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Unfinished Contest Bit
« on: April 02, 2018, 01:06:27 PM »
--wrote this a bit ago and then fell asleep as I was typing on my phone, might come back and finish it but I'm good at not doing that lol

It was late in the afternoon, a couple had just finished eating and as had become typical he vanished into the study to toil away the time. She had come to loathe the study and everything in it, not stepped foot beyond it's doorway in months out of disgust. If she had her way it would be simple burn the mother fucker to the ground, she just couldn't decide if she wanted her partner in or out of the study as the flames engulfed it. Her feelings had grown so bitter with each passing day, it was hard not to lash out. As she sat downstairs simmering with anger he sat upstairs relaxed and calm, music playing gently as he painted a model. She’d had enough this time, she rifled through the kitchen drawers and found a sharp kitchen knife. In her mind she plotted and schemed, she would just walk in behind him and before he even noticed her a single swipe across his neck, she would plunge the knife into his back a dozen times before he could turn around, she would kill today. Knife in hand each step getting closer to the study, each step closer to ending his life.

As she reached the doorway he turned to meet her, she froze still “oh, not this again, how many attempts at murder is this now? 8? 9?” tears started to run from her eyes but she slowly stepped forwards again, stepping into the study. He put the model he was painting down on a shelf “will you even swing for me this time or are you going to put another mark in my wooden floor when you drop the knife?” she locked her gaze on him as he mocked her and spat out her words as she lept for him “I'LL KILL YOU!!!” but instead of landing the knife in his flesh he casually caught her by the wrists. Far stronger he took the knife from her hand and then jabbed the tip towards her boney shoulder “pathetic again, when will you learn?” he remarked to highlight the failure. Slowly her blood started to run from her shoulder, she let out a shrill as the pain shot through her “aaahhhhhhhh” it was a deep wound and with the blade still pressed into her flesh he barked his words at her “shut the fuck up, you think I'd just let a dumb bitch like you jump at me with a knife and leave?” she didn't want to answer but wanted the pain to end so did “I, I di-didn't think i-it out”.

A moments relief, he pulled the blade away and put it down on the shelf with the unfinished model but all to soon his hand locked around her shoulder as he pushed his thumb into the bloody gouge in her flesh. She doubled up in pain, she couldn't even scream it was so much to take. Within moments she had dropped to her knees drowsy with pain when his voice broke past her pain “suck or I'll squeeze again” and she knew his thumb was hovering over. She wanted to kill him more than ever as her lips slid along his shaft. After the first few


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