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Author Topic: Master's Toy  (Read 545 times)

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Master's Toy
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:53:01 PM »

Short little story for your enjoyment! Feedback is welcome :-)

I was on my back, arms tied up to the bed, legs and ankles buckled tight. My pink wand vibrator had been placed between my shaky thighs, buzzing away with intensity. My clit was sore and aching as a 5th orgasm erupted throughout my body. Master assured me he’d only gone a short while, but the bedside clock read 1:45. Over an hour had passed, and I was confined to my bed, overstimulated and alone.

Upon hearing the sound of the front door open, I instantly perked up and gasped, chest still heaving, body still exhausted. I heard footsteps approach the door, and I leaned my head back and breathed in deep. As I exhaled, the bedroom door opened.

“I’m home, kitten,” Master’s mocking words filled my ears. He closed the door behind himself, slipped off his shoes, and ran a hand through his hair. He walked over to the side of the bed where I lay, still not looking at me. He leaned over to me, staring into my eyes. He smirked and cupped my face, grabbing my chin. “Where’s my hello?” he questioned.

“Hi Master,” I muttered softly, squirming in arousal.

Master patted my cheek and moved his hand to my breasts. He cupped one and fondled it lustfully. “Have you been enjoying yourself dear? I’m sorry I was gone longer than expected-” he smirked, “But I’m sure you kept yourself busy.” He reached lower and switched off the vibrator, and I moaned softly and relaxed my legs. “How many times did you cum while I was gone kitten?” Master unbuckled my legs and rubbed my inner thighs.

“Five, sir,” I breathed.

“Five,” Master repeated to himself. His fingers brushed my throbbing clit, and he sighed at how wet I was. He lifted his fingers up to my mouth and let my taste myself. “You like that don’t you slut?”

“Mhm,” I mumbled through his cum-soaked fingers in my mouth.

Master’s hand returned to my sore cunt, teasing me slowly and gently. His middle and ring fingers slipped in effortlessly, given the excessive amount of lubrication. I moaned breathily and my back arched slightly.

“Is kitten’s cunt sore? Must be after you were forced to cum so many times,” Master taunted, his fingers exploring all my sweet spots. “God, you’re so wet, aren’t you? I bet you really missed Daddy while he was gone, hm?”

I whimpered and nodded passively. Master unbuttoned his shirt and slipped off his pants. He stroked his hard, throbbing rod and watched me writhe greedily. We both wanted his cock buried deep inside me, but I knew he’d make me beg first. Master then straddled me and I looked up at him. He was always much more intimidating from above. Grabbing my chin, he stared deeper into my eyes. “You missed Daddy, didn’t you slut?” He asked more sternly this time.

“Y-Yes sir,” I forced out.
Master rubbed his cock against my slit, covering his member in my cum. He teased me thoroughly, pushing himself into me and immediately pulling out, making me moan each time. “I bet you want Daddy’s cock inside your cute little pussy, don’t you?” He teased, rubbing his thumb in circles on my clit.

I bit my lip and nodded, “Mhm, yes sir,”

“Beg for it.” Master ordered. “What is it my little slut wants?”

“I want your cock sir,” I whined. “I want you to use me,”

Master slapped my face harshly and grabbed my chin, and I let out a whimper. “I will, slut.”

He used one hand to push his cock into my cunt, then his hips to go as deep as possible. I gasped as he pressed against my g-spot. He’d pull almost all the way out, then slamm back into me. After the length of his cock was coated in my cum, he began pounding me harder and faster. “God, your cunt feels so fucking good, I’m already getting close,” Master said. I could feel his hot breath as he pounded into me animalistically. He slowed for a bit and grabbed the wand vibrator that had been tossed aside.

“Sir please!” I begged, “I can’t cum anymore,”

But he switched it on anyways and pressed it to my clit as he thrusted into me. He chuckled and kissed me deep and quick. “I don’t care, slut. You will.”

I squirmed as I began to feel myself getting close. Master thrusted in and out of me, his moaning increased and became breathier. Our outbursts of pleasure harmonized, our bodies felt like one. Soon, he was pounding once more, jabbing at my g-spot with his cock. “Fuck, I’m close,” he growled, speeding up even more. My moaning became much more enthusiastic, more needy. I was so close to cumming. My clit throbbed and my pussy contracted around Master’s cock. “I’m gonna cum deep inside you, slut. You’re fucking mine,” Master turned up the vibrator, and I wrapped my legs around Master’s lower body and pulled him close to me.

“I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cumming sir!” I cried out as I reached my orgasm, and Master groaned breathily as he too began to cum, filling up my cunt. He switched off the vibrator and placed it down, still breathing heavily, his cock still twitching inside me. I panted, chest heaving as Master slowly pulled himself out of me. I felt his warm cum drip down to my taint. My whole body was restless and my cunt was sore from being used so vigorously.

My breathing slowed, and I shut my eyes, hoping I could finally curl up and sleep. After only seconds of repose I felt begin Master rub the stretched opening of my pussy. His fingers wandered lower, wet with both my cum and his, and rubbed the outside of my asshole. His pointer finger circled the rim gently, forcing out little squeaks and moans from me. “Daddy,” I muttered softly.

“Hm?” Master cooed as he slipped a finger inside. I squeaked again and curled my toes. Cum dripped out of my cunt, coating Master’s fingers as they forced deeper into my ass. After a bit of this, I noticed Master was once again hard. He saw me staring and smirked at me, beginning to stroke his cock slowly. “I hope you're not tired, slut. Not that it matters,”

Master straddled me and kissed me hard, then lowered his body. “Daddy still wants more of you.”
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Re: Master's Toy
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2018, 10:35:30 AM »
 :x :x :x

I loved how Master makes his Toy’s pleasure a priority. Sweet (in a lovely bound, forced orgasms way!) sexy and satisfying.

I think I’d like to be Master’s toy, too! Yum. So yummy. Where do I find a Master like that?  :heart:
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