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Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
« on: August 06, 2018, 06:07:06 AM »
Warning: the story below contains descriptions of fictional enslavement, forced sex, morbid events and extreme torture and violence to women. Please do not read if you are not an adult or if you are offended by such themes. This story is completely fictional from both the described events and the characters, all of which are over the age of 18. Any resemblance to the characters in this story to you or anyone you know in real life is merely a coincidence.

And I think this goes without saying but NO, I do not actually know an auction house where the daughters of rich people are sold. This is purely fictional.

Originally I planing on posting this as a completed story seeing as I have a habit of writing stories in parts but I was hoping for a bit of feedback so please post what you think of it.

Trained and auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl

Part 1

"Going once, going twice. Sold to the gentleman at the back."

Annabel couldn't help but flinch at the sound of the auctioneers gavel hammering down upon its block. The banging of the wooden mallet could be heard from the outside the large hall so at just a few feet away, it was frighteningly loud. She couldn't help but feel like it was in the hands of a judge, a man of power who was sentencing her to an unfair and horribly cruel fate.

"The next item for sale is number 36, an Ocean-fast luxury yacht, the Mermaid's Grace. 54 metres in length or 177.2 feet. Built in 2010 with a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots. Designed to accommodate 10 guest with a minimum crew size of 3. Includes 5 guest cabins, on board entertainment and a jacuzzi."

A maid dressed in a tight and revealing latex dress, brought over a picture of the item in question. Annabel couldn't help but temporary lose her composure again as bidding for her daddy's yacht began. She quickly intervened before her small slip in discipline became noticeable, hastily forcing herself to mask her expression of fear, anger and sadness back to respecting stoicism. Hoping that nobody saw her flawed crack of obedience, she went back to focusing on her posture, standing still on the spot that she hadn't moved from in hours whilst her daddy's property was auctioned off.

She had been ordered to stare at the spot directly in front of her and knew better than to avert her gaze. With her arms behind her back, she listened as the auctioning process played out beyond her line of sight, trying not to get caught out by the slamming of the gavel like she had been before.

"And sold for 15 million to the couples on the right."

Her daddy had loved his yacht. It had been his prized possession. Annabel had loved it also. With its long polished mahogany deck and gleaming white hull. Her mind went to all the happy memories that she had made on that beautiful boat, tormenting her with unwanted feelings as she remembered the last time she had sailed on it whilst celebrating her 18th birthday with friends. The smiling and innocent young teen that she had once been no longer existed. She had died in the car crash along with her parents. The person standing upon the stage as the main commodity was a slave named Cum-kitty.

Cum-kitty looked a lot like Annabel but she wasn't her. No Cum-kitty was much more obedient and was by far a better slave than Annabel could ever had been. She always tried her best to please her trainers where as Annabel was a stupid blonde bitch who didn't even know how to suck a cock properly. Of course she wasn't just called Cum-kitty, she answered to a whole collection of names including things like slut and cunt. When she was bad and needed to be punished, her name was Pain-kitty and when she was sad, her name became Crying-kitty. She was Crying-kitty most the time but much preferred to be Cum-kitty. She really hated being Pain-kitty.

"And now to the penultimate item of the day, item number 37, Valhalla manor. 5 acres of land with a stunning ornate garden and an one third acre mansion. Was recently used as a primary housing and includes a private swimming pool, a private gym, a hot tub, a connected four vehicle garage and a stables. Built with 9 bedrooms and 6 toilets, including 4 ensuite and features large communal and dining areas. Also included is a hidden dungeon for private bdsm play sessions and sex orgies."

Cum-kitty abruptly became Annabel again as she heard her home being put up for auction. Her eyes watered up as bids started on the mansion that she had grown up in. She hadn't been home in months and started becoming Crying-kitty when she thought about dust and cobwebs that must now be covering the walls and furniture.

Full on tears fell down her face when she thought about how the auctioneer had claimed about there being a secret sex dungeon in the building that Annabel had no clue about. She couldn't help but wonder if it was anything like the one she had spent the worst 6 months of her life trapped in. The last half of a year had been hell as she was repeatedly made broken and retrained.

Training log: week 2 day 2

"Why are they doing this do us? What did we do wrong?"

"I don't know Poppy, they're hurting us for no reason. We need to try and stay strong."

Annabel reached out and carefully cupped her best friend's face. She did her best to wipe away Poppy's tears and then gently held her with both hands before touching their faces together as a source of comfort and reassurance. Her friend's cries and whimpers were so painful to listen to that it made her tear up as well.

"Oh god no! Please not there! Please not there! He's trying to force it in my ass again!"

She wanted to be selfish, to close her eyes and look away from the look of anguish that Poppy's face was crunched up in. If she covered her ears, would she be able to block out the noise of her best friend being sadomised? Could she she ignore the loud bangs that came to the structure of the metal box, each time an unseen assailant thrusted his cock. Instead of trying to shut her out, Annabel grabbed Poppy's hands with her own and squeezed them tightly whilst allowing Poppy to do the same, telling her that they would endure it together.

"Please make them stop! Please don't make them do this to me again!"

Guilt crashed down on her as her friend begged. It was because of her that this was happening. It was entirely her fault. All of a sudden, the fifty lashes on her back that had made her scream and pass out didn't seem like enough of a punishment compared to what she was making poor Poppy go through.

Locked inside the box, there wasn't much that Annabel could do to help. All she could do was try and comfort her friend who's upper body was trapped inside with Annabel while her lower half poked out through the tightly fitted gap. It had to have almost been ten hours by now, surey.

"It won't be long now baby. I'll do better this time. I promise!"

It was another three hours before the ten hour rape punishment ended. Poppy was an emotional wreck by the end. She could feel her once tight asshole gapping and torn. Cum leaked out from her ass and cunt, down her thighs. The sticky gross slime disgusted her and served as an undeniable reminder of what she had been through. As soon as it was over, the roof of the box was unlocked and both girls eagerly stumbled out of it.

"Get up you lazy cunts, do you think we let you out just to lie down on the floor?"

"No training master sir."

Annabel helped Poppy up to an upright position at the same time as she addressed the man talking down to them with a vicious whip in his hand. Her friend then said the same thing she had said, addressing the man in the same way, not wanting to piss anyone off.

"Good, you're both not as brain dead as you appear to be. Go on Cum-kitty, give Ass-puppy a nice tongue bath."

Annabel found herself not even hesitating this time around like she had yesterday when given the same command. She approached Poppy on all fours before leaning up to her and then giving her friend's face a long sloppy lick. This time, she didn't feel Poppy cringe when her tongue lapped her cheek. It was like both of them had learnt to accept that this was now simply part of their daily routines. It was spirit crushing to think that just two weeks ago, they had been on holiday in the Bahamas on Annabel's father's private beach.

She gave Poppy's face a couple more long tender licks, being careful to not miss a single spot and tasting her friend's tears and sweat as she did so. Annabel then moved on to Poppy's neck, cleaning it with her tongue on all sides. She knew what the punishment for missing an inch of skin was and was extremely keen to avoid it.

Her tongue then moved over to Poppy's shoulders and chest. She lapped away on her nipples and breasts, tasting every fold and cease as she left her spit. Next came the arms and hands, gagging when it came to lick underneath the armpits. As she did so, Annabel forced herself to take her time, mimicking the way a cat acted despite how degrading it was to preform.

"Does Ass-puppy taste nice?"

"Yes training master."

"Speed it up a bit and remember to look closely. You really need to lick hard if you want to clean all the filth off the bitch."

Annabel finished licking Poppy's flat stomach and then got started on the filth that her head trainer was referring to. As she adjusted her body in order to plunge her face in between Poppy's legs, she felt the unpleasant itch that came from her pussy. Spreading her thighs and lowering her hips had pulled on the thin piece of thread that had been sewn through the petals of her labia, causing it to stretch. The knitted seal had only been re-stitched the day before with her being unthreaded every other day to maintain the pristine condition of her untouched pussy.

Annabel ignored her painful, stinging itch and concentrated on licking every drop of cum that was inside Poppy. She drove her tongue deep inside the girl's violated cunt and lapped up the invading semen. What had dripped down her thighs was next followed by what was by far the most humiliating part of the task.

Swallowing what little pride she had left, Annabel crawled behind Poppy and proceeded to lick her asshole. She pushed her face in between Poppy's full and defined asscheeks. Her nose went in between spread the bountiful flesh and her tongue flicked inside.

Here she was, being forced to lick clean her best friend since birth's ass after she had been brutally raped. Annabel licked away until she was sure that Poppy was completely clean. Her tongue bath ended with her licking between Poppy's toes, sampling the dirt that covered the floor.

"This cunt is done training master sir."

"Are you sure Cum-kitty?"

"Yes training master, this cunt made sure to lick clean every part of her body."

"Really? Did you now?"

She got nervous now wondering what on earth she could have forgotten? She was sure she had licked every inch of Poppy's body. From head to toe, belly button and all.

"What about the bitch's hair? You didn't even touch that. It's been at least a week since she last washed it, imagine how much grease and grime must have collected in her golden locks."

Annabel immediately crawled back to Poppy and started to try and lick clean the grease at the ends of her hair. It was impossible to do but she tried anyway. Just when she thought she getting used to it all, they changed the rules.

"Pathetic, we'll just have to add another 20 strokes to your whipping today."

20 extra lashes for not being able to carry out a task that was impossible to begin with seemed unfair to her but she knew better than to complain. 20 would suddenly become 30 and then 50 if she dared open her mouth. She could tell that her head trainer got off on hurting her.

"Now then do you think you're going to pass the entrance exam to become a slave today? It's just 40 simple questions."

"Yes training master."

"Okay lets start. Position 5. What are you?"

Annabel got into slave position 5, a pose that involved her on her knees with her hands behind her head and her neck raised high. It was supposed to aid with collaring her like if she was somebody's pet.

"This cunt is a slave, sir."

"Good. Position 9, what is your name?"

She turned around and bent over whilst spreading her ass, the purpose of this position being quite oblivious.

"This cunt goes by the name Cum-kitty but you can call her whatever you want, sir."

It felt strange referring to herself in third person and it was degrading to have to call herself a cunt. It felt wrong just saying that vile word.

"Slave position 2. What is your purpose?"

Back to her knees with her hands resting on her thighs. Her mouth then opened as she presented herself to serve.

"This cunt's purpose is to please you sir."

"Position 7. What were you born to do?"

On her back with her legs spread wide for a hard missionary rape.

"This cunt was born to suffer for your pleasure sir."

This test carried on until the humiliating and extensive list of questions was ticked off. Annabel had finished in position 6, on her knees, arms raised and dirt coated tongue sticking out from her mouth. Tears flowed freely as the result of the dehumanisation effects of the test. She was slowly being turned from a girl to a slave. A toy that obeyed its master.

"Well done cunt. There might just be hope for you yet. A much better effort than yesterday's. Only three wrong this time. Question 7 should be you telling me that you're worth less than a dog. Question 29 should be answered with the fact that you have no right to breathe air without your master's permission. And finally question 35 involves you offering your body to me to torture to death should I desire it."

Fuck you! You're a sick bastard! I hope you rot in hell! That's what Annabel wanted to say but she held her once feisty tongue.

"That brings your total number of whip strokes tonight to 35 but remember, you passed out last time. As your head trainer, I think it'll be best to double your total today so you can get used to being whipped."

Sadistic prick! I'll tear your fucking heart out with my bare hands if I ever get the chance.

"Of course that means that Poppy here is going to spread another three hours having her holes fucked because of you."

Annabel turned her attention away from her hatred of her abuser and looked at her friend. She couldn't stand seeing Poppy like this.

"Please don't rape her again training master sir."

"No? What are you going to do to spare the whore?"

She had to think quickly. She blunted out her words without thinking them through.

"What...what if this cunt was to suck your cocks instead? I've done it...before and I was told that I'm good at it."

The whip that her trainer wielded in his hand sliced towards her before she could react. It cut through the air and then felt like a grenade when it landed, setting off an explosion of pain across her breasts. She instinctively shielded her tits with her arms and turned around to try and protect herself. The whip just found a new target, striking the small of her back and making her moan in agony.

"You really are a dirty slut aren't you? Just not that bright. If we lock Poppy in that hole again, we get two nice tight teen holes to fuck. All you're offering is one so it's hardly a fair trade."

Annabel was smart enough to figure out what he was hinting at but the thought of it horrified and revulsed her. She looked over at Poppy who was cowering in the far corner. The shy girl was trying to cover up her naked body and was whimpering as another trainer waved a cattle-prod up and down her body, threatening to electrocute her. She nodded her head at Annabel with a desperate plea that her friend understood.


"Okay what Cum-kitty?"

"Please fuck my ass."

Annabel heard the sound of multiple trousers being unzipped and instantly regretted her choice. She was going to be whipped and then her virgin asshole was going to be gang raped. What had she done to deserve this? Why was she being punished?
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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
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Part 2

Back at the auction

"That ends the morning biddings. The final item, number 38 will be available for bidding at the end of the day."

Item number 38 looked on from the stage and tried not to react at the thought of being sold as a rich man's slave. She stood there with her youthful and slim body exposed for all to fantasise about owning her. Some of the men might have even known her father, some would have had cursed his name and celebrated at his death. Others were even worse, having claimed to be his friend.

"Annabel Kelly. Daughter of the deceased. A beautiful specimen that has undergone and completed our renowned training program. A natural blonde. 5'6 with stunning long legs. Slim built with a perfect hourglass figure. Small but firm and perky tits and a marvellous ass. She is also just 18, making her perfect for a lifetime of breeding should that be what you desire."

The latex maid aiding the auction came to Annabel and attached a leash to her collar. She led her to the front door the stage and gave the audience a better look at her body, allowing them to see what they would be buying closer.

"Details noted down by her trainers indicate that she is an exquisite cock sucker, obedient to any and every command and has a high pain endurance that is suitable for if you want a sex slave that can be continuously tortured for hours without stopping. Furthermore, she remains a virgin, with her pussy being sewn shut throughout training, up until now. Whoever buys her will have the opportunity to deflower her cherry."

She felt their eyes examining her nude form, admiring her whilst their minds shaped and created dark thoughts. Being in full view up on the stage made her feel more defenceless than she had ever felt in her life. It was somehow even worse than her torturous slave training as if that was possible. Just merely standing on the stage, parading her body to crowd destroyed her inside more than 6 months of brutal brainwashing. It felt like the end of what little remained of the person she used to be. In this room, someone was going to end up buying her.

A slow melodic tune started playing in the background and Annabel did what she had been told. She was to put on a show for them. To tease them with what they could possibly own. Doing so made her nervous and she cutely bit her bottom lip as she feared what her seductive teasing would bring. The men that she had come to know trended to be even rougher when she teased them with pleasure. As she danced around a long metal pole that came all the way up to the ceiling, Annabel was fully aware that the reason she was dancing was to tempt them to rape and beat her. Dutifully she put away her fears for self preservation and continued to grind her body against the pole, convincing everyone of what a wanton slut she was.

"Bidding will begin at approximately ten o'clock local time and you will all have the opportunity to sample the product beforehand. Now please, dinner has been prepared and will be served across the hall. Please do enjoy our hospitalities."

Training log: week 7 day 3

The coldness of the icy water attacked her from every angle and direction. It was vicious and without sympathy. A spiteful black void that stole away all warmth from her body. After all air had dried up from her burning lungs, she screamed out underneath the freezing water, raising bubbles from her mouth and nose in the vessel that was surely going to end up being her lonely grave.

Annabel's breath starved lungs took in the cold fluid when it rushed in through her open mouth. It felt like she had somehow breathed in a bucket of ice cubes with the lethal chill freely running throughout her body. As the degree of oxygen starvation grew, her eyes involuntarily opened and they too were introduced to the arctic conditions whilst they desperately searched for a way to reach the surface. The end came increasingly closer, she was either going to find a way to breathe or she was going to drown.

Her head emerged from beneath the water tank just in time as her vision started to turn black. The large wheel that she was strapped to spun around further and allowed her upper body to be hauled out of the water, whilst she coughed and choked. Her hyperventilating rapid gasping hurt just as much as when the air had been sucked out from her lungs. Eventually the wheel's spinning was stopped when her feet came above the waterline. She was given the chance to catch her breath which she gratefully accepted, even if it might that her head trainer had the opportunity to verbally degrade her whilst his fingers pinched and twisted on her frost stiffened nipples.

"Are you learning anything Cum-kitty?"

How on earth was she supposed to learn what ever he was trying to teach her when he subjected her to something like this? Nearly drowning a dozen times apparently included a lesson other than how to fear for her life.

"What no answer? You really are a slow learner aren't you cunt? We'll just have to repeat this a few more times until you get it."

She felt the wheel turning around again and no matter how much she begged, it didn't stop turning. Soon she was lifted up to the peak, parallel to the ceiling. Then she fell down backwards being held upside down, blood rushing to her brain. Annabel quickly took in a final breath before she was plunged headfirst into the cold waters that flooded her hell.

She was submerged on the water wheel a further seven times before she was given another chance to recite what she had learnt. By that time, she was an emotional wreck, even more so than when this had all began. Her clattering teeth and purple lips showed just how much the freezing temperatures had tormented her. She probably had pneumonia but that didn't seem like a good enough reason to stop abusing her.

"Well cunt? Are you going to answer me or do you want another spin?"

"Please don't training master sir... I...this cunt thinks she...she understands what..."

Annabel was shivering so much that she could hardly form words. Every other word was accompanied by her teeth clattering together and her muscles suddenly spasming out of control.

"You're making...making sure this...this cunt knows that she has no right to breathe...without her mas...her master's permission."

"Good slut. What else have you learned."

"That you're training me...this cunt to hold her breath."

He smiled at her and a sudden euphoric release swept away inside her. It was finally over. They were at last, going to stop drowning her.

"Now just a couple dozen more spins and I reckon that those lessons should really be hammered into that empty head if yours."

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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2018, 02:07:35 PM »

Part 3

Backstage at the auction house

Whilst being led to the back, behind a thick brocade curtain that was decorated in swirling floral patterns, Annabel took every chance she got to lift up her arm and wipe away the stinging tears that strained her face. She knew that she was going to get punished for crying. For not being the perfectly broken fuck-toy that they expected her to be. She wiped away her tears the same way a criminal tried to hide evidence.

Once she was backstage, the latex maid holding her leash let go and allowed Annabel to kneel in wait of whatever abuse she was going to have to suffer. Her trainers didn't take notice of her at first with them already in the process of torturing a set of holes. She wanted to look away, to be somewhere where sexual abuse and sadism weren't the norm. She couldn't look away. She was too afraid to look away. Trained to stare hopelessly at it all and watch with the knowledge that she would be next.

In the centre of the room, where all her trainers were gathered in a merciless gang rape, Poppy's broken body entertained the cruel men. She hung from the ceiling by chains, linked to the metal looped hooks that jutted out from the bases of her arms and legs, where her amputated limbs should have been. The chains rattled as the crippled girl was raped, spit roasted through her mouth and cunt.

"That wasn't a bad show you put on out there cunt."

Finally Annabel was acknowledged by the head trainer who took a break from the nightmarish rape to take hold of her leash. She was then made to crawl to a spot nearer to the assault where she could see what Poppy was being forced to endure up close.

"That little dance of yours made all of us hard so Poppy here kindly volunteered herself to help us."

Annabel knew that there was no way that Poppy actually volunteered for this rape. Doing so would have had been impossible for her with her missing limbs, surgically immobilised jaw, and severed vocal chords. She had been turned into what they described as the ideal pocket cunt. A transportable set of holes that could be taken anywhere for a quick fuck.

"You know, this is probably going to be the last time you see the little bitch. Do you want to say anything to Ass-puppy as a final farewell?"

"Please training master. This cunt begs you for permission to say goodbye."

The ruthless sadist, signalled his permission but gave out no command for the fucking to stop. Annabel went to her friend and looked into Poppy's hollow blank stare while the man brutalising her mouth was emptying a warm load down the girl's throat. The lack of any real reaction beyond her body's efforts to clear her airways, made Annabel question whether their was anything left of her best friend.

"I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. It's my fault. If you hadn't come on that trip with me..."

She found herself breaking down in tears again when another man came to take advantage of Poppy's locked open mouth. Behind her, a different monster was destroying her ass and between the two of them, the strength that they were using to jam their cocks into the poor girl seemed to be enough to fold Poppy in half.

"Please don't hate me... I'm so sorry."

Her friend's eyes darted away from her abuser's and looked at the girl kneeling in front of her who was begging for forgiveness. Annabel couldn't tell whether or not Poppy did forgive her. She was too busy being raped for the expression on her face to ever change from a bleak frown.

"Aww, isn't that special. You know Cum-kitty, we've already found a buyer for your BFF. He's some sort of martial arts partitioner who says that he wants to string Ass-puppy up from her hooks and then use her as a human punching bag."

When the man fucking Poppy's face pulled out after shootout his cum down her throat, Annabel leaned forward to kiss her. It was one of the few ways that Poppy could communicate with her beyond simply shaking or nodding her head. Their tongues touched and explored the inside of each other's mouths. As tender as the moment was, Annabel's purpose for doing so was to try and take some of the leftovers cum that was splattered all inside her friend's face hole. She didn't want Poppy to have to taste the foul lingering filth for any longer than she needed to.

"The guy we're selling her to sounds like an absolute asshat but like the saying goes, if his money's good..."

You're all sick! Each and every single bastard that has anything to do with this is a sick fuck who deserves to burn in hell.

"On the bright side, he got no use for her being able to see so I get the opportunity to scoop out her eyeballs."

He took out a melon scooper from his pocket, having planned on doing this while Annabel watched, all along. His grinning smile stretched widely to the corners of his face, turning into something that was less than human, more so than what he wanted the saves to be. This inhuman devil whistled gleefully as he held the wicked device to Poppy's eye.

"Let's see if we can't make this mute scream."

Poppy couldn't scream. All she could let out was a restricted groan which didn't need volume to convey the pain. The metal scoop went for the corner of her eye first, slowly pushing itself into her eye socket. Fluids leaked out like discoloured tears before becoming crimson red as blood started to flow. Then her left eye, now misshaped and strained in a bright dye, popped out and was ripped from the optical nerves.

"Now the other one. Maybe we should poke it full of holes with a needle first before pulling what's left out."

Training log: week 18 day 5

"Poppy take it out! Please take it out!"

She heard her friend whimper and then stop viciously thrusting her hips from behind her. It was only a momentary reprieve, a slight hesitation before Poppy swung her hips again, impaling that thing deep into Annabel's ass. The burning heat was unbearable. It stopped her from being able think, immobilising her in a world of pain where she was being ripped apart.

"Please's killing me."

Her mind just couldn't find a way to understand the pain. It felt like she was being sawed in half. Each thrust of Poppy's strap-on came about like a spiked battering ram, wrecking her insides. And then, there was the heat. Images of raging infernos were the only things that kept popping in her mind in between the spasms of delusional anguish.

"What's wrong Cum-kitty, isn't Ass-puppy doing a good job of destroying your ass?"

Her training master didn't wait for Annabel to answer him before he struck Poppy with his whip. She screamed and then separated herself from the person that she used to be, severing all ties of friendship and becoming an obedient slave. The force of her assault got rougher as she increased the pace that she was using to rape her former friend. Poppy turned to dog in heat, pounding away like a horny animal.

"It burns!"

"Of course it does. What else were you expecting from the wasabi paste? Fuck her harder Puppy! Think of it this way, the only reason you're here getting gang banged every night is because of her. You're just an innocent victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why should you have to suffer anymore because of her?"

Annabel realised that the man's words were having an effect on Poppy. She listened to his lies and started to begin believing in them. Her anger grew, Annabel was forced to scream as her best friend hate fucked her without remorse.

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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2018, 07:49:43 PM »
These are fantastic! Well written, convincing and harsh like I like it. I love the idea of a wealthy family having all its possessions taken away, including the daughter. I also like that it's formatted for readability. Sometimes folks post stories where eight paragraphs are fused into one block with no spacing. When I post my stuff, I always make sure it's spaced out and readable.

Again, great work.
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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2019, 05:31:42 PM »
Part 4

They were taking the long route back to the auction room. Unlike before, she wasn't being led to the back of the stage as a display item that was only available for the audience to view and not touch. The way they were going this time involved walking through the high halls of the auction house where every brick emitted a sense of luxury and power.

Burgundy carpets lined the floor without so much as a speck of dirt. A gold leaf thread decorated the fabric and they complimented the pearl white walls on which works of fine art were exhibited. All of the paintings being displayed were originals and each had been expertly painted by a different artist of renown. Her best friend Poppy had loved art. She would have loved to be able to walk across this hall, admiring the treasures that were behind glass frames. Now she would never have that chance.

Annabel didn't get a chance to admire the works of art either. She didn't even attempt to glance up them. To her, the various still-lifes and portraits might as well have not been there. Her eyes strayed glued to the carpets, submissively looking at the ground in order to avoid any chance of accidental eye contact.

The latex maid that served as an assistant to the auctioneer was acting as her guide. She had once again been given control of Annabel's leash and she dutifully led the merchandise that was under her care to its destination. Little tugs on her leash told Annabel where to go and she watched out for them as if they were her eyes.

She froze when she thought about eyes.

The lack of any real leeway from the length of her leash meant that it quickly became taut as the maid continued walking. A rattle of the chain snapped Annabel back, saving her from having to relive the horror show that she had just witnessed. Terrifyingly, what was waiting for her around the corridor had the potential to be so much worse.

The two of them stopped when they reached a heavy set of ornate doors. Carved into the wood were a series of engravings that depicted the torture methods used on women during the witch trials. Torture racks, wooden horses, drownings and in the centre stood a woman who was being burnt alive at the stake. The anguish on their faces was displayed in full detail, giving the doors an ominous and haunting feel.

The bust of the goddess Diana above didn't make the door look any less intimidating. It of course didn't help that the goddess had been sculpted with a gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. Artful sacrilege to a womanly figure of great power. The doorway gave Annabel a series of hints at what the future had install for her. Behind it lay her fate and she could only see a lifetime of abuse waiting for her. The last thing she wanted was to have to step through them but she did so with muted and expressionless complaints.

The decor and furnishings of the auction room had been altered during dinner. The rows of the chairs that had been neatly lined together before were now gone, forcing all the guest stand and encouraging them to take part in the sampling.

She walked into the middle of the crowd, doing her best to keep her head bowed while men groped and spanked her. Their hands felt so cold as they touched her and their laughter made everything so much worse. As she made her way across the room, hands went everywhere, grabbing a feel whilst she crawled like a loyal dog. The maid then removed her leash before turning around and exiting the room, leaving Annabel all alone with the swarm of guests. Nervously, she forced herself to smile.

Her body had been rubbed with scented oils, giving a healthy glow to her skin and a sweet fragrance. The oils along with the red lipstick, extended eyelashes and the small cat mask that she was wearing made her look even more appealing as a potential victim. Her eyes stared out from the large eye slits of the bondage style mask and wondered what each guest was fantasising about doing to her if they ever got the opportunity to own her.

Seeing as the crowd had naturally splintered out into a series of mini-subgroups, Annabel meekly had to walked up to each one and ask for them to sample her. She started with the group that were the closest. Her legs threatened to give in and buckle beneath her with each step as she approached the 5 men and single woman who seemed to be accustomed with each other.

"Hello sirs. Hello madam. This cunt hopes that you've found the accommodations pleasing. Would you like to sample this item? This cunt would love nothing more than to be used by you. By all of you."

She spoke out the last bit louder than she had the rest, placing special emphasis on those four words. Surprisingly to her, it was the woman who replied for the group.

"Madam? Are you trying to imply something about my age you miserable little slut?"

"No madam, I mean miss."

"That's no good either. From now on, you should address the women in this room as goddesses because compared to you, that's what we are."

"Yes goddess. Please forgive this cunt."

"Disrespect should be severely punished, don't you agree cunt? I suppose you could show that you're sorry by licking my feet."

"Of course goddess."

Annabel had a bad feeling about this woman. She was a lot older than her and seemed to be revelling in her fear and submission. Hopefully, she wouldn't end up being the one to buy her.

Not daring to lay a finger on the woman's designer black dress, Annabel allowed her shins to be the only things that broke her fell as she dropped down to her knees. The woman was wearing a pair of open-toed red stilettos that looked equally stylish as they were expensive. She didn't want to get her spit all over the bright red but wasn't sure if she was allowed to use her hands to remove them. It scared her to not know the rules. The ones that had been drilled into her brain were meaningless here.

She reached out for them and then winced as the woman lifted her foot to aid her. Half expecting to feel the shoe kicking her face, it came as a relief when the woman restrained herself from doing so, although the opportunity had to be tempting. The woman along with the rest of them would have the chance to hurt her soon enough.

Her tongue worked on the woman's toes as she worshipped her before she took them into her mouth and suckled on the stubs. Her tongue then lapped as she started licking the sole. It caused the woman to giggle as the tip of Annabel's tongue tickled her foot. She then repeated it all to the other foot as the woman eagerly made her debased herself.

She kissed the woman's feet when she was done and thanked her for being allowed to serve her. Quickly, she then moved away from the woman to the next group before any of them could demand anything more of her. One of the men reacted angrily which cause Annabel to sweat. Normally she did everything she could to avoid pissing anybody off but what she was doing now required a different mindset. Her trainers would have loved it if she managed to upset a guest enough for them to pay above market value just so they could beat her to death.

The next group was composed entirely of men and she stood still whilst allowing them to grope her body. Their hands explored her, investigating what she felt like when she choked and feeling how tight her teenage asshole really was. She quenched herself as they tried to force in their fingers, making herself even tighter and hid away the pain as they probed and prodded her.

"Such a pretty looking slut. I promise to whip you to sleep every night if you end up with me."

"Thank you for your kind words sir."

The next group had two women who asked for the same tongue bathing of their feet as the woman before. She provided the service whilst their male friends played attention to her stitched up cunt and expressed their disappointment at learning that she wasn't wet. She must have been in need of more foreplay so they kicked her off to the next group who spilled out glasses of champagne and scotch onto her hair and mask before spitting into her mouth.

Then there was the other group. The ones that Annabel was dreading the most. Reluctantly, she crawled over with her hair and face covered in champaign and spit, and little red marks decorated the rest of her body where she had been spanked, pinched and bit. Ever so reluctantly, Annabel crawled over to her father's former business partners. Wealthy men who she had known her whole life. Men whom she definitely didn't want to be own by.

"Hello Annabel."

"Mr Anderson. How may this cunt serve you?"

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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
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Omg I literally need you to continue this story

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Re: Trained and Auctioned Poor Little Rich Girl
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Training Log: Week 25 Day 7

Annabel couldn't afford to let her mind ponder too far from her task but one thought just kept popping back into her head. It would have been so easy for him to grab the back of head and hold her down. He could even have grabbed a handful of her freshly washed blonde hair and held her in place or take hold of her ears and used them as handlebars. Anything would have been a godsend. Being so out of it from a lack of air, she would have instantly have fallen in love with the trainer, wanting him to have her babies if only he were to show her the smallest of kindnesses.

But that would be missing the point of her graduation exam. She had to pass the barrage of impossible test alone without assistance, even if she died trying. They had made her go through each trail trail separately beforehand but those had been purposefully toned down, making sure that she couldn't properly prepare.

Using all her strength of will to keep herself choking on the guard's cock, she continued to skullfuck herself for him, pleasing him with the sensation that the folds of her throat provided. Annabel was expected to keep going until she passed out with Poppy looming behind her, ready to tighten the rope that was wrapped around her neck once she made this man cum.

She was being tested to see how many blowjobs she could give with a single breath. Incredibly, she had actually managed two, the last time they had let her practice. But those men hadn't just came in her ass. They had been rock hard and ready to cum down her gullet, not soft and requiring her to beg for them to get erect.

"He's close," she told herself, pushing away the silly thought that he might help her. Annabel just had to push herself only a tiny bit more.

She could feel his pre-cum already on her tongue and the way his balls were rumbling as she massaged them gently in her hand. The realisation that there wouldn't be any celebratory parade for her began to creep in as brutally ravished her own throat. There wouldn't even be a round of applause. Not for a slave that was that broken and submissive. Just another cock that would choke her until she finally did faint and unfortunately for Annabel, she was used to holding her breath for a very very long time.

The fact that she didn't have a gag reflex came as a curse. Sure, she wasn't dying as his angry serpent made her neck bulge, but it meant that she had to fake it, acting like she was dry heaving and forcing her pleading vocal cords to make loud gagging sounds. For the most part, her acting was perfect, making deepthroating noises that would make pornstar jealous. The only thing that wasn't accurate was how long she had managed to last.

Her mind screamed at her to get this over with, knowing full well that a marathon of sexual abuse was still awaiting her. The exam had started of brutally and would maintain that level of cruelty to the end. Annabel had began the day holding a tray that had a glass of water on it. She was to keep it balanced and not spill a drop while a total of five trainers repeatedly zapped her with cattle-prods.

After that, she had to use a vibrator on herself, furiously pressing it on her clit whilst she told everyone what a worthless cunt she was. She wasn't allowed to cum of course. In fact, Annabel hadn't been allowed to achieve an orgasm for months, regardless of how much they tormented her pussy with pleasure. Orgasming was strictly forbidden for her, made apparent by the 175 lashes that she then had to endure - one for every day she had failed to meet the high standards that were demanded of her.

Then came her nipple burning where needles were stabbed directly down into innocent pink peaks. This wasn't normally part of the graduation exam but had been added just for Annabel in order to punish her for not having large breasts. Her perky tits were sure perfect to bite, pinch and cane, but they were found wanting in size to be gratifying when whipping or slapping them.

They had her hold lit candles to where the needles stuck out, making her heat up the thin metal knives. She had wallowed in agony during the game when they timed her to see how long she could last, forcing her to keep going whilst they moved onto the next test where her ass was repeatedly raped. Annabel had to make her asshole as tight as she possibly could, having been ordered to not let a drop of cum leak out. She was to make herself into a container that was storing a future meal.

And that brought her back to now with a cock lodged deep down her throat. It felt like she was drinking champagne when the man finally did cum, so much so that she didn't need to fake gratitude or happiness. Her affection for the man cumming was genuine, scaring her as she wondered whether her life had reached such a low that she would grow feelings for anyone who was generous enough to rape her.

On the Stage for the final auction.

If Annabel had been expecting or even hoping for an epic bidding war to own her sexy ass, then she was rather disappointed. The bids had come it rapidly at first, growing from than insultingly low 50,000. The auction master had been kept busy, frantically scanning the room to make sure he didn't miss a raised hand.

That all changed when Mr Anderson started bidding. Most knew about just how wealthy he was and figured that they couldn't out bid him. They were disappointed but accepted the reality of the situations. Others at least tried to dent his bank account, even if the auctioning process was now more a matter of procedure than anything else.

The thought of being owned by Mr Anderson scared the life out of Annabel. He had been her father's business rival and the two of them absolutely hatred each other. He had a son, Annabel was pretty sure about that but she didn't know much else about him other than that. She didn't need to know much more about him other than that. What she knew for certain was that he had been the one who had sampled her asshole the hardest.

Out of the two dozen men that had left her pooper gaping wide and bleeding, Mr Anderson had the accolade of having been the roughest. Hearing the gavel being hammered down rung so loudly in Annabel's ears that it threatened to deafen her. She came so close to loosing her composure and crying.

Hardly being able to walk, certainly not with any degree of grace, they had her crawl over to her new owner. Bowing her head, keeping her gaze to the floor as she fought back tears that didn't make sense to her. Annabel didn't understand why she was so upset all of a sudden. She had known this was coming. What difference did it actually make to be sold officially when she was already a lowly sex slave.

"Hello master," she addressed him, feeling strange to call another person her master. Being his property, a thing that he owned. There was death certificate in the name, Annabel Kelly, that was singed and dated. It said that she had died 5 months ago. In truth though, Annabel Kelly had survived right until this moment.

She was dead now and that was all that really mattered. All that remained was a obedient set of fuck holes that was eager to serve, despite of how miserable she appeared to be.

"Thank you for choosing to buy me. This cunt is yours now until the day I either die or you choose to get rid of me."

If owning a girl was a new experience for Mr Anderson, he definitely didn't show it. From his lack of expression, buying her seemed to be no different to than buying an expensive wine. Perhaps it was less of an experience for him. He might have actually been excited by the bottle of rich red.

Annabel had thought that he had found her attractive enough whilst he was punishing her asshole but now wasn't too sure. The thought that he didn't find her pretty made Annabel more afraid than the brandishing of any whip. If he thought she was beautiful, he would rape her. But if not. She didn't want to think about what happened to slave girls who weren't able to please their masters.

"Do you want to find out what it feels to have your master fuck you?" He asked with indifference.

Another flood of fear shot through her heart after she heard his words. They drowned her in a sea of emotions, isolating her soul, dividing her mind into two. A part of her did. It was what she had been made to wait for. To be deflowered by the man who had brought her. An even bigger part of her didn't want it. That part wondered what was wrong with her to want it.

"Yes master," she answered him, nodding her head like a good kitty.

"Then start removing that thread."

He was talking about the string that was sewed through her labia, sealing away access to Annabel's last and only remaining source of innocence. In all her life, she never imagined that she would be so willing to give it up so easily.

"Certainly master. Please allow this cunt to find a knife to cut the threads free."

"That won't be necessary." He replied stopping her before she had the chance to move. "Just tear the string out."

Annabel froze at his command, not understanding what he meant. She didn't know what she should do next. Should she ask him to clarify? Would that seem like she was being rude?

"This...this cunt doesn't understand master."

Finally a change of expression came over Mr Anderson's face. He smiled at her before pushing her onto her back. His hands then went to where her trembling thighs meant her crotch.

"Let me show you." He said and then proceeded to make Annabel scream.

On the anniversary of the accident that took the lives of Mr and Mrs Kelly.

Annabel let out a sobbing moan as her master viciously pounded into her from behind. Her cunt was already so sore from the night before, causing this early morning raping to be especially unpleasant. Not that sex with Mr Anderson was ever remotely pleasant.

Rape wasn't so much about sex as it was a mutilation of her cunt. He liked finding different ways to hurt her there. It was all the better if the damage was permanent but anything could and would happen, as long as it hurt her. The fact that her rape was relatively vanilla was something that Annabel should have been thankful for but having sex in public did nothing but bring her anxiety.

She didn't have anything to fear though. Mr Anderson would have made sure that their time in their cemetery was private and undisturbed. She tried to get into it for him, trying to gift her master the sensation that would have come if she was actually enjoying this but Annabel didn't know anything about how to fuck without it hurting her.

Slicing off her clit and feeding it to her during their very first time had seen to that. There was never any arousal during her countless sessions of being used as a cocksleave. A fleshlight wasn't supposed to feel anything but the straining and tearing of her soft and delicate folds.

She felt the slab of granite though. Her thighs and stomach definitely could feel that as she slammed against it again and again. It was amazing how much a beautifully crafted piece of stone could contribute to utterly destroying her, both in body and mind. The weight of what she was being bent over came to her every time she felt the slab, filling her slave girl heart with a deep sense of mourning.

This was something else. Crueller than she had thought anyone could imagine. There was pissing on someone's grave and then there was this. Fucking a man's daughter over his gravestone after having spent an hour whipping her by a nearby oak tree.

Being here made Annabel do things that she generally spent her life avoiding. This place forced her to think of her mother and father. She thought about Poppy and then she thought of the life that she had had before all of this. In time, she had learnt that nothing was as painful as her memories. It was better to not think about them but she couldn't stop herself from doing so when here.

The force that her master drove into her fail body became even more violent as he got close. Soon it felt like the granite marker would break, crumbling apart to pieces under their shared weight. She was desperate for him to cum, needing so badly for this humiliation to be over.

Diligently, she carried out the task of wringing out a load from his musky balls, devoting all of her effort into making him cum. Good. He was grunting like a wild-boar, making the same unpleasant noise that he always did when we was about to explode inside of her.

Now all she needed was to feel his fists. Yes. There it was. He had punched her back so many times that it almost felt good to her. The fact that he almost always came soon after making her spine buckle and crack, caused feeling his heavy knuckles to have an almost euphoric effect. If only it didn't hurt so much.

Mr Anderson laughed at Annabel as he shot his seed into her ruined cunt. He laughed at his slave who was broken beyond repair. The wretched teen who did everything he told her to, only to treated like shit. He laughed at the fact that he was wrecking her over her family's gravesite.

Annabel supposed she should have been grateful to him. He had been kind enough to let her wear black. A black slave collar and a massive black buttplug. When he pulled out of her, one final squirt of cum from his cock was fired, landing onto where her mothers name was engraved into the stone.

She collapsed in unison as the smudge of semen began to drip down, exhausted beyond the point of being able to move. It was therefore fortunate that she didn't need to. Mr Anderson was a lot of things. A sadist. A monster. But he was also a man of his word. He left Annabel alone by the gravesite that he had just desiccated. That they had desiccated.

Slowly, she regained enough strength to lift up her head, rushing a little as she knew that she wouldn't have much time alone. Her tongue went straight to the cumshot and she licked the family's gravestone clean, noticing that the pearl of cum had now drooled down to where her name was cut across the smooth surface.

"Hi mom. Hi dad. Sorry for not visiting sooner but I'm not really allowed out of the house too often. Well, house a vague term. I'm not allowed out of the torture dungeon too often."

She picked up a few leaves and started to clear them away from the site, acting like if she was a normal daughter that was mourning her parents.

"Oh but I don't want you to worry. Wherever you are. It's not all bad I suppose. I have a nice cramp cage to sleep in and I get a pet bowl of dog food every other day. And there's also all the amount of cum that I get to swallow. You used to say that I didn't eat enough, mum. Now I lick clean anything that I'm given."

There was a long eerie silence afterwards as Annabel struggled to come up with anything else to say. She had never had a chance to properly progress her grief, having been forced to abandon it. Now she didn't know how to handle it. Thinking like a person rather than an object was like speaking in a foreign language for her. She had forgotten how to do it.

"When I do get to go out though, the trips are always...memorable. Did you know Mr Anderson owns a yacht? It's even bigger than yours dad. Do you know what keelhauling is? Of course you do. You were always a lot smarter than me. I didn't know what it was until I got to experience it. I experienced a lot on that trip. I'm a real girl of the sea now." She told her parents, adding a silly joke at the end to make it sound less tragic.

"And you'll be happy to know that your business is still doing well. Record profits under Mr Anderson's control. I don't think your old business partners liked you very much. Don't worry though. They can now take out all their frustrations out on me whenever I'm providing entertainment during business meetings. I learn so much from attending them. Like how it feels to be used as a dartboard."

Annabel then looked around for any indicator of time but could find nothing. She would have to leave soon. After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

"I have to go now." She told them, wrapping her arms around their gravestone to hug them goodbye. She felt no one hugging her back in return. "I love you and I miss you both so much."


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