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Author Topic: Because She Was Pretty  (Read 956 times)

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Because She Was Pretty
« on: January 11, 2018, 05:18:22 PM »
She faced me and implored with her moist brown eyes to 'please, please' not hurt her clitoris anymore.  Kara whimpered again and again that she feared anal sex more than anything in the world.  And begged me to leave her in such a condition so that she go on pleasing me sexually, serving me unconditionally, with her pussy.

To which I replied:

"You understand that that means I'll have to adjust our session this morning to your breasts?  Is that what you really want whore?"

Pretty Kara – strung up in front of me with her arms tied high above her head and her legs splayed as wide as my restraints would allow – nodded her head in resignation and began to sob.  There's something about a naked woman capitulating to torture inside my basement that makes them even more beautiful than when I first espy them out in the street.  Kara was proof of that:

"So I show mercy to your clitoris?  And I concentrate on your nipples?  Before I rape you another half dozen times?  Is that what you truly desire you piece of shit?"

Obediently Kara dropped her eyes to the floor about her own feet.  I watched her exquisite breasts dance as the brunette's chest heaved with sobs.  She called me 'Master'…and apologized again for being such a worthless entity.  Kara asked me to spare her clitoris and to 'please, please' hurt her breasts.  She said she wanted me to be happy with her.  She promised she would improve in bed if I would only stop torturing her anus, labia and clit.  Obediently Kara kept her moist brown eyes locked to the floor about her own bare feet and (for the umpteenth time) "gave" herself to me.

Hoping THIS time would be the time I might actually display mercy to her spent body…

"Thank you girl.  I accept the gift of your filthy body Kara.  But I believe first we have the matter of your breasts to address.  You're very, VERY pretty when you're in pain ……"

I removed the stainless-steel lancet from the searing heat of my trusty Bunsen burner and waved its glowing tip in front of my helpless victim's tear-stained face.  But before I applied my torture I reminded young Kara yet again that I'd chosen her for her breasts.  And that it was a shame that nipples like hers needed to be disciplined so harshly.  So often. 

"This……is going to hurt very much.  But it IS necessary dear Kara.  You DO want your landlord to be happy with you, don't you girl?  Don't you Kara?"

Before my slave could answer the lancet found its home.  I won't describe the sound…I won't describe the aroma.  But Kara bucked in agony and her scream was as delicious to me as a steady rain after a long drought.  Pretty Kara was home…down in my cellar. 

She was going to scream.  And I was going to enjoy myself. 
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