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Author Topic: (Gay) seeking 2 dom tops for roleplay {Southern California}  (Read 141 times)

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(Gay) seeking 2 dom tops for roleplay {Southern California}
« on: January 18, 2018, 05:52:02 AM »
I've been searching for this for years but I've never been able to meet because I never could find a situation that I was comfortable with and simultaneously with someone I felt could pull this off.

I have an enormous amount of roleplay ideas but the basics of what I'm wanting is helplessness and being forced. I've noticed a lot of rape fantasies aren't really what I imagine as rape. It's a fantasy of obedience or being forced to get your dick sucked. To me that's the type of things that kill the roleplay immediately. I don't want to be sucked or pleasured. I don't want to obey or submit I very literally want to be tied up and forced and completely absolutely helpless to stop the penetration of my holes.

I'm bi-sexual mostly inclined towards women so I've played this rape fantasy out with women who shared it, me being the dom because I know what they're wanting. It is fun to play that role but I'm really curious about being the helpless one myself. With men and women but for this particular fantasy I'm looking for a man because I've never had a chance to try it with a man. Maybe I would hate it but I want to experience it because the fantasy has been reoccurring in my mind for so long.

I'm interested in the idea of 2 men because I imagine that to be so much more overwhelming being tied up and having two people do what they want at the same time. You can hardly focus on what's worse because you're entire body is being used at once. That mentality of being completely overwhelmed and helpless to stop any of it even for a moment is a huge turn on when I think of the fantasy.

I'm living in Southern California though I would maybe be willing to travel a decent bit to finally fulfill the fantasy I'm hoping to at least find someone else In the same region as me if that's possible. I travel a bit for work every year though so I can surprisingly end up In places I wouldn't normally expect.

I don't know what else to say from here. In terms of attraction if it is of any relevance I am 5'7" 175lbs. But I'm pretty fit. Mid 20's. Been training bodybuilding style for over 10 years if that explains the higher weight for my height. If we end up talking in email I'll show you. It's not fat at all

. In terms of what I want, I am actually not attracted to masculine features body and face wise in any way. It's really just your cock and the idea of being forced that is my fantasy so I don't really care what you look like or how fit you are as long as you have the right attitude, mentality and tool to make it work. With women I do have preferences but that's not really what I'm looking for here. I've found that a surprising amount of women in general have fantasies of being forced, a little less into forcing themselves but it's not so rare to find that I have to seek a specialized forum to find it.

Anyways I guess that's about it. You can reply here and if you're deeply interested we could PM and go into deeper specifics in the event you think it's possible to meet one day. I've wanted this fantasy for a long time but I want it safe, clean and thoroughly planned so I have plenty of patience. We can talk for a while and really plan it out. Even have tests done prior to meeting. I've recently been tested and I'm clean but I'll gladly go do it again. (Still prefer condoms when fucking regardless) I've had mostly longer or semi long term relationships so there's been very small periods In the past where I slept around a lot but I was checked only 2 months ago and I was clean. Since then my most recent relationship has broken off and I haven't been with anyone since. Another reason I'm seeking to fulfill this fantasy while I'm not attached to anyone.

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