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Description: In the mean and dirty streets of Freedom City, the Superheroines don't always win...

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Author Topic: Angel fallen  (Read 956 times)

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Angel fallen
« on: March 25, 2018, 12:23:30 PM »
Chapter 1

The roll of thunder was low, long, menacing.

Amanda glanced up again at the lowering sky, the clouds heavy with rain and seeming to hang inches above the dirty high-rises and skyscrapers of the city.  The rain was coming, she just knew it.  It had been such a lovely day when she'd started out, so she'd decided she wouldn't need her jacket.  And now, looking down at herself, she knew her expensive silk blouse was going to get soaked through before she could make it to her next meeting downtown.

Maybe she could take a shortcut.  The alleyway to her right, that would lead behind the warehouses and join Jefferson Street, it could cut ten minutes off her walk.  It could mean the difference between getting there dry and ready, and turning up like a drowned rat. 

Of course, taking alleys and back streets was not recommended in Freedom City.  Every night the news was filled with stories of murder, robbery, rape in the crumbling dark corners of this rundown metropolis.  But it was the middle of the day, not a dark scary night.  Bad stuff didn't happen in daylight...predators hide in the shadows.

It would be fine.

Amanda turned into the alleyway.

Hurrying along, her heels clicking on the dirty concrete, she tried not to concentrate too much on her surroundings.  The overflowing dumpsters.  The torn refuse sacks, mildewed contents spilling over the filthy floor, the scurryings in the corner of her eye as vermin explored.  So different from her world of high-powered meetings in comfortable shiny offices.  Thank god she'd soon be back on the street, and soon back in the comforting womb of her next client's offices.

With a suddenness that took her breath, something slammed into her back!  She stumbled, ankle twisting, and fell to the floor, her hands and face landing in the swirling trash, the wind knocked out of her.  A hand gripping her shoulder, painfully, rolling her over onto her back, a dark shape looming.  Oh god!  Amanda tried to push away the shape, a wordless squeal escaping her lips, but her hands were slapped aside, then another slap landed hard on her cheek.  Stars blossomed in her vision... but did nothing to hide the gleaming blade that was waving before her face.  She froze in terror, as a hand clamped on her throat.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!  You scream and I carve your face so bad your mommy will puke at the sight of you!  Understand!”

Her chest pounding,  a motoring drumbeat of terror, Amanda nodded.  The hand at her throat moved down, sliding over the silk of her blouse, finding one heaving breast.  Squeezing painfully.  The dark shape's rough breathing getting heavier, lust-filled.  Oh god.

“Please...” Amanda whimpered.  “I have money...”


“I said shut your fucking mouth!  I don't care about your fucking money, what I want is right here.”  His hand went down and yanked at her blouse, the knife pressed to her cheek as he pulled once, twice...the material tearing, his hands tugging down her lacy bra to reveal her goosebumped breasts.  Slapping and squeezing them.

“Nice tits bitch.  Bet your cunt's just as juicy huh?”  His hand moved down and gripped the hem of her skirt, yanking it up her thigh.  Amanda couldn't help herself, a whimper of terror escaping her as her hands tried to hold her skirt down.  The hand moved up again, back to her throat, banging her head against the ground as the knife pushed into the flesh of her cheek, a thin line of blood welling around the sharp blade.

“I said shut the fuck up!”  the shape grunted.  “Listen up bitch, this is what's going to happen.  I'm going to fuck that juicy cunt of yours.  And then I'm going to fuck that pert little ass.  And then you're going to suck my cock. Your body is mine now bitch – and if you're very good I won't slice your face off when I'm done with you...”

Amanda stared up at the shape above her...his cold amber eyes scaring her as much as his brutal words.  No pity, no mercy, no kindness behind those eyes. This man would take what he wanted, and he'd torture and mutilate her to get it...or just for kicks.

With a sob of desperation, Amanda let go of the hem of her skirt, her hands balling into fists at her side as the rapist tugged her skirt up round her waist and pushed her panties aside, his rough fingers probing at her most sensitive area.

And then with a startled yelp he was gone!

Amanda lay for a second or two, panting, rigid with fear.  She couldn't process what was happening, why she could now see the dark sky once more, what the thud sound from further down the alleyway must be.

Or who the vision standing above her could be.

A vision clothed in dark silver, two electric blue and white streaks marking the front of her bustier top, two more down the sides of her form-fitting leggings, the mane of blonde hair flying in the wind, kind green eyes behind a dark eye mask.  A hand reaching down to her.

Then memory and reason returned.  The Angel!  Freedom City's only superheroine. The sole bright light of vigilante justice on these dark cancerous street.  She was saved!

Amanda reached up with a shaking hand and the Angel pulled her effortlessly to her feet.  Her hand stayed in Amanda's for a moment, giving a comforting squeeze.

“Don't worry, you're safe now.”  Her voice was soft, melodic.  English-accented. It matched her sad but lovely smile.  “You don't have anything to fear from...this...”

She waved her hand towards where the rapist was staggering to his feet, fifteen feet down the alleyway where the Angel had thrown him.  Blood pouring from a head wound, but his eyes crazy with rage.

“Fucking Angel bitch!” he roared.  “You come for some of this too?”  His free hand cupped the bulge in his pants, the other hand clutching the knife.  “You want a good fucking too huh?”

Without further warning he charged, the knife slashing wildly.  Angel stepped forward calmly, smoothly, her hand shooting forward with superhuman speed, gripping the wrist of the knife hand.  Her other hand grabbing him by the throat, lifting, lifting...the rapist's feet left the floor and he hung, choking, in the air, Angel's arm out straight and holding his weight effortlessly.

“I think it's you that's fucked...” her soft voice murmured.  “This young lady is going to fetch the cops, and are going to take a little nap while you wait for them...”

Angel's head flashed forward in a vicious headbutt, and the rapist's world went blank.

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Re: Angel fallen
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2018, 12:24:01 PM »
Chapter 2

Angel winced as she walked back into the control centre.  The lights were bright in here, after the darkness now gathered outside in the stormy night.  But that wasn't the cause of her aching.

The serum was wearing off.

“Another busy day of it!” Tony 'the Controller' Toland greeted her from his position in the middle of the bank of computer screens that was his home and his haunt.  He pushed his round spectacles back up his nose, eyes flicking down the list on one screen.  “Five hours on patrol.  Two attempted rapists, eleven muggings, a bank robbery, a car jacking, a heist at the 7/11....and one cat rescued from a tree.”  The Controller cocked an eyebrow.  “A cat...?”

“I wanted to use the tree as a vantage point.”  Angel slumped into a chair, pulling off her mask and shaking out the tangles from her long hair.  “The cat was in the way.”  She caught his smirk.  “Okay, it was a cute cat and I took pity on it!  Cut a girl some slack.”  She groaned again as she stretched her back.

“You've been hitting the serum pretty hard, looks like you're feeling it too.” the Controller said concernedly.

“Yeah, well there's a lot of crime out there, and I don't have a lot of help...” Angel said wearily, leaning forward to rub at her aching calves.  “I wish this all came naturally though...”

The serum was what made the Angel.  A chemical that massively enhanced strength, speed, stamina, damage resistance, healing ability.  A true super-serum that could make a superhero from a normal mortal.  One research scientist with a hatred of wonder drug.... the result was the Angel.

But it only lasted about an hour per hit.  And when the strength faded it left her tired, weaker than before until she could sleep and regain her strength. Like now.

The Controller watched her massaging her calves, his eyes straying down to the deep cleavage Angel revealed as she leaned forwards.  Unconsciously licking his lips at the soft pale firm flesh on display...

“Eyes front soldier!”  She'd glanced up and spotted his ogling.  “This outfit is supposed to distract the bad guys, not lead you on!”

“Sorry.”  The Controller was flustered, blushing as he returned to his PC screen.

Angel smiled to herself.  She knew the Controller desired her, knew the weedy yet brilliant little man's lust even if he never admitted it to himself.  As long as he could keep things professional, it wouldn't become an issue.

“OK...” she said, standing back up and heading to the doors.  “I'm going to hit the showers and then head for bed.  Keep an eye on the city for m-”


A message appeared on one of the screens, the flashing red border of a highest priority mail.  She would have ignored it, but for the capitalised heading flashing away at her.... “TRAFFICKERS”

“I don't believe it!”  The Controller read the message hurriedly, and started pulling up other windows on the screens around him.

“What is it?”  Forgetting sleep for the moment, the Angel returned to his side. “Have you got a lead on them?”

Them.  The shadowy gang of people traffickers, snatching women from the streets of the city and selling them into sexual slavery abroad.  The gang that had taken over a hundred young women so far.

At first Angel and the Controller had thought they had a serial killer on their hands.  Of course bad things happened to young women all the time in Freedom City, but the rash of disappearances of young, attractive, affluent women stood out from the background noise.  They'd been on the case for six months...firstly looking for a killer, looking for bodies. 

But then one of the girls had turned up.  Found completely by accident by a reporter working a different story.  Found working in a brothel in Belizuela City.

She'd told the reporter a story of being taken off the street.  Of being raped, repeatedly, brutally, mercilessly.  Of torture, waterboarding, electric shocks, beatings, until she submitted to whatever she was told.  Of being forced into prostitution, servicing a dozen men a day, all her earnings taken from her, kept a virtual slave under threat of death.

The reporter had returned the following day with the local police, but the girl was gone.  The brothel was gone.  Just a cheap building burned to the ground, charred skeletons in the wreckage.  12 skeletons, to match the 12 girls who worked there.  All had a single bullet hole in the back of their head.  All except one...the coroner believed that one had been bound and alive as the fire raged...

The traffickers were very thorough at covering their tracks.

Until now.

“It's a tip off from one of my canaries.”  the Controller said.  “He's heard there's a shipment of up to eight girls being moved out via the docks tonight!”

“Where from, where can I find them?”  Angel clenched her fists as she scanned the mail.  She wanted these traffickers.  She could barely imagine what those poor women went through...but she knew it had to stop.

“He knows where one is being collected from, but apparently they're kept in different places around the city and only brought together for shipping out.  The one he knows about is being"  The Controller brought up a map of the city, showing one of the warehouse areas.

Angel stared at the screen for a few moments, working through her options.  She could go there now, rescue the woman, capture whoever was on site.  But they might know nothing of use...the other women might still be shipped out to a sordid fate.  Or eliminated to minimise risk of exposure, like those poor women in Belizuela.  Or she could stake out the docks...but they stretched for miles down the river estuary and along the sea front.  She could watch one section and miss the transfer five miles further down.  The cops?  There were some good ones, sure, but also lots of incompetent, or corrupt ones.  Bring them in now and she risked the traffickers being tipped off, or scared off.

No, there was really only one option.

"OK....I'll go there..." She tapped one nail on the screen.  "I'll follow them when they transfer their victim, and when I have sight on all the victims at the docks I'll free the women, round up the traffickers, and we'll see what the police can get out of them."

The Controller looked worried.

"Angel, you're not in a state to go out again.  You know the serum is wearing you out... and stocks are getting low."  He wheeled his chair over to a metal desk fridge, unlocked the door with his thumb print, brought out a box.... a single dermal patch remained.  "Look, just one dose left, we've never been so low."  He swung back to Angel, gazing at her earnestly.  "You need to sit this one out.  Send in the cops.  We'll have more serum ready tomorrow, maybe the day after...let's see what the cops find, then carry on the hunt then.  Please!"

Angel shook her head and straightened her tired back, determined. 

"No.  We have to rescue these girls tonight.  We can break these traffickers in one blow...but it has to be tonight."  She reached out and took the patch.  "This will be enough.  It will have to be enough."  Reaching up, she slipped the dark mask back over her eyes.  "Let's get to work."

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Re: Angel fallen
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2018, 12:24:40 PM »
Chapter 3

The docks.  Dark, dirty, rundown.  The smell of saltwater, of rot, of diesel.  Miles of tattered wharves, warehouses, wire fences.  The home of so much of the criminal enterprise of this tired old city.

Angel crouched on a rooftop, watching as a small truck pulled up at one nondescript warehouse.  Two guys got out...big, burly, hired muscle types.  Opening the back of the van they dragged out the eighth hopeless figure Angel had seen gathered here.  A slight figure, a woman, tiny between them.  Wearing rags.  A sack tied over her head.  Hands chained behind her back.  The pathetic figure stumbled as the two men shoved/dragged her into the warehouse where the others had been taken.

Eight of them.  This was it.  Angel started to creep towards the edge of the roof.  Time to take them down...

But then she stopped as an expensive car pulled up alongside the truck, the scattered lights gleaming from it's polished paintwork.  Two more thugs got out of the front, one hurrying to open the back door... and out stepped a third man.  Tall, a muscular frame well framed by an expertly tailored suit.  The lights gleaming off his shaven head.  He glanced around before heading into the warehouse.

The Czar!  The shadowy figure that everyone knew was behind most of the organised crime of the city.  But the cops couldn't pin anything on him, and Angel herself had confronted him more than once without being able to take him in.  He was too smart to link himself to any of the crimes perpetrated in his name.  And too ruthless at covering his tracks.

And now he was here, indisputably implicated!  She could break the whole trafficking ring and take him down in one hit!

But the first twinges in her leg muscles told her she had to hurry.  Her serum dose wouldn't last all night....
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Czar walked slowly along the line of chained captives.  Pulling off their sack hoods to see their faces.  Squeezing a breast or an ass cheek as he checked out the goods.  None of the women flinched or complained.  They'd been well trained over the last few weeks, they knew their place and they knew what happened if they disobeyed.  They'd make good obedient little whores.  The market south of the border, and across the Pacific, and over in Africa and the Middle East was hungry for pretty little nortes - the locals getting an extra kick from sticking their dicks into some arrogant yankee. 

It was a market he was happy to sell into.

"They'll do."  His voice did not match his tailored appearance - the tone rough, the accent strong, his roots in the poor side evident.  "Load them on the boat."

"I don't think so, Czar.  I think you're the one going down the river tonight!"

Every eye turned at the voice from the doorway.  Some involuntary intakes of breath from the thugs as they saw the shapely silver figure.  Many of them had fought with the Angel...all had lost.

But the Czar just smiled.

"Hey there Angel...glad to see you accepted my invitation..."

"Your invitation Czar...?  If you wanted to go to jail, you only had to ask."  A trap, then.  Not the first time criminals had tried to entrap her.  Every time had failed.  But the Czar was smart...what was different this time.

"Oh I won't be going to jail. it ain't me that'll end up in chains tonight.  But I'm tired of you messing up my little's time for that to stop..."  The Czar took a remote from his pocket, clicked on a button, and the roller door slammed shut behind Angel.

"19 to 1, Czar...." Angel looked around with a smirk on her face. "Don't you boys think you need better odds than that?  Surrender now, and nobody has to get hurt... too badly."

But she was worried.  She'd taken on greater odds...but not when she could feel the first aches of the serum leaving her system.  She had to finish this fast.

And that was when the thugs went for their weapons.

They were fast, but she was faster.  Covering the distance between them in a flash, one strong punch sending a first thug cartwheeling backwards, a blow to the stomach folding another flat to the floor like a deflated balloon.  She grabbed a third by the shoulders and whirled, hurling him into a group of the others and scattering them like ninepins.  A cosh whistled past her ear, too close, her reflexes only just fast enough to dodge as she pivoted to deliver an elbow strike that sent the thug into unconsciousness instantly.  Following the pivot through, her boot crashing into the side of another man's head as he advanced on her, his limp body falling to the ground... pain flared as something hard and heavy slammed into her lower back. 

She staggered forwards.  Knocked off balance.  Using her momentum, she continued her spin to face the man who'd punched her, bracing her foot behind her and delivering a powerful blow to his chest.  He stopped dead, rocking back on his heels.  And then grinned as he rubbed where the blow had fallen.

The blow hadn't felled him.  Hadn't even hurt him badly enough to send him down.  The serum was wearing off.

"You see fellas?"  The Czar stepping forward, his face a wide evil grin as he watched Angel take a step back. "I told you her stamina ain't all it's cracked up to be."  He cracked his big knuckles as he took another step forward.  "See, I've been watching you for a long time Angel...seen how you're sometimes so powerful, but sometimes seem more weary.  I figured whatever gives you these powers, it's gotta have its limits.  Am I right?  Tell me I'm right...or show me I'm wrong."

He took another step forward and Angel stepped back once more.  This was bad.  This was very bad.  She could feel the strength leaching out of her, within a few minutes she'd be back to normal.  She couldn't be here when that happened.  She spared one agonised glance for the helpless chained women lined up against the far wall.

"I'll come back for you...I promise..." she called out - then pivoting away from the Czar she mustered her strength for one great leap through the skylight above her head.

But she didn't make it.  Her fists smashed open the skylight, but her momentum wasn't enough to carry her up to freedom.  She felt herself falling again, her scrabbling hands finding the edge of the frame.  Dangling with freedom just inches above her, pulling her self up...

And then a big hand clamped on her ankle, yanking hard, and she crashed back down to the concrete floor.

They were on her instantly, scenting her weakness.  She struggled and fought, landed some good blows... but the blows of a petite woman, not of a superheroine.  It took only a few seconds before she was dragged back in front of the Czar, her arms pinned firmly behind her back, her head pulled back by the hair.  He looked down at her, fending off with a laugh when she tried to land a kick in his solar plexus.  Then moving in, one big hand clasping her chin as she struggled and writhed, forcing her to look up at him.  He smiled at the fear evident in her eyes.

"19 to 1 odds, Angel... are you ready to take on 19 of us?" He tightened his grip, fingers digging into her soft flesh.  "Oh bitch, in every sense of the word.... you are so fucked now...."

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Re: Angel fallen
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Chapter 4

The Controller watched the streaming video with a sick terror lying in his stomach like a lead ball.  His web crawlers had found the stream straight away, but over the past five minutes he'd watched the viewer numbers increase from double digits to hundred, to thousands, to tens of thousands.

Angel was on the screen.  In a dirty warehouse.  Bright lights illuminating her.  Her arms stretched out to her sides, thick chains around her wrists stretching up to the ceiling.  Holding her securely as she struggled and pulled.  On the edge of the bright lights, shadowy figures.  Lots of big, bulky, shadowy figures.

He'd tried to trace the stream, but whoever was posting it was clever.  Every search leading to a blind alley.  The Controller could do nothing but watch, just like everyone else, to what unfolded.

After a couple more minutes of Angel's fruitless struggles, a man stepped into the frame.  A big, powerfully built man, wearing a theatrical devil mask that obscured his face completely.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.  I see we've got... just over 60,000 viewers currently - that's a good start.  Don't worry, I'm sure this clip will go viral soon enough.  I ain't gonna introduce myself...lots of you know who I am, the rest don't need to know.  I'm just a businessman.  Trying to make a buck.  And the biggest threat to my business has been...her..."

The man walked back over to Angel, grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling her head back.  Forcing her to face the camera. Her face was defiant, angry...and full of fear.  The Controller had never seen fear there before.

"The Angel.  Sticking her cute little nose into other people's business.  Being so virtuous and high-and-mighty, sitting in judgement on us mere mortals."  He gave the hair a yank and Angel winced.  "Well tonight you all get to see what happens to stupid little bitches who think they can play with the big boys.  Stupid little bitches who don't know their place.  First things first...let's see who we're really dealing with..."

The figure fumbled with something behind Angel's head, and the Controller just had time to realise what was going to happen before it already had.  Angel's mask came off, her face and identity revealed to...he checked the counter, 73,813 people.  Her eyes were wide now, the terror was obvious.

"If anyone knows who this pretty little bitch is in real life, you let me know."  the man on the screen said.  "Not that it matters too much.  Her real life is over now, like her time playing hero.  Time for her to learn her place.  You guys want I should reveal a lot more about this Angel...?"

The dark figures in the shadows around Angel roared in affirmation, and the Controller watched with fists clenched tight in rage as the man stepped behind Angel, reach up to between her shoulder blade...the sound of the zip was picked up clearly, and the silver, blue and white bustier top became loose, sagged, then fell away.

Angel's breasts were everything he'd imagined, the Controller noted in horrified fascination.  Big, firm, creamy soft skin under the harsh light.  They jiggled and bounced as Angel struggled against the chains, a thin whine of frustration and rage escaping her throat as her body was revealed.

"All the porn art doesn't do her justice, does it?"  the man laughed, stepping behind Angel and reaching round, his big hands squeezing her breasts, pinching at the nipples.  "She's got a great pair on her.  Mmmmm, we're gonna have lots of fun with those."

Angel kicked backwards, trying and failing to hit the man behind her.  He laughed and gestured to someone behind the camera.  Two men pushed a metal table into the shot, in front of Angel, and the man grabbed her hair and forced her to bend over it, wrapping a chain that was fastened to the table round Angel's neck repeatedly before hooking the other end securely...the Controller realised this had all been planned very much in advance.  Watching Angel on the screen, bent over the table, her breasts swinging free over the edge, her arms still chained and stretched painfully behind her, he knew exactly what was going to happen next.  And he was powerless to help.

"And now, this symbol of justice and liberty, this shining beacon of going to get fucked up the ass."  The man in the shot stepped round behind Angel, tugging at her tight pants.  She struggled, squirmed, kicked, roared in anger...but she was helpless, unable even to move much as he yanked her pants down mid thigh.  He squeezed her ass cheeks, slapping them a few times, then reached into his own pants and levered out his cock... it was big, very hard, very ready, the Controller could see.  The man was obviously enjoying this.  The Controller watched in horror as the man spat into his palm, lubed himself up, and positioned himself.  Angel's roars of anger became squeals of pain as the man pushed, and pushed, and pushed, her face twisting in disgust and shock and pain as it was obvious the man was shoving himself into her ass.

"Fuck yeah this is tight..."  the man grunted on screen.  But look, she's taken every inch of it like a real heroine... bring over the camera, let the folks at home see the detail!"

The camera rocked and became less steady, obviously someone had taken it from its mount and carried it forward.  It swept over Angel's anguished face, zooming in for a second on her swinging breasts before trailing down her back to give a close up of her naked ass.  The man's cock buried deep in her, his crotch pressing against her ass cheeks, which he gripped and pulled apart so the camera had a clear view of her ass stretching round his girth.  The tight muscle stretching further as he pulled back, then slammed himself forward again...the slap of his skin against hers, her gasp of pain, his grunt of pleasure, all caught perfectly by the camera mic.

For the next few minutes the camera moved and swooped, zoomed and panned, capturing the whole scene as the man gripped Angel's hips and started to slam himself into her ass over and over.  His groin slapping against her jiggling ass, driving her against the table with a dull repetitive thud-thud-thud.  Angel's gasps of agony.  Her face twisted in pain and disgust as the man pulled up her head by the hair.  The occasional cheer or indistinct comment from the watching men.  The Controller watched in absolute horror...a horror that only increased when he realised his own erection was rock solid in his pants.  How could he be turned on by this total violation?

Eventually the man started to speed up, his breathing faster and harsher, before eventually he threw his head back with a roar... from his pose, and from the look of utter disgust on Angel's face, it was obvious that he had just cum inside her.  He thrust a few more times, milking himself completely before pulling out, Angel sagging onto the table in exhaustion.

The man was still tucking himself back into his pants as he walked back round in front of Angel, the camera pulling back to capture her bent-over body in the background.

"I hope, Freedom City, you're all learning what can happen if you don't mind your own business.  If you stick your nose into my affairs, maybe this will be you next time.  Or your wife, or your daughter.  This Angel bitch is starting to learn too...though she's got a lot of hard lessons to take yet."  The man stepped forward, so the camera was zoomed on his masked face.  "I know this little whore has screwed up a lot of ventures for my fellow 'businessmen'...guys, you know who I am, you give me a call, you can come and have a free ride.  Payback's a bitch, ain't it..."

The camera panned back to Angel's shaking form chained to the table.

"But for the rest of youse, enjoy the rest of the show...this will be the last you see of the Angel, but at least you'll get to see all of her before she goes...."

That was obviously a cue.  The dark figures came forward, a dozen, two dozen of them.  They unfastened the chains on Angel's wrists and neck, pulling her upright.  She continued to struggle, the fight not beaten out of her, but it was obviously hopeless.  Two men gripped her arms tightly as two more tugged at her tight pants, yanking them down and off her kicking legs.  Two more guys grabbed those legs and they carried her struggling kicking body over to a mattress on the ground.  The camera following them, zooming in on her terrified face, and then down at her exposed pussy, before the men threw her down and were all over her.  She had no chance to escape, her arms and legs pinned and spread wide as the first of the men clambered on top of her.  The Controller could see her legs stiffen, her face freeze in shock, as the man shoved himself into her and started to thrust wildly.  The mic picking up his grunts, her rapid breathing as she struggled.  One of the other guys grabbed her hair and tried to turn her face towards his rigid cock, but hurriedly backed up as she snapped her teeth.
"Bitch nearly bit my dick off!"
"She's got other holes to use"
"After training she'll suck your cock and say thankyou, just like all the others!"

The coarse comments were shocking over the audio, as the men flipped her over onto her hands and knees and a guy took her from behind.  Her body shaking under the impacts of his thrusts, her head thrashing as she fought. Multiple hands groping her breasts.  A small pale vulnerable naked body in the midst of a dark wave of male lust.  The camera capturing every angle, every inch of her nudity, every thrust, every slap.

When the next man started fucking Angel's ass, and another guy rolled them over onto their sides, stretching her leg up high so he could take her pussy at the same time, the Controller was surprised to find his own cock was out of his pants and in his hand...with a mixture of disgust and self-loathing and lust he jerked off as he watched man after man ravage his crush and partner...

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Re: Angel fallen
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2018, 12:26:12 PM »
Chapter 5

Capture - Day 2

She strained against the chains holding her wrists together abover her head, the mattress hard and smelly beneath her as the man on top of her shoved and grunted and pawed at her.  She'd taken him in for bank robbery, sentenced to 12 years, out in 5 and free less than a week...he'd obviously missed a woman's body, and he was taking out that frustration now. 
"Get off me you bastard!" she screamed over and over, as his cock thrust into her over and over...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
She writhed in the chains, trying to get at the men who stood just out of leg range.  The agony of the crocodile clips on her nipples spurring on her rage.
"When I get out of here, you'll all be sorry!" she raged.
The Czar laughed, pushing the button to send another surge of electricity into Angel's helpless body as she twitched and jerked.
"Bad girls get pain."  He told her, twisting the knob to increase the voltage.  "You'll learn to behave..."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The cloth came off her face as she gasped and gagged, the water flowing off her.  Her body quaking and shaking, but completely immobile, bound to the board that kept her rigid and still.

"That was 30 minutes...felt like longer didn't it?"  The Czar stood over her, holding the large water jug.  "But we can keep this up for hours.  You can make it stop... you just need to suck my cock like a good girl, and this never has to happen again."
"Put that thing near my mouth and you'll lose it, you bastard!  I'll never suck your cock!"
"Tsk tsk'll learn..."
The cloth slapped back over her face, and the waterboarding began again...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Day 9

The fat man's belly pressed against her back as he drilled into her, slamming his cock inside her like a prize fighter going for the knockout blow.  His hands twisted in her hair, forcing her face down into the dirty mattress with her ass up in the air, his body slapping against hers in a rhythm of degradation.
" ." he grunted as he thrust.  ""  With one hand he reached round, painfully clutching one tender bruised breast.  " now!"
"" Angel gasped in denial and refusal, her body tensing and trying in vain to resist each deep invasion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Coughing and choking, face red, hair drenched as the cloth came away again.

"How many hours do you want to suffer this?" the Czar asked, almost kindly.  "How many hours on the edge of dying, when all you have to do is show me what your mouth is good for...?"

Terrified, determined, stubborn, she clamped her mouth shut, closing her eyes as the cloth came down again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 19

The Reilly twins, angry little redhead sparkplugs, killers for hire.  They did everything together.

And now they were doing her.

Angel screwed her eyes shut to block out the lust-filled red face beneath her, her breasts pressed hard against his naked chest, her thighs rubbing against his, his upward thrusts and the pounding cock in her ass from his brother on her back filling her petite body completely.  Her hands tied tightly behind her back, helpless as a ragdoll in their cruel grip.

Hands gripping her hair, pulling her face down and a hard cruel kiss forced against her lips.  Made to hurt, meant to humiliate.

"Smile, we came back from exile just for this date!" the man below her gasped.  "You forced us to run away and hide...but we couldn't resist the Czar's invitation to get this sweet sweet revenge...."

"Please stop...." Angel whispered softly.  "Please...."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The electricity flowed again, her body twisting and convulsing, her nipples feeling on fire, burning ants eating their way through her.  For a thousand years the power seared through her, a million years, as she flopped and flapped in her chains like a fish on a line.  Unable to form words, just incoherent little "Nhn" sounds as the charge snapped her jaws open and shut.

When eventually the pain did stop, her body sagged, hanging limply, her arms stretched above her head and her feet barely brushing the concrete floor.  Her head hanging down, hair draped over her face.

The Czar grabbed that hair and lifted her head to stare into her tear-stained face.

"You're being so stubborn..." his voice was disapproving and sad.  "I thought you were smarter than this.  But we'll carry on with the lessons until you learn..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 32
Her wrists bound tightly to the metal rings in the ground, her body folded double by the man above her, legs resting on his shoulders... she grunted as he shoved his cock into her ass, looking up at his gloating face as he drove his whole length into her.
"I knew you wanted a good fucking, bitch!" he grunted, his breath foul in her face.  One hand squeezing into the narrow gap between their bodies to pinch and twist a nipple.  "That stupid little whore from last month wouldn't press charges, so the cops had to let me go.  So it's her fault you're here with my dick up your ass.  See what you get for trying to help?  Payback's a bitch, ain't it!"

Last month.  Had it really only been a month?  Angel could barely remember ever being strong.  Barely remember a time when she wasn't these men's plaything.  Barely remember how to resist.

As the rapist slapped her face and started to ram himself into her ass, Angel didn't try to fight the tears that flowed down her cheeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dragged towards the waterboarding apparatus, tugging weakly against the strong grips on each arm, her bare feet finding no purchase on the concrete.

"Please no!  Please, no more, no more!"  Her voice was panicked, her eyes wild as she watched the Czar filling the water jug and pouring the water out over and over, practising.  He looked up at her voice, and smiled.

"No more?  Oh, Angel, you know you've got hours of this to look forward to.  Unless you've learned your place...?"

"Please, I'll do anything...please no more...."  She sounded...broken?  Defeated?  Maybe a small part of her mind raged against her tone...but mostly she just knew she couldn't take the torture again.

"Well you know what you have to do to show me you're learning..."  The Czar stood up, gesturing to the two thugs to let go of her arms.  "Let's see what you've learned...."

Angel fell to her knees before him, her head lowered as she heard him open his zipper.

"Look up at me..." he ordered, and slowly she complied.  Her eyes tracking up his powerful legs, his erection that seemed so huge jutting out at her face, up until she reluctantly met his eyes.  And saw his victory.

"Now get to work...and keep eye contact the whole time."

She had no choice, no chance.  And she never had, not really.  There was no resistance left.  She didn't even blink as her lips slid round his hard cock, not wanting to make him angry as she started to suck him.

The Czar made no noise as he watched her, this beautiful naked bruised former goddess, kneeling at his feet, her head bobbing back and forth as her tongue and lips played on his cock.  Most arousing of all was the utter defeat he saw in her eyes.  She wouldn't be fighting any more.  Now the real training could begin...

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Re: Angel fallen
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Chapter 6

Day 418

The rough brick scratched at the bare skin of her upper back as she was pushed against it over and over.  The man in front of her stank - so many of them did, labourers at the end of a shift, poor people in manual jobs, the lowest of society come for a few minutes of pleasure.

Pleasure with her body.

Her arms were draped loosely over his shoulders as he pushed his cock into her, grunting, his hands pawing at her breasts that were revealed by the boob tube top he'd pulled down.  She had one leg hooked on his hip...not urging him on, just easing his access... they didn't expect lots of passion.  Just complete compliance.

She didn't look at his face.  She tried never to look at their faces.  They were interchangeable anyway, swarthy and unshaven.  Rough men wanting rough pleasure.  Instead her face was turned away, looking down the dark filthy alleyway.  The dirty cheap brick wall.  The trickle of sewage water down the middle of the compacted dirt floor.  The feral dog tearing at the bloodied corpse of a smaller animal.  The poos of deep dark shadows as the heat of the day faded to night.  Her home now.

The man grunted and stopped his thrusting, burying his face in the side of her neck for a few moments.  Then he pulled himself out, pushed a note into her hand and shambled off.  No words.  They seldom said anything, except the ones who made sounds that sounded cruel and mocking.  She couldn't understand the words, didn't even recognise the language...but she knew those were the ones taunting the stupid little English whore.

And that's what she was now.

She pulled the boob tube back up to cover her breasts, even if just barely, and pushed her short skirt back down over her hips.  Tucking the note into the tiny pouch on her waistband, she pulled out a small makeup kit and checked her makeup.  Too much, too slutty.  But that was how the men liked it.  She didn't waste time, putting the kit away and hurrying out of the alley.

Her owners watched her closely, and punished laziness.

She wasn't the only girl working the main street.  At least a dozen others close by clustered under the few jerry-rigged street lights, all in similar skimpy costumes, made up like dolls, propositioning men that walked past, bobbing low to show their cleavages to passing cars.  This was the red light district after all...anyone coming here was only here for one thing.

She'd been on duty for two hours, with four more to go.  Two hours, five customers.  Not that she kept count, god knows she tried to let them all blur into one.  But she had to keep count of the money.  A blue note for oral.  A green note for a fuck in the alleyway.  Two green notes if the guy wanted to go back to her dirty little room.  Her price list, her value now...and the only local words she'd been taught how to say.

It was fully dark now, that meant the customers would be out on the hunt.  It got busier after dark.  And sure enough, she saw a shadowed figure at the edge of the alleyway beckoning her furtively.  Probably a married one, wanting a quick and dirty screw before going home to his wife.  She recognised the types now.  She went over, walking easily in the cheap high heels...she'd had lots of practice.

It was mostly dark in the alleyway, just dim shards of light from the main street and a shaft of redness from an ambitious neon sign somewhere in this poor and bustling city.  She couldn't see the customer's face, but she didn't need to.  She gave her price list, waiting to see how she'd be taking this stranger's cock tonight.

The response shocked her.

"Angel, it's me!  I've come to get you out of here!"

Angel?  Had she been Angel?  Had that been real?  Was there a life before this real life, a life that hadn't been sucking and fucking 20 guys a night, having every aspect of her existence controlled by her pimp, living in constant fear of the violence and the terror that was always just one customer away?  Had there once been something that was good and pure?

When she didn't speak, the figure stepped forward and gently took her shoulders.  A shaft of light fell across his face, glinting off his glasses.


"Oh Angel I'm so sorry it's taken me so long!  After the Czar captured you there were some vid clips of... of what happened... but then it all went quiet."  The Controller was gabbling out his words, obviously a prepared speech of contrition.  "I thought you were...dead.  But then a couple of weeks ago someone posted about a ...prostitute... he'd had that looked just like that old superheroine.  I had to follow it up, just in case.  Oh Angel, I'm so sorry.  But now I've found you, we can get out of here!"

A panic seized her instantly at those words.

"No! No, I can't leave - they do bad things to girls who try to escape.  And they watch us all the time - you have to go, they'll get suspicious!"

"But we can escape!  I'm not leaving you here like this.  Look, I've even brought enough serum to make sure nothing can stop us!"  The Controller held out a dermal patch.  "Let's go!"

Angel stood for a moment, her mind racing.  For the first time in a long time.  After so long of trying to shut her brain down, block out any consciousness of her new life, she forced it to kick back into gear.  To be the mind of a planner, not a helpless whore.

"No."  she said more firmly.  "We don't just run.  We need to plan."  She pushed him back against the wall.  "And we're being need a reason for being here..."

Angel fell to her knees in front of the Controller, her hands going to his zipper.  He froze in shock for a moment, then tried to grab her shoulders again to pull her up.  She pushed off his grip.

"If we just stand talking they'll get suspicious...then you end up with your throat cut, and I get punished.  They have to think you're a customer..."

She pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his pants, and with a flush of shame closed her lips around him. 

The Controller gasped in surprise and ecstasy... the worst nightmare of his best friend...but also his own darkest fantasy come true.  For a few seconds he just stood on quivering legs, watching Angel's blonde head bob in the darkness, feeling the intense pleasure of her mouth working on him.  When she took his cock from her lips, rubbing it on her cheeks so that it would look like she was still at work, he almost groaned in disappointment.  Though her hands on him still felt like heaven.

"With the serum we could escape.  You're right." Angel told him, her voice muffled as she worked at his groin, never looking up. "But we know how they react to cover their tracks.  By the time we tracked down someone in authority who would help and came back here, the whole operation would have been burned to the ground.  There's a dozen other girls in my building, all Americans, they all ended up here the same way I did.  I'm not leaving them to be killed.  One of them is only 18..."

Her mouth closed on him again, and he struggled hard against the urge to grab her head, to thrust hard and fast.  He knew she was just playing a role for the watchers...but he also knew he'd desired her for a long long time.  And a dark part of his mind knew he liked her submissive and dirty.... though he suppressed that thought as soon as it arose, shame flushing his own cheeks now.

"OK, here's the plan..." Angel stopped sucking again to talk. "All the girls should have finished by 1am and be back here.  We'll give it until 2am, to ensure they're all back and hopefully make sure the guards are asleep.  Give me the serum patch.  And go find someone in the local police we can trust.  Bring the cops here covertly at 2am, I'll make sure the girls are safe.  We can all escape..."

The Controller was only half listening...Angel's hands stroking at his cock, the feel of her soft cheek brushing against his engorged head, her long hair tickling his groin, it was all too much.  He couldn't hold back!  With a gasp and a groan, his head rocking back, the Controller came pulse, two pulses, three splashing in lines across Angel's face as she knelt before him.

"Oh god I'm sorry I'm so sorry!" he muttered, horrified.

"I've had worse..." Angel said grimly, getting back to her feet and pulling a grubby paper tissue from her pouch, rubbing at the sticky streams over her cheeks and nose.  "Now give me the serum...and a blue note.  They'll know if I didn't charge you." 

Neither could look at the other as the Controller fumbled the patch and a note from his wallet, paying for his pleasure like all of her other customers.

"Just be back here at 2am."  Angel told him.  "And Tony.... thank you for not giving up on me.  I really think I'd given up on myself..."

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Re: Angel fallen
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Chapter 7

The rest of her night had been hard, even harder than normal.  Knowing she had the power to escape this sordid existence, but restraining herself from doing so.  Each cock she'd sucked had tasted even more bitter and nauseating than usual.  Every man who fumbled and pawed and shoved his dick into her had pushed her to slap on the dermal patch, escape, just get away and leave the others to their fate.

Maybe a life of despair is easier to bear without hope.  Once you accept that you're in hell, you just get on with it.

She'd lost all hope, during her long weeks of captivity in the hands of the Czar and his men.  She'd held out for so long, but eventually the pain and the despair and the fear had won out.  And once she'd surrendered to the fear, that fear only grew.  First it was the fear of torture, then the fear of beatings, until eventually it was just the fear of making them angry as they stripped away her sense of self.  That fear of fear itself had kept her docile, made her accept the violations and the humiliations.  Made her forget herself.  When they first made her whore herself out, sucking some stranger's cock on a street corner of her home city, before she was even shipped here, she did it with only grimaces of disgust and terror, no complaint.  She'd learned what happens to bad girls who complain.

And the worst of it was that she knew how far she'd fallen.  She knew she'd once been so much more than this, so much better.  But she also knew she'd failed, lost, been beaten...she'd been shown that she deserved all of this through her arrogance.

But now that flame of resistance was burning once more.  Burning brighter and brighter each second, each minute.  The light trying to push back the fear that had engulfed her soul.  This ended tonight.

She walked back into the primitive concrete structure that was her home and prison, the two guards at the door barely sparing her a glance.  They got to fuck her when they were horny or bored, but otherwise they treated her and the other girls as if they didn't exist.  Unless a girl caused trouble...then the guards showed a lot of interest indeed...

A fat guy, sweat gleaming on his dark face and staining the underarms of his shirt, stepped out from the first door on the left, the door with two more guards playing idly with their assault rifles.  Beni, her pimp.  He ran this building and all the girls in it.  And he ran it solely for his own profits.  He snapped his fingers at Angel -she knew what that meant, fumbling every note out of the pouch at her belt.  She didn't get to keep any of her earnings.  Pay was for people, not for property.

But she made sure the dermal patch was still there, snug and hidden and ready for ... she checked the clock on the wall... two hours later.

She went to move past towards the dingy little concrete cube that was her room, but he snapped his fingers again at her and pointed into his room.  Oh no, not that...not tonight...

Beni took a special pleasure in degrading her.  Maybe he had a grudge against her for something she'd done when crimefighting.  Maybe he liked humiliating little blonde women.  Maybe he was just a bastard.  But he took her into his room after shift a lot more often than he took advantage of any of the other girls.  But she knew better than to resist...

Walking into the room, still oppressively hot despite the late hour, Angel heard Beni shut the door behind her and turn on his sound system.  Some sort of rap music, heavy beats and unclear words, filled the room.  At least he'd left his guards outside.  Sometimes he invited them in to join him in tormenting her.  Just him alone was bad enough.

Tonight he went over to the closet, and took out something silver, blue and white, something she recognised straight away.  So it was that for tonight, that particular way to humiliate the ex heroine...

He threw it across at her, and without demur she started to undress...

A couple of minutes later she stood before him in her Angel costume.  It was a dirty, and tattered - both from her original capture, and from the times that Beni had played this little game.  She pulled down the mask over her eyes, and then she waited.

It wasn't a long wait.  He stared for a few moments, then slapped her viciously across the cheek.  Her hair flew as her head swung away from the blow, but she didn't say anything, just stood in silence as he slapped her three more times.  Then he snapped his fingers and pointed at the ground.  Angel fell to her knees.

"Say it!" his deep voice was hoarse...this scenario always turned him on.  She knew her lines by now.

"Master, you have conquered me...I am your slave... let me worship you with my mouth sir...."

He unzipped his pants and pulled out a rigid erection... oh yes, he liked his subservient little ex superheroine.  Normally this scene filled her with a crushing despair and disgust, but tonight it was rage and humiliation.  She could stop this now!

Except she couldn't...not without leaving some of the other girls to their fates.  Right now, she still had no choice...

Opening her mouth, she slid her lips over his cock, working her way down the shaft...her lips massaging and enfolding, her tongue always active, exploring the ridges and veins.  No hands...she'd tried to use her hands once and got a beating... this was solely mouth work.

For a few minutes Beni stood watching as she sucked him, her head rocking back and forth as she entered a mechanical rhythm of too much experience.  Then she felt his hands gripping the sides of her head, his cock pushing insistently deeper and deeper...swallowing repeatedly, trying to control her gag reflex the way she'd been taught by the Czar and his men over many many nights, Angel felt his cock slipping into her spasming throat...

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Re: Angel fallen
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Chapter 8

Her hands on his bare chest, she rode him hard and fast.  Her pants were gone, thrown into the corner of the room, and her naked thighs rubbed against his hips as she bucked on his cock, feeling it sliding inside her.  Her bustier half unzipped, her breasts pulled up and displayed painfully for his crushing hands and his slimy mouth when he stretched himself up to lick and suck and bite them.  Throwing her head back in simulated passion, glancing surreptitiously at the clock.  Ten minutes to 2am.  She had to finish him fast or the plan would unravel.  She increased her pace, feigning greater pleasure, making moans of ecstasy despite the disgust, feeling his breathing increase, knowing he was close.... until with a cry of fake orgasm she slumped forward, pushing her breasts into his face.  That worked, of course...she felt his cock spasm and the sickening splash of his cum inside her.  Making her want to throw up, just like always.

"You see, little whore, you're getting into it now..." Beni gasped in post-orgasmic bliss as she rolled off him and headed over to her clothes.  "You like what old Beni gives you, huh?"

Angel wasn't listening.  She pulled on her costume pants, stiff legs and aching arms making the job harder.  Still feeling his cum dribbling out of her.

"You fuck old Beni like that, pretty soon I keep you just for me and my friends... you like that idea little whore?  A private toy instead of one played with by all the men of the town?"

Pulling on her boots, Angel then reached over to her whore costume...pulling out the dermal patch and slapping it onto her neck.

"Of course you'd have to behave...I like obedience.  But you're good at begging for my cock, that's a good start.  Pretty soon have you as an obedient little slave girl."

Angel felt the serum coursing through her, like cleansing flame through her muscles.  She could feel injuries healing, the bruises from her treatment today, the permanent soreness inside from so many men.  She felt like a goddess...oh she'd missed this...

"If you do a good job for me and my friends, maybe you get a collar and never have to wear the choke chain again eh?"

"Oh yes, the choke chain."  Angel turned, her voice different even to her own ears.  She went over to the shelf where the choke chain was displayed.  An object of fear, a control mechanism.  A thin dog chain with a leather strap, specially oiled to ensure the small links slipped tight easily.  All the girls hated the choke chain...nothing really emphasised the horror of a day's gang rape like being repeatedly choked half to death by the men using you.  "How many girls have you used this thing on...?  How many times have you used it on me, laughing while I gasped, sticking your cock in me while I thought I'd die, and hoped I'd die...?"

She reached over and picked up the chain.

"Hey, whore, nobody touches the chain!"  Beni sat up, suddenly enraged.  "I think you need a few hours lessons in manners again-"

Angel didn't let him finish the sentence.  Moving with impossible speed she was standing over him in a heartbeat, one iron grip choking off his words as she pushed him back onto the dirty bed that had been the scene of her degradation so many times.  He scrabbled at the hand, unable to move her fingers at all, pinned and helpless.

"How many women have you defiled on this bed?  How many times have you shared some helpless victim with your men?"  Her voice was calm, too calm, as she stared down into his wide eyes.  "How many times have you laughed and looped this around some woman's throat, treating her like a dog...?"

Angel looped the chain, but not around Beni's throat.  Instead she pulled it tight around his rapidly shrivelling cock and balls, tugging painfully.  Beni's face, already turning red, contorted in pain as his legs curled up protectively...too late.

"Are you frightened, Beni...?"  Angel gave another tug.  "I was frightened.  Every single time.  Lying here with your cock inside me, with your men's cocks inside me.  Being used like some sex doll.  Just having to bend over and take it, and take it, and take it."

He struggled to say something.  A plea, a curse, a promise?  It didn't matter.  Angel bent low over the writhing man, whispering softly in his ear....

"As someone told me once....payback's a bitch...."

Angel's superstrong arm...the arm that had once wrenched a steel bar out of the concrete to use as a weapon, the arm that had once pulled a car out of an overflowing river to save the child trapped within... that strong arm yanked on the choke chain with all her might...

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Re: Angel fallen
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Chapter 9

The two guards outside Beni's room looked up when the door opened.  Sometimes Beni let them do the little English bitch, and they were both hoping for some easy pussy.  When they saw the silver-clad figure standing proudly, sprays of crimson gore across her chest, up one arm, over her face and hair, they froze for a confused instant.

An instant was all it took.

Angel was on them, one guard punched into unconsciousness before he even moved, the other just having time to register his rifle being snatched from his hand before the butt crashed into his face.  She stood over them, victorious, remembering the times it had been her lying helpless at their feet...

The six guards in the main guardroom were easy prey too.  Expecting no trouble from a confused gaggle of weak scared whores, they never had a chance before Angel's flashing silver wrath.

Angel tapped lightly on the door of the cell next to hers.  After a few seconds a frightened but beautiful young face peeked out.  Her name was Debbie, Angel knew.  She'd just turned 18 when they took her from outside her college in Freedom City.  She'd been in this place for a couple of months.  Angel heard her crying herself to sleep each night...but then, most of them did that.

The look of fear didn't leave Debbie's face, but it did shift.  She'd probably been afraid some of the guards were coming for a little late night fun...being confronted with a blood splattered superheroine was scary in a wholely different way.

"We're getting out of here, now." Angel told her.  "We're going home.  Go wake the others, I just need to clear the guards from the door.  Be quick, the police are on their way.  You're safe now.  They won't be touching any of us again."

Debbie's face creased into tears.  It had been so long since any of them had heard a kind word, or felt a moment's safety.  Just the promise of the words broke down her last defences.  But through her tears she nodded her understanding and hurried along the corridor.

Angel turned back towards the front doors, the last two guards, the last barrier between them and freedom.  And not much of a barrier, to be honest...

* * *

Two minutes later the first police cars screeched to a halt outside, armed men leaping out.  The Controller was with them, and wasn't at all surprised to see Angel leading a group of terrified looking women out of the front door and past the sprawled bodies of two men, their rifles twisted and broken beside them.  But he was surprised to see blood coating her costume and hair.  From the way she strode confidently towards him, none of it was hers.

"They've all had a bad time, make sure they're treated gently."  Angel said.  "They've had a very bad time ...."

"Don't worry, the embassy is on standby.  Their testimony might be enough to pin this on the Czar!"

Angel smiled, grimly, sadly.

"Oh the Czar is all mine.  He's made it personal...very very personal..."

The Controller looked dismayed, unsure.

"You mean you're going to carry on fighting crime?  After all this?  Angel...lots of people have seen the vids of what they did to you..."

"So the bad guys will know I have scores to settle."  Angel put her hands on her hips. "I win by not giving up.  And I won't rest until every one of the guys who forced me, and every other lowlife criminal in the city is behind bars...or somewhere else they'll never cause trouble again."

She turned and gazed back at the concrete house once more, her face thoughtful for a few seconds.  Hands brushing the blood in her hair, on her costume.

"But I think the days of the Angel are gone Tony...I can't reclaim that innocence, and there are too many memories I need to leave behind.  No, I think it's the time for the Crimson Avenger to take up the fight..."

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Re: Angel fallen
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Great great story, wish you would write part 2


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