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Author Topic: Story idea - The new intern  (Read 98 times)

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Story idea - The new intern
« on: October 13, 2016, 04:30:35 AM »
Here's a story outline I wrote. Any feedback is welcome, and if anyone wants to write a full story based on this that'd be great.

This story is about Vivian, a gorgeous sexy young Asian woman, fresh out of college, shy, intelligent and smart. Men have always viewed her as a sex object but she's worked hard and is now proud to work in a prestigious law firm. Her firm is about to land a major new contract. As part of the negotations, her boss Jim and 2 of his associates Paul and Greg are meeting with the 2 clients Jack and Nick. (all the names are just examples, not final). The 5 men have been in talks all day and they are about to reach an agreement. Jim is trying to find out how to close the deal, offering vacation tickets, a free car etc to Jack and Nick, but nothing seems to be working.

Finally Jack asks "what's the story with that little asian honey?". Jim, Paul and Greg all share a knowing glance - "Oh Vivian. Trust me man, we've all been trying to date her. But she's strictly business, she's one of our smartest and hardest working associates. She's turned down all the guys who asked her out. Too bad, sigh...".

Nick says "who said anything about asking her?". In response to the confused looks of the 3 men, he smiles. "Let me show you something". He pulls out a few full page pictures from a file. They show a young blond girl, unaware she's being photographed. In a coffee shop, smiling as she's talking on her phone, getting into her car etc.

"Damn, she is hot! Who is she?" exclaim Paul and Greg. Nick next shows a newspaper clipping: "Lisa Smith, a 22 yeard old cashier, was found raped and murdered. Police are still searching for multiple suspects who kidnapped her". The grainy picture is the same girl.

Seeing the looks of confusion, Nick smiles and slides across a final picture - it shows a closeup of Lisa naked, her face caught as she's screaming in obvious pain, globs of cum on her face, her hair streaked and matted.

"Holy fucking shit, are you telling me......"
"Yup, and trust me guys, its the best thing you'll ever do. You've all been looking at Vivian wrong. She's not your fucking associate, she's a piece of pussy! We work together and do this right, you guys have a deal. And we all teach that cockteasing bitch a lesson she'll never forget !!"

Next day, Jim calls Vivian and tells her he's so impressed she'll be part of the team that will sign the deal. Vivian is so excited, finally her hard work is paying off! And it means a promotion and bonus for her. The final meeting is to take place at Jack's palatial house. She dresses up in her best business suit and even puts on a little makeup.

"Jack, Nick, meet Vivian. She'll go over the terms of section C.35"
"Nice to meet you Vivian, Jim never mentioned how beautiful you are"

Vivian blushes a little at the compliment but thinks nothing of it, and misses the smirk the 2 men exchange. As the deal is signed, they all drink champagne. Normally she'd be a little nervous being the only female in the room, and Vivian can feel Jack and Nick giving herthe usual lustful stares men give her. But here she feels safe, she's with Jim who's like a father figure to her, and her 2 colleagues. She even accepts a 2nd drink and decides to enjoy the occasion.

There's a feeling of urgency in the room. The men all know what's going to happen, like a pack of wolves surrounding a helpless female prey, enjoying the mounting sexual tension. Finally Jack says "fuck this shit, lets get the party started". He roughly grabs Vivian's arm, turns her around, and plants a sloppy drunken kiss.

"What the fuck! Get away from me! Jim !!!" screams Vivian. Her anger soon turns to confusion and then fear as Jim just stares at her with a blank grin. As she turns around and looks at them pleadingly, each man is looking at her with hungry looks of lust.

What happens next is obvious. At first Jim, Paul and Greg are hesitant, but after the 5 guys have torn off the screaming girl's clothes, they realize how much fun it is and discover their latent sadism. Vivian is brutally gangraped and beaten. Each man takes turns raping her with increasing violence, letting out years of pent-up frustation and anger. Jack and Nick are no strangers to rape and show them a few tricks like choke fucking the cunt till she almost passes out. Ever since they saw this whore on the 1st visit to the firm, they've been waiting to get their hands on her.

For Vivian, the fact that the men she trusted and thought of her friends are now cruelly raping her, makes her pain that much greater, and that makes her colleagues enjoy her tears and cries all the more. When she passes out from the nonstop rapes, the poor girl is slapped awake.

"Not so high and mighty now are you, you fucking stuck up chink cunt", Jim sneers as he spits in her face. He along with Paul and Greg, can't believe they worked with such a hot piece of ass for years and never fucked her. But now she's going to pay. And raping her is a lot better than just fucking her. There's no need to be gentle or pretend with all that bullshit of a date. They can do whatever they want to her, act out their sickest fantasies.

They all torture her, the room filling with her painful shrieks.

After a nonstop 5 hour rape session, the men are finally spent. They look down at the unconscious girl and Jack says - "lets let the whore sleep. Tomorrow, we're really going to make her scream. Trust me guys, this is going to be the best time of your lives!". All the men high five each other and smile as they think about what to do to her next.

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Re: Story idea - The new intern
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2017, 08:00:51 AM »
love the Asian theme

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Re: Story idea - The new intern
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2017, 11:45:05 PM »
 :thumbs:Great story idea!

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Re: Story idea - The new intern
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2017, 01:53:14 PM »
I've always had 'a thing' for Asian chicks.  Great story idea. 


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