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Author Topic: The Dumb Bunny Rapist Strikes Back  (Read 518 times)

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The Dumb Bunny Rapist Strikes Back
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:32:33 AM »
This story is for entertainment only and I disapprove of everything in it. It's a sequel to Dumb Bunny, which is in the "normal" rape section. This time, the rapist hero must punish an entitled slut who has had the nerve to protest about being raped and humiliated, so naturally things go a lot further. While nobody should ever be raped for real, in the special context of a rape fantasy story, this cunt deserves everything she gets.  :thumbs:

Nisha rapped on the oak door with the fancy brass knocker, once again admiring the luxury in which the country's most successful serial rapist lived.
A beautiful woman, a dark, burnished brown (Burmese?) opened the door and showed Nisha to where the handsome, immaculately groomed Christian Ray awaited her.
"Come to arrest me, at last?" he grinned.
"Not quite," said Nisha, seriously, "but there is a matter we should discuss... in private?"
"Ayesha knows all about my hobbies," smiled Ray, nodding towards the super-model-beautiful dark girl. Ayesha gave a dazzling smile. "I like to indulge my man. And I like hearing about what he does to those... poor women." She giggled slightly.
Even Nisha, who considered herself 100% straight, felt slightly turned on by this girl's lusty enthusiasm. So she supported him wholly in his career as rapist? Very considerate of her. Of course, his fabulous wealth probably helped, but there was probably considerable sex appeal in the idea of this masterful sadist being above the law. Hell, Nisha felt that too.
"Well, frankly, this time you may be in trouble. You recently... paid a call... on a girl naked Laura Jennings?"
"Yes, just the day before yesterday. A succulent little cunt. I gave her the full Dumb Bunny treatment." Ayesha giggled at this. The Dumb Bunny Rapist was known to the police for his habit of leaving his victims so humiliated, in particular by photographing them wearing Playbody bunny ears and nothing else, that they never brought charges.
"Laura is bringing charges," said Nisha.
"Really? I would have thought preserving what remains of her dignity meant more to the whore than that."
"It would've, normally, but you see, after you left, while Laura was still trying to wriggle free of her ropes, her apartment was invaded. You evidently left the door ajar."
"How thoughtless of me."
"So, a pack of youths came in, found a naked girl in bunny ears half tied up, and did what came naturally. Which, in this case, means they not only raped the shit out of her, they beat the shit out of her."
"Such a lack of finesse in the young."
"Though one thing that may amuse you is the wooden club they pounded her with also got used on her pussy and asshole. Poor girl spent hours in stirrups while the docs picked splinters out of her holes with tweezers."
"Ow!" giggled Ayesha.
"But," Nisha went on, "the story hit the papers, there was no way to keep it quiet, and of course the general public reacted with more sympathy than your bimbo fuck-pet here, with the result that poor Laura, who is still in hospital, feels emboldened to press charges."
"What an unfortunate run of ill luck. For me, that is."
"I thought I'd better warn you. Fuck knows why, I kind of like having you around. You have a lot more imagination than the average creep, and the girls you rape are usually stuck-up bitches who need taking down a peg or two. Or twenty. But I don't see how you can get out of this. Better skip the country."
"Not at all. The situation can be retrieved, and it may be amusing to do. Tell me, what hospital is the unfortunate Laura recovering in?"
Laura lay in her hospital bed, miserable. Her whole body ached: the pain-killers didn't touch the agony in her body from the beating she'd received: the kicks to the stomach and crotch, the wooden plank bashing into her body, crushing her breasts against her own kitchen floor, the pain from the hot iron one young man  had pressed against her pussy, leaving a triangular red burn on her public mound, leaving her clit throbbing and raw...
But the physical torment was nothing compared to the mental anguish from the raping she'd endured, not just from those brutish hooligans, but from the suave, slick man dressed like a cat-burglar, who had taken his time, thoroughly humiliating her in every way, even forcing her to demean herself for his pleasure. She would never forget, or get over, the way he'd made her crawl, lick his boots, abase herself before him, and call herself foul names. Foul names like -
"Hello, you jizz-guzzling whore," said a familiar voice.
It was him! The bastard who had raped her! Subjected her to a three-hour course in sheer sexual humiliation. Here, grinning in the doorway of the hospital room where his violation had (indirectly) landed her!
"You!" she cried. He just laughed, the bastard.
"Always ready with a cliche," he smirked. "But what else could one expect from a hapless bimbo like you?"
"You can't come in here! Guards!"
"I'm afraid your excellent security detail have all been bribed, my dear. I nwas desirous of some, shall we say, uninterrupted time with you. It seems the well-merited shaming I inflicted, reminding you of your true status in the world as a worthless fuck-pig, has not lasted as long as it should, so I'm back, m'dear, to give you a refresher course. You shan't enjoy it. But I definitely will."
Subduing the slut took no effort at all. Laura was so sore from the beating she'd recently taken, that simply squeezing a sore breast was enough to incapacitate her with pain. Then Christian Ray, the Dumb Bunny Rapist, simply unravelled some of her bandages and bound her wrists to the headboard, her ankles to the footboard. He took from the footboard a clipboard containing the patient's medical chart, and from this he detached a bulldog clip.
"You already know, my darling rapemeat, how I delight in tormenting you," he smiled. He pulled some bandages loose from Laura's pert C-cup breasts, exposing the bruised and grazed tit-meat. He placed the bulldog clip on one sore nipple.
"AAAOoowww! Please!" begged Laura.
"Yes, I'm sure you're prepared to do anything to escape the torture I intend to inflict. It won't do you any good, of course, but it would be unkind of me not to let you try. Let's see... perhaps you should start by admitting that you're a worthless little cunt who deserves to be raped. You should feel free to augment this statement with your own words, omitting no humiliating detail. And yes, I am recording this conversation..."
"AAAOOOOoowww..." moaned Laura as Ray twisted her other nipple, while simultaneously easing his big stiff prick into her tender, abused snatch. He'd never previously revisited one of the girls he'd raped, and while in a way it was tiresome to be forced to do so on this occasion, there was a certain satisfaction in how the slut's spirit broke so quickly. She had, after all, far from recovered from their first session. And he intended to see she was very thoroughly punished for putting him to this trouble...
"Oh God... I'm a worthless little cunt... I deserve to be raped... I'm a filthy slut... rape me in ever hole..." sobbed Laura, desperate to appease the remorseless sadist pillaging her pussy. But her words merely spurred him on to rape her harder. Laura knew this inside, but couldn't stop herself. Since self-abasement was the only tool at her disposal, she had to use it, even though it just made the rape worse...
"Fuck me, beat me, rape me to death, I'm a useless piece of cuntmeat, I'm your fuckpig, I'm your toilet..." Even Ray was impressed with the inventiveness with which the slut demeaned herself. To keep the words coming, he transferred the bulldog clip from her nipple to her badly-gnawed clitoris. Some thug had ground Laura's rosebud hard between his back teeth... it was now particularly sensitive... though to pain only, not pleasure...
Of course, having recently received a splintered shaft of wood in her pussy, Laura experienced the sexual penetration as complete agony. She begged harder: "I'm just a stupid, pathetic little cum-slut, whip my tits, tear up my asshole, ohhhhGOD..."
Ray withdrew his shaft from Laura's aching cunt, noting with satisfaction that he'd opened several wounds in the struggle. He unbound one ankle and pushed the free leg up and to the side so that Laura's pelvis rolled over onto one hip, exposing her large, round, pale ass, nicely striped with red weals inflicted by the home invasion gang using a length of steel cable as tawse.
Ray positioned his dick at the red, tender entrance of Laura's anus.
"Ohhhh no please!" screamed Laura, hysterical with fear.
"What are you?" asked Ray, calmly.
"I-I-I'm a cunt, I'm a cunt, I'm nothing but a cunt..."
"Quite right," agreed Ray, and rammed his nine inches straight up Laura's unlubricated, injured asshole.
It was several hours before Ray finished lunishing Laura Jennings to his satisfaction. When he was finished, he admired his handiwork for a moment. He really had done a maginificent job on her. He no longer begrudged her the obstreporousness that had forced him to pay this visit in the first place. The arrogant little whore had been put in her proper place, and he was confident she would appreciate that she had no right to complain about being raped by a superior being such as he. If she could talk right now, she would agree.
Ray waved to Laura, sitting up in bed watching through terrified, wide eyes, then rang for a nurse and left.
Nurse Twist entered ten minutes later, and stopped in astonishment. Her eyes bulged. Then an involuntary smile crept to her mouth.
"My goodness... what on earth...?" and she laughed. "I'm sorry... hahaha... but you have to admit... it IS kind of... hahaha! I'll get a doctor." She ran off, still giggling.
"Mmmmfff-mmmmmfff!" called Laura after her.
The nurse returned soon after, towing a doctor. He gauped.
"I told you it was really something, doctor," said Nurse Twist, trying not to grin and failing.
"My word!" said the doctor. "I've never seen anything... teeheehee!" He couldn't hep but laugh too.
"Mmmf!" cried Laura, tearfully.
"Should I untie her, doctor?" asked the nurse.
"No, we'd better call the police," said the doctor. "Hold on, miss, we'll have you out of there... eventually... teehee."
The cops arrived twenty minutes later. Nisha was among them, of course. They all stopped cold at the door. By then, most of the hospital staff had dropped by to see Laura's predicament, and all of them had had a good laugh at the poor girl's expense.
"But what HAD he done to her?" asked Ayesha, back at Ray's place.
"Well, he did several things," grinned Nisha. "I guess he wanted to make extra sure the bitch wasn't going to continue her prosecution, so he gave her probably the most humiliating treatment any woman ever received. Painful, too."
"I modestly admit," bowed Ray, "to teaching the cunt a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. I had gathered from the hospital supplies everything I needed, and Nisha here had generously granted me enough time to do my work. I'm curious, have you worked out everything I achieved?"
"I think so," said Nisha, "though it took us a while. You injected the girl with diuretics to make her pee and powerful laxatives to make her poo. Injections to her ass cheeks, her titties, her pussh-mound... You had her trussed her up in her own bandages so she couldn't stop any of this. Having finished with the two syringes, you pierced her nipples with the needles and left them like that. her nipples, by the way, were already badly bitten and bruised from the gang-raping she'd had only twenty-four hours before."
"WOW," grinned Ayesha, eyes sparkling.
"Then you sewed up her lips. I mean sewed them up. Both sets, mouth and pussy. I guess the bitch was starting to get noisy as she felt her bladder and bowels ready to burst and couldn't get to a toilet. But you left a little gap in the stitches, didn't you? Mouth and cunt. And then you fed two rubber tubes into her asshole, and you catheterized her urethra, which in itself I'm told can be very painful. Looks like you were deliberately harsh with how you shoved that tube in there..."
"FUCKING HELL!" said Ayesha, her glee turning to outright awe.
"One tube from her asshole led to her mouth. One led to her pussy. So that when the laxative did its work, she'd be spurting liquid shit into her own mouth and cunt. Of course the tube from her pee-hole led to her mouth too."
"Quite right," said Ray, modestly.
"Once you'd finished with the needle used for suturing, you used that to pierce the poor girl's clit. Then, you had a cauterising iron..."
"What's that?" asked Ayesha, tits jiggling with excitement.
"It's like a little soldering iron. Some people get regular nosebleeds. The cauterising iron is a little heated element that goes up the nostril and burns the blood vessel, stops the nosebleeds. Only that wasn't what your boyfriend used it for..."
As Laura struggled in her bonds, moaning through her stitches, Ray bound her breasts with rubber tubes, then raised the cauterising iron before her eyes. Then he took hold of the syringe dangling from her left nipple, and lifted it, using the needle through her teat to lift the breast slightly. He touched the heated tip of the iron to the soft undersid eof Laura's breast.
"Mmmmmfff-mmmmmnnng!" screamed Laura, without making much noise at all. A small wisp of smoke curled from her titty where the iron was branding her tender skin.
"A few practice scorches on her tits, her belly, her inner thighs, her pussy..." said Ray.
"... and then you burned the words CUM-WHORE across her jugs," finished Nisha.
"Part of this was just to distract and stimulate her so she would definitely lose control of her bowels," admitted Ray.
"But the lettering is permanent, you'll be glad to hear," said Nisha. "Not messy or disfiguring, just a little reddening of Laura's otherwise alabaster skin, so the good word will be legible for all time. And of course it did have the desired effect. By the time the nurse got there, Laura was pumping her mouth and pussy full of shit from her asshole. By the time I got there, she'd just about emptied her bowels altogether. I made sure we spent enough time taking photographs of the crime scene so she'd finish the job, as it were."
"Good girl!" praised Ray.
"It weren't nothin'. Anyhow, by then, the recording you made was on the nightly news...
"He, welcome to FUX News with me, Alice Twunt."
"And me, Holly Goodish [giggles]."
"Our leading news is a development in the case of Laura Jennings, latest victim of the Dumb Bunny Rapist. Miss Jennings, a beautiful twenty-four-year-old civil servant, had received great public sympathy after the severe rape and beating she received Thursday. But a newly-released recording seems to expose Jennings as an insatiable pain-slut, thoroughjly deserving of everything she got.
RECORDING PLAYS: "Ohhhh... beat me... rape me... I'm just a worthless cum-dumpster... piss on me... whip my titties..."
"We can't play more because of the extremely obscene nature of this whore's language, but you can hear the whole recording on our website. What do you think, Holly, will this change the public's view of Laura Jennings?"
"Oooh, I bet it does! Hearing this kind of language is bound to make people think that even if she did get raped, it was probably just what the slut deserved! [giggles]"
"I quite agree. And after hearing the full disgusting recording, I can only hope someone really gives this sick little cum-whore the raping she so richly merits. Obviously the previous beating wasn't severe enough!"
"Tell me, how did Laura react to THAT?" chuckled Ray.
"Well, after the suicide attempt - don't worry, she was too weak to cut very deeply - and after unpicking the stitches and removing the needles and giving her a douche to clean the faeces out of her pussy - and after the multiple painful shots to stop her getting infected from all the shit she'd eaten and, ah, otherwise ingested - I think the shots were slightly more painful than they needed to be, but why deny the doc his fun? After all that, I had a quiet talk with her and she agreed that the best course would be to drop all charges. She didn't want our crime scene pictures leaked to the press, especially as she'd seen how everyone reacted to the image of her sucking the poop from her ass... and it dribbling down her chin onto her titties..."
"FUCK ME," gasped Ayesha, now openly stroking her Brazilian waxed pussy.
"So she's going to withdraw from public life for the time being: ALL the news anchors are calling for her to be beaten and raped now. We're providing a safe house where she can sit and think about how royally fucked she's been. And you are free to do it all again to some other unsuspecting piece of ass."
"FUCK ME," moaned Ayesha.
"Be patient, my little slut," admonished Christian Ray. "You run off to the red room and get yourself manacled to the whipping post, I'll be through shortly. Let the grown-ups finish their conversation." He swatted her bottom playfully as she rushed off.
"I'll let her chain herself up and leave her for half an hour," laughed Ray.
"Beats me why you run the risks you run when you have pussy like that to abuse as you see fit," said Nisha, shaking her head in wonder.
"The risks are minimal with my money," shrugged Ray, "but no willing cunt can be as exciting to tame as one I have to take by force. May I say I appreciate your help this time?"
"Forget it, sugar. You're too interesting to put behind bars. By the way, some good news: that bill you sponsored has passed: the statute of limitations on rape cases is now two weeks."
"Excellent! That makes life easier. May I suggest leaking the "crime scene" photos of the Jennings cunt in two weeks? And, a day later, after she's had a chance to feel appropriate humiliation, leaking the location of her safe house?"
"Oh MY. Well, it does seem to good to miss.And she DID put you to considerable trouble, I guess. I wonder how she'll feel about FUX News filming her mass gang-rape?" Nisha licked her lips.
"Of course, with the Jennings slut dropping all charges, I guess it means the gang who beat her are also free to strike again. Not sure how I feel about that. Those guys are BRUTAL, and not half so creative as you."
"They're young," said Ray, indulgently, "They'll learn."

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Re: The Dumb Bunny Rapist Strikes Back
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 05:31:19 PM »
Call me a sucker for the "complicit police" angle, but I can't get enough of your Dumb Bunny stories.

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Re: The Dumb Bunny Rapist Strikes Back
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 02:54:25 PM »
Glad you enjoyed it!

I'll probably write another installment at some point, if I can think of a way to make things worse for the victim without actually going so far that I put myself off!

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Re: The Dumb Bunny Rapist Strikes Back
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2018, 02:41:23 AM »
I'll probably write another installment at some point, if I can think of a way to make things worse for the victim without actually going so far that I put myself off!

I know exactly what you mean.


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