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salon robbery part 3


Part Three:
   The sound of tearing cloth can be heard mixed with muffled cries as Ben is sitting at his computer posting the pictures of their captives on the deep web.  The pictures are great and the women are gorgeous.  Ben knows that his clients will pay a lot for all of them.
   In the main room, Mike and Brad have cut all of the clothes off the five kidnapped women. They are sitting in the now cold wooden chairs totally naked.  They look at each other with the tears in their eyes.  They are seeing each other totally stark naked.  Now Mike and Brad are in the process of binding the women with rope.  The women have their arms thrown over the back of each chair.  Their wrists have had the zipties cut and replaced with the tight, very unforgiving rope.  They can’t move their wrists too much and the guys have also pushed their elbows as close as possible and bound them together.  The women are in constant, stabbing pain by now.  As they finished binding their wrists, Mike and Brad pulled the tape off of their mouth and replaced it with ballgags which are now wedged in tightly between their teeth.  Latricia, Abby and Lauren got black ones while Ashley and Chelsea got red ones. 
   “We did good this time, bro.  I mean look at those huge tits we have here and I bet at least one of them is a virgin.”
   The guys laugh as they are kneeling in front of Latricia and Ashley binding their legs to the chairs.  The men pull the women’s legs to the back of the chair.  They wind the rope around each ankle and bind them to the back chair legs.  Both women were in pain but no one will help.  Latricia had by far the largest breasts of the five.  The black girl was sitting there with her 40DD breasts dangling out there.  Ashley by contrast, had a much smaller set (34B).  She couldn’t believe that this had happened to her.  She had just started at the salon and hadn’t even gotten a paycheck yet and now she was naked being tied up with a stifling ballgag in her mouth.  What a nightmare.
   The brothers got done binding their legs leaving them wide open.  Now they were shifted to the two best friends, Abby and Chelsea.  They would have their legs bound the same way.  Both of them had middle sized boobs.  Abby ( 36C) and Chelsea (35C) had never even seen each other naked despite being roommates.  Ben has now joined the fun.  He has his shirt off as he reenters the room.
   “What the hell is all the noise out here.  Of, my, they are gorgeous.  Wow, the black girl really has some nice boobs.  Let’s see some of that rope.  Might as well get these babies all bound up.”
   Ben was more sadistic than his partners.  He took the rope over and started binding the breasts of each girl.  For poor Latricia she was soon looking at her breasts as discolored little balloons after Ben bound them with rope around the base of each breast.  He was more gentle to the others.  He just tied rope above, below and down between them before tying it off at their elbows.
   “Hey, boys, we saved the best for last.  You know who we have here.  We have us a real live porn star.”
   Mike and Brad are done with the four girls and can now direct all of their attention to only woman not bound yet.   Lauren Allen was only 18 when she started doing porn movies.  She thought it would be a great way to earn money for college.  She did make some good money doing the job but after a while the assignments dried up.  So Lauren went to cosmetology school and got her degree.  Started working at the salon a year ago and put her porn past behind her until now.
   “This is Lauren Allen aka Lauren Lapper, the porn star.   I see why she stopped doing her movies but I remember this body.”
   Ben started fondling Lauren’s large breasts.  She remembered all the abuse they took while she did porn.  Lauren hadn’t been naked in front of a guy since but now she could bring back memories of her past life.  Mike and Brad bent down and each took a nipple and sucked them hard.  It was as if they were having a sibling competition to see who could draw milk but all they were doing was seeing who could make Lauren’s nipples stand more erect.  The blonde cried as they got vicious with her.
   “Okay, that is enough, boys.  You will have more time with her later.  Let’s get her secure and then we can go eat and count the money we got.”
   Lauren Allen and her 38D breasts with the pointed, erect and hard nipples is soon bound like the others and her breasts look like Latricia.
   “Get the vibrators.  Might as well get these five limbered up for a little later.  Ladies, you will be our after dinner snacks.  Not actually but you know what I mean.  The clients want to know how well you do.”
   Each girl gets a large, cylindrical vibrator in their pussies against their most sensitive area.  The wave of electrical current that starts flowing when they are plugged in, is overwhelming for each of them.  Lauren, Latricia and Ashley have each experienced it before but the young ones, Abby and Chelsea had never used one before.  Chelsea Crites was indeed the only virgin of the groups since her roommate, Abby Baker had lost hers on senior prom night but in Montana, girls just didn’t seem to do that but now Chelsea knows what is going to happen soon to her body as she jerks and cries from the pain of the vibrator.
   Ben and his sons walk out of the room and Mike drives to their favorite Chinese restaurant.  The men sit down at their small table the restaurant.  They even chat with the owner and the boys flirt with the waitress.  The men are not in any hurry to go back to their place.  The three psychos know the five ladies are enjoying themselves so they don’t need to rush back and besides they are building a pretty good alibi for themselves just in case the cops start suspecting them.  The Ryans are so respected in town that no one will believe that they are cold-blooded killers, kidnappers, rapists and sex traffickers.  So they are gone most of the evening arriving back at the store around midnight some five hours later.
   At the apartment above Ben Ryan’s store, the five women were spent.  The vibrators had died a long time earlier but the damage had been done.  They were all perspiring heavily even Latricia who didn’t normally sweat but had drops of wet glistening her black skin.  The women all had blood on their legs.  A couple of them tried to free themselves but both Latricia and Lauren had feverishly worked at their bonds but nothing could be loosened.  Finally they are slumped over in their chairs.  Chelsea, Abby and Ashley passed out while the other two refused.  Lauren had been bound up before in some porn movies so she knew to try and stay calm while Latricia had been kidnapped when she was a young teenager and kept bound and gagged for over five hours until she was rescued.
   The Ryans came rolling in and climbed up the front stairs.  No reason to arouse any suspicion since every cop is looking for the kidnapped ladies in another part of the county.  Ben came in and went to grab something to eat.  Mike and Brad go over and wake the women up.
   “Wake up, ladies, it is party time for some of you.  Now let’s see who is ready.”
   The girls wake up groggy and look into the crazed faces of their two youngest captors.  They are smiling as they reach their fingers down between the sweaty legs of each captive.  The men are seeing who is wetter.
   “Now here is our bunkmates for the night.”
 Brad stops at Chelsea while Mike chooses Latricia. 
“Who do you, dad?”
Ben comes in eating a sandwich and drinking a bottle of water. The girls are really thirsty but they aren’t getting any.
“I’ll take the porn star for the night.  That means the other two will get to sleep with each other.”

So the girls are taken out of the chair.  They can hardly walk so they are dragged into the bedrooms.  Chelsea is crying and shaking her head.  She doesn’t want to lose her virginity but she knows that is out of her hand. Soon Brad has her lying on the bed with her arms tied above her head to the bedframe.  Her legs are bound together and Brad is disrobing.  He is really tired so he just wants to sleep which means Chelsea is safe until morning.  Brad curls up beside the young woman and soon has his hand on top of her bare breasts.  They both fall asleep quickly.
Mike, on the other hand, has Latricia tied spread-eagled on his bed.  He is on top of just pounding her pussy with his cock.  He had his hands all over her massive boobs.  Mike was always the more violent of Ben’s sons and he was really letting the black girl have it.  He sucked hard on her nipples pulling them up with his teeth. 
“You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”
Latricia is feisty and curses him behind her gag.
Mike just laughs, slaps the black girl across the face and then pushes harder inside her.  Mike finally climaxes sending his cum down inside her.  After one time he pulls his cock out and then gets her ready for bed.  After he hogties Latricia brutally and then lays down in bed.  Latricia tries to escape but the bonds are too tight.  She finally stubbornly falls asleep.
Ben is even more awake.  He has Lauren bent over a chair and has his cock buried deep in her ass as she has her arms tied to each chair leg.  She is in pain as his cock is large and has barely fit in her tiny, little ass.   Lauren had been in this position before but the actor had applied lubricate before he penetrated. Ben didn’t give a damn so Lauren suffered.  He just buried it deeper and deeper until it was in as far as it will go.  Back and forth he took it until he finally blasted a huge wad of cum down the former porn star’s ass into her bowels.  After Ben was done with that load, he came around front, pulled out Lauren’s gag and crammed his slimy cock into her mouth. 
“Clean it off, bitch, so we can go to bed.” 
Lauren tried to bite it but Ben slapped her and told her she would suffer for that.  He pulled her hair hard like he might rip it out at the roots.
“I am too tired to make you pay but you will tomorrow, bitch.”
Ben leaves Lauren tied in that uncomfortable position as he cleans his cock off with a cloth and even dabs the blood off of it from her bite.  He tightens the ballgag in her mouth and then slaps some tape over it to make the drool be forced down the blonde’s mouth.     
So as the men get ready for a long night’s sleep, the other two girls were bedding with each other.  Abby and Ashley are tied chest to chest with rope as they lay on the floor in Brad’s room.  They will have a ringside seat for Chelsea’s coming out party in the morning.  They have rope tied around their bodies from their necks to their feet and can’t move. They do clang their ballgags together as they try to get comfortable but it will be a long night for the two girls.
The night will be a long one for the five captives and tomorrow will come no better for them.             


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