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salon robbery part 1


The Salon Robbery

   “I am so excited. Mom.  This is our first trip to such a fashionable salon.”
   “Yes, thank you, Mrs. Baker.  I have never had anything this nice done for me before.”
   “You are welcome, Chelsea.  I just wish your mother could see you get the full makeover.”
   “Yeah, my mom would have really enjoyed this and you both would have been good friends.”
   “I know we would have.”
   Amanda Baker continued to drive her college age daughter and her roommate to a fancy high end beauty salon in ritzy Beverly Hills.  The 45-year-old ad executive had taken the day off so she could take the girls for a full makeover at Sandra’s Salon, one of the best beauty salon’s in the L.A. area.  The twice divorced blonde loved to live the fabulous life.  She visited Sandra’s at least three times a month for highlights, cuts and makeovers.  She wore her hair shoulder length and on this day had brown streaks in amongst her blonde roots.  She wore a nice white pantsuit.  She also had knee high boots on not looking like a woman in her middle age with three kids. 
   Abby Baker looked a lot like her mother.  The oldest of Amanda’s three kids, she was a 19-year-old architect major at USC who wore her blonde hair down past her shoulder.  The other girl was her roommate, Chelsea Crites.  Chelsea is a 20 year old pre-med student who was from a small town in Montana.  Chelsea had long brunette hair that was curly.  Chelsea had lost her mother about six months ago and was an only child. 
   The three women drove down the street with so many high-end shops approaching Sandra’s which was at the very end of the block with a large alley beside it.  As Amanda pulls into a parking place near the front, neither she or the girls saw the large van sitting just inside the  alley.  A man wearing a mask is behind the wheel and he speaks into a walkie-talkie.
   “Hey, guys, there are three women approaching the front door.  Looks like an older woman and two younger women.”

   Inside the salon things are not what should be happening.  The five women who normally worked there were not out in the front ready to work on Amanda, Abby and Chelsea.    The four of the women are sitting on the floor in a back room.  They are bound with zipties and gagged with duct tape.  The women are the employees and are terrified.  The women are 25-year-old Ashley Walls, a blonde who just started working here two days earlier, 26-year-old Latricia Mason, a black girl who wore her hair in a short Afro,  23-year-old Lauren Allen, a gorgeous blonde who used to be a porn actress, and 29 year old Gail Austin, a blonde as well and the daughter of a famous actor and a set designer.  The girls were taken hostage about twenty minutes earlier when the three masked, heavily armed men came barging in the front door.   The owner, 32-year-old Sandra Vance, a beautiful black woman who used to be a model.  The shapely black woman had built her business up from scratch.  She was roughed up bit by the head robber but did open the safe.  Now she is sitting in her chair behind her desk.  She has been ziptied and gagged the same way as her employees.

   Amanda, Abby and Chelsea had no chance when they entered the salon.  They were grabbed by the robbers and had their mouths clamped shut by their hands.  They were hustled back to the rear of the store and quickly bound up and gagged.  The women were shoved to the floor as the men ogled over their bodies which stood out in their tight fitting clothing.
   “Hot damn, they are really hot.”
   One of the men grabs a feel of Abby's chest which is larger than most girls her age.
   A man who seems like he was much older comes over and pulls the younger man away from Abby.
   “We are here for a reason and we are sticking to it.  Not leave them alone and get back out to front.”
   Amanda, Abby and Chelsea are terrified like the others in the room.  Amanda and Abby know all of the staff except Ashley.  They know they all have families and like, themselves are scared about what is happening and what may happen.  If they could only hear the men in the other room.
   “Wow, they are all hot.  Can we take all of them with us?”
   “No, the clients just want five and when the three new ones came in, that changes everything.  Do we take them with us?”
   “We don't have enough room for eight so we will have to leave three of them.”
   The older man chimes in.
   “Who do you suggest we leave and let them tell the cops all about us.”
   “No, we don't leave here to tell the cops.”
   Another of the younger men speaks up.
   “You mean kill them.  I didn't sign up for that.”
   The older man grabs him by the chin.
   “Well, son, don't you think that kidnapping, armed robbery and human trafficking would get us life so if we kill three of them it won't get us more years.”
   “So, dad, who do we whack.”   
   “ No one wants the older women so we get rid of all of them.  Bring them in here and then shoot them after we get the other women in the van.   Then burn the place down.”
   So the plan was in place.  The three men inside grabbed the money and then went back to the back.  They grabbed Amanda and Gail dragging them into Sandra's office.  They threw them down on the floor in front of the bound and gagged black woman.  While the older man stood watch, the two younger men gathered up the younger girls including Abby and Chelsea who wonder where Amanda was taken.  The younger five women, three of them in white uniforms that beauty salon workers wear and two younger girls in knockout clothes are put in the back of the white van.  They have their legs bound together with zipties and then rope is tied that puts them in a hogtie.  Their heads have cloth bags placed over their heads and then a large ziptie was tied around their mouths to hold it on effectively blindfolding them.  Meanwhile the older guy has used a large knife to dispatch the three older women.  Their throats slashed they are bleeding from the wounds with their eyes wide open, dead to the world.  The two younger guys come back in and help the older guy splashing gasoline over the salon.  As the three of them leave, the older guy throws a match into the salon which immediately ignites with the gasoline.  They go out to the van, hop inside and then drive off as the salon starts to up in flames.
   In the back of the van, Abby doesn't know that her mother is dead.  She is terrified of what is going to happen to the five of them.   


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