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Description: Jenna Coleman makes the ultimate mistake when dealing with a group of obsessed Doctor Who fans

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Author Topic: Clara's Departure  (Read 540 times)

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Clara's Departure
« on: May 01, 2018, 12:54:20 AM »
This was inspired by skuttrusk's great story about a series of fictional Jenna Coleman interviews.  This doesn't fit into the same continuity, but it is a kindred spirit.

Disclaimer: Jenna Coleman is a real person, and does not deserve one iota of the things that occur in this completely fictional fantasy story.

It had all started six months ago, during an interview with Jenna Coleman, who played the Doctor’s mysterious and beautiful companion Clara Oswald.  Most of the questions were unremarkable, save for the very end, where she hinted that she had some big news to reveal at TARDIC (Time And Relative Dimension In Convention).  Since then, every media appearance with her or Peter Capaldi had played coy on the subject, offering no comment.

Some fans had speculated Time Lady Romana would be showing up at last.  Others pointed to so-called production errors that they believed to be subtle hints that the Bad Wolf storyline had never really ended.  Still others were convinced that it was finally, finally time for the Valeyard.  Dozens of theories were spawned, debated, debunked, and revived, and by the time preorders opened for TARDIC, the atmosphere was at a fever pitch.

The wily convention owners hadn't missed their opportunity to make a profit.  Instead of the usual convention center in Cardiff, they were renting out an old castle in the countryside this year with zero cell reception.  The news spread quickly that whatever the big announcement was, it wouldn’t make its way to the internet until after the convention was over.  Thousands of fans eager to know the truth before anyone else checked out the tickets, only to discover that the usual £50 ticket price was now £5000.  Room and board included, the owners advertised.  Spend a Saturday evening and all day Sunday with the one and only Jenna Coleman in a real castle!

In the end, roughly eighty people were undeterred by the expensive tickets.  They consisted of two main groups, of which there was significant overlap: the most die hard, obsessed fans of the show, and people with a very personal interest in Jenna herself.

Saturday night.  The cheering horde greeted Jenna as she appeared on the main stage, set up in what had once been a banquet hall.  Perhaps inspired by the setting, the dark haired beauty was wearing Clara’s outfit from “Robot of Sherwood”: a crimson medieval style dress that clung to her body and showed off the top of her cleavage, and a chain tiara on her forehead.

“Hello, fellow travelers!” She called out.  “I’m so delighted to meet all of you here.”  Whatever she said next was drowned out by the impromptu chant that had arisen in the crowd.  “TELL US THE NEWS!  TELL US THE NEWS!  TELL US THE NEWS!”

Jenna laughed and motioned them to quiet with her hands.  A hush fell over the crowd, every man and woman there waiting with baited breath.  “Alright, alright!  I won’t keep you in suspense.  Here goes: I’m leaving the show!”  She beamd.  “I’ve been offered a wonderful opportunity by ITV to play Queen Victoria herself, and I’m so excited-“

“But what about Clara?” someone shouted.

“Good question!” said Jenna, rolling with the outburst.  “The Moff and I have already discussed this, and I think we’ve found a satisfying way for her to-“

“What happened to Romana coming back?” came another shout.

“And the Sontarans!” yelled another.  “Episode six, at thirteen minutes and seven seconds, conclusively proved a secret plot for another invasion of Earth!”

“I know you’re all excited,” Jenna said, “but I’m afraid I don’t know about any-“  More shouting erupted to cut her off.

“You idiots!  It’s about the Brigadier!  Everyone knows Courtney faked his death and is gonna show up in a UNIT spinoff!”

“No, that’s Pertwee!  I saw a secret contract to do a Ten Doctor special this year with his name on it!”

“Valeyard!  Valeyard!  Valeyard!”

For a time, there was nothing but chaos, as different factions argued their theories in a screaming match.  It wasn’t until the most fervent among them had grown hoarse and had to stop that Jenna finally succeeded in quieting everyone down.

“Everyone!  Everyone!  Please, control yourselves!  You’re better then this!”  She gave them her best, most disarming Clara smile.  “After all, it’s just a show, right?”

There was silence for a moment.  Just a moment.  And then all hell broke loose.

Amidst the furious screams and shouts, a dozen people took the initiative to storm the stage.  There were three security guards between them and Jenna, ostensibly to stop such things, but they were all unpaid volunteers armed with nothing but smiles.  They’d only taken the job in the first place because they were such devoted fans themselves.  Faced with a small mob of crazed fans, they quickly stepped aside to let them pass.

Jenna dropped the microphone with a shriek at their approach and tried to flee, but they were much faster.  The quickest of them, dressed in a homemade Fourth Doctor outfit, soon caught up and wrestled her to the ground.  He took his scarf off and used it to bind up her arms, cinching them tight behind her back.  “I’ve got a sonic screwdriver with your name on it, Clara,” he hissed into her ear as he tore away the lower half of her dress and yanked her panties down.  “Bet you’ve never seen THIS function!”  The young woman screamed as his cock pushed into her.

Another man knelt to grab the back of her head, his fingers tight around the base of her skull.  He didn’t know or care about this Doctor Who man everyone kept blathering about.  He was only here for Jenna; he’d been stalking her over social media ever since he’d seen her on Waterloo Road back in 2009.  Paying £5000 to meet her in person had already seemed like a great bargain, but this... he forced his stiff prick into her open mouth.  It was going just like he’d always dreamed!

Jenna squirmed as she was raped by the two men.  She was surrounded by people; why were none of them trying to save her?!  She looked around and saw only raw, seething hatred in everyone's eyes.  She'd never seen such undiluted anger directed her way and she quailed, shrinking under their harsh gazes.

She spotted a single woman in the mob, a short mousy girl in the back.  Jenna stared at her one potential ally, willing her to step in and stop this madness.  To her relief, the girl began to push through the crowd to come closer.  Her clothing looked vaguely familiar, and Jenna suddenly realized it was one of the outfits she'd worn in her first season.

“You bitch,” the girl snarled. She'd purchased a twelve inch replica of the TARDIS from a vendor earlier that day, and she held it now with both hands.  She brought it down hard on Jenna's bare ass, making the woman go rigid with shocked pain.  She kept smacking her with it, punctuating each sentence.  “Clara and the Doctor were meant to be!  You think you can just ruin their lives like this?!  Apologize to Clara!  Apologize to her, bitch!'

“Mm shawrry!” Jenna howled as best she could, her mouth still stuffed full of hard, thrusting cock.  “Mm shawrrrry!  Mmm sha-*hack* *cough*”  The vibrations of her screaming apology had proved too much for the man enjoying her mouth, and she choked on the hot load of semen gushing down her throat.

“And the Doctor”, the girl yelled, not caring about her new distress.  “He took you in!  Showed you the universe!  You learned his name, you skank!  You don't deserve to ride in the TARDIS anymore!”  She took the TARDIS replica and rammed it the first few inches of it into Jenna's asshole.  “You deserve to get reamed by it!”

The poor actress had never had anything in her ass before, certainly not a plastic replica police box several inches wide with hard corners.  She began to convulse and yell, certain that she was dying, making the box dance in the air with her wriggling.  The bright blue exterior of the TARDIS as it protruded from her anus made a sharp contrast with her red glowing butt cheeks.  Her tormentor reared her foot back and kicked it, driving it another couple millimeters into her.  She kicked it over and over, still yelling nonstop about the vile betrayal that had happened today, while Jenna's agonized screams resounded throughout the entire banquet hall.

The girl didn't stop kicking until the makeshift dildo was about halfway into Jenna's now distended asshole, and wouldn't go further no matter how hard she kicked.  Still unsatisfied, she rounded Jenna's front and grabbed a fistful of her dark hair.  “I'm the real Clara now, bitch!” she declared.  “And you're gonna make a real apology!”  She pulled her own pants and underwear down with one hand, then slammed Jenna's face into her soaking crotch, grinding her pussy against the woman's sobbing face.  “Say you're sorry by making me cum!”

Jenna helplessly began licking the woman, seeing no other way out of her current predicament.  Behind her, the Fourth Doctor cosplayer moaned and picked up the pace.  “Gonna give you a Timelord baby!” he shouted.  Jenna squealed around the wet pussy, trying to beg him to pull out, but she was too late; warm spurts of cum were already painting her insides.

No sooner had he pulled out than another man entered her, and another after him.  The sight of the Jenna Coleman, exposed and helpless and eating another woman out, was too much for them to last for very long.  A man wearing a Cyberman mask was working hard to make his own pent up load of baby batter the fifth in her collection when the girl riding her face shivered, and Jenna found herself swallowing a mouthful of pussy juice.

“That's a start, bitch,” the girl warned, and unceremoniously yanked the TARDIS replica out of her asshole, making Jenna yelp.  She brought it up to the actress's lips.  “Now clean up the fucking mess you made of my Doctor's TARDIS.”

Defeated, Jenna offered no resistance.  Roughly around the third time a total stranger had ridden her bareback, she'd abandoned silly useless notions like human dignity and the right to say no.  All she cared about now was convincing this crowd of people that seemed to hate her so, so much not to hurt her too badly.  She meekly opened her mouth and began licking off the filth that her own wicked asshole had left on the poor police box.

As time had passed, more and more of the convention goers had joined the group on stage, and by the time Jenna was discovering what her own shit tasted like, the number of people not waiting their turn to violate her had become a distinct minority.  That was a lot of people for just one cunt, so it didn't take long for the impatient to seek out other avenues of access.

Jenna shrieked as a man whose hobby was photoshopping her face onto porn stars's bodies became the first to ram his cock into her asshole.  Thanks to the ramrodding it had received from the TARDIS earlier, it was loose enough for him to get balls deep on the very first try.  “Jenna Coleman,” he whispered into her ear while sniffing her hair.  “I'm fucking Jenna Coleman's ass!  Jenna Coleman is fucking me with her ass!  Is she going to suck me clean when I'm done too?”

When Jenna made no reply, he grabbed her swinging teats by the nipples and twisted hard, eliciting a whimper from the double stuffed actress.  “I said,” he growled, “is Jenna Coleman a good girl who cleans up after her dirty slag ass?  Or is she a bad girl who needs to be punished before she takes responsibility for her own actions?”

“Guhd gerrl!,” she answered quickly, tongue still working on the TARDIS.  “Jehnna's a guhd gerrl...”

He must not have believed her, because he started slapping her tits when he was done, batting them around like a cat with a ball of yarn.  The resounding smacks made her busty flesh jiggle and quiver while she begged him to see what a good girl she was.  When he finally relented, she sucked on him hungrily, desperate to avoid further abuse.

The group of nonparticipants shrank further still with every load of cum squirted into Jenna's shuddering, pain wracked body, as more men and women in attendance realized that they wanted in on the fun too.  Eventually the only ones left out were some of the vendors and security guards.  They shrugged and shared knowing glances with each other, communicating without words.  None of them were that fanatic about the show, or about Jenna herself, but hey, when in Rome...

By the next morning, there wasn't a man in the castle who hadn't emptied his balls into at least one of Jenna Coleman's holes.  The women were a minority, but no less enthusiastic, and Jenna had gained some major cunt licking experience.

A group of fans had decided that the best way to get Jenna more interested in the show she was leaving was with a trivia contest.  The bedraggled woman dangled in midair, her wrists above her head tied to a rope from the rafters.

“What relative did the First Doctor travel with?” one of them asked, wearing nothing but a T-shirt with Tennant's face on it.

“Um... his... his daughter?” Jenna tried.

“Wrong!  It was his granddaughter!”  The question asker smacked her between the shoulders with one of the TARDIS replicas, leaving a red mark.  Dozens of similar marks were blossoming into bruises all over her body.

“Who played the eleventh incarnation?” asked another, holding his own TARDIS.

“Oh!  Oh!  I know that one, it's Matt!  Matt Smith!”

“Wrong!  He played the Eleventh Doctor, not the eleventh incarnation!  You're forgetting about John Hurt, you stupid slag!”  He brought his own weapon up between her legs to slap against her swollen pussy, making her shake and dance in the air.

“Which episode did the Fifth Doctor regenerate in?” asked a third.

“I don't... oh God, I don't know!  Please,” she begged for what felt like the millionth time.  “Can't you just fuck me?  I'll be such a good fuck for all of you, I promise!”

She wasn't lying.  Later that afternoon, she'd be spreading her legs and parting her butt cheeks for all of them like a whore behind on the rent.    More than one hundred hot, hard, slimy peckers would slither up her backdoor, spit into her cunt, or take a warm bath in her mouth.  Most would find the time for all three.

And then there were the handjobs.  And the titfucking.  The men who liked to masturbate by wrapping her silken hair around their cocks.  The women who wanted their pussies spit shined.  The men who just wanted to cum all over her face and especially into her eyes.  The women with strap ons who were eager to try all of her holes out  for themselves.  And people of both genders who just wanted to kick her, punch her, piss on her, and call her names.

It was going to be a busy, busy day for Jenna Coleman.  But for now, her ignorance of “The Caves of Androzani” resulted in a hard wallop across the stomach, and the trivia contest continued.

That evening, after hours of being packed full of sperm from every end, some of the women took her aside for a personal chat.  They were worried that she still didn't have the proper respect for the show or its characters.

“Who is Clara Oswald?”one of them asked.

“The smartest, bravest, kindest girl in the world,” Jenna intoned without looking up.  She knelt in front of all of them, her forehead pressed against the ground.  Cum dribbled out of her lower holes and down her legs.

“And who is Jenna Coleman?”

“Just a worthless cunt with an acting job.”

“What is the connection between Clara and the Doctor?”

“What she and the Doctor have is amazing and precious, something a stupid twat like me could never begin to understand.”

“And what is the connection between Clara and Jenna?”

“Jenna is a dumb, ugly slag who gets the honor of playing her on television.  It is the greatest role of her life, and she thanks God and the Doctor for it every day.”

“Lick Clara's feet,” said the girl in the Clara outfit.  “Show her you understand your place.”

Jenna crawled forward to lick the girl's feet.  Spending all day in her socks and shoes had left them sweaty and stinky, but she offered no hint of complaint or hesitance, running her tongue diligently over, under, and between the toes.

“How do they taste?” the girl asked.

“They taste wonderful,” Jenna said automatically.  “Everything about Clara is perfect and beautiful.”

“Then why don't you lick my asshole too?” said the girl.  “In fact, why don't you lick all of our assholes.  That's exactly the sort of thing Jenna Coleman is for, isn't it?”

“Yes, Clara,” said Jenna, and got to work.

Monday morning, millions of fans in the UK and around the world went on the internet to finally find out the big news from TARDIC.  There turned out to have been not one, but two shocking developments.

The first was that Jenna Coleman was committed to staying on the show for as long as they would have her.  “I would be honored to play Clara until the day I die,” she had been recorded as saying by multiple fans.  “She will be around until the show runners, and more importantly the fans, have had enough.  I would never do anything, anything at all, that might upset the fans of such of a beloved character.”

Many were amazed to hear this, but it was the second piece of news that really blew them away.  Jenna Coleman had, reportedly, decided that her eternal, boundless love for the show also translated into a more direct, physical love of its fans.  To demonstrate this, she had used TARDIC to host a massive and completely consensual gangbang.  There were hundreds of pictures and videos shared from the event, all featuring a smiling Jenna performing various sexual acts (not released were hundreds more “cut” scenes, where Jenna's expression had been judged not convincing enough, forcing her to reshoot).  By midmorning, new hashtags like #TheGirlWhoSwallowed and #TheImpossiblyStuffed were trending worldwide.

Many authority figures were doubtful about the official account at first, but every single person from the convention, including Jenna herself once she'd recovered, were emphatic that what had gone on was completely voluntary, and that there was no need for any kind of investigation.  Since no charges were being pressed, the case was quietly dropped after a few weeks.

As for Jenna herself, she was dumped outside St. David's Hospital in the middle of the night, and did not wake until Wednesday afternoon.  She'd later claim that her fatigue was entirely due to simple dehydration from all the activity over the weekend.  When investigators asked about her litany of bruises, bite marks, and burns, the only answer they'd receive was a flat look and the word “stairs”.

But for now she just sat quietly in her hospital bed, staring out the window and into the distance.  Eventually she sighed and took a sip of water.

“Fans,” she muttered.  “They ruin everything.”
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Re: Clara's Departure
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2018, 06:49:09 AM »
Well, points for creativity, and I know it's bad manners to nitpick, but I'm a little disappointed.

How was Clara going to leave the show?

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Re: Clara's Departure
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2018, 07:13:23 AM »
Not very well, but with a neat episode after? :p

(In real life, Jenna Coleman did leave the show in 2015 to go play Queen Victoria on ITV)
I have a blog with all my stories!  I even update it sometimes! :D

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