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Author Topic: Forsaken will rise again [Contest Entry]  (Read 587 times)

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Forsaken will rise again [Contest Entry]
« on: January 24, 2018, 07:40:44 PM »
This is a splice between the books Wheel of time and Shadow hunters, Also a contest entry. hope you enjoy. 2982 is what my word says my word count is

I've always seen things that are not quite there, glimmers here a moment and gone the next a bend in reality perhaps but others do not see them as well. when asked they look at me like I'm crazy brush it off and change the subject. so I've learned to ignore it in front of them and occasionally I'm caught off guard and drawn back into the unknown.

Just as tonight, when I see you standing there with another... Somehow standing within a building, with blazing red golden eyes, yellow along the edges, molten coals is what comes to mind. Feeling drawn towards you and your blazing eyes forgetting my friends I walked towards you and caught the look of surprise when you could see that I could also see you.

I would have made it, but when one of my friends pulled me back announcing that our carriage had finally arrived. Feeling as if I was being cut off from a trance, Startled with one last glance back you and the other was gone once more replaced with the building of our boarding home.  Sighing with disappointment, I climbed into the carriage, but those blazing eyes burning into my memory and perhaps my soul disturbing my thoughts as the carriage lunged forward carrying us off.

I hate having to come into the world of the sightless the energy it takes to bend their world so we remain hidden is not worth it, however long has the time passed. When we were welcomed as their protectors long forgotten and now hunted by the very kind we're sworn to protect is almost as sickening as it is madding letting forth the bubbling anger seething within my veins my trainee wrongfully thinking it is them that caused it takes several steps backward.
Hearing a bubble burst, I look up to notice a  girl staring straight at us, no staring at me and walking towards us without fear or regards to her safety,  she shouldn't be able to see us let alone pass through my wards she was almost upon us when one of the others pulled her back into the waiting carriage.

Double checking the wards and the glimmer spell all is as it should be, the anger melting away to curiosity wondering just how this girl was able to not only see us but to pass right into our realm. I must report to the elder at once, that there is one who can not only see us but walk into our world as well.  As she rides away it feels as if an invisible string is pulling myself towards her. Just another puzzling piece to add to tonight's events.

"we're going back to the sanctuary, something is off, but it needs reporting before we can look into it more."

Activating the portal without even looking to see if my trainee is coming or not I step into it welcoming the familiar pool that leads back home.

"Our numbers are dwindling at this rate we won't have the numbers to protect ourselves let alone the sightless. We need to find a solution" Councilman Averly angrily stated.

"This is a growing concern that we already know about, Unless you have any new ideas to share, Then sit and let another with problems we can solve take the floor." The Elder responded with annoyance.

Hissing Averly says, " What good will solutions do? if there isn't a world left to fix?" Letting out the breath he didn't know he was holding. "Have any of you taken the time recently to look at our current numbers? Only one is strong enough to succeed the elder. Merely a handful are capable of soloing demons let alone the Forsaken.... And then, the others are only half in power as the rest of us, and yet We're wasting time 'training' them hoping that their strengths will improve. We need to go out and find who among the sightless have our powers... Or: or we will be the last of our kind."

"Enough Averly, we will not actively hunt those we are sworn to protect. We would be risking the other races that live beneath the surface of what the sightless can see. What then? WE HAVE MORE THAN OURSELVES TO PROTECT!!! Or have you forgotten that.?"

Slamming down her staff signaling the end of this discussion, the door burst open omitting Tristance... The only one who had the power to overthrow her, more than double her power if he ever realized it, Councilman Averly wouldn't even be wasting time with her if they only knew.

"Elder, we encountered a problem in the field, not to impose on the council meeting, but this matter is best to be discussed in private," Tristance says, fighting against the guards trying to force him out.

"Tristance, why are you not out there, teaching Anazha shadowing tactics? These are skills all the trainees must learn and master, this is more important than any problem you may speak of."   With a dismissive nod towards the guards, Tristance was finally forced out.   the Elder resumed.           "Now where were we--"   

" There was a girl, with the sightless, that not only could see us but walked straight through Tristance's wards, not mine but Tristance's wards and glamour spells. Not only that but some kind of bond passed through them. t-thi-this is why we came.---"
The Elder cut Anazha off. "SILENCE!!! Not another word Anazha! If you ever want to see the world beyond these walls then stop.!"      Taking a moment to regain her composure the Elder while searching the crowd for another guard.          "Seize Anazha take him and Tristance to the tower, make sure they are secured as well. Let neither out of your sights. This meeting is adjourned until further notice. NOW GO!"

"Anazha, Would you mind explaining to me, how I went from being dismissed back to my quarters to being locked up in a holding cell shackled back to back with you?" Tristance, still struggling inquired.

"Tristance, I ah- t-o-ld the Elder about the girl, and t-th-at, weird light that circled you both and bonded you. and next, I knew we were here shackled." Hanging his head with a sigh, Anazha braced for the temper Tristance was known for....

"Ha ah-ha-ha, You did what? You just signed our own death certificates' Don't they teach you trainees our history before sending you out anymore? No wonder half of you have no strength, Bet you haven't had your runes placed either. that's why your Steele wouldn't bond when I showed you how. " Tristance went on with his crazy laughter.

"what does learning our history and gaining runes have to do with this girl and that weird light? " starting to struggle himself Anazha, is getting more frustrated the longer Tristance goes on laughing.

" First of all learning our history is how you understand what we do and why we do it, Also learning our history teaches you to respect our runes, and know when and how to use them. Our Steeles once bonded is what we use to draw runes, when needed while in battle or however we may need them. They are also how we operate our powers to make portals among other things. The weird light that bonded the girl, made her my parabatai, being able to become one without taking an oath without our Steeles, but naturally hasn't been done since we were created by the Aes Sedai and the Dragon Rand." Tristance went quietly in deep thought.

"Wait what? you actually believe in the legend, of  Aes Sedai and all that nonsense? Really? You're pulling my leg, aren't you.? Ha-ha nice one." Anazha stares, not believing.

Hearing someone entering the tower, Tristance no longer has time to try to explain. Grabbing Anazha's arm the best he could while calling upon his Steele and opening a portal beneath both of them, hoping his destination will not turn them away. Especially since they will be arriving shackled.

"Well: well  look who decides to portal in unannounced, bound mind you and bringing me a pet to play with at the same time, I'm beginning to regret teaching you that portal spell."

 " Aes Sedai Sapheria, Please, I wouldn't have intruded if it wasn't important please remove these shackles, and I'll explain," Tristance said with a pleading voice.

" What kind of fool do you take me for? Drop the act Tristance enough with the game., Breaking us out of the tower, the Elder will have our heads."  Anazha still not convinced retorts.

Aes Sedai Sapheria, not amused in the slightest takes one look at Anazha and turns him into a mouse, who scurries into a random corner and hides. Tristance stunned just sits there looking up at Sapheria with fear in his eyes before he can portal away, Sapheria silences him and cuts him off from the power.

" You ran from the tower, from the elder and chose my home to run to? you have just under one minute to explain before I port you back to the tower myself and watch you flayed, and stripped of your powers."

Tristance hurriedly explains the situation and his suspicions of the elder turning to the dark one. about the girl and anything else, he could think of to keep Sapheria from returning him to the tower.
Thinking and pacing Sapheria with a wicked grin and a wave of her hand all of his clothes just vanished, with a snap of her wrist his body unfolded from his crouch to being fully spread-eagled in mid-air. A terrified chill ran through Tristance unable to move or once again speak he did all that he could do which was glare back defiantly. Tapping a finger over her lips Sapheria slowly circled Tristance's body scraping her filed nails down his muscles leaving thin trails of blood anywhere she scratched. She began to cast flows of air and began to rapidly whip Tristance with various blows ranging to soft teasingly strokes, to full deep lashes that dug deep into his skin and some even pierced leaving trails of blood and yet he still looked on in a defiant glare. Catching movement in the corner she watched as a mouse tried to jump from a lantern, snickering to herself she had forgotten about him, with a flick of her wrist he was once again in human form and he too was now frozen in air as well, unlike Tristance who still remained defiant, Anazha looked on in total fear. You could definitely tell who was trained and untrained based on their demeanor alone. Casting flows of air once again she created phalluses and positioned the heads so that just the tip were threatening to breach their anal rings, casting a timer that they should slowly and painfully insert themselves over the next two hours. reweaving the whip flows to hover and hit only their cocks and balls, she set the whips to only vary from light caresses to a slight sting. Satisfied they will be fully tortured in her absence she created a portal herself.
 Sapheria turned and mockingly stated.    " I'll check to see if your claims are true, Pray both of you that you are telling the truth, for if you are not then the creator himself will not be able to save you from your fates."

With that she stepped thru and closed her portal behind her,  Sapheria chose the classrooms first surprised to find them empty and the book of runes gone. A thick layer of dust covered everything in sight. with her interests now peaked she cast invisibility and silent footing to further investigate what else is going on here.
Not just an Aes Sedai but also the last of her kind, she could bend threads of time at will and could walk undetected by the shadow hunters who inhabit this place. However, if the taint of the shadow had reached here she would need to be careful for if they detect her could cause her trouble.
Gliding silently she made her way to the room of the elder, found only wards but no runes that would bar her from walking in unnoticed. What she saw had her blood run cold, breath froze in her lungs. It was worse than she imagined one of the highest ranking Seekers now stood just beyond where she could be detected but the most troubling the Elder kneeled before him. Not knowing what else she should do Sapheria on the spot made her portal back to the safety of her home.
 The carriage stopped just outside a stone inn, but instead of festive, the sounds within were haunting, suddenly fearful the girls realized the carriage was now surrounded by guards, they huddled together in fear.

"Come on rats, today the day you earn your keep."  One of the guards sneered, as another placed shackles about their hands forming them into a chain.

"Someone HELP!!! ANYONE? PLEASE!!" One of the girls yelled.

But not one of the passing people turned let alone made an attempt to help, they went along with whatever they were doing taking no notice of the troubled women.   

Once inside, they were stunned by what they saw, people hung by their arms tormented, dried blood coated their skin, some struggled others hung limply as they stared off into the unknown.
Feeling a great sorrow Wanhedda stopped next to one who was lost and brushed up against them, and a blinding light engulfed them both, all the bruises and torn skin vanished. Silence fell over the room as everyone stared stunned.

"The master will be pleased, with our latest catch, it appears not only have you captured one with power but a healer as well." The Seeker glided over stopping directly in front of  Wanhedda.  "She comes with me, the others you know what to do with them."

Wanhedda started to struggle, fighting with all her might, having almost broken free of the Seeker's grasp her sight fading to the darkness she noted somehow she was now floating just then her world went black.
Stepping back into her home still invisible, Sapheria noted that she wasn't gone as long as she had planned to, although the boys now covered in dripping sweat, the phalluses still hasn't driven home. Sapheria removed the gags she had cast and forcefully thrust the phalluses all the way, just to slowly drag them out just to repeat the process again. Welcomed by screams of pain Sapheria stepped out of the shadows. She maneuvered Anazha to hover a foot off the floor, climbing over him and oiling his sad excuse for a penis it slipped easily into her ass.  Turning to Tristance who was very much aroused by this new development, positioned his well hung fully hardened cock to plunge into her awaiting pussy. Now having use of his arms again Tristance wasted no time in exploring  Sapheria's wanton body tickling and pinching his exploring hands made their way to her tits twisting and pulling her nipples. As her pleasure soared the hold Sapheria had over Tristance was fading, now using the torment of her breasts as an anchor for his thrusts all three of them climaxing together came crashing down to the floor. Heaving and rushed breaths gave way to labored pants.
Terror gripped the back of Tristance's mind,
" My Parabatai, sh-sh-es in trouble!"   Tristance shrieked as a fear he never felt cascaded over him. Rocking back and forth lost within his mind Sapheria slapped him so hard across his face that his head rebounded and hit a nearby footstool.
"Focus boy, I can link us and we'll port to her but you must focus on her location." Sapheria hissed.

They ported into a dungeon, chains hung from the ceiling, crosses on the walls, bloodied instruments scattered on any available surface, whips, canes, floggers of every shape and design lined in rows hanging on racks just waiting for victims, cages set randomly and in one of them with Wanhedda, is where they were now crushed into.   
Sapheria glided thru the bars easily hiding her grin, turned to look at her prey.     
"I'll go and find the keys, don't make any unnecessary noises. You shouldn't have to be warned of the horrors unwanted attention could warrant you."

Once Sapheria was out of sight Anazha whispered.  "You had to choose the very location she was in? What if she was in a coal fire or a pit of spikes! Have you lost your mind Tristance?"

Tristance with a loss of words hangs his head and just sighs, turning to look at his Parabatai. She recognizes his eyes.
"You're the boys! the ones who were somehow standing within my boarding home building. Whah-t ho-w'd  yo-u-u." In mid-word, she slumps mouth still agape as if she wasn't done speaking.

"You idiot, You put her asleep. Sapheria said no unwanted attention, channeling creates a burst of light to all who wields power. You might as well stood up and yelled here I am come kill me!" Tristance angrily yells at Anazha.

Before either could respond, the dungeon door creeks open. Omitting a Seeker and somehow Sapheria unharmed or guarded walks freely behind him. Both boys jaws drop, and before they know it are cut off from the power once again. Once again rendered useless, they cower in fear, trembling. A feeling of betrayal washes over them as the Seeker turns to Sapheria.
"You've proven yourself yet again Moghedien, bringing the Master the last trained of the shadow hunters' and his unruned pet... "

" Moghedien!? The highest ranking Forsaken? My mentor all this time was a Forsaken?" Tristance wails.

"That's right boy,  you and your Parabatai are the keys to reopen the Dark One's prison, only this time there are no heroes to stop him." Moghedien boasts.


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Re: Forsaken will rise again [Contest Entry]
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This is one of the nine entries for the January/February 2018 Story Contest.

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Re: Forsaken will rise again [Contest Entry]
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Remember, we extended voting for one week because of a short month (February) and a late start for my getting the poll ready.

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