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Author Topic: The Holy Trinity  (Read 180 times)

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The Holy Trinity
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:10:32 PM »
(not a story, a more or less recount of a nice fuck vith my bf and 2 other guys)




Holy Trinity of Pleazure.  Fuck my Vagina. Rape my Asshole. Ream my Mouth. Yes... oh yessss... all at once.

Deep, so deep, making my nethers sing. They rocked me to the beat, of meat-on-meat. My hands on the thighs of my bf in front, keeping his prize in my mouth. In... and out... and in... and out.

Thrust... thrust... thrust... one in front, two behind, me in the midle, having those three vectors of force converge in me. Delectable... delicius! But not... kuite... syncronized yet.

"Find the rhytm, guys! Your not synced yet." I remarked momentaryli, panting lustfully, as I took the cock out of my mouth. I licked his balls, took them in my mouth, relishing the scent... before he grinned, grabed my head, and shoved his tool back in there. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Thrust... thrust... thrust... thrust.... thats more like it. All 3 at once... all 3 synced, for full compression in the middle... in me! YESSSSSS!

"You like that, whore? Dont you? You like that, you nasty, dirty, whore? HNGGGG! My boyfrend groaned, vith a ear-to-ear grin, atop his muscular frame, thrusting his cock vith force, all the way to my throat, throatfucking me. He knowed I culd take it, my strong neck. I knowed that he knowed.

He seen the answer in my eyes, looking up at him with adoration... he knows me SO wel!

"MWFFUK MWEEE!" I moaned past the cock, my tongue going crazy on his shaft.

"You heard her guys... dont let up, or I'l make you both fuckers regret it!" he laughed at the other two, vho chuckled back.

THRUST, THRUST, THRUST... making my pussy sing to them, and my asshole squeak in delight.

I driven 4 fingers in my bf's asshole, 2 on each hand, fucking it, as he fucked my mouth. Yes... yessss... his shudder.... yesssss! It erged him on, to ravage my mouth even harder.

Fuck... fuck... fuck... speed it up, fuckheads... speed it up! As if they read my mind, the rhytm quickened. Until now, it vas roughly 70 thrusts a minute... now... it must have reached 100! Airtight... airtight... breath thru the nose, you bitch!

Spank! Spank Spank Spank!

The one fucking my asshole started spanking my ass... YES! OH YES!

"Mrarrggghhh!" I howled, momentaryli taking my bf's cock out agen, licking his balls once more. Then I put it back in. His hands reached down to spank my boobs, in rhytm with the thrusts. More! More!

Doggie style up-till now. Then they got out of me, and I fliped over on the bed, lying atop of my bf, he now in my asshole, legs streched wide, opening up my wet pussy to the other cock. The third one got atop of me, prezenting his asshole to my mouth.

"Mgggrrr gimme!" I growled like a animal, diging my tongue in his asshole, licking his balls from the base of his cock, to the end of his asscrack, and back. Forth... and back... forth... and back. Then I stuck it in his shithole. His ass-cheeks smothering my face. My bf grinning behind me, at the kind of dirty whore he has for a girlfriend. He buckled under me, fucking my asshole, his powerful frame lifting me off on each thrust, despite my own weigt, and the weigt on the other guy, plowing my vagina.

My hair sticky, soaked. Coated in sweat, my biceps and triceps hard and tight, working overtime to keep the one atop of me in place, keeping him on my sholders. Steady... firm... ripping vith strength. No tremble, no strain. The heat I'm in, empowers me even more!

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! Been going at it for 20 minutes so far, after the warm-up session of ballbusting, cuntbusting, wrestling, and me sucking all of them off once, to cumming. They stayed hard. They stayed sexed-up. Just the way I like my men!

Me, I already came once, but that vas just a clit climax, from oral atention. Now, we wer working tovard a G-spot climax! A woman can come in 3 diferent ways... so far in all my sexual expirience, I have only expirienced 2 of them. Clit and G-spot climax. The 3rd one, it eluded me so far. Some day, I wuld hit that one too... today, I wuld setle for the G-spot one, since I vasnt in the mood for experimentation. Just rough, dirty action!

The one fucking my pussy, kept on slapping and kneading my boobs. Good! Yes! I kept eating out the asshole prezented to me, and listening to all there grunts, around me. So full. So happy! I culd do this all fucking day. I took my tongue out of his asshole, then started sucking his balls, vacuming them in-out. Like two juice-bags, prepping all that tasty cum for me! My nose now buryd in his asshole. Lets see how long I can hold my breth hehe... not as long as I wanted, since it ment tensing-up more on those 2 other cocks, and reducing the pleazure. I took his cock in my mouth, taking it all the way down to the balls, to my throat. Then I spanked him hard on the ass, to get him to ram it even deeper in if he culd.

Dont know vhat it is about airtight, but vhen I have a chance to indulge in it, I always make the most of it. I just love being triple-pluged at the same time!


Few minutes later, after swiching thru one more 3-way pozition, it vas BDSM time! My favorites... hot wax pouring on my boobs, vhile my bf lashed my back with a leather whip. Oh yeaaa... meanvhile, I kept my mouth busy with the other 2 cocks, sucking on both of them at the same time, side-by-side in my mouth, to make it tight and even more tasty!

"HARDER!" I yeled at one point, moaning in pain, since the lashing vasnt kuite painful enogh for my taste yet. My bf obliged, and the next lash provoked a smal scream out of me, as I continued gorging on the two other guys. My back vas red with velts, at that point. Delicius!

Prety soon, I started to return the pleazure. I had my bf on his stomach under me on the bed, vhile I rided him, and lashed his own back, enjoying it evry time he moaned in pain. He kept laughing the vhole time, mixed vith moans, geting even more a kick out of it then I did being lashed. At the same time, I vas being fucked doggy-style agen by both of the other guys, one atop the other, one cock in my vagina, the other in my asshole.

So I lashed, and lashed, and lashed... and they fucked, and fucked, and fucked me... any my boyfrend moaned, and laughed, and moaned. FUCKING PERFECTION! Finaly I stoped lashing, and just leaned down to lick his neck lustfuly, my ass perked up, while the two other cocks kept pounding me, driving my face even more tightly on my bf's neck. Yes... I vas wel on the way to my G-spot climax by now, this posture vas very conductive to it.

He turned his head to the side, and our lips met in a kiss, then a deep tongue-wrestle, mixed vith my moans of pleazure and the DP I was geting.

Not a DP for much longer... there vas stil room in my vagina for his cock, too! My ass may be a bit tight, but my pussy is streched enogh for me to enjoy a very nice double-vaginal pumping!

He read my mind... roling around under me, and starting to set his cock to squeeze in my vagina, alongsyde the other one. The one in my ass kept pounding me. Damn, this just kept geting beter and beter! I vas a little sad no cocks wer left to keep my mouth busy, but maybe next time. This time I'd get to come vith 3 cocks in my nethers!

"Come on... shove it in! Make me tight! FASTER!" I moaned, slapping him hard acros the face, his head snaping-around partway, for him to hurry up! He returned the slap even harder, for a nice warm tingly feeling on my face, too. Yes, more pain! I slapped him agen, even harder, enjoying our litle game. We'r both pain-freaks, and we both can take some serius pounding. It vas only a mater of time, before the slaps wuld escalate to punches!

Not yet tho... for now, his cock vas insyde, spreading my vagina to its limit, and sudenly I felt SO full. I groaned and moaned, panting, as the 3 cocks started pumping me, 2 in pussy, 1 in asshole! PARADISE! 3 cocks in me, hard bodys all around me, so much sweat and sex-drive in the air!

"Fuck, fuck... FUCK ME, you prick!" I vas growling in my bf's face and licking his neck ocasionaly, before i got both my hands on his throat, to start choking him. The other 2 guys kept slamming me down from atop, one above the other.

He kept grining, then struck off my hands at his throat and cuffed me hard acros the mouth. "Vho you calling prick, huh? Nasty bitch!"

"YESSSSS!" I panted, returning the cuff, harder, leaving a smal bruize on his face. He reciprocated agen, even harder, and I culd feel some blood in the corner of my mouth. Oh shit yeaaaa bleed me! I licked it up, then amped up the game on him, leaning in and giving him a sharp headbutt to the nose! I vas happy to see a trail of his blood from it, vhich I licked up, too.

All the vhile, the 3 cocks plowing in-to me never stoped!

"That the best you got?!" I panted. He traced his tongue over the blood coming out of his nose, and scowled... "Just geting started, bitch!" giving me a good hard hook acros the jaw that swinged my head hard to the side, making a nice warm daze to my brain. This just kept geting beter! The other 2 guys laughed at the rough play, one of them saying something along the lines of "take it to the mat". Oh yea, we'd take it to the mat later, but this vas just a litle warm-up during sex!

I slamed my elbow down on his cheek-bone to reciprocate, but he sliped it, then puled me in to give my neck a sharp bite, drawing some blood there, too! Mmmmmmmmm!

Fuck, fuck... fuck... and a meazure of pain. It dont get much beter then that! I bit my lower lip as the 3 cocks continued to pleazure me, now leaning in-to a tongue vrestling match vith my bf below. The lower of the two guys at my back also joined in, licking the back of my neck. SO much passion! Only the last guys felt a litle left out, so he reached down past the lower one, to fondle my boobs.

And I vas SO close to coming now... I culd feel the wave building up, as those 3 cocks stimulated my holes past the limit! 2 of them deeeep in my vagina, catching the G spot on evry thrust.

"MMm... mmmmffff.... mmmmMMMFFFFF.... MMMMMFFFFFFGHHHFFFFF!!!" I moaned in-to my boyfrend's mouth during our continuing kiss, as I shudered SO hard, and came... feeling my juices forcing there way past the cocks, in a big squirt down below!

My bf dis-engaged the kiss, then panted... "Get off, get off... vant to taste that..." the two guys promptly dis-mounted me, and he manhandled me around, burying his face in my driping nethers. He licked me like a starved animal, thrusting his head deeper in. I culdnt help but cry out in elation, my thighs trembling. I looked at the other 2 guys, and maked a litle grasping motions, tovard those 2 cocks. Mmmmmm dick... yes... I grabed the closer one, and put it in my mouth, sucking him off like crazy, jerking the other one. Then I swiched... sucking the other one, jerking the first.

Then I urged them both to enter my mouth together, as I held both of them by the ass, side to side in front of my face, as I ridden my bf's face, vho was stil gorging on my juices. I took both cocks in, as deep as they wuld go, and sucked, and licked, and teased them, 2 fingers on each hand entering each of the guys' assholes, to stimulate them more. I'd work over my bf's cock last, right now he had my pussy to keep him busy hehe!

One of the two guys shudered, grunting thru his teeth... he vas close. I vas hoping for a synced orgasm from both, but that vas just my wish-ful thinking. I stroked his balls, urging him on... he spasmed once more, then jets of hot sperm started filing up my mouth, making it stuffed, vith 2 cocks in there! I swalowed as fast as I culd, only a few drops of it seeping out past the lips. For a moment, I puled the other cock out, intent of sucking out evry last drop from that guy, balls-deep in my mouth. Once the jets stoped, and I swalowed the last drop, I turned my full atention on the other one, as the first one continued to slap my face vith his cock.

This other guy wuld take a bit more. I vent back to deeptroating him, licking his balls, fingers in his asshole stimulating his prostate. All the while, my boyfrend's attack on my driping pussy never stoped. At some point, he swiched to my asshole, riming me. The guy vho came now got behind me, squeezing my boobs and licking my neck agen.

His hand started puling on my hair, as I ravished his balls... no! No mater how many times I say it, some guys tend to forget - hair is off limits for me, always. I strucked-off his hand from there, giving his balls a spank, as punishment, and enjoying his yelp of pain.

"Ugh! Sory!" he grunted vith a grin.

"Hands off my hair, stud, you know the rule!" I grined back, then vent back to deepthroat his cock.

Despyte vhat most women think, its not hard to train any man properly, to remember and abide by how you want to be treated in sex, as long as you keep the reminders coming on a semi-regular basis. Refresh there short memory, so to say, since they dont remember too wel vhen thinking vith there dicks, and never let them think they have the uper hand. Its a fine balance betwen leting go and control, that I learned to exercize in bed, especialy vith multiple partners. One must have a meazure of dignity in anithing one does, even vhile being the dirtyest whore imagineble, and they wil treat you acordingly. Thats a diference betwen being a slut, and being a self-concius slut. Maintening a meazure of control over the situation, and retaining your dignity. And i am a VERY self-concius slut.

I continued deeptroating him, until I culd feel his grunts and spasms change patern, and culd tell he vas close to coming. Mmmmm... impasse time. I stoped working him over, and puled his cock out, leting him hang there.

"Keep sucking, bitch..." he groaned, trembling, giving me a light slap, before he tryed to force my head back on his cock. It vas driping precum freely, full to bursting.

"A-ah..." I smiled teasingly, firmly slaping his hand away... the guy behind me laughed at his partner's predicament. I let him stand there for a moment, on-edge, as I breathed hotly on his cock... then I traced the tip of my tongue, slowly, acros the under-side, and the notch there. He spasmed, and erupted in my face and mouth.

Orgasm-denial at its finest... one of my favorite BDSM tools to apply on any man. Subtle, yet efective. I had my pick on that guy that day, because last time he and I had sex, he didnt realy satisfy me. So today, he gets to sweat it out like this! Keep them edged-on, ladies... keep them yearning for you, keep them on a low fire. And most of all, keep them remembering vho is realy in control in bed, and why. For men, sex is a lot less involved act then it is for us, they come more easyli then we do in general, and it pays to keep reminding them of that. If not, your pleazure often gets over-looked during it, and you end up one of those women having to fake orgasm. Vorse, to make him feel beter and feed his ego. Wasted efort, and it wuld only lead to more un-fulfilment. Make him feel vorse, make him see he failed to pleaze you, so he wuld up his game next time. Put the ball in his court, always. I have never faked a orgasm in my life. Truth is the best policy, if the pleazure is un-fulfiled, make him aware of that. Make him keep proving he is worthy of you, in bed!

All part of training a lover, in my very own patented sex-rulebook. I started vriting it in my head, a dozen years ago... and its not finished yet :D . But I figure I covered the important aspekts..

Aniway, he exploded all over my face, and in my mouth, and I swalowerd it all, slowly scraping up cum from my face, and licking my fingers... tasty! I didnt lick up all of it... as I sudenly felt my head being puled down, by my bf's legs, to set me in a 69 over his own throbing cock! One more helping of hot cum in making... I started sucking him off now.

As for un-fulfiled pleazure... my bf vas making sure that dont hapen. And then some! I shudered constantly, as his oral attack on my nethers continued. He had two fingers in there, going for my G-spot, as only he knows how, vhile he continued working my clit vith his tongue. I culdnt help it... I moaned and groaned in-to his cock, trembling atop of him.

Finaly, I exploded, showering him in a waterfall, much biger then the first one, as I screamed in-to his cock, in pure pleazure! There is nothing like a g-spot climax, especialy a combined one, having a clitoral climax at the same time! OH MY FUCKING GOD I THOGHT I WULD DIE OF PURE PLEAZURE!

I screamed, and screamed, and trembled, and trembled, and kept pumping out fluids all over his face, vhile I gorged on his cock. I never took it out of my mouth, during my climax, and it spured him on more.  Finaly, he buckled under me, driving his cock like a rod to the midle of my throat, his thighs squeezing hard around my head... before he started pumping sperm down it.

"MMMMGGFFFF!" I pushed thru, huging his thighs vith one hand, and keeping his cock deep in there, as I gulped down the treat! I used my other to lightly spank his balls, erging out evry last drop of cum! Despite my own high, I didnt spil a drop of it, keeping a vacuum-seal on his cock. Vith other guys, sure... but vith my bf... I NEVER let a drop of his cum go to waste. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Then I puled his cock out, and slaped it repeatedly acros my face, licking his balls in pure bliss.

// the end, hope you liked it :) ; later the 2 other guys left, and bf and me did take it to the mat, like I hinted earlyer. A good hard fuck like this is usualy just a prelude to a few rounds of sparring, vhen it comes to the 2 of us. After it, if we stil have some energy left, we sometimes have another go, this time just the two of us, in a more senzual seting, making love. // - my kink list. Read it and bust a load! 4 years out of date, but stil prety much accurate.


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