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Re: Betrayed By Daddy (With TeaseMe69)
« Reply #420 on: January 22, 2020, 08:13:38 PM »
You lay on my while I was stroking your hair, breathing softly almost contentedly.  And there was a glow about you, a radiance.  Afterglow, perhaps, the look that women get after having sex.  Whatever it is, it’s emanating from you.  The longer you lay there, your head planted on my left breast where my tattoo is, your breathing slows and softens even more and I know that you’ve drifted off to sleep.  I carry on stroking your hair as my own eyelids begin to feel heavy and the strokes of my fingers through your long, soft hair slow to a stop.

You’re standing by the kitchen counter as I walk in, wearing your thin bed shorts and one of my hoodies.  You come to me and kiss me softly on the cheek, your hand reaching down to my groin and starting to rub the bulge that’s forming there.  You know that seeing you dressed like that turns me on, especially when I’ve had a long day at work, or a day of travelling.  And you know that it doesn’t take much rubbing on my bulge for my cock to be throbbing and ready to break out of my boxers.  You unfasten my jeans and yank them down, freeing my throbbing manhood, before slowly sliding to your knees and running your tongue along the underside of my thick, hard shaft.  Your hand strokes slowly up and down until your tongue reaches the tip.  Then you take the head into your mouth, your tongue swirling tantalisingly over it and tasting the precum that’s leaking profusely out of me before slowly taking my whole length into your mouth.  Your hand reaches between my legs and cups my balls, rubbing and massaging them, making me groan out loud as you do.  My hand reaches down and runs through your soft hair as your head bobs up and down on my cock, your mouth slurping and sucking on me as you pleasure me with your mouth.  You pull your mouth from my shaft and look up at me with slutty come to bed eyes and ask me if I like that, calling me Daddy, before standing up and wrapping your arms around my neck and leaning in to kiss me.  As our tongues meet, I can taste my salty precum and it makes my cock throb harder.  My hand reaches down to your shorts and slips slowly inside and down between your thighs and I groan into your mouth.  I pull away from your kiss and grin at you.  “You’re not wearing panties, you slut,” I say softly before yanking your shorts down.  I turn you around and bend you forward over the counter, lining the tip of my cock up with your already soaked pussy, pushing forward with my hips and stretching your tight hole to take my girth.  I groan loudly as I slowly inch my fat cock inside you, feeling the wetness of your inner walls along my shaft as I slide balls deep inside you.  “Oh fuck! Hannah,” I groan, as I take hold of your hips and start to slide effortlessly in and out of you.  You mown and mewl as my hips buck back and forth, my thick, veiny cock filling you with every thrust.  “Such a good girl,” I groan as I fuck you deep and hard, one hand reaching up and pulling your hair while my big, heavy balls are swinging back and forth, slamming into your clit.  “Oh yes, oh yeah!” I gasp as I get closer and closer.  I can’t help thinking that there’s nothing like a quick, hard fuck when I come home from work.  The pressure in my balls is growing; building.  I’m getting closer and closer and I’m struggling to hold myself back, my cock about to explode with my cum inside you.  ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” you groan as….

….”Daddy.  Daddy.  Daddy.”  The words are soft and distant but growing louder.  My eyes flicker open and the aroma of fresh coffee fills my senses.  I look around disoriented for a moment, looking down and seeing myself stark naked on the bed in our cabin and it all comes back to me.  We’d made love and you fell asleep on my chest and, I guess, I fell asleep too.  “I just had the most vivid dream,” I say as I sit up and look around.  You’re stood at the foot of the bed holding a mug of freshly brewed coffee, smiling sweetly at me.  You must have woken up and gone to make it for me while I was asleep.  You hand me the mug and I return your warm smile as I look you up and down dressed in your bed shorts and a tank top.  My mind returns briefly to my dream and I wonder if you’re wearing panties beneath the shorts and my cock twitches slightly.  “Good girl, thank you,” I say, smiling up at you as I banish the thought as quickly as it arrived.  I have a long life ahead planned for us, there’ll be plenty of time for thoughts - and actions - like that along the way.  “How long was I asleep?” I ask you as you sit on the edge of the bed.
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Re: Betrayed By Daddy (With TeaseMe69)
« Reply #421 on: January 28, 2020, 11:16:55 AM »
It had been 6 weeks since we were at the cabin, now we are finally back home. You've been nice and attentive to me as long as I was towards you. I'm not thinking anymore about leaving you, in fact I feel it is my job to take care of you now since you always took care of me. Maybe you were right, maybe it was just me trying to get used to this new life and seeing you in this new role. We had routines like a couple, you finally would leave the house because you trusted me not to leave and I didn't. I would stay home and clean, make you dinner and do some writing. I looked into some online college courses and signed up to take a few classes from home.

You even trusted me enough to go out with my friends and come back home, which I always did. I even had some of my friends over and no one saw anything out of the ordinary between us. My bedroom was now your bedroom, we shared it because I wasn't allowed to sleep alone. The only thing I insisted was the we get a new bed, not one that you and mom were on. Now, I was the new lady of the house, everything was different but yet the same. You looked happier than ever, even happier than when you were with mom. I was stubborn in the beginning but now I see what you were wanting me to see all along. I love my daddy and will do anything for him like I know he will for me. I always, always was daddy's little girl and still am.
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