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Author Topic: Prince Charming [Winner of January/February 2018]  (Read 2758 times)

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Prince Charming [Winner of January/February 2018]
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:37:14 PM »
Prince Charming

The deafening noise in my ears was the sound of my own rasping gasp. I held my breath as moonlit blue velvet streaked past me and my valet's feet pounded the cobblestones with a steady, determined rhythm. He did not glance in my direction. I was a shadow among shadows, cloaked in black. My heart slowed while I waited long enough to be sure I was alone, then I breathed in the clean night air and relaxed before wandering deeper into the alleyway to discover what mischief and merriment awaited me.

The prosthetic nose came off easily and I unbuttoned the heavy antique brocade frock coat as I walked, chuckling at my ingenuity. I smiled when my cock twitched as I recollected the glorious afternoon I'd spent fucking the young actor who had given me his costume to aid my flight from the palace. My smile stretched into a grin and I closed my eyes to sharpen the vision of his whore wife's mouth wrapped around my cock. I watched her taking turns sucking and slurping on both of our eager, turgid shafts before she sandwiched them together in one hand and lowered herself onto us slowly, taking us both into her sopping, accommodating cock trap before bouncing on us to her heart's content, giggling and encouraging us to master control of ourselves, making it a competition to see which one of us would last longer.

Adjusting the ill-fitting pants at the crotch and fluffing the unfashionable lace jabot I noted a sliver of light stabbing the darkness from under a well-concealed door. The lighthearted notes of a ribald tune carried through the thick wood and to my delight it swung open when I knocked. I'd intended on taking off the strip of black silk that served as a mask but instead I blinked through its eye slits when soft light streamed over me. Soon the light was blocked by the broad shoulders of a brute wearing nothing but a grim expression on his weathered face and a handful of scars, all found in the vicinity of his groin. He leaned over, inspected me. My grin remained plastered on my lips even when my shirtfront was clenched in his huge fist and I was thrown headlong into the centre of a busy, cramped tavern.

The door slammed shut behind me as rabble from all walks- mostly shady ones- swallowed me whole. All of my senses were affronted at once. Standing motionless among the milling bodies I took a deep breath, absorbing life outside of the palace, revelling in this moment of liberty, laughing, thrilled to have seized temporary freedom from ties that bound me to the King, the Queen, the godforsaken Kingdom.

In a swirl of movement I found myself face to face with a bare-breasted dancing woman. Of their own accord my hands travelled up to full, swaying breasts larger than my head and I was about to paw the lovely, shuddering, oil-glossed orbs when she was wrenched away from me. She huffed over her shoulder at the man who loomed there, clutching her close by a silver chain attached to the metal collar on her neck.

'Two hundred ryphs and she's yours for the hour,' he offered, shouting over the music, his beady stare cold and lifeless. Her beautiful smile softened her tired gaze.

I held my leather-gloved hands up, shook my head and it was not out of concern for my safetly that they both frowned when I was grabbed from behind by a huge woman whose curves bulged out of clothing two sizes too small for her.

'Drink?' she gurgled, her accent as thick as the hair that dusted her upper lip. Whether she was offering to buy or wanted me to, I was uncertain.

'Why not!' I shrugged and before I could follow her to the bar a blade whizzed past my face and bounced off the woman's metal arm band. She howled and plunged into a shouting match with a man even larger than she in a tongue I was unfamiliar with.

Backing away from the uproar that grew around the pair I hit a table and swung round with whirling arms to catch my balance. Its motley quintet of occupants grumbled up at me, their conspiring disturbed by my intrusion. They returned to their nefarious plotting as I scrambled off to the darkest corner of the room, hoping to go unobserved while I did a little people watching of my own.

I scanned the place for fair game and found it at a table to my left in the form of two beautiful young women sitting side by side, both wearing silk masks similar to mine. Why they were incognito and how they had gone unmolested in a place such as this when they were flowers aching to be plucked and shaken of their petals was a mystery. I cocked an ear in their direction, but their whispers were drowned out by the din.

Neither girl smiled as they clutched hands. Fingers of gold honey dripped onto skin of white marble. The one with ebony tresses bowed her head and before her hair curtained her face a tear glistened on her lashes and fell to the table. The blonde with glowing honey skin lifted the other girl's face with a finger on her chin and pressed their lips together in a kiss that turned passionate before long. I sat forward to watch and stifled a moan at the sight of wet tongues snaking past pink lips then watched the fair one tear herself away and flee through the smoky, packed room to be let out into the night by the grim-faced naked doorman.

Not one to miss an opportunity I slipped over to the table where the black-haired girl sat weeping.

'Why are you crying?' I'd planted myself across from her and when her piercing eyes flicked up to me from behind the mask to send the clear message that she wished I'd disappear, her tears and her glare set the beast inside me to stirring.

When her cool silence did not dislodge me I smiled and she spoke, 'If you please, Sir, I'd like to be left alone.'

'I do not please, Miss,' my smile didn't falter as I continued, 'Was she your lover?'

It was with a staggered sigh that she crumpled in on herself and said the single word, 'Yes.'

'Has she left you for someone else? A man, perhaps?' I pried when I saw her tears were flowing steadily, soaking her silk mask. Oh how I wished to give her vastly greater reasons to cry. Tears divorced from physical pain only served to grate on my nerves.

'No. My father discovered us... embracing... and has banished her from my service,' she covered her mouth, having said too much, even though we were anonymous strangers.

But she'd given herself away. Blue blood coursed through her veins. I licked my lips when she slumped forward on the table to rest her cheek on her arm in a melodramatic gesture and I stood, walked around the table to stand beside her and stroked her silken hair to console her, as I had seen the King do to the Queen when she was upset.

'Do not touch me you villain!' she hissed, and I snarled, clutched a fistful of her unbound hair and threw her off her seat.

In the blink of an eye she was beneath me, limbs flailing against the grimy floor, mouth gaping in a noiseless, surprised scream. My mouth covered hers and her teeth clamped down on my lip, narrowly missing my probing tongue. I moaned more from pleasure than pain, but she let my lip go when I squeezed her neck in my gloved hand. I moaned into her mouth again imagining the bruises my fingers would leave on her delicate white neck and the bruises her fists would give me. She was not strong, but she was persistent with her blows and I smiled against her luscious lips, digging my fingers in harder, depriving her of breath.

A few tugs of her dress sent the skirt riding up between us until it was bunched at her waist and moments later I had pulled one of her small, supple breasts free of her corseted bodice. I shifted my hand from her neck to cover her mouth when I moved my lips down to the creamy mound of her tit to bite its tender tip. Her scream muffled in my palm and when I popped her nipple out from between my sucking lips it was gratifying to note how readily the bruises blossomed and coloured up for me. I smiled down at her and used my teeth to take the glove off my other hand then let my naked hand wander over her breast, squeezing and pinching it until she squirmed and squealed.

She wore no undergarments. Her lover crept into my mind. I envisioned them entangled naked in a canopied bed, all longing sighs and wanton moans. When my fingers flitted over the downy, wet gash of her sex and probed at the entrance to her body her eyes grew wide and her brows knitted high up on her forehead, although I was careful to be gentle, as I assumed her lover had been.

'Did your lover fuck you with her body alone? Her mouth and lips lapping at your dripping sex, her cunt grinding against yours, her fingers exploring your innermost depths?' I asked, a finger slipping inside her then withdrawing, moving to form tight swirls over the sensitive knot of nerves above the petals of her sex. Not for her pleasure, for mine, since my touch made her eyes flash at me with indignation while she jerked her hips away in disgust.

'Well?' I snapped and she nodded, cheeks flushing under my leather clad hand.

I chuckled, 'No oil-slicked wooden phallus sliding into your tight Sapphic cunny? No cock-shaped fruits to spread and stretch you like a man would?'

She shook her head and gave me a deluge of fresh tears, unable to control her sobbing. This would be almost as good as taking a virgin. 'A little virgin slut!' I half-shouted, laughing as I fumbled with the buttons on my pants.

A disfigured dwarf no taller than the table heard my outburst and limped over to stand and watch me play with my prey. I did not expect we'd go unnoticed and by now there were people rutting openly throughout the tavern, the symphony of their lascivious moans loud enough to be heard over the lively music.

I stroked my monster once I'd unleashed it although it was hard as a rock and I rubbed it between the girl's folds.

'Ready, Princess?' I purred, deciding the pet name fit her perfectly when her eyes flared with shock at the word, bright against her tear-soaked black silk mask, 'Will I plunge into you... now?' I hovered the throbbing tip of my manhood over her entrance and applied pressure enough that she shook her head in frantic objection.

'Or... now?' I positioned my cock lower, against her puckered asshole and she paled to a sickly green while I gave her an amused smile.

'Take her ass, man!' the drunk, red-nosed little chap encouraged me, teetering on the spot and shaking a fist in the air, 'That'll break her! Take the spirit out of her.'

I gave a snorting laugh, wishing for no such thing as yet another spiritless, compliant doll. There were plenty of those waiting for me back home, there to take the edge off the colossal boredom that came from being cloistered behind the palace walls.

I placed my cock back against her tiny slot and with a groan I pushed until she tore to let me invade her, her mouth opening wide as a useless scream was trapped behind my hand, eyes rolling, not sure what to look at, where to focus. Sinking deeper, my shaft buried inside her to the root, I paused, did not move at all, hips flush with her inner thighs. Her body surged against me as if to throw me off her and her cunt flooded with her juices and throbbed around my cock. She writhed not with sensuality but with frustration, despising every second of the orgasm that consumed her.

'You little slut,' I muttered, laughing at her through my nose, 'Your cunt is going to milk me without me having to do a thing!'

I measured each breath and clenched my teeth, forced to hold back from giving in to the pleasure her body sought to give mine. When the pulsing around my cock subsided I began to thrust with violent vigour, hard enough that I had to place a hand on top of her head and pin her shoulder with an elbow so she wouldn't be shunted out from under me. Her thighs twitched beside me in time to my pounding and she grimaced behind my hand, squeezed her eyes shut. She tried not to scream again. Instead she shook her head and bashed my ribs with balled fists, punctuating my lustful groans.

Her eyes shot open behind the mask before I bowed my head and growled against her neck as I erupted inside her, overcome by the tight grip of her freshly ravished cunt. I moved my hand away from her mouth to kiss her while she squeaked and lay squirming under my weight. Had we been somewhere private, where her screams would have gone ignored, and where we'd have less of an audience- for there were many sets of eyes trained upon us now- I'd have sundered her garments which were as curiously antique as my own and left not an inch of her body unmarred by my teeth or the marks of my hands before moving on to harsher methods of bringing colour to her perfect skin.

'You are enchanting, Princess,' I told her, looking down at her beautiful face, then I added, 'I do hope we meet again.'

My seed gushed out of her in a pink wave of blood and pearl when I withdrew my deflating cock from her sheath. She whimpered and covered her breasts and legs with her dress as I stood, put my cock away, then turned to head towards the door.

I smacked the gelatinous mass of a massive jiggling ass as I passed it and smiled, glancing over my shoulder at the girl I'd defiled, so obviously royalty, seated at her table with elegant posture, glaring at me with deep loathing underscored with cautious fear and a pure lust for vengeance. I turned and bowed to her and she lowered her chin and bared her teeth at me like a wolf bitch hungering to tear out my throat. I grinned at the snarling pale beauty. Tonight was not the time to fight her. I was sure our paths would cross again, and soon. I left her behind and sauntered off into the night with a spring in my step to seek my next adventure.
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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 09:45:50 PM »
Very hot. Nicely done!
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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2018, 09:28:39 AM »
Can't wait for her to get her revenge. :evillaugh: well done, [member=1845]cosmicwitch[/member] !

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2018, 03:09:06 AM »
If I lose, I hope it is to you this month. Amazing flow of the story! :*
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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2018, 07:06:41 AM »
Very well written!

Congrats at keeping the feel of the time period. It's essential to maintaining the atmosphere.  :)

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #5 on: January 11, 2018, 04:31:54 AM »
Oh now this is good. Very good. The story itself is excellent, but what works even better is your choice of language. Various verbs, adjectives, etc you use might seem out of place in many stories, but here the smack a little of the "archaic" (while being completely understandable in the modern day) and so fit the theme perfectly. Nice wordsmithing.

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #6 on: January 18, 2018, 12:02:57 PM »
It's an amazing cacophony of visuals, both overwhelming your senses and leaving you asking for more. The best authors are the ones that suck you inside scenes, like flashback scenes in a movie, the only difference is here you do it in your mind. And the lesser effort that I have to put the better. And trust me, your words did it all for me, to create a world, to create an experience, like I was in the body of the prince looking for adventure in lives outside the palace. I always enjoy the male pov for some reason, it gives me a perverted pleasure to know, to hear what goes on inside their head as they use their phallus as a weapon.

+rep... but after one hour coz i already repped and can't do it again within an hour LOL [member=1845]cosmicwitch[/member]
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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #7 on: January 18, 2018, 12:15:51 PM »
[member=1556]randomgirl[/member] It thrills me that my words were able to put you in the mind and body of the prince so readily. Thank you  :x And I'll rep you again, too, when I can!

Thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to read and comment on my story, as well :*

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2018, 12:26:54 AM »
Loved it. I agree with everything [member=11]FrodoKreuger[/member] said, your word choice makes your writing just an absolute pleasure to read.

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #9 on: February 09, 2018, 12:31:51 PM »
This is one of the nine entries for the January/February 2018 Story Contest.

We need your support. Members are eligible to vote in our poll:,4024.0.html

Guests who wish to vote MUST register first:

Voting ends March 7th at a random time. Please try not to wait till the last moment as the poll will close without warning.
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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #10 on: February 11, 2018, 02:31:16 AM »
From the very first word to last i was hooked .. Wow.. Now this is why i love to read .. Beautifully done .  :leghump:

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #11 on: February 11, 2018, 04:25:08 AM »
Thank you for reading my story @Malaya  :* I love reading, too, and I appreciate authors who can draw me in from the start and keep me mesmerised until the very end. It's a great compliment when people tell me my story hooked them like that. Thanks, again  :x + rep to you!

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Re: Prince Charming [Contest Entry]
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2018, 08:11:51 AM »
Remember, we extended voting for one week because of a short month (February) and a late start for my getting the poll ready.

Plenty of time for you ti read the entries and vote.

His Guiding Light (The Hobbit Fan-Fic) by Avendia,3891.0.html

Betrothed by darkfantasygirl,3895.0.html

Prince Charming by cosmicwitch,3897.0.html

Jinni of the lamp by Pixiewolfe,3900.0.html

Misadventure on the Museum Planet by Conroy Johanns,3902.0.html

Because by FrodoKreuger,3905.0.html

Emperor Of The Galaxy by kittyumbrass,3945.0.html

Forsaken will rise again by Elunatic,3961.0.html

Cleopatra by BiancaBlack,3981.0.html

Guests: If you would like to vote for your favorite, please join RapeCage!!!
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Re: Prince Charming [Winner of January/February 2018]
« Reply #13 on: March 07, 2018, 09:08:48 PM »
Great story!


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