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Description: A tough drifter who knows how to handle himself but drinks too much; a unique stripper with a sad story; a sadistic ex-prize fighter who owns the strip club - Blondie manages to walk a fine line between them all.

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Author Topic: Blondie's Sacrifice [Honorable Mention, 4th Annual: Prose]  (Read 307 times)

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2019, 11:57:19 AM »
Chapter Sixteen

When he got there and calmly opened the door, it was, as usual, empty. This small, front office only contained a desk with two chairs in front of it, a few filing cabinets, and a credenza against the back wall. Gary only used it to interview new employees and to make business-related phone calls. He farmed out most of the paperwork; tasks like bookkeeping and payroll were done by an outside company.

When he opened the door to the larger room, the same room he had broken into during the early morning hours six days before, he was greeted with the sight of two men facing each other. Between them was a naked Raven on her pedestal. The man on the left was wearing a long-sleeve flannel shirt buttoned all the way to the top. His pants were in a heap around his ankles and he was vigorously fucking Raven's pussy. The man held Raven's hips so he could stab himself into her with more force.

Gary was on the right. He was totally naked except for his thin, high, black dress socks. Gary was holding Raven's ankles, one in each hand. Her impossibly flexible legs were folded into a side split. In fact, she was in what is referred to as an oversplit, where her legs were split beyond 180 degrees. She was so double jointed and agile that her oversplit put each ankle next to her face. Gary used them as handles as he fucked her toothless mouth.

Henry knew from his previous time here that her neck would surely be held down by a wide leather collar attached to the top of the small platform. He could see that her hands were extended straight down toward the floor and trapped by cuffs attached close to the side of the pedestal. She had no freedom of movement. She was being used by Gary and his friends as a warm, living, breathing fuck toy. Gary told him the first night he was here that he was the one who took out her teeth one by one. His hold over her and her fear of him must be great indeed if she was unable to flee and if she continued to endure his abuses.

Because of the bright lights shining down on the pedestal and the darkened perimeter of the room where Henry was standing, or perhaps because of their focused exertions, neither man was aware of Henry's entrance. He calmly strode up to the first man, who saw him approach. The man thought Henry was another of Gary's friends who wanted a turn at Raven. Instead of moving away and getting into a defensive position, he just continued pumping and said, "Hang on a minute, buddy. I'm almost there."

Henry used the thick end of the bat to jab the man in the jaw. One soft, easy jab was enough to punch his button because he was out cold. Henry was on some kind of auto-pilot where he saw things in slow motion. He was almost amused to see the man fall backwards, pivoting on his heels as if they were hinges, his body rigid as a plank. His arms stayed rigid too as he released his grip on Raven's hips. Henry saw his hard cock slide out of Raven's pussy for the last time. It was the man's last contact with Raven' body and he fell to the tiled floor flat on his back. His cock was still rigid, sticking straight up and wet from Raven's juices. The entire encounter and Henry's slow motion observations only lasted between two and three seconds.

He turned his attention to Gary, who was looking up at Henry uncomprehendingly and was only just beginning to disengage himself from Raven's mouth. He didn't want it to be like this - he wanted to punish Gary slowly and painfully - but he felt an urgent need to free Raven from her bondage. Instead of taking Gary apart bit by bit, he just charged into him and pummeled his face with a series of short but powerful thrusts with his right fist. Gary was too startled to realize what was happening until it was too late and even when he did, his first reaction was to cover his exposed cock, a stupid move, especially for a skilled boxer. Gary's nose broke and Henry felt his jaw give way under his knuckles. Gary crumpled to the floor, at least momentarily unconscious.

Dropping his bat, he moved to free Raven. Her legs had straightened out and she bent at the waist so that she could feel the floor under her feet. He unbuckled her wrists first and then her neck. When she stood and moved away from the pedestal, she had a fearful look in her eyes, like maybe she thought Henry was going to hurt her. It was an understandable reaction, a kind of shell shock. At least it seemed like that to Henry. But she was safe and she seemed not to be injured in any way so Henry turned his attention back to a stirring Gary.

Kneeling down over him, Henry slapped Gary's face lightly and repeatedly on both cheeks to rouse him. "Wake up, you piece of shit. I want you fully awake and conscious when I destroy you."

Gary's eyes came into focus and awareness crept back into his face. He instantly raised his hands to put them between his swelling face and the hulking man hovering above him. Henry stood to let Gary get up. "Go ahead and stand up, Donovan. I want you to try to stop me from hurting you."

Gary stood. One of his black dress socks had slid down to his ankle. The other was still pulled high and caressed his muscled calf like body paint. Gary was still shaking the cobwebs out of his head. His hands were raised in the standard boxer's pose. He moved slowly around to his left while Henry stood motionless waiting for him to return to normal. It didn't surprise Henry when Gary reached down to the nearby sofa for a walkie-talkie and quickly squelched out a transmission. "Maurice, come to my office. NOW."

"Maurice won't be answering that call. Neither will Duane. It's just you and me."

And then things went red and yellow and black for Henry. As he hit the floor, Raven completed her swing with the bat that he had dropped.

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice
« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2019, 12:00:24 PM »
Chapter Seventeen

When Henry regained his senses, he felt his hands pinned behind his back, the result of a pair of handcuffs that Gary had just put on him. His bulky coat had been removed and lay in a heap on the floor. Loud industrial metal music was belching from the room's sound system. He rose to his knees and blinked a few times, feeling the sudden surge of pain in his head like a powerful headache, except it was radiating from a spot three inches above and behind his right ear where Raven had whacked him with his bat.

Gary slowly got dressed, putting on his pants and his white sleeveless undershirt. "You made a big mistake coming here. I don't know where Maurice is but honestly, I don't need him." Gary put a black leather glove on his right hand. It had no fingers but Henry could see that it was padded over the knuckles. Henry fought off the pain in his head and stood to face the one-time professional boxer. Then the other glove went on Gary's left hand. Henry realized that he had only been out for a few moments. Gary hadn't had time to find out about Maurice and Duane.

"I've got your hands cuffed behind you because you're a dirty fighter. And I'm going to show you what happens to dirty fighters around here."

"Dirty fighter, huh? That's rich, coming from you, a coward who beats and disfigures women and who needs two bodyguards to beat a drunken man."

Gary tried his best to ignore Henry's taunts but the truth of the words showed in his face, which turned red from rage. His twisted mind gave him an escape from the shame and humiliation of being correctly labeled a coward but that escape wasn't by mending his ways or turning over a new leaf. It was by shutting Henry up permanently so that the words would be taken back as if never spoken.

Henry stood patiently with narrow eyes, waiting to see what was next, calculating his odds, going over his options. He stepped on the heel of his right shoe and stepped out of it. Then he did the same with the other. If he couldn't use his hands, he needed his feet, and they needed to be light and quick. He may only have one or two shots because Gary was in no mood to toy with him or to drag it out. If Henry gauged Gary's temperament correctly, Gary would want to punish him with body shots first, followed by working over his face. And if Henry succumbed to it and fell to his back, he was sure Gary would want to beat him to death with blows to the face and head.

As if Gary had read his thoughts, he said, "This is not going to be quick and painless for you but I will tell you that your pain will only last as long as you keep breathing. I'm going to have your body taken to the dump and if the bears don't eat all of you and someone finds you they'll have a hard time identifying what's left. There won't be any fingerprints and there won't be anything left in your mouth to check against dental records. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll reside in an unmarked grave as a John Doe. Not even Blondie will grieve you because she's next and she'll probably end up resting right next to you."

A few moments passed while Gary emptied his pants pockets of his wallet and a jumble of keys, tossing them on the sofa. He rolled his shoulders and rotated his head and hopped up and down on his still bare feet -  his way of limbering up.

When Henry didn't say anything, Gary added, "So it's true. Blondie did help you that night. I really didn't know but your silence after I said her name confirmed it. You didn't say, 'Who's Blondie?' or 'What are you talking about?' So I guess I really will have to kill her. Too bad. She was a good earner and I had fun raping her and flaying her ass that night. Maybe I'll bring her in here for a few weeks of fun before finally getting rid of her."

Henry wasn't silent out of concern for Blondie or out of any fear of making things worse. This wasn't the first time someone had told Henry he would soon be dead, though it was the first time he faced a capable opponent without being able to use his dangerous hands. He was silent because his heartbeat was slowing and his mind was focused. He was in a zone where time moved more slowly and where extraneous thoughts and words and sensations were put to one side and ignored.

"What? No last smart remarks? You got nothin' to say now? Well, alright then. Let's get this started. I'm gonna have me some fun."

Gary moved in quickly and, true to form, he came in like a boxer who knows his opponent is too tired to raise his gloves to defend himself. At least that was his first reaction. Henry was standing with his feet in line with Gary, his right leg in front. Upon second thought and knowing that Henry could be vicious, Gary decided to raise his gloved hands high, almost covering his face. Gary was expecting Henry to try to head butt him. Perfect. Purist boxers know next to nothing about lethal fighting.

Henry pivoted his body counter-clockwise so that he was facing away from Gary. His left foot lifted off the floor and shot straight toward Gary's solar plexus. The move from start to finish took two tenths of a second. The initial slap and instantaneous dull thud that came from Henry's heel crashing into Gary's chest between his raised elbows was almost sickening. The spinning back kick has a lot of force. With a man Henry's size, it is even more impressive. Gary's forward moving mass added even more punishment. The effect was immediate. Crippling pain throughout his torso and a complete inability to breathe dropped Gary in his tracks. A quick heel stomp to Gary's head rendered him unconscious. Raven shrieked with a primal scream. It was the first time Henry had ever heard her voice.

The fight was over. At least Gary's fight was over. Now it was Henry's fight. He moved to the couch to see if the key to his handcuffs was in Gary's big batch of keys. It was. He sat down on the sofa to pick the keys up and then stood so that he could unlock himself. Just then, Raven came at him with his bat but his heart was racing and the rage inside him was boiling, something that often happened to him after the fight was over. He didn't even think. He just reacted and side kicked her right knee, breaking it. As flexible as she was, her knee was not able to bend sideways and when she fell, her scream of pain and outrage and disbelief didn't sound human at all.

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice
« Reply #17 on: March 26, 2019, 12:03:50 PM »
Chapter Eighteen

Henry unlocked himself and tossed the cuffs and keys aside. He kneeled down over Gary, who was showing signs of coming back to consciousness. Henry grabbed a fist full of Gary's undershirt and pulled up on it to raise the club owner's face a few inches. "Wake up Gary." A few slaps on each cheek accelerated the process of bringing Gary back to full consciousness.

Henry could have just run and left the club and Anchorage and Alaska behind him, happy to have gotten out with no worse than a lost tooth and some new bone fractures. But he came here to settle some business and even though he was outwardly calm and measured and rational, the truth about Henry (and perhaps the thing that made him so lethal in a fight) is that he was very good at compartmentalizing his rage and his fury. But the rage and the fury were there, just below the surface, and as he looked down at Gary's dazed face and remembered the night he came in and got drunk and remembered the beating he took and how he was left for dead, the rage began to boil. This room, intended for Gary's perversities with Raven and Blondie and surely many other vulnerable women, shouted to his rage. Raven's disfigurement, and even worse, her apparent acceptance of the fate and the life she led here as Gary's object, broke down the walls between his rage and the rest of his brain. Finally, the thought of Blondie walking back in the door to Gary's office, hat in hand to apologize and ask for her old job back - walking humbly back to the place where she was raped and brutalized, to the place where she would likely be killed or turned into another Raven, walking back as if she had done something wrong, filled Henry with a rage he had never felt before.

He punched Gary square in the face, once, twice, ten times. "This has to stop, Donovan. You have to stop." Gary feebly stretched his still gloved hands up to block Henry's punches but Henry punched right through them. First his nose broke, then some teeth broke and fragments flew out. Gary's eyes began to swell. Henry wasn't thinking. This was no longer about self-defense or about protecting himself. It was about retribution and punishment. It was about hurting Gary, maiming him, perhaps even killing him.

Henry became aware of Raven on his left side, who had dragged herself across the floor to paw and swat and hit at him ineffectually, trying to intervene, to help Gary, the man who methodically beat her face and her mouth toothless to punish her for whatever insult she had committed against him. He backhanded her and sent her flying across the floor, hardly missing a beat in the pummeling he was giving an unconscious Gary.

Grabbing the baseball bat at his side, he used it like a pestle to crush the fingers and wrist of Gary's right hand. Then he did the same to his left hand. The irrational thought that went through his head was that if Gary lived, at least he would live the rest of his life with severely restricted use of his hands, the hands in which he seemed to take so much pride as a boxer. When they healed - if they ever healed - they would be knobby and twisted and they would be a constant source of pain to Gary. Henry even thought he was doing Gary a life-saving favor by switching his rage from Gary's face to his hands, and maybe he was.

When he felt Raven on his back again, he rose quickly and threw her off and to the floor. But when he turned, he saw that it wasn't Raven. It was Blondie, sprawled on her back with her long coat splayed open to reveal her stripper's outfit. She quickly stood and said, "Henry, stop. No more."

He was out of control. His rage was driving him now. He stomped toward her, grabbed her by the coat and lifted her like she weighed nothing and threw her over the back of the sofa face down. "Is this what you want? Is this all you're good for?"

He lifted her coat up and ripped her black boy shorts off in one clean yank. His hand roughly reached between her legs and spread her lips to open her and to smear her wetness. She struggled and tried to push herself up but he was too big and too powerful and he was not going to be steered from his actions. With his other hand he unbuckled his pants and pulled his enraged cock out.

"Henry, no. Please." She didn't recognize the man. This was someone else, not the calm, gentle, rational man she knew.

She felt his hard cock probing her folds and despite her struggles and her pleas, she felt his hardness spread her lips and push against her opening and burn its way inside her, thrust by thrust. Henry raped Blondie. He fucked her hard and deep as she pleaded with him and cried.

The initial pain - the burning and the bruising sensations - gradually subsided thank God and her body's lubricating defense mechanisms kicked in to ease her suffering. She became wet and her body dilated to accommodate his intruding cock. As the pain eased, her pleas turned to low sobs of disbelief and emotional hurt. She felt his hands on her hips and she felt his thighs slapping against hers. She felt so physically dominated and helpless and her mental awareness zeroed in on her pussy and the stuffed feeling that his cock gave her as he plunged into and out of her.

She had been raped by several men in this very room only a few weeks before, but that time, her own awareness was focused on her mouth and her gagging and her whipped and torn bottom and legs. She had no real memories of her pussy and the violations she endured there. This rape was very different. She felt like a whore to even think it but the more she tried to shut Henry's violation out of her mind and her thoughts - the more she tried to shrink down into a small protected place in her mind - the more drawn she became to the sliding, slick, stuffed feeling in her pussy. Her pain had given way to her pleasure.

She fought it. She became angry and she tried to let her sense of betrayal power her into some kind of resisting action. Her body and every muscle in it tensed up and she pushed up with her arms to lift herself. She flailed her legs, she arched her back and neck, she tried to double her body and then to straighten it - anything she could do to buck her rider off and get his cock out of her. But it was all useless and her exertions only served to increase her blood flow and accentuate the pleasurable tingling emanating from between her legs. She went weak all over as her shameful orgasm spread and demanded her body's resources and her mind's surrender.

She felt his sticky wetness hit her inner walls and spread throughout. It coated his cock and added its lubricating properties to his final post-orgasmic thrusts. He paused, fully inside her, as his rage began to subside. She felt him draped over her back, his weight and his warmth like a reassuring apology. But that's all she got. He didn't say a word. She was spent and limp as she felt his weight subside and his still engorged cock slide out of her pussy. She lay there, eyes closed tight to avoid looking at the tawdry room and at her conflicting emotions of shame and anger and desire and lust. He was gone.

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice
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Two days later, Henry was hitchhiking his way south to the lower 48. At least he was trying to hitchhike. In two days he had traveled a hundred miles. Only an occasional trucker would stop to pick up such a big and ornery looking man and the two who did could only bring him a short distance before having to turn from Henry's intended direction.

Around noon, an old gold Lincoln Continental slowed to a stop just past where Henry was walking with his thumb out. He walked toward it past the back seat on the right, piled to the roof with clothes and boxes. He opened the front passenger door without saying a word - without even looking in to greet the driver and say the obligatory hitchhiker's thanks or to engage in the hitchhiker's etiquette of letting the driver see the hitchhiker to give him a chance of backing out.

He opened the door and got in and Blondie hit the accelerator and they sped south to whatever awaited them.

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice
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@Alec Durbervilles plus rep for the violent, vividly descriptive clash between Gary and Henry. I am on to chapter 8 and look forward to reading more when I get the chance.

You have me hooked

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice [Prose: Rape Fantasy]
« Reply #20 on: March 27, 2019, 12:59:28 PM »
Thank you, @cosmicwitch

I apologize for the length (no, I don't  :cool: ) but I couldn't get this story told in a more succinct way. And besides, since this contest allowed for unlimited length (is that what she said?), I thought, "Why not?" Hopefully, it's got girth to go along with the length.

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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice [Prose: Rape Fantasy]
« Reply #21 on: April 26, 2019, 03:35:28 AM »
@Alec Durbervilles One of the best stories I've read here. Glad you contributed this. So many clever elements, and you did a brill job keeping me curious to read on. Finished the lot in one sitting after moaning in the Shoutbox that I couldn't imagine reading 18 parts but would read only enough to know how I should vote. All of it, it turns out. :laugh:

Don't hurt him too much, especially his face. I want to use it as my throne at some point. -cosmicwitch
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Re: Blondie's Sacrifice [Prose: Rape Fantasy]
« Reply #22 on: April 28, 2019, 06:26:00 AM »
Thank you, Ray. I'm glad you persevered. Your contest rules don't usually allow long stories so this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

The characters come from various places. Raven, the toothless stripper, is based on a real stripper from a strip club in Anchorage from 1989. She went by the name of Silver Fox and my descriptions of her and her behaviors are very accurate. However, I don't know how she lost her teeth or why she always flipped off the patrons during her routine.

Henry is a kind of Jack Reacher character - an intellectual tough guy and drifter, somewhat nihilistic, always looking for new experiences even if they put him in tight spots.

Gary Donovan, the club owner, isn't based on anything more than a stereotype of a sadistic, egocentric, asshole who is too full of himself to realize what a joke he is.

And Blondie is a composite of a few of the girls I've met in rape fantasy websites - sensible, practical, unafraid, full of urges and desires, not prone to romance, and somewhat resigned to a life that isn't always very fair or wonderful.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If I post another story, it'll certainly be shorter.


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