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Description: Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman tells of her many hardcore rape scenes.

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Author Topic: Behind the scenes of Dr Who's great Dalek gang-bang, paqrts 1 and 2  (Read 446 times)

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Story is a fantasy. No ill-will is intended. A fictional version of a real person appears for satirical purposes and because I find her sexy.

PROBE, the Magazine of Alien Violations, interviews Jenna Coleman about her decision to appear in a series of controversial but very popular rape scenes on the TV show Doctor Who.

PROBE MAGAZINE: Did you worry about doing Dr Who's first rape scene?
JENNA COLEMAN: Oh yes! I didn't want to do it! Apart from the nudity, which was beyond anything I'd ever done, there was the humiliation and sadism. I was also worried about the brainwashing, where they make Clara orgasm from being raped. I thought it was kind of irresponsible to show a woman enjoying her rape.
PM:  what changed your mind?
JC: I had no choice! [Laughs] My contract didn't give me a say in it. So I was kind of forced to take it, just like poor Clara. But the producer showed me all the fan mail we'd been getting which made it very clear that a lot of the audience wanted to see this. There were lots of really detailed suggestions for the different kinds of sexual assault and torture Clara should be subjected to. And we have to give the fans what they want, don't we?
PM: The rape scene was, in fact, extremely popular?
JC: Record-breaking! And it's now regarded as a classic.
PM: Was it difficult to shoot?
JC: I was nervous. And a lot of the physically painful stuff had to be done for real or it just wouldn't have been convincing.
PM: Such as?
JC: Well, I got my ass whipped, also my breasts, back, thighs, the soles of my feet, and finally my poor pussy!
PM: That did look extremely painful.
JC: My God, I can't even tell you. And the worst thing is, what looks like maybe a dozen strokes in the show have to be filmed from all these different angles, a wide shot, a close-up of my pussy, a close-up of my face screaming, so that by the time you've done all that, it's more like sixty strokes...
PM: Who was operating the Dalek's that fucked you?
JC: It wasn't the usual actors. They found a bunch of guys with actual sexual assult convictions. I'm not sure that was necessary, but the producer felt it could enhance the realism if they were really enjoying themselves. Which they definitely were. All the misogynist abuse they gave me was improvised. It was funny hearing "Rape the bitch!" and "Ruin her asshole!" spoken in those weird Dalek voices!
PM: And the Dalek dildos...?
JC: Those were real, and really big! The producer said it was essential we have actual penetration or it wouldn't be a proper rape, which is fair enough I suppose. But they tricked me. We had this session where I had to try out all these dildos. In front of all the actors and the heads of department, it was quite embarrassing, really. But the idea was to find out what the biggest size was that I coud take, in my pussy and also up my bum. So they got to a set that was really eye-watering, and that's what I thought they'd be using, which heaven knows was bad enough, but on the day they used a dildo that was two sizes bigger for my pussy and about four sizes bigger for my ass.
PM: Lots of lube, then?
JC: You would think so, wouldn't you? But the director kept just saying, well it's supposed to hurt. So they only used the minimum, and also it was laced with chilli sauce to make it burn.
PM: Front and back?
JC: Yes, I was ablaze for hours afterwards [laughs ruefully].
PM: What were the other after-effects?
JC: Well, apart from the general soreness... and the psychological effects of being systematically humiliated on-camera... of course the Daleks sort of branded Clara, didn't they? So she has RAPE TOY on her tits and CUNT marked on her forehead, plus various other slogans... CUM WHORE on her bottom... Well, they didn't brand me for real, obviously, but it meant for the rest of the show's run, I had to appear with CUNT on my forehead. I suggested Clara could visit a space tattoo-removal place, but she's busy having adventures, isn't she, so they said there wasn't time, so I just had to stay a cunt [laughs].
PM: Clara's other brandings did get exposed regularly too...
JC: Yes, the Dalek rape was so popular they had to have more, so I got raped by Sontarans, by Cybermen, by Ice Warriors...
PM: Any favourites?
JC: The Sontaran cocks were REALLY wide, like big mushrooms... quite painful, and I had to practice to be able to take them, especially anally. I was quite proud of myself for managing it. And then they brought in the Yeti which had an erection like a man's fist...
PM: Clara became a much more popular character as a result, didn't she?
JC: I think a lot of people enjoy seeing a naked girl being degraded, don't they? And I think Clara did change in a lot of positive ways. Before being rape she was kind of self-important, a little arrogant, like me maybe. After getting gang-fucked, we both became more submissive, more focussed on giving pleasure. Clara became a character who, if the Doctor was being threatened, would drop to her knees and try to suck the monster off..
PM: Or, in the case of one episode, lick his asshole...
JC: Yes, the Davros anulingus, how could I forget! They had to find a really old, skinny man for me to arse-lick. That was pretty unpleasant, but again, a very popular scene, so you can't argue with that. And the old fellow really enjoyed it. But I did have to suck him off afterwards: the director said, "You can't get the poor geezer all worked up like that and not let him finish!" So I got a mouthful of old man's cum that day.
PM: Apparently, rape statistics have skyrocketed since you started getting raped on television.
JC: I've heard that. It's kind of a complement, I suppose. Of course, I feel bad for anyone who gets raped. But if my performance helped inspired the rapes... well, I can only hope the rapists enjoyed themselves. Maybe they were thinking of me while they raped their victims. It's kind of flattering, isn't it?
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Re: Behind the scenes of Dr Who's great Dalek gang-bang
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A nice fun take on a classic show. Well done!

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Re: Behind the scenes of Dr Who's great Dalek gang-bang
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Thanks! But "nice"??  :shocked:

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Re: Behind the scenes of Dr Who's great Dalek gang-bang
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I felt there was more to explore with this idea, and Jenna hadn't been humiliated nearly enough, so here's part 2. Probably do a part 3 soon...

PROBE MAGAZINE, celebrating alien violations since Galaxy of Terror, caught up with Jenna Coleman to talk about the latest, rape-happy season of Doctor Who, in which her character, Clara Osborne, is put through the most extreme abuses yet.
PROBE MAGAZINE: You're looking well... considering!
JENNA COLEMAN: Thanks. Yes, well... it's been exhausting...
PM: Last season, your character suffered an amazing array of sexual abuses which went down very well with the fans. How on earth - or in space - are they going to top that this time?
JC: Oh, they're certainly trying! Poor Clara is getting quite a rough time of it. I did my first anal gape the other day. I was fistfucked by Cybermen. You don't get to say that every day. I'm still recovering, actually, and the doctor says it may take a month to really heal, but I won't get the chance because I'm in for another round of raping at the hands of the Silurians next week. They have a sort of serpentine thing, the size of a boa constrictor, that they're eager to try out on me. It's animatronic, of course, operated by a man who's very nice except when he has me in his clutches, and then he shows no mercy!
PM: Something to look forward to! Will this be your first tentacle rape?
JC: No, they popped that cherry week one! A creature called the Nestene, another animatronic job. I had its tendrils in every hole, and it could play with my tits and clit at the same time. The idea was that it gives Clara several involuntary orgasms while raping her, but the machinery's not quite sensitive to do that for real, so I had to act that part of it. It DID stimulate me quite a bit, though, I'll admit. I'm sure they'll build a mechanical monster that can make me cum eventually!
PM: The Nestene was the creature that manufactured Autons, wasn't it?
JC: Yes, those plastic people who like like shop window dummies. Well, needless to say Clara gets herself gang-banged by those bad boys. It turns out they all have massive plastic cocks, and I have to take those in every hole too. The good thing about white plastic is that it shows every little mark, which means I could keep track of which cocks had been up my arse. With the Nestene tentacles, they're a sludgy sort of green, so I couldn't tell, so quite often I'd find myself taking one down my throat that had just been deep in my asshole and really didn't taste too nice!
Of course, that just gave the producers ideas, so for the Cyberman rape they make a big deal of going ass-to-mouth. Those silvery metal dicks and silver gloves show every little mark, so you can really tell when I'm being forced to lick my own mess off them.
PM: You did that for real?
JC: Not by choice! But the producers pointed out I'd been sucking my shit off Nestene tentacles already so I couldn't very well object to this. [sighs] The things I do for my art!
PM: We understand we'll be seeing some other pretty girls getting put in their place too?
JC: Yes, Freema Agyeman is coming back as Martha. I think she volunteered as soon as she saw me taking that big Sontaran cock last season. A real slut that one! She insisted on a big gang rape, twenty Sontarans or something. They didn't have that many costumes in stock! She got punished for being such  a whore, though. Since she was so into the idea of being triple-penetrated and soaked with alien cum (they used bull's semen), the producers had to think of a way to make it nasty for her... make her suffer as badly as me [laughs].
PM: And what did they come up with?
JC: Race-play! First they told her she'd have to be whipped, which she wasn't so keen on, but she went along with it. Of course, it turned out to be FAR more vicious than she'd expected. They drew blood and everything. But it turns out that some Sontarans are really racist, so they were calling her "n****r cunt," and all that. The producers had actually hired a bunch of Neo-Nazis, who didn't mind fucking a black girl as long as they got to hurt and humiliate her.
Freema didn't learn who she'd been fucked by until afterwards, and the look on her face was a picture! [giggles] And that was before they branded her!
PM: Branded her? For real?
JC: Yes! I couldn't believe it either. But it was in her contract, they smuggled it in under the whipping part. Apparently it's legal and she can't do a thing about it. So now she has... well, I'm not sure I should tell you...
PM: Oh go on.
JC: Well, I kind of already gave it away. She has "n****r CUNT" branded on that lovely arse of hers. And it's not like a tattoo. You can't get it lasered off. She'll be n****r CUNT the rest of her life. Still, she has a lovely arse and it does look very sexy on her. The funny thing is she's contracted to do three more episodes and I don't think she's so keen now! [laughs]
PM: And we understand there's some new talent in the shows?
JC: Yes. That I CAN talk about. The producer was very keen on that, or as he put it, "I want to get some fresh, tight cunt and rape the shit out of her." So what they did was very clever. Any girl getting fucked on Dr Who has to be over 16. The BBC takes that very seriously. But they wanted a very fresh girl, with perky tits, preferably a virgin. So they found a 15-year-old. Made a deal with her mother. Planted hidden camera in her bedroom so they could see she looked good naked. And she really does! *I'd* have a hard job resisting raping her!
Then they just waited until her birthday, grabbed her, and raped her on camera.
PM: For real?
JC: Yes! She didn't know anything about it! Suddenly she's having all her cherries popped at once by men dressed as zombies. You see, her mother signed her up for it when she was under 16, so that part was legal. The police aren't interested as long as there's a valid signature. She could try to sue, but that takes money, and her fee's been put in trust until she's twenty-one, by which time the stature of limitations will be passed. So, she's fucked, basically. Literally [laughs].
PM: Did you hear how the actual raping went?
JC: I was there for it! You see, Clara's been sort-of brainwashed, at this point, so she helps them do it. I had to suck the cum out of her sore little pussy and ass after each of the guys fucked her. And then... they got me a massive strap-on, and I had to... I had to rape her too.
PM: Was that difficult?
JC: Well, I felt bad for her. She was screaming and sobbing the whole time, didn't know what was happening. The guys were biting her tits REALLY hard, 'cause they're zombies, right? And I had to shove this dildo in her cunt and rape her, and then rape her in the arse, and I have one line that I whisper in her ear as I'm shoving it up her back passage... "You love it, don't you, you snivelling slut?" And she didn't know that was scripted dialogue, she thought it was just me.
So I felt a bit guilty. But I had a job to do. And, even though it was sort of disturbing... I could see how you could get into it. I'm not sure if Clara's ever going to rape anyone else, but I'm sort of hoping she does.
The other thing is, being an actor, I was watching this poor girl the whole time and noting how she reacted to stuff. I figure I could use some of it in my own performance. I mean, usually what they put me through is painful and humiliating, so I can sort of just be real, but this was taking it to the next level. Actually being inches from this teenager's face as I drove a really massive dildo up her ass...
PM: Did you try to make it up to her?
JC: What, send her flowers or something? I think we're kind of past that. [laughs] No, I just feel she kind of got screwed but it's not my fault, and I can tell you, the scene is really amazing. People are going to love it. So, one sixteen-year-old's unhappy but millions of fans around the world are going to get off on it. You need to keep a sense of proportion.
One thing I can tell you, you know how the rape statistics spiked after last season? Well, when they see this little bitch getting reamed, no woman will be safe! [laughs]

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