldn't take photos.  Instead, I said:
   "Good.  Please, let's take a few photos of her now so you can both have a nice record of the evening's events.  You know, for when you tell the story to your friends, you will have proof."

This got a huge laugh.
   "Hell, yeah, I am down for that!" Said Jack number 2.  He quickly opened the camera app and pointed his lens between my wife's legs.  She tried to close them, but the straps kept them spread.  The thin, nearly see through material barely covered her pussy and the  struggling that had gone on during my absence had caused them to ride into her pussy.  It was a great sight.

Jack number one busied himself with other areas and started to reach out and stroke her arm.

   "No touching!  Yet, at least.  That's cheating."  I reminded him.

They took pictures from every angle and then, again, I beckoned them to the table.   As they took their seats, I explained:

   "I will be the dealer for the game.  You are both players.  There is no need to wager, as we know what the pot will be each hand."  I placed a pair of scissors on the table.  I had splurged and bought the medical grade type of scissors so that there was little chance of injury to her skin. 

   "We will draw cards to see who receives first deal.  You will be dealt one card and may ask for up to two more.  The closest to 21 at the end of three deals will be declared winner.  Is there any questions?"

   "Well, what if," started Jack number one, "We only get a hand of twos and threes?  Like, if it only totals 7?"

   "Well, that means if the other guy gets 8, he wins.  If 7 is the highest hand, you win.  Unless you want to take all night to win the first cut.  It's up to you at this point, but I see no reason trying to always reach 21 because the odds are in your favor.  The house only wins once someone else wins."

   "Ok by me" said Jack number 2.  "Black Jack is my lucky game.  Let's get going so I can have my winnings."

   With that, I shuffled the deck.  I could hear my wife protesting through her gag in the background but the guys were committed at this point.  They wanted some of that hot ass.  I was determined to let them have it and she was bound to give it to them.  Pardon the pun.

   I held the deck out to Jack number one and he drew a card.  Then I handed it to Jack number two and he did the same. 

   "Gentlemen, to be completely fair, please look at your cards.  Do not show them.  Now, decide if you want to draw another or stand."

   Jack number two looked for a moment and then said:
   "Let me draw again." 
I held the deck out again and he handed me the first card and took a second.  I then offered the deck to Jack number one who declined the offer.
   "I'll stand." He said.

   "Ok, gentlemen, if you are all satisfied, please turn over your cards. "

Jack number one flipped over a Jack and laughed. 
   "Look, it's our long lost brother!"  He joked with Jack number two.

Jack number two laughed, but not because he thought the joke was funny.   He turned over a queen of spades and said:

   "Yeah, but I just found my long lost mother!  Looks like I go first."

   "Ok, gentlemen, now the game begins."  I began to shuffle the deck. 
Once shuffled, I dealt each man a card.   Both said "Hit me" so I proceeded with another.

Jack number 2 stood on this hand, while Jack number one asked for another card.  I dealt him a card and with a low curse he said: "Bust."

The time had arrived.  This was the first cut.  I paused a moment, looked at jack number 2 and said:  "Only one cut, dress first.  No molesting the merchandise, please."

He took the scissors and approached the bed.  As he leaned over my wife, she began to struggle again.

   "Ok, honey, no need for that.  You are going to get hurt if you don't stop and you will simply wind up naked and hurt. "

With that, he reached down to the top of the slit and cut into the fabric.  The sound of scissors cutting fabric was loud in our ears and resonated into our groins.  It had started.

I will not bore you with each hand.  It was actually Jack number one who made the final cut into the dress material and separated it enough to remove.  My wife lay there in her bra, panties and stockings.  At this point, however, a fair question was raised.  Jack number two asked:

   "Hold on a minute.  She's wearing stockings.  Do we have to cut those off or can we leave them on when we fuck her?  Because I love a woman in stockings."

At the words "Fuck her" my wife started struggling again, only this time, without the dress to cover her bra, her tits bounced to the amusement and delight of the men.   They encouraged her to keep going and "Free the nipple."  When she realized what they were saying, she stopped.

   "Great question.  You may leave the stockings on.  No reason to remove them.  Let's continue."

They got their fill of taking photographs of her in bra and panties.  They even began calling her names like slut, fuck tool and such:  I was enjoying it immensely. 

After the next hand, Jack number two had won.   We were now looking at a moment of truth.  He turned to Jack number one and asked:

   "Out of respect for our friendship, I cannot decide.  Do I use my cut on the panties or on the bra?"

   "Well," replied Jack number one, "I have always been a tit man myself."

   "That settles it, then.  Bra it is." 

At this point, I was calculating how many cuts it would take for her clothing to be totally destroyed.  I handed the scissors to Jack number 2 and watched as he carefully considered.  I could tell he was also counting. 

Then, he stepped forward, and did something I completely did not expect.  Instead of cutting the bra straps, as I had anticipated, he gingerly inserted the scissors between my wife's tits, shushing her as he did so, and caught the fabric that held the bra cups together between the blades of the scissors.

I started to speak, but Jack number one stood and said: 

   "Now, dealer, you never said nothing about HOW we had to cut the bra off, you just said we had one cut each. "

I had to admit he was correct, so I stood there quietly as Jack number two went to work on the material of the bra.  I was mesmerized and nearly jumped out of my skin when Jack number one yelled out:

   "Come on, man, let's see this bitch's tits!"
Now, I had never called my wife a bitch and, to my knowledge,  neither had anyone else.  Of all things, that gave me pause.  I had to resist an urge to defend her.  After all, I was the one who was letting them cut her clothing off.   So, I stood there and watched as with one snip the bra came undone. 

My wife, not really thinking about it at this point, struggled.  The unfortunate, or fortunate depending on your point of view, result was that her tits flopped out of her bra.  Both Jacks were at her with their phones, camera flashes going.  They called them every name they could think of for a woman's breasts.  We were all occasionally reaching down to rub and adjust the front of our pants.   They did not touch them, but they blew on them in an attempt to get the nipples to stand up higher. 

   "Gentlemen.  Gentlemen!  Please.  The game is not over.   Return to the table."

They finally returned and I again began to deal.   I knew they were now anxious to continue.  I stopped a moment and began to speak:

   "At this point in the game, I feel I must remind you:  All clothing is to be removed before a winner is proclaimed.  Also, as it stands, Jack number one is leading the game by number of hands.  That being said, the total number of hands left to be played is now four.  Two bra straps and at least two cuts for the panties is all that are left.  Shall we continue?"

   "Hell, yes!  Let's go!  I am about to win the prize!"  Jack number one was obviously excited and confident.

   "Let's get this done.  Even if I come in second I am still going to cum in that pussy."  Jack number two said with a laugh.

I proceeded to deal the next hand, that was won by Jack number one.  He turned to Jack number two and said: 
   "Since you asked me for my suggestion, I also turn to you.  Which shall it be, panties or bra?"

   "Let's get rid of that bra.  Just mind you, don't cut off her nipples!" 

They thought that was hilarious, but Jack number one proceeded to cut one strap of the bra.  It was now hanging on by one strap and tossed off to one side, with her tits on full display.  Again, they took pics.   Both men took a moment or so to fiddle with their phones while the other snapped photos so that they weren't in each other's way.

The next three hands were a surprise for all.   The last three hands all went to Jack number two.  It was sheer luck, and both were amazed.  He removed the bra and then with two snips, cut away my wife's panties.  There she was, cuffed so she could not do anything, legs forced to stay apart and completely naked, except for her stockings, heels and gag.  The look in her eyes was one of utter defeat. 

I pretended to tally up the hands, but before I could say anything, Jack number one said:

   "Hell, we all know who one.  Get on with it so I can have me some of that!"

Jack number two stood there for a moment before saying:
   "She has hair on that pussy.  It looks like a real pussy.  I can tell she trimmed it but it still has hair.  Of course, I might change my mind tonight and we can always shave it for the next time!"

I figured he was really getting into this and trying his best to scare her a bit.   With that, both men began removing their clothing.   

   "Grab a couple of pillows to prop her ass up.  I want to get in deep."  Jack number two said with a growl.   

We grabbed two pillows.  I offered to lift, but Jack number one refused to let me.

   "I at least get to feel her real good before he fucks her."

Once the pillows were placed, my wife's ass was at a great height.   Jack number one reached down and felt her "snatch" as he called it.  He then turned and said:
"Damn!  She's wet!"

"She better be if she is going to take this!"  Jack number two had removed his underwear.  Now, I am not one to claim to have seen many men's cocks but, in all truth, this cock was big.  Maybe even huge.  Either way, it would be my wife's first time with another man, first time with a black man and first time with a cock that large. 

   "Wait!  I brought lube!"  I managed to say before he impaled her.  He paused, looked at Jack number one and said:

   "Well, we better use it.  Don't want to ruin her just yet."

I grabbed the lube from the bag I had packed, put some on my hand and started rubbing my wife's pussy.   She actually began to respond.   I also handed the lube to Jack and he applied a large amount to his cock.   Then, he said:

   "Ok, get out of the way.  I want my winnings.   I won this cunt fair and square and I am going to claim the pot."

I moved and he plunged in.  He didn't go slow, or take it easy.  He plunged in and from the sound she made I know he struck bottom.  He hit her cervix with that first thrust.

   "Oh, hell, yeah.  This is a tight pussy.  LOVE tight white pussy."

I know, at this point, people want a play by play account.  But, I could not take it all in.  My head was spinning.  I watched as he fucked her silly.  She came, he kept going.  She came again.   Jack number one was sucking her tits like he was trying to draw the long dried up milk back into them.  He handled her like you would expect a trucker to handle something:  roughly.   

Finally, with a loud grunt, Jack number two looked at me and said: 

"I am going to cum in your wife's pussy.  I am going to fill it up." 

Before I could say anything in response, I heard her give a faint cry as he gave another loud grunt and unloaded into her pussy.  The sounds he made coupled with the sounds of the cum sloshing around as he continued to pound her were amazing.

Finally, he moved and Jack number one took his spot.  He complained because she was so wide open now, but that didn't stop him from fucking my wife until he blasted a load into her.   All the while, Jack number one was roughly sucking and handling her tits.

When they were spent, they stood, took out their phones, took some more photos and got dressed.   As they dressed, I stood there.  They looked at me and then Jack number two said:

"It's your turn.   Take off your clothes and climb on. "

I undressed as they dressed.  I saw a couple of flashes from their cameras.  Then, I felt them grab me and before I could do anything, my arms were behind me.  They moved me over to the chairs, sat me in one of them.  They used the remnants of the dress to tie my hands to the chair. 

   "It's been fun, dealer.  But, we gotta go.  Things to do.  Truckers keep America rollin!"  Said Jack number one.

   "Yeah, that's the truth.  But, don't worry.  You won't be alone.  Our friends have been enjoying the pics we've been sending.   They're here to keep you company."

With that, he opened the door to leave.  There was a line waiting to get in. 

   "I ain't stingy, dealer.  I like to share my winnings with my friends.  I just happen to have a lot of friends."

With that, anything that could happen did.

The End

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Re: Black Jack'd
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[member=2448]domywife[/member] Well done! I had been thinking about writing something along these lines for months. :thumbs:
*joins the queue*

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Re: Black Jack'd
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Thank you. I've read stories of guys poker night where the wife had to pay the pot. I wanted a new twist.  Glad you liked.
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Re: Black Jack'd
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Hope to get more feedback on this story.  When I have time I do enjoy writing them for your enjoyment.
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Re: Black Jack'd
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Nicely done! I loved the unexpected turn of hand at the very end.
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