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Author Topic: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1  (Read 736 times)

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WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
« on: April 17, 2019, 02:02:35 PM »
WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1

Chapter 1  if read this

If read this I am long dead  I had happy life even Book talk about me or Comic book the move close but all left some about real me This true story off gamer noob to queen ass kicker with light sword we all know what really is mouse would sue blaster or twins 45 black Hand Level up no one can count too high

it funny my Avatar look 25 for ever I was that age once start not true I was born in 76 before best move Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) Just Kidding no you the one new hope.  I was burn in may in Richmond Va 3 mouth old my father left my mom get cigarettes funny thing he never smoke day in life.

We move all around south as my mother work temp to casher odd job.  Again funny this shy one have make friend all every year of childhood I was Fat shy pimple face ewww.  I at 12 run haif mile at first to run 5 mile lost lot weight to 5'9 blond Blue Eyes I am beach  girl fit for age I am babe

Chapter 2 Sports

I play sports in High School I play Basketball  we lost all most every game my one 3 pointer I ever made.  my game was soft ball my Batting average was 275 I hit one home run to win game.  Next week got hit in head got concussions so never pay soft again. 

Chapter 3 WWOU come out

May 2018 WWOU I was 42 mother of 3 Every one think I was single no kids and 25 well nope some book or comic I was born 80s mid 90s in 90s I was in Highschool.

I wait for WWOU in line at Walmart I feel old but it was store back in the day low low prices.  Been gone long time now I got pay 100 buck for few body suit it was like subagears  but mine green with black on side. 

I have one bedroom for offices put head bend over my eyes all new worlds you play be jedi one day and next Federation Starship if meet Lord Vader or Captain Kirk are NPC Non Playable Character.  some like fight crime in Gotham city watch Spiderman swing bye New York see The Avengers Tower.  the tag if can dream it.  It can come true. 

Chapter 4 FPS Frist Person Shooter

I may be noob at FPS I play them like Call of Duty again you may not know what that is but back day every male or some female too.  Going in a game Chapter the flag before I go I meet Z a Orcs from Lord of rings said hey girl look mighty fine.  if can see me blush look me up down I am same hair eyes height but I had D cups to my real life C Cup. 

in real life I have southern Accent.  I said You think  in British accent  ohhh yech he touch my shoulder I felt it as touch.  I not going lie felt good.  once get better gear do my color.  Pink?  he ask.  God no green and white or black or gold so cool like that.  if got go he said I have class Today.  here my Card with contact info.  look at it I am Z because poon tag hunter
was all ready take I went just Z.   look up smile one back my WWOU email ever one had long in too.  Next time have do make my card I am Amber L. Green nice meet you he said take head gear he logoff.  put his card  in my Hub next gear off to side.

Chapter 5 RP not Role Player

Going to game I was going play 20 mins so I was high ground kill 3 try take flag see team bring in win the game.  I got down from tower.   some team mate log out play new game.  As I was about  log out too.  Tram Captain stop me.  I am Tim the ghost hunter Amber Green  then punch me in stomach I was grab from behind drag to tent stipe naked he paw my tits he like my D Cup.  in my office I was on floor I could feel touch all over my body I what yell out but could not did not my two girls and my son.  I could move or scream as 5 men took there turn I felt it every one them.  one were done with me log off.

I lay there wait got up log out room I email a Game Dev I was Raped in one Fist person shoot What do I do then I had log out due my husband come home.  next day I cheek my email on game He said was there RP in Game yes I did Why.  Well hate tell you that mean RP mean Rape not Role Player.  What in the Hell.  This been pop up since the launch of game. you may what fix that Amber said before in big bold fuck letter dick weed.  I calm down said sorry I did mean yell out with British Accent  help out.  I sent him a record of raped. 

why I was waiting.  I get email from Sir BlackHand Hello Lady Amber L Green I heard of what happen to you.  And sorry What happen to you.  Come to office of Black Hand non PVP area. But be careful it RP as well all look over your shoulder going to porter that he sent a ticket one time use use min later I jump one world to another get look around I was in same
FPS I had with repair were cut off before I was raped.

I was in city like New York but car fly I found offices walk it look I keep look over shoulder.  Once got there he meet her hello he said Lord Blackhand at your service mlady.  Where you from he ask I had think some but said Richmond Va he laugh I from Manchester England.  have seat.

I take a seat he 5,7 black hair brown eyes he he look like knight of round table.  with black hand on chest.  Can I ask have been Raped before last night?  Yes summer I was gang raped at pool party she said sigh.  they spike my drink lead to pool  house I was with 20 men for 15 hours or so.

This why everyone think I was 25 happen only 3 year ago.  I was marry by this time but talk about this later.  Are single? Marry with 3 kids.  Good for you.  I have son my self.  he said with smile.  I What help you out.  How?  I can give power to find them have full autonomy kill them.  Ever see Sword Art Online?  Sure I watch on Netflix.  Don't get start what Netflix is.  Any ways I was shock what said next.  Get kill in game you die for real.  You kill rapist they die for real.  Ok Why am doing this Again?  You know what like be raped and have Child from be raped.  I sigh I am 42 I was all ready marry a year before I had my oldest.  ohh fuck he said I laugh any way go on sorry I said.  Amber I pay 1 dollar  a kill.  You be hunted bye ever one if get kill 5000.  Ohhh wait minute Lord Jack Hole No Lord NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I kill them a dollar I get I get kill 5000. 

True but.  But bull shit any ways sword art Online they lock in game can not get out.  WWOU have 1000 planets  and more come in all most every day.  Black Sun only have 5 with 10,0000 players around the world.  I say yes how many do we have so far.  Count you he said well just you.  Fuck my life she said.  you hot every time say bad word you say it cute with accent.  You know I was going say yes as walk in did you?  ohh yes I did no not really is it yes?  Fine she said with sad face.  How fine them now.  luck have one them here in city only few block away.  he in bar drinking he only 3 block way give me knife to work my friend.

Chapter 6 Kill one

I ran fast as could got there I saw him one men raped me I not going I bet anyone close could hear my heart pumping.  once for 5 mins I got drink drank it with one big gulp.

He walk in bathroom he took dump just think about make what puke. open the door in stall I got off guard and slash his Throat I said soft low voices Remebear Me Asshole stab in ribs once dead i took gear and cash. I walk out in hotal room in Memphis Tennessee 43 truck driver start to chock stab in rib he try tak gear off he was kill before could.  Amber L Green 1 kill in black Hand board. log out in back ailly

Make dinner for family my husband work at night I log in got Email from Z I open it Hey Girl it me Z Did you make card yet I look at name get email Richmond huh? That cool.  Email me soon Z

I look at Hub found email list Tim The Ghost Hunter he Was same FPS he was in last night.  going portel again go back I pick a MK 47 with grade Launhcer if kill ever mother fuck in room This my baby.  going in his game few of feel left go I on his time if Tim saw he took no mine.  game end they one he was high five each Hi Time I am back.  Before say any thing.  I shoot the mother fucker kill him his team mate none who were with him during gang raped.  ohh well I shoot grenade at him I know over kill. in settle wash 18 year Name Tim his mommy found next day he was late get ready go school.

I walk out left the One FPS world. go to non PVP world this had no RP in it.  Got hotel room sat on bed I made my card Amber L green Black Hand ass kicker with sweet side.

I email him back with card in it few min later he email back sweet no girl mighty fine as women but it fine.  where you at I told him he meet have coffee.  sure I said.  Going diner I was there wait I all drink coffee as swallow feel the warm touch with cup in hand drink it. He walk in the NPC waitress look up said hi sugar sit down how going girl. I asked u know black hand is?  No What is it, get a text Tim The Ghost Hunter was Kill is this for real.  it is I said I was one kill Him. what The hell.  calm down grab him I kiss him Do it again he said.  kiss his cheek ohh come on that not fair.  Tim few his friend gang rape me.  He said shit.  Pour him coffee and another for me then order pancake eggs bacon and hash browns.  As wait for the food.  How not in jail he asked.  Fuck if know I blond nerdy girl oh look at my Pc wrong it mess up. What now eat something.  get sleep it late here find more them to  kill.  I get pay for it get this i get pay  1 dollar eash kill if i get kill 5000 every I not sure how much they get every time get raped.  she come back ate fake  food like best thing ever had  pay for it I going back to my room do stay with me and we can have nft What that Naked Fun time he could say word come on sugar I said. 

Chapter 7 sexy naked time

I unzip my armor off show my naked body. Holy shit girl he said I  got top him I felt his hand on breast
i felt as hump noting but felt fake cock in me like gang raped.  oh shit i am about cum all ready hold i can't ahhhhh cum fake cum was on her finger.  i better see soon girl so fine he log out so did I.  I made love to my husband one got home I did not tell him I was Gang Raped. 

Chapter 8 New Day

My Son was be little stinker so I had wait after my husband left to work before get back in game.  I got dress in black t shirt with Star Wars and jeans and running shoe.   As walk to portal 4 men follow me see two word made gut ache RP.  I ran down a subway that not done yet as run my foot on cord of jack hammer They catch me put me on top tarp.

They pull my jeans off put on belly You love whore one yell sprad my legs as two hold my arms and one hold legs wide.  He I try hard not scream as rough  put cock in my ass I cry out I was afraid I was wake girls or my son. He cum in me.  one scream Shut fuck up or pee in mouth he yell.  next one hold my arm too his replace Did same thing I try breath it hard as one try kiss me Whore he said  he was done like 3 one took his place ohh I could help it I cum.  Bitch cumming laugh Then he took his turn he made last longer as he could once cum he pull pants up left.  I about pull my Jeans up Doing all right Amber one said I tony two time he felt Breast Squeezed Them hard.

Lay me down on my back get top made spread my legs make arch my back he said Enjoy Bitch Slap my face. Say it Enjoy it.  I said fuck you.  Slap me harder Say it.  I Said even loader Fuck you. slap me again Say it even more angry get close my face.  I open my mouth get closer I bit his Ear ahhhhhhhh get my knife stab him in heart/  60 year old women  in upstate New York going thow grab cash better knife. Bowie Knife classic I said.

look at leader board still alone with 7 I took portal to New world. 

Chapter 9 King Of North

Man in coat with fur brooding in tomb where Family lay to rest.  he start fight another man.  I said my Lord what gut Little Finger.  He look me Let him go. 

Jon Snow I bow Who are you look blond in t shirt and jeans.  Amber my lord bow my Husband Said I can have with sex.  you.  I far to busy to have Sex with women sex with I just meet.  I smile yes can.  No I am not as try walk out I follow yes you can.  No I can not.  Yes You can I said.  No I can Not. 

Yes I feel strong hand on my hips as was top him Naked  We cum at same time.  Get dress if could get Jamie and his sister Cersei Lannister in three way make my Day.  It not only me Jon Snow had sex may been 5 or 6 ok 45 time it Jon Snow King of North.   This end of disc one Flip over put side b

well I hope like new one subby I love Jon snow

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 01:39:28 AM »
Chapter 10 RoP Roll Player

Disc 1 side B It Dark Storming Bight I was in Office in old Town in The City I was drink Rye I put grape in my mouth.  Then Thunder out my window heavy rain I had fan my self due heat in my office.  I lite a Cigarettes I put it in my mouth took puff. 

Then there knock on my door come on in I hid my knife under my desk.  A blond she had big breast small waist she 5'1 one she had dark sunglasses Come in have a seat.  Thank you she said softly.  I been told you can get Thing down I need help.  what  can do for you miss.  she look down Mrs.  Rebecca Gorga.  He been newspaper he a bootlegger is he.  Yes she said.  He a evil man he beat men rape me and let other rape me.  I can relate I said to her.  She try smile.  I what you kill Him. 

I can Do that for you  not cheap but I not going rob blind as well I do job I get paid.  25,000 she said.  I said no not that 50,000.  No fuck that 15,000.  Look at me mad women she said What?  Ok 10,000 Final offer.  Ok she said not know what say.  I put cigarettes out a ash tray.  I pour her a Drink Cheers you be window soon.  She left not know what say.  Why did you take that low prize Well I can only spend Money in game not in real world.  I had work t do.

Chapter 11 The Speakeasy

The city never And Beer and Whiskey  town  I go in a funeral home I here form my grandman funeral.  man meet me and said I am usher.  He smile.  right this way open door go in  bar with girl dance and sing.  Take off my fur coat I was in Green Silk Dress with gold steam down side  My hair was up with two chop stick in my hair.  Look around for the boss he was sit with other women drink and laugh I order a beer drink he saw me alone he left more like Whore. 

He fat bald man had evil eyes he dress like rich man he had pinky ring bigger then wedding ring.  He said Drink alone.  look at him Smile said for now.  He laugh may I seat.  It your place Mr. Gorda he sat down order me and him beer We talk laugh had few more beer.  Come with me Amber?  Where to my Penthouse Apartment.  I been wait all night for ask I said.

Chapter 12 Penthouse in sky

See this fat man naked make what gaged he got silk sheet  I got top him he put his dick in me I would moan.  I took one chop stick out my hair a blade was in it stab in his neck see it in mouth I moan loader so his Men in the live room did gag for life. 

I got off him wash the knife off got dress go to living room Moose One mugs get up. He call Moose because he so large.  Not bright boy .  I bring in bottle of whiskey I said Drink on me.  Moose try say Boss do not like us drink on job.  I think I pay full.  I pour them all drink they took a shot.  I put close to my mouth.  I put mine down did again.  Then less min later one start choke he cough up blood  then all did choke death once stop I walk out I had smile on my Face.

I level up to 1 11 kill I got my 15,000 Then log out. 

Chapter 13 Come here you Little fur ball

On Endor a forrest moon A battle going on in space on plants side.  A small Bear like call Ewok was run way from me going AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  With hand up.  A stormtrooper said halt I took look him Back hand him You empire Scum go back case him.  A subtitle Ewok said  Did you call me a crazy bitch fo back chase him. As tackle him the death star blow up.  I look up as blow him reasberry he laugh  shit he said I got go amber my wife call me he log out.  So did I

Chapter 14 Shopping trip

There one World every women dream world wide shopping mall Yes I know guys hate them Hold my purses so can look at shoes sorry baby that life.  So I got in game cash I got my baby twin 1911 Colt semi automatic black I look right now same one.

I walk the Mall I still look over my shoulder got email ding it Z look at it Hey Girl Where you at.  I am at world wide shopping mall.  ohhhh dam Girl.  I said Kill me smalls.  He laugh I see you sec he said.  I went to portal wait.  30 second later Z  walk out  Hello Lovely lady. I hug Him,  follow me I found some for you.

Chapter 15 The window maker.

Find a lord of wing shop and had weapons  Z saw Hammer I  show Him Come to papa he hug kiss.  The dude told Z 1t is 7000. I look at NPC wrap it.  no Amber I can't.  Yes you can I said 20 minute Z was hold my both my purse and new hammer.  Had look how did she talk me in to this.  Z is man Like my T&A  I snap hhim out it bye slap that ass Hey Girl

Chapter 16 GTA 4

The next day i was in Fast car call banshee Liberty city wait flag go down  start races 5 cars Go I was in back right as they hit each I move up last to third  places one them start to shoot at me just miss me.  I pull my 45 took a few shot I hit him in chest and shoulder he hit curb 90 miles hour Hit light pole come to stop He was dead.  12 kills now  back to the races.  Some on hit car.  I rammed him back we both turn burn rubber. 

I got on side walk hit NPC that walk the street.  get on road still try keep third places.  Get rammed. again out no where on rooftop sniper.  try take shot me just miss I dodge weave in street just get back Man in forth place  look at me I mouth tap that ass.  He look me like what.   Watch This I said.  I hit one in second place back again and again.  he hit another car.  he back up got back in race. but lost to much time.  I did same  to frist place but he know come he hit break.  third place ram me like I been doing.  Then LC Police start to go after use We can see Finish Line.   So I I did some made  to side Frist place driver he use shotgun Then pull my gun usemy 45 shot the tire he blow out made flip care over I won race one hit me from got second 3 place one spin out took 3 and one just wrek nave made he was forth places. 25,000. I took as cops stop chase me. 

Chapter 17 A day at the Spa.

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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That some monkey balls I had more I fix I post Fuck we do it live.

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Chapter 17 A day at Spa

I Woke up 6 am get my Two girl ready to school.  Made egg and bacon Sandwich  Then walk both school my middle child still in grade school.  My oldest is in middle school she a mini me all tall and she was in one my top and shoes.  I had some time Today I went to Spa that my Husband gave me for gift for my birthday. 

It in nice in down town Washington DC.  Going in side I got facial with peeling took 5 year off my face.  Then took Mineral Bath felt freeing.  And I hot rub down in heaven.  Then going home cook dinner for ever one.  My husband went to work.  it all hard put Girls to bed My son was out bye now.  I close the door in office back to work. 

Chapter 18 Not in front other guys

In plane in south sea Z was sit next to me.  He jump at ever little shake.  what was That?  Is this your first time in plane? Yes it is.  Ok calm down make me look bad in front of Gi Joe.  Look at 7 men other side.  I yell  Yo Joe.  all look way.  Least I made Z laugh. We going try save 5 as Z put Super model and he beg me come along.

The Man open back said you too.  We are up Z I get up ran to back Catch later Mother Fucker.  Z ran to Then see it just stop but man in back said Good luck son hit him in back he fell out.  I was huming the James Bond Theme.  Z pastbye me scream like a girl I seem  to mehe was try flap like bird.   Relax OO dork pul the cord he did I did same thing I hit beach.  Z drag self out water did look happy. 

Rough night buddy  I turn around burst out laughing.  Dress in black we walk a hill found 2 men near WW2 flack gun. I pull my knife And Z had hammer in hand.  I stab one in back his friend Turn see Z as orc went what the Fuck get hit head with hammer in head crush his skull.

I look at map of this Island we got another 2 miles we stole a jeep Z mount in back.  We got to Kidnaper camp. stay low move side in Camp going under Bridge under the hunts Find Big Cage 5 naked girl some cry other may moan.  Hear one men bum put pants up walk out. 

Z put hand on my shoulder I all right I whisper.  Wait for another 45 mins I could there leader say.  I bet they pay for this Model porn laugh They well pay so much I can retire. He left one man Watch.  Then Z come back Wait here I said.  Z nod I go To Work.  I Thow rock huh what that.  I go from behind  cut him ear to ear.

Chapter 19 Great Escape

I Call Z Over I going get them up watch my. Any day girl.  Going in wood cage all girl 3 blonds one brown hair and red head oh why did have red head.  More on that later.

Take uncuff them one bye one I Amber Green I here rescue you.  help them find some put on.  All could find was bikini and shorts I had Z lead them I follow from behind.  We made to jeep before alarms  a helicopter took.  Z push the button.  he did The Camp blow up.  I took gun in back jeep.  The helicopter come up it turn so one men fire.  I hit him man he feel out then I start shoot  at  it pilot hit in shoulder blade he scream what hell lost control he hit rock blow up.  A 17 year old from Hartford CT just fell down his little bother who was watch start to make fun saw blood come mouth and ears Mommy run out get her.  We got to portal one blond ask where should we go?   Any where but here I said.  I know where go put on what world back 30s Z and two girl follow me. 

Chapter 20 Back to the Offices

My city it old and dirty it rot in air we six block way my office We made way to it.  Blond ask me where should go  Ask z his Name Just Z my Name is Kelly nice meet same he said try not look at all most naked girl.  The Red head said I am Erika West.  Erica 5'10 Blue Eyes DD that real.  Kelly the blond  5'7 with fake d cups she told I am 19.  I am only 18  year  one college student

I sigh I  bang a baby.  What That Z ask?  Nothing Z  we are here go in going 7 floor I my Private Eye offices.  Me And Z got 3  grand 3 Girl got way.  I got bottle of scotch  Z Erica And Kelly took drink.  Z log out so did Erica.   Kelly Sat down.  I don't drink much.  I guess you need another one more pour another one me and her.  Z is kind cute.  for orc and dork He is and good friend.  My husband Don't like me date others I said I am from Richmond Va.  I from Miami   She yawn Can stay with me for little bit pull bed down she got in.  Get 1000 for Erika escape.  Kelly fell sleep I wait her 1000 come I log out for night.  14 kills level 1 This is end disc 1 side B put disc 2 side a

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Chapter 21 Streamer Kelly Disc 2 side A

It Saturday May 19 I was up my mother pick up kids take to park close by my home so my husband could sleep.  If I say the old lady heard me have sex before.  That my mother she hear all the time she next door.  After she was gone I went in The Game.

I was still in bed in my  offices I see Kelly bend over in her short and blue bikini She had no shoes on.  She was dust and put Cigarettes in trash. 

I fake cough so did not scare her.  She turn around and big smile.  She said Sorry was sure what time you would come in so I start clean.  Mabye I should get maid outfit for I said with smirk. She laugh then said Thanks Greg come in my Stream.  Stream?  I am on Twitch.  My first time still get use to it. I got it I get up went bathroom to wash my face.  go out I put bed away.  This my friend Amber.  Hi I said wave to the boys.  So how get around nude or what happen to you?  I have license to stream the game and to promote ever thing I can get paid as well. 

Chapter 22 A new client

A we were talk A knock on my door.  I open it  A  30s Japanese women with torn dress she had black eye been crying she had blood lip can see cum that all dry  Have seat miss?   Miss Aki Fujii my name.  she sat down.  I pour her drink she look at but did not drink it.  Feel speak and do not leave any out.  Then she took drink.  I not marry any more 5 hours I took my teen age daughter and 6 year Son.  We were 1600 Japan as walk  take site A warlord and his man attack me my lovely Daughter made my son watch once they done they kill her put her in fire.

They left there I think I was dead.  They took my son with I what him back help me.  Rapist are get bolder and bolder every day we need take out.  I don't have money.  I have 5 mouth son and two Daughter as well.  she look at me.  I am in my 40s. Stay here Kelly with Miss Fujii.  Kelly I like stay with you.  I be fine alone she said. Ok Let go then. 

Chapter 23 1600 Japan

After left we went to quick stop at a mall got 1600 something ware and got swords and Kelly got dagger. portal to Cave just out side Warlord live. It dark  moon light come in top cave.  Portal lock so can not chance are mines run back first sign of trouble I told Kelly we got fine another one we move fast as we could I jump up Kelly follow.  get out cave I shimmy over big drop I told Kelly do not look down she nod.  I hug to the wall and here some men were talk about Warlord  no one can save poor boy on wedding night.   We crouch slowly walk bye them going under one wood floor Then icop my ears so can hear what one talk to his buddy.  Moon flow tower can not get in too he agree,  I fell sorry for boy but he look good in white on wedding night both laugh.  we move.  go to more men no way get in only get in is hole on side no one smart try that. I jump down Kelly follow.  How did you understand them.  I whisper I have English subtitle to all language translate I show her how.  then move again. 

Chapter 24 Breaking In out  Moon glow tower

going I drop down like batman hang down I went along to can get up pull my self up Kelly follow.  took bye shoulder whisper bad ass Bitch.  she smile jump up on rock then another we hung and to the open I go in I see a light and boy in white wedding dress he cry he had lipstick he look like clown.  Get Handkerchief out wipe lipstick off and dry eyes. We are going take you home to mommy and this be like bad dream ok?  Ok I look around found some I need later I bet.   And healing potion.  He said there a away out on other Side of bridge good job little man. 

I open the large door pull my blade. slowly go downstairs I back Stab him go down more stairs he turn saw me come but stab him in heart. pop up how parrying  attacker help  New attack run up I parrying him he fell back I slick at knee cap make go down stab him in eye. dead.  in Japanese went Wow.  I know Kelly said. 

I jump on roof go deep in side warlord camp.  Kelly and boy follow Like the blond I am i sleep off and some back stab one guard.  His friend try cut but block 3 times.  Then i deep cut heart.  Before could take deep breath another two more  come out open door.  I run back stand my ground.  block parrying then stab  both dead.  go up road one man alone see me I did block in time took 20 hit points every one get 25 hit points with level 2 I got 50/30 left.  this I was ready for block and slash in rib.  Slowly I well heal up so I keep healing potion in ready. 

Chapter 25 Mini boss

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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I was not  done why post like that. But move onn with more

chapter 25 the Mini boss

He was big carry large spear.  Kelly he NPC stab twice to kill him what it said.  had helmet on can not see his face.  He rush me swing spear Just miss me then like that I stab him go to knee I slash 3 time then wait for him get up.

He went rage mode swing wildly I dodge and weave to spear hit ground I stab him I foot  then jump stab him in neck kill him..  then I Level to 2 I got full health 75/75 let move I  told  them.  come to tree I took boy I made hi hug me as jump on tree branch.  Kelly wall hug long way around.  We wait  I did see bottom of bridge.  I all most I told Him.  My names is Inoki Sorry been busy I am Amber this Kelly.  My beautiful women who save me.  Well we not out wood yet I said.  But Thanks I jump up catch wall hand shimmy around to under the bridge. 

Chapter 26 Baby troll

G under the bridge There what look baby.  He look me all I can  You one ugly mother fucker he rush me I all fell off but stop in time slice head off feel in water and gecko ate  his head.  ok never watch ads the same again I said.  I hang off end bridge again.  Drop down once safe  So did Kelly and  Inoki.  I found door and said Portal was I other side I open up all rush in.  go up another cave come out other side in feld of wildflower I see Portal in other side. 

Chapter 27 Warlord Leader

Then A man voice said you think you can take my bride before I can mate with him.  No I was hope meet you.  Same here he said.  My Men well love make sex slave.  Well one that are left I might add.  In rage he charge me I block.  under his name he had 3 orbs like Mini boss to my one.  I had fight my life.  I yell to Kelly get him out here.  then he had 3 dagger in left hand toss only one hit kelly ugh. life bar go to 5 left out 25.  he was going toss 3 more I stop him she some how got Portal both escape.  I can all ways get another boy or girl but you wish a quick death.  Bring on pedo boy he runs to me I time right his hand was cut off one red orbs black like mini Boss.  I bet all San Francisco heard him scream Then as still yelling I Cut leg from knee off.  I know it just a Wound I be fine.  not in my book slice him in neck made pez out him.  I went to portal go home.  Kelly was still wait she made 8/25 as wait.  he never hurt you or any kid again.  We ran to my office fast we could.  Mommy he said she wait alone same chair.

Hug him my baby hug me as well and Kelly.  Thank you She said she log out forever. I sat down at my desk took my sword off put way.  Kelly I should go soon.  me too my mother is bring kids home soon from park.  she log off.  I did.  to.  went on twitch look other Stream of game. 

Chapter 28 Z

I was look around guess who I found was stream Z hey Amber804 welcome to my stream.  Z did you stream use have sex. Amber?  Yes it me you dork 804 is Richmond Va area code. Chat said you got caught.  you got caught chant was all over 60 in chat room. guy how were my breast look.  heart  thumb up emote  y'all have good taste. I laugh at Z I still love my Friend.  I kill 9 more and big ass Mini boss.  Kids are home.  I talk you later bye guys.  23 kills level 2 I step way for to after kids were sleep and my husband was at work. 

Chapter 29 Lord Black hand

Log in Kelly there wait.  I found Z stream and her got caught I laugh.  I need ask my boss see if I can stream as well.  come with me I ask I put on black dress Kelly had pink one.  Going to Portal going to Lord Black Hand get a taxi I went his offices.  He stood as I enter.  Amber How are u doing?  Good This is Kelly and she stream on twitch Oh really.  I never thought that.  You can make some cash. For it look at Kelly have kill any one.  No she said.  But she 5 other Girl  were kidnap and gang rape last night I save them.

She was with me today save a little boy from pedo he was in wedding dress.  I made a Pez Candy out him you took hit from him like boss.  Join Use we pay you per kill.  One buck per kill.  if you get kill lucky shot 5000 grand.  Not sure what they get if raped. I been gang Raped twice.  Since I start this game.  But if do this Be bye my side other then Z who Can't join he got man part not been Raped.  My chat say  yes 33 fan in chat can't be wrong.  I am in.  We went upstairs to one bed rooms.

Chapter 30 more fun time

I kiss Kelly she sweet lips my I  lick down her neck.  I lick her nipple they hard slower go lower and lower.  I lick out she cum I lick out. Her hand were on my breast and hips. The chat see my nicely tone as.  get on top I grind her she moanWe both cum at same.  Kelly said Z in chat. Damm girl that hot ha ha. I come took breath Hey ZI said.  I got Go Kelly said me too both log out.  Come on we went Girl on Girl This End of disk 2 side A flip disk side B

more soon subby


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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Chapter 31 Meet Hope Turner

The Next Day I was on Twitch Fine new stream A female with Blue eyes auburn.  I about start soon I am Hope Turner 26 year old I am L.A What be actresses cross my finger.  She in Outfit come game mine black with green.  she had black blue.  She open the game.  She said any is  playing this as well.  I said I am As well Hi Amber  Welcome My second play a game on Twitich.

Amber how you like it so far.  I like it no way is like another.  That what I hear.  As watch her I see nipple poke out 32DD.  There it is I all what go here  it small Island in Dominica Republic.  She was on beach she walk around.  It Nonpvp.  Do know Name of island you are on so I  can go there. 

Chapter 32 Island of RP AKA Rape

It Call Island of RD.  I heard RD.  Hope Get out There it Not safe.  What?  Then A three mean men  come up behind her I start my game watch as  drag down o ground.  One them rip her bikini top off.  Put mouth  on breast lick her nipple She scream.  Put hand over mouth  pull down her Bottom with one tug.

I Got dress in sleeves blouse and slim jeans and shoe take one 45 left other for Kelly left a note.  There 5 Island of RP only one Dominican Republic.  Found same beach that Hope was only 20 yard away I ran fast I could I got there as one attack cum he put shorts back up.  One hold Hope see me with 45 in hand said dumb blond it non pvp .  I smile shot in head  kill. 

His buddy got on his knee don't kill me he start to cry.  I shot him in groin he was in pain before end his life.  Two brother in  Dallas Texas found week later bye landlady.

I go to Hope Something I all what say Come with me if what live mock  The Governator voices.  I help her up.  Hi I am Amber I still in chat.  Hope Hug me Better get going they be more them and they well stay bye the Portal.  We go to my city. 

 Chapter 33 My city. 

Only one min we come as sun was come out.  My city is plague at night.  The sun come out it a beautiful city were my Kids can play.  I open my Office Let Hope in  I open a drawer hand Hope a robe she put it on.  Drink I offer I said I not much drinker in real life but day like this I wish I did.  She took a drink all of it.  I turn on Radio soft 30s song was playing. 

Is there any one we tell?  Well no if see RP think Role player type of game servers.  I had read terms of service 3 times  in very small print you may get raped.  Hope look down I pour another drink.  I was gang Rape in my 20s  and like you I was Gang raped.  They could nothing about.  So I hunt them down kill them I get paid doing it.  Well one dollar but I don't care.  Then I heard my son Crying.  Hold on my little man must hunger be back.  she said ok.  My avatar did move if click her said brb.  I feed him chance his Dirty Diaper. 

Chapter 34 Kelly and Z meet Hope. 

I start move around see Hope humming a tone that play on Radio.  Cook eggs and Bacon I said and she cook too.  Welcome back.  it all most ready.  Z and Kelly both  email me.  I told Z pick Kelly come here.  Told Kelly meet Z come here.  I got done eating Kelly knock on door. 

No worry they can't come in kind like Vampire.  I open the door  let them in.  Kelly This Hope Turner  And orc is Z.  Hello Shake there hands.  Do love  the mall?  oh god not the mall Aby thing but the Mall.  I look at Z.  He give up sigh Fine.  I found something Hope put on.  Find stuff to ware

Chapter 35 learn to fly.

As they go shopping.  I laugh see pic of Z hold both of there Hand bag look Sad.  Poor guy But I laugh again,  Hour later I in cab  in Vice City I took cab to  prawn island stole sea plane my Take off were fine but landing not so much but I love it few time I bail out had wait for respawn.  I did over and over again.  End of night went Love fist love all guys. 

Chapter 36 The Dark Shroud

Gotham city I was in Black Trench Coat with black silk scarf and a black slouch hat  with twins 45 under my coat.  I see a clown jump in the pool mayor  home.  Spit the water out then went Ha ha Ha.  See a atomic bomb count down.  I made to roof and jump down on one Joker henchmen. Hit in with butt of gun move like a silent avenger,  I come out nowhere get other goon I tie him up.  Joker yell for the boys they need feed Bud and Lou two laughing hyena.  they saw me coming.  I laugh in mocking tone.  See me he Who the hell of are.  I am women hear me roar I am hope to all women and I am the night but rapist call me The Dark Shroud I did my mocking  laugh.  He got angry he pull  gun with very large barrel.  I pull my 45 shot the gun out his hand.  then kick him nuts Hit so hard he was knock out. 

I untie the Mayor Hill.  Call The cops get batman here.  As I took the bomb Put in my inventory Tie Joker up.  hear the Hyena laugh they let me pet them one them lick me. I giggle I think I remind them of Harley Quinn.  I got out there jump back to GTA Vice City.  Take sea plane again going to wall I made jump back to island of rape.

Chapter 37 Nuke a island.

Two sec later Jump back to island I flew over heart of Island Drop it in middle of town I got out range the plane sook then jump back to city  There were 20 rapist were on island I level up to 3 and close to level 4 kill 43. 6 from usa 4 were Mexico. 7 were from Germany 3 from itay.  I just made to office before gang come in.  Z said hey girl what been you been doing.  well learn how fly a sea plane from GTA Vice city.  Kick Joker in nuts in Batman the animated show from episodes.  Took a bomb nuke the island m hope were on.  Badass he high five me.  Well I better get going  have pick up my girl.  I log out so did rest.  A man stand  there see all log out.  going drug store put a dime in phone close the door in booth Boss I found her.  Good watch her close do not fail.

More soon subby

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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chapter 38 Teach two noob how shoot.

Late Night after all put kids to bed.  Log in to WWOU .  Kelly Was dance to Radios song.  Hope was watch.  Hey Ladies I said.  Hi Hope so did Kelly. we going to shooting only npc were going be there.  Jump to target practice I did well 75% 62% for Hope Kelly was  63  we waste 1000 round hour. we got better guns I pick sniper I suck  at sniper flashback COD.  I gave up after miss 10 in row. As we left where to now.  I what Dance Kelly said Hope I like Dance. I look flat left feet Fine.  I said. 

Chapter 39  All women Dance dance fever.

Jump to All Women planet I pass farmer market and jewel  there nice rings and gem Z miss this I said.  Try one a neckless.  Made to Club we let in right way.  We dance for what feel like hours.  I Go back are to table waitress bring some
champagne Who order This?  I asked.  Her a women at bar.  HER?  the supermodel?  Yes she said she all so the boss.  She got up  she in black low cut black drees  Stood 5,11 long blond Hair blue eyes Her breast jiggle as walk to the table.  I got up I shook her hand I am Kate Hart.  I am Amber Green.  Would like sit down I asked.  Thank you.  Se pick a glass Cheers to new Friendship.  Cheers I said took a drink.


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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Chapter 40 Get know Kate

I said I don't remember last I had champagne I Think my wedding.  Nice Where is husband right now?  He work most night he a police officer.  I got yet you.  I only been marry a year.  She asked kids?  Yes 2 girls and a boy.  I all ways what large family Kate said.  You get some day I said.  You are sweet She said.  After the song Kelly and Hope come back.  I stood up hug them.  This Kate Hart she the owner of Bar .  Kelly said  I love this places.  I agree I don't have look over at night.  she nod.   I got get work but if need place to stay go up stairs my living quarters.

I said Thanks You to her.  We dance little more.  Then went up stairs knock on door.  The door open a voice went yes. Rosie the robot you know me.  I know Kate I am Amber.  Kate Room miss this you two stay here.  I walk with her see great dane on a bed.  Rose said Scooby get door from there.  rokay rowse he said.  I pet him how hello Scoppy doo.  I lay down on bed.

I toss turn in soft bed 10 Minute Kate walk in.  She went to bath room.  Amber can ask you something? Sure I said. What did you mean look over shoulder?  That I was attack day one.  Attack? I was gang rape twice.  I hunt rapist down.  My friend Badass.  I did kick The Joker in nuts.  She laugh really.  He had nuke I use it on island of rape.  42 kills 75/75 some cash for it too.  She come out bad room she in red teddy and stocking.  she got in bed with me said.  You are super sweet help other that been raped.  I try I said.  she kiss me you are amazing she said.  I Kiss her again. Then we made out 45 minute before log off. 

Chapter  41 Z with friends

Z was in sword and sandal Z and  Minotaur named Zeb Fight Army of humen.  Z hit one get win.  Z you Did it.  other mith  like Z and other high each other.  Guy let go to Sammy  bar.  Z come on I know you new  too the team but got go Sammy Bar meet the broad.  Broad you say I am in.  Some gang ten in all and Sammy  the owner of bar.  Zeb Went to bar Z follow Sammy gave him and Zeb a drink Z took drink.  Zeb said hey Boys The broad is here.  Z Broad?  Zed said it youZ.  one other guy grab His arm like vice grip.  Zeb Punch him in rib cage then thow over bar with ass in air.  Sammy Tie Z hand with chains then lock to pipe.  Zeb put a lead pipe in mouth. Rip Z fur bottom of. spread Z legs Boy let me ask you guys odd or even my giants slong go all in.  Bitch better show use you are enjoy it.

Zed Yell RAW shove it in his ass Z gaged made hard scream.  Zed said come on bitch you love it. laugh. Lead pipe he bith down all most broke it. MMMMMM no Shut fuck up.  Zed Cum in ass.  He took dick out Slap his ass next Neck one took his place .  ahhh as he enter him.  I think broad enjoy it Sammy said. 

Z could feel cum by Now Sammy got maker put Cum here put line down his back put arrow right on ass.  Zed Took drink of beer get on top him.  Ride my cock bitch rough in him.  Sammy took drink of beer spit in Z face.

Chapter 42 Up Early

I woke up got dress took after take girls to school. Went  go in game Kate was sleep I watch her sleep her tits go up down. I go to bath room.  I hear Amber from Kate In here.  She come in.  As flush the toilet She had a double side dildo we get in Shower turn on hot water.  I took off my top I kiss here as she got naked get in water I put in my mouth I rub her as well put dildo In her. 

Z moan as Zed cum next guy take over he slap his ass.  Bitch like it really like it.  ohh he went.  Z lost track time.  I put dildo in me I fuck Kate kiss her again I lick  her breast She moan I moan I arch her back.  Z was in out of it one hand on his nipple pull them twist them before cum.  Once got off him Sammy got Belt he start to whip Him left red welts on ass back.  Kate cum before I did.  We lay on ground as water fell on use we kiss again. 

it 9 am Z was resting 10 more men come in.  Pull rope of gag up look like day shift are here.  I see sweet ass later high five Sammy.  get ready bitch.  Z said Mommy in head.

This end disc 2 side B put in disc 3 side A

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Disc 3  side A

Chapter 44 Rescue Z

As I was relax With I what see what Z was up too.  I get a email from random Fan of Z.  So I check his Twitch He still get ass rape.  I jump out bed got dress as fast as I Could.  Kelly And i Jump to We both look like elf.  Most day was gone.  4 left Sammy was give out drink.

Run in with my sword chop off Sammy Arm.  Real Sammy felt like arm broke off.  put knife in mouth as scram,  A archer just miss me Just about.  Kelly come up stab  him in neck kill him.  other two try fight but too drunk with real beer did put much of fight I kill both.  44 kills level 3 close to 4.  I found key unlock chain over the bar.  He cry out Amber ae real. I kiss top of head.  he cry I help up he could stand he did got out jump to Black hand offices.  he lay  on belly I had wet towel over head.

He lay How did you find me.  Fan from twitch email me.  He took hand kiss it.  I never thought male could get rape Show you what will to do.  you sleeo my friend.  How can I sleep.  Just try Z I said.  He close his eyes log out for now. 

Chapter 45 A little Gentlemen

As Go other Room A door bell in sleeping quarters rooms.  It was Inoki I let him in he was dress in coat and tie Mrs.  Amber I have some for you he pull little box.  Is that what think it is?  Yes it was my grandma.  It wedding Ring and it  worh more then my real one.  He got on his my his knee ask me to Marry Him.  I said my husband well not like me marry other.   It ok I can wait.  Say yes I make happy.  I hug him you too sweet but I can't take a ring.  You can give it some who love you.  No it only love you.  I got to go he said past my bed time. 

Then he log out.  I went ohh Boy.  Hope come in with Kate.  Nice place she said.  Hope ask how Z doing?  I not sure yet I Admitted look Sad.  any I got go feed the kids and husband so I had log off.

Chapter 46 live stream

I watch Z Gang Rape as made dinner on my laptop with no sound so girls hear rape.  they ate hamburger and fres.  Husband left for work.  It took  hour get Twitch to work with help from Hope.  I put kids to bed.  Hope had her lovely Face cam as well.  I did not ever did that did what any see my kids husband. 

Amber805 playing WWOU I was only one in chat.  Hope come said hello I made her a mod I well not see Chat less look over.  Went in game where Hope was wait.  I hug her thanks for help.  Kelly was in bed room she wait for Z who come in Hug Kelly how you doing.  You look pale after kill.  I ok you puke did you I said.  Yes I did.  I look over the chat with longest messages every from Lord Black hand   Good luck love and left the chat.

I read it and laugh.  Z ask can help me to bath room.  I help him bathroom.  he stood there I told my mom what happen.  that good I told him.  What did she say I ask?  She said if love this women marry her she did care had kids all ready.  I all so marry with Kids.  I know I know he said.  it true I am in love with you.  He sat down to pee his ass still hurt.  I sat down on tub. Well you are my Best friend Z I love you but not in that way.  He look hurt but understood. I all ready ben ask to marry.  from 7or 8 year Inoki today.  his grand ma ring cost more them my real one.  Z laugh you on twitch Amber yes I am.  Hey Girl come in chat.  I hug Z kiss him Come on.  Kate this is Z my friend.  Hello Z look up and down.  I put a ass pillow so can sit down.

Look up I found them boss she with her friends and she on twitch stream Amber 805 Good my friend  he said. I have check out you well be pay well.  Thank you my lord.

Chapter 47 working out

I start to punch a bag in gym Kelly watch Hope was cooking Kate left for home spend time at bar. got home safe.  Z lay down on sofa.  I see like 8 other in chat.  push to talk Hello joe I am from usa born here.  thanks and tell me I like my both my voice.

Hit more Bags lift weight little bet.  Ran a mile on treadmill.  then relax in pool spa.  then we went out to dinner.  going back Kelly and Hope log off. 

I sat next Z he was snoring.  I start to chat with my chat. I notice some His chat was in mine.  Joe ask about Z.  He my friend nd he gang rape.  Oh shit he said. So I had save him.  I do anything for him. Z roll over you talk about me.  Yes I tell chat how big you are.  We know it big he said try get up ohh my ass still.

So did tell mommy what happen Yet?  Nope she think I am still a virgin. 

Chapter 48 Mommy Lockhart

Then out door open can hear a women voice Ashley Marie Lockheart are up yet or still play the dumb game.  Here Z real voice and it is a female.  Mommy don't come in here.  she open door are naked with boys.  Dork slap Z in head do a Ricky Ricardo.   Z You got explan to do. Is that Adam?  She is lovely you could told me she female I not going love any less.  Mommy Lockheart I am Amber. Nice meet you she said.

One Z could told me you me you are female.  Sorry I all only girl with bunch guys he said.  And now you only male with bunch female I add. 

Were did Z come from.  Mommy Said younger Ashley S sound like Z so I call her Z.  So cute I said.  Z  went get up her ass hurt.  Baby she said.  You should tell Her what happen.  I grab Z hand I be here for you.  Mommy sit down.  Z told Her I listen to her talk to her mother. 

Amber she said Thank you for take care my Ashley my only Child.  No thank bring her to world.  I kiss Z cheek.  Z got up her Avatar Disappearing a 5,5 blond hair with red highlights blue eyes  36D  nose ring and wide lips.  Hi amber she said.  Hi if I know what know now I not do same thing she did.  I said hello.  you are babe she said.

Chapter 49 Back to Kate places

Take Ashley to Kate bar took up Kate  room she was sleep she open her eyes Hello Kate Hi Amber meet Ashley aka real Z Hi she said she lay on bed. both get some sleep.  I left room.  Went to other bedroom lay down.  I could not sleep I went to bar.  I got beer watch few dancer do there thing.  watch one in leopard skin blouse and shorts dance in heels.  she look at me smile.  I smile back  after song.  go in bar.  Hello I am Tara McKenzie.  I am Amber Green.  I told I like way move on dance floor.  Thanks you she said.  I got her a drink we drank a just talk.  She is 5.4  brown hair green eyes 32d

it 3 am my time I walk her Hotel room if did have work today I would invite you in.  I smile I worth the wait Tara.  go to back to my room.  I log out for night   

This end disc 3 side A


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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Disc 3 side B

Chapter 50 Me and Ashley

I wake up jump in game Kate all gone to work.  Ashely Eyes open Hey girl.  Hey to you I said.  Hungry Rosie made us some to eat.  I feed Scobby a Scobby snack. rhank you he said. How you doing I ask.  Ok she said I don't hurt that much.  That good I said.  After we ate going to roof got some sun and jump in pool. I did some laps.

Hope come up to roof she said Hello she said to both of use.  Ashley said Hey Girl.  Hope look at her.  I said it Z.  Come on she said I what see how long it would take.  Shut up dork I said.

All three of use laugh.  Hope took off top and jeans jump in I bra and underwear.  Hour later I get text.  It Tera I be right back I dry my self off.  I at bar now she said. I go down I smile as see her.  She in green Top and short.  Let take walk I took her hand walk out. 

Chapter 51 Going dance

I got dress Tara try one some new shoes so she can dance in.  I look at some boots for me and got make up.  I did look back as jump again.  after that all girl dances few hours.  Tara watch and dance with me.  I had to go for little bit. Take my older Daughter Tap class.

Chapter 52 Space the Final frontier

I was ship small one alone.  I land on ice planet I walk around.  I found Camp of some were human other Aliens walk around.  there leader ask did bring it.  I got in my ship a men got forklift bring box out.  Food all of this is much need Food.  Then out no one A star destroyer jump.  Empire is here every one get my ship I yell.

I Jump in every got in I got my cockpit.  Rebel leader got my co-poilets I took off Number of tie fighter come after use.  hold on my left hand I can fire at Tie Fighter from behind.  Right hand I fire in front.  I hug close to star destroyer Come on come on as hit the shield generator it blow up.  than I use proton torpedoes on engine took one out.  Then went to hyper space.  Few hour later land on Corellia.

Sorry I had take off world I got pay as walk away I just wish more. he said.  I do my Job I said.  He smile walk off.  I made jump again. 

I meet up with Tara and dinner I took her Hotel Then she kiss me.  wooooooo she like me.  Night you nut she said.  it start to rain.  I hope skip to bar.  Kate go up I meet her.  Hello Amber she kiss me as well.  How I get so lucky.  You bring best out all you meet. We go to bed we made love I got little load woke my son.  Grandma not going be happy I said.

Chapter 53  New Neighbors

I got up go get paper on my front lawn.  I see a moving truck park 3 house down.  I walk over saw 28 move boxes in.  Hello I James Hawk.  I am amber Green.  He said Nice meet you.  Same as well I let get back to it.  I went make pie I go back and took over to him.  I what welcome you to the neighborhood hand still warm Pie it cheery.  I love charry he said.  go home.  cook dinner for family.

Chapter 54  The Dark Shroud Return

Gotham City it Midnight full moon.  A gang hit second back  of Gotham.  The Boss flip a coin Hurry up loser.  Right Boss Then in skylight a shadowy figure come The Batman.  Ha Ha no not the Batman Harvey I much worst laugh again pull 45 start to shoot use torch on valut.

Bitch is crazy one gang they run away.  I caught up with Two-face I spar him like wwe  Goldburg.  Ahh yell I punch him in good of face.  Ah ah scum like you well fear me I am The Dark Shroud  with monk laugh The police found hand on pole like batman. 

Hour later in park A women walk the park with little dog.  Out no where man with no shirt see he cut number in skins.  Hello He was about stab her.  The same monk laugh said Zsasz  Vengeance is here for you I am The Dark Shroud I pull the trigger knock knife out hand women run with dog in toe. 

Again police found him tie up in tree get me down I kill crazy bitch.  one rookie cop thought he laugh.  it took 30 min before got down. 

Chapter 55 Out for jog

I woke up early next day I went for jog by my self I had headphone so hear some 80s music. I saw James run to me I Stop said How like the Pie I asked. This why I on jog I ate all so yummy.

I glad I said he said be off I watch run I run off back to home.  Took A long hot shower. Back to work. 

End Disc 3 Side B


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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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This is disc 4 Side A

Chapter 56 Fight for life

I was bloody my top was torn Come over here I was grab pull to man in yellow black gear upper cut fall in pit.  Fuck I blocking.  my son start sorry cry sorry buddy GG in Chat. I told I suck at fighting games, brb  I said I got to stop cry.

I play MK10 I got win.  Guy call me fucking whore.  You know your momma had good time last night I am out.  got lot lol with that one.

I switch to WWOU 67 in my Chat. 

Chapter 57 Haunted House

Hope I hate scary movie I know I scary Bunny jump out Hope scream It pink bunny with chainsaw come on  we move fast at scary house. Then ghost chase up I yell Scobby Doo where are you I yell.    Over here.  Scobby was hide under the bed I left up you can see him shakes and shivering.  Come on Scobby I said.  oookay he said.  As go to other room the floor give way feel in pool  full Chocolate pudding Scobby ate all.  Scobby I said Another women hit the botton of pool run get to stop,  Here him burping exuse me he he he  got kick out ride.  Come on gang we find more fun else ware. 

Chapter 58 CJ lee

Hello A blond said where the hotel at look for my Friend I show I said I am Amber This my friend Hope.  I am CJ Lee she 5,7 Blond blue eyes 34DD she low cut top and no bra and skirt and heels.  This is her room.  Tara Room I said.  Yes she going be at club if any where.  That true she said.  we head there Come on scobby I said. 

Tara was dance in club.  See CJ she stop dance I glad see you.  hug her and me two fav Girl are here.  This Is Hope my friend Hello.

Hope I take Scobby upstirs ok I said.  Tara said I glad you too meet. Really  I said.  CJ long time friend fun hang out.  You are new friend fun hang out.  Thanks I got frist round of drink Tara dance as CJ and I watch.  it nice place to bad there no pole in here I strip for live.  No judgement here i Said.  Thank you she said. I hate tell other what I do.  I told Tara she treat me like sister every since.  I grab her Hand you fine no better friend in me. CJ Ask what I do?    Hardest job there is mother of 3.  Mother of 3 look good.  I jog and really 41.  She laugh. She said I better get going it late here she said.

Chapter 59 Ashley meet a guy

Going up to Bed Room Ashley rush to me I meet a guy his name is Steve he stock brokers he has money.  He come in to the coffee shop I work at last few days come in then we start to talk.  I going out to broadway show.  I happy I said get in bed. Can I show you what I going ware ok hurry.  She in black tank top and short skirt and hat backwards. 

What you think she Ask.  Ok I love it But it all wrong for theatre,  But come on trust me  I found black dress show off Ashley breast she had ware a strapless bra it so tight she can hardly could breate and on breast had gold trim go down front.  The dress go to her knees she had knee high boots.  I put lip gloss on lips and purple eyeliner some Diamond drop Earring.  You look gorgeous I said.  I feel Gorgeous give her kiss on cheek. You are ready I really hope he ready he ready for you.  I relax in bed wait for get out dress.  Took make up off.  Got in ed with me we cuddle for little bit before I log off.

Chapter 60 A Jogging Nightmare

I woke up early sun day in June 1 I was in Nike Green Sports Bra and black legging and running shoe with my ear plug in and here beach boy song.

As I as Run I see James come too me I took my ear bud out I smile.  Hot day he said.  Yes it is I said,  he was shirtless and shorts on he had I saw man poke out.  I look up I just smile at him.  well I see you later he said.  I did think about I start to run again.  I got only ten feet James grab me from behind grab my mouth I bite him he yell he slap me I fell down hit ground hard knock breath out me then he kick me in ribs I was much pain.  Grab me bye my hair pulling me to wood area he pick up backpack.  going 100 yards.  He pull Rope out tie to old oak tree thin put a 357 Magnum revolver.  open your mouth.

Chapter 61 Blowjob.

He said open  mouth you fucking slut I saw the long barrel I open my mouth suck it like it like it man cock I lick it then stop.  come on cock tease suck it.  I try get air then shove in my mouth he watch with evil grin.  He put his finger in mouth he went under my leggings and my under wear.  I know wet all ready slut he scream.  My teeth brush the gun.  No watch the teeth I suck like my husband cock.  To what wish and get out live get out alive I keep say to my self.

He rub me harder  he got close to cum then he stop not yet bitch he laugh as he pull both top off he lick my breast put my nipple in mouth he bite down on both let our legging and under wear. he start to lick me out he stop again before I cum again He took shorts off.  I know you going like it then put rag in my mouth.  He rough put cock in me.

Chapter 62 the rape and car ride.

He rape me  felt like forever He cum on belly and boobs. He grab drink took long drink of water. hold few min I be ready soon.  get back top me start to cum after few mins before cum in me. get up and left come back in car. put me in trunk of car he start drive.

Sorry y'all this well end disc 4 side A

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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This is Disc 4 Side B

Chapter 63 long car ride

It dark in car trunk it was hot as well I sweats all over of body it cool off once it got darks I wonder if my girls and son miss know I was missing.  I block it out my mine.  Car hit few bumps.  I heard get gas once.  Then he park car.  Take out trunk.  go down a take a boat ride.  I was still blindfold and he put tarps over me.

put in a van on other side more drive.  I was then Tie up over a table then I felt a dick in my ass.  Then I see a Female scream What the fuck?

Chapter 64 Ashley Date night

Ashley dress up in same dress Amber pick for her and just put lip gloss on before knock on door.  she open up he went Wow once saw her.  He gave her Dozen Red Rose.  So beautiful.  She said. Not as beautiful as you he said. Are you ready.  I am after put Rose in vase and water.  Pick up pocket book and her keys. 

They had early dinner going to the show his driver move past broadway shows  Ashley Was about say something.  He said Did I say broadway show it off off off breadyway show.  The car stop at old comedy Store it been close down for ten years at least.

They walk In one other man was waiting.  Ashley meet my brother Steve Hello he stood up Nice meet you.  I just got here 10 min ago they would like put make up no  time.  The curtains open Ashley see a women naked tie to a bar get her ass fuck.  Ashley Went What the Fuck?  She try get up both men stop James put Gun to Ashley face Sit Down and shut the hell up. Thank you brother Steve said.  They put same gaged in her lips That keep Silence ohh bye way I Zed both men laugh

They watch as there younger brother Tim cum in my ass.  That Kevin Sammy older brother He kiss Me.  Another Man took His place in my ass put his hand on my hips He lick my back and my ears. 

Chapter 65 Ashley give Head And rape

They watch for little bit before then pull gag down open mouth Suck it Amber love suck my gun off and give good head.  Pull her head down put gun in her mouth suck it Slut. As Steve touch her breast unzip back of dress he kiss her back and took bra off.  She gag on gun but she suck on like it man cock.  She puke up dinner.  Put Face too the floor made lick it up.  Better hold it down you fuck bitch. 

move closer to stage I could see Ashley her legs spread wide she scream it hurt.  She virgin Steve Said high five his brother.  He held down had gun to her head  He told her relax.  Then one in me cum. get down next took place.  He Doggy style me I moan as I cum to this man.  Than Steve cum in Ashley.  If I know you a virgin I would had more guys here laugh at her.  James got on top of her He finger her like did me.  He cum denial her like me.  One in me cum Then Steve took his place Tim held Ashley down he lick her ear. 

Steve put dick in me.  Fuck What Tight ass real women. he had hand on my breast twist my nipple.   He did last long before he cum.

Chapter 66 Ashley first time Anal

I drop down to ground drag off the bar Ashley Took my place Tim took his turn She scream once enter her ass hole the pain she allmost pass out.  But Tim did not stop rape her.  One other took His Turn He Cum on tits rub it all over.  Ashley face Cover Cum once her eyes open. See cum come out hit in faces. 

Then next took his places Did same thing cum her Face  I get shot at Mommy one said look me.  You got Fans slut.  Steve went to offices we got ton for you boss.  He said They can give lot more.  no once done got let go I Made younger brother he in love with her not kill them.  So rape again and again.  both laugh at that. 

Chapter 67 Hope acting Class

Hope was watch Ken 22 year old blond surfer type doing sole Macbeth for class not dry eye in house clap Well the teacher said that it for tonight.  Ken Did Like Hope he ask.  Yes I need do mine soon How did get so good.  I set up my HD Camera watch my self after it help me out a lot.  He got on motor bike Harley Davidson.  rode off.  Hope took off her bra and put just White blouses and jeans She sit up her Camera read off a scripe just try think next line. 

Chapter 68 HD Rape

Bike park block way Use key on back Hope apartment building.  Going up to her third floor room.  He open her door Hope see hin how get in here.  he put helmet and black leather jacket he grab at her try kiss no stop it Ken he push her back still saying No.  As Camera got both in shot he slap her she go down to floor.  He grab at her as she was crying he rip the blouses she scream  No as torn away she grab at Scissors he grab at he wrist No as tore it way toss to side.  Then slap at face she try cover her face with her hand. Cry even more.  Rip more her breast pop out.  slap again as try fight him off. TheCamera  show him take off T- Shirt off The grab her hand over her her head slap so hard blood come from her lip.  hold on tight grip.  She Cry out in pain.  As he laugh slut Then he unzip her jeans she start hit yell no as got jeans all off spread her legs Slap her again make stop scream. Grab her hair made her arch her back.  Bitch show me how like it he cover her mouth her hand. 

Show me as he put dick in her he did last to long he pull pants up kick her in stomach you are worst Fuck I ever had.  I am hungry Fix me some to eat.

Chapter 69 Get food ready. 

Hope is not much of cook she in cooking aprons he look at her ass.  Take plate out put food on it she put hot food.  he grab her pull aprons down put mouth on her nipple then he put her on knee better suck me off I cut face he she suck it as put mouth on her food he spit out you can't fuck or cook Cant act what good for laugh.  He tie to bed put cock in Ass she scream Bo it kill me nooooooo Cover her mouth with hand moan more as cover her mouth.  Now I under stand your T& A  What all about. He left tie to bed I see you soon Slut put shirt on and jacket take her HD Camera with him upload to The Boss.  Going back as sun come up.  Hope still on bed tie up Ready for more I brought friends.  NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO as one got top of her

This ending of disc 4 side B put in Disc 5 side A

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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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This disc 5 Side A

Chapter 70 Meet Trish

It was many hours before last man cum in Me Or Ashley I took me 15 minute to get rope off Ashley did move to I took her gag off No no no more.  Ashley it me Amber I told. her.  Amber hug me sorry I stick she said she try laugh.  I left her try fine any thing to ware found a old waiter top  give one to Ashley.  We go out side it dark all ready a Taxi stop get in Boss. 

We get in.  Good see friendy face I said I held Ashley tightly.  I am Trish I am Amber Green This my Friend Ashley.  Rough Night she ask.  Rough few days I said Take me home Amber said.  No we need to go hospital get rape kit take day after pill.  That right Ashley said.  I know place boss Trish said. Take to a Rape Center in town stars apartment Trish help Ashely down I follow.  A women open up Doc I got two more for you.  hello Trish Hello I am Rosario Temple.  I Amber this Ashley. Where From Amber not around here.  Richmond Va.  Mother on news went missing.  Yep that me I said.  I need call husband tell I ok.  She took me to bedroom so can call. 

Chapter 71 Call Home.     

The phone rang once my mother answer it right way.  Mommy get off phone I like talk to my husband.  Mommy I am fine let talk to my husband please fuck this I hung up.  I call her again later.  look at Trish I know she going blame me.  Then I call again this time my husband answer.  Baby I said Are you ok just mad as hell and the new neightbor one attack me.  and drove to New York.  I got you.  Call his fellow police kick door down found house empty. I see you next time Amber.

I was test all cum off and had nail look for skin under took after pill.

Trish took both us to Ashley home Amber mother both of use.  Ashley took nap with her mother room.  Trish sat with me in Ashley room. She ask WWOU game.  That how meet Ashley we best friend since day one.  I check twitch found lot my fans asking about me have heard from Amber. I type in my chat as Z I am fine I rest in Z room more come soon.  log out.

Chapter 72 Hope all done.

After last guy cum on chest then paid Ken then Ken got top her he ram his  dick in here Come on baby you know you I said can't I said get going angry fuck is the best.  Come on her again.  put pants on walk out Said I see you again soon Hope.  It took 30 mins untie self she dress went to ER get rape kit.  As rest she took a slipping pill.  A orderly open a lock door go in Hope room pull her gown up get top her put dick in her his hand on breast pawn at her he cum in her clean her up no one would know she was raped again. 

Chapter 73 back in game

Ashley let me go in game.  she watch me go in the game I was in my twitch as well.  I was in Kate bed I was alone.  I got lot talk about.  let get to it.  hi guys it Amber I was kidnap and Gang raped take to New York City.  I am at Z aka Ashley Was Gang Raped as well I use her gear.  I was rape some move in not far to me.  he rape as jogging.  then put in car trunk drove to New York As Ashley had date Steve who brother of James one kidnap me.

The chat went crazy I look right every I bet one them is her.  You think we done I just get start I bring hell you son of bitch. Hell is come with me you hear hell come with me.  I sorry lost head lack sleep and this one snoring at night'  Ashley with Hey she said.  I laugh I hug her.  So i going go home soon it need time to recover and heal.  sorry I come back better ever.  sorry for short stream Yall.

I log out. I took a nap.  Few days later Midnight  Trish took both Me and Ashley home to Richmond Va me home.  Boss are you in hurry take time Trish I said.  Trish is 5'4 long blond hair brown eyes and 36 DD she in black shirt and pants.  Ashley Asked where from Trish?  Outside Toronto I was fitness model a guy try rape me how meet Doc Temple so I got job at taxi stand.  3 am past Lincoln Financial Field we should make stop get gas.  I got gas stations food Egg Sanwich mmm yummy and candy for dinner or 4 am snack.

chapter 74 home

5 am Trish made stop outside Philly stop hotel I and Ashley took a bed Trish were alone.  We sleep in it ten am Ashley what see the white house.  look in side And past Arlington Lee. 

Drive up to my home my oldest hug me then my middle child kiss my son. Hug my husband he meet Ashley and Trish.  go inside.  I ate Dinner took Trish to offices would like become a black hand.  I show her a black hand I hunt Rapist in game would help me can have so many 1 million or player it kind hard.  I kill them.  I read this They did for real I got This and can kill them.  I get paid for it.  Would you help me.  Can I Think about. Sure Trish I said.  Trish watch go in the game.

Chapter 75 Back to the game.

 Going in Kelly jump hug Me.  Good see you too she blush sorry I miss you. So did Ashley miss you too.  mute mic tell all female are here.  Tara and Cj come over each day look for you.  Kate well be happy see you too.  Go to living room say hello to rosy and sit  Scobby lick my face.  Hi scobby hug him I miss you buddy.  Kate come in after Kelly go her hug Kate hard.  we sate down told Kate and Kelly every thing. 

I did stay to long after that I lay down once log off.  I do it if stay here with you Boss.  Once meet you I know I do anything for you.

I glad I said.  I kiss her.  get ready for work Trish Right boss.

Chapter 76 Get Call from Hope

I had dinner with Ashley and Trish and family I get a call.  from  Hope She told me what happen she at family home.  Rest and hide from her attacker.  I understand I said.  She told me she be back soon.  I said her good night. Night Amber night Amber.

I told Ashley about Hope.  My god she said. I know I said. 

Chapter 77 Amanda Kane

Log in next day There knock on the door.  It open I said.  A Waitress come there a Amanda Kane here see you.  She look like some beat  her up she bust lip and she bust knee.  She in Kate office ok thank you.  Trish and I went to office I said hello to her.  Hi she said.  This Trish my Bodyguard and driver.  Nice meet you both. Glass of water or something stronger I asked.

No water is just fine. I was sent to find a student at Bullworth Academy I was Teacher of English. Prefects rule with iron fist. Got Preppies rich snobs they run a boxing gym in town have on club house. Bully like hurt others Nerds love play D&D game play in library.  Jock football gym.  and Grearsers they are tough and most time stick shop glass.  And there leader is name Gary he a Psycho who had some other fight in pit and winner had shot at me.  Gary took own shot.8 of them but stay more them would take a shot. Take her sunglass off see black eye and bust lips. 

Chapter 78 The town of Bullworh

I got go back hospital soon. here hand me letter of Intoduction Give this Crabapple he the Dean of school Take over my search for Glory Kramer and stop rapist of Bullworth.  Trish like come with me?  Sure boss let go. We walk to with her to the portal to town of Bullworth.  it good size town. I help Amanda to room in hospital room.  She thank me

 We found Hotel room 7 floor.  I walk to the campus I go to Dean of the School.  I here see Mr. Crabapple. I am Amber Green I here take over Miss. Kane class.  He with another new student wait there ok I sat down read a magazine from 2006.  A 18 year old kid name Jimmy come out.  Miss Green he said.  Mrs. Green I said even better he said I give letter.  he read it said sit down.  We do need new teacher I happy see new blood here at Bullworth Welcome.  you start at 9:15 to 11:30 ever day.  Good you start tomorrow.  He said expire the youth Mrs. Green.  Ok I try I said with classic smile.

Chapter 79 Class day

I had room in girls dorm  it was Amanda Kane.  I set clock 7am I went to bed.  I was up I dress like what Amanda I got to class Hello class I am Mrs. Green I take over Miss Kane.  For few week seat take time do Vocabulary try your best. I sat down.  I see the new kid come in he passed 88% most other pass one call Russell the bull he bully he not to bright 20 year old.  He got up toss desk.  I look at him just smile said feel better?  Russell Sorry.  It ok Keep on smile at him.  Deep down I all most wet my self.  Russell is it?  Yes Mrs. Green.   Ok let make deal there 5 right.  yes he said.  if pass one get kiss you 5 good min.  pass two touch my breast 7 minute in heaven.  3 I well give a blow job. 4 Sex.  Sex?  yes Sex 5 oh boy you get tap my ass. Russell feel funny he said.  You have pass to pass the grade.  Ok now get I got work to do. 

Chapter 80 Talk with Jimmy

Go out door Jimmy sex do think that he ever done the deed.  nope he has pass the class.  Jimmy you new here can trust you.  Yes I am if have cash.  I got that load of it.  meet me side of girl dorm at midnight.  Ok. I had lunch Walk around saw the door to bolider room.  Look at campus the Gym and Library meet few the Nerd Hello Mrs. Green Have ever play Grottos&Gremlins.  No I said it fun card game with disc  any can happen.  I might have cheek it out.  I went my room as about open my door a Cheerleader hello Mrs. Green Hello I am Hayden Bennet I what welcome you to hell hole.  Sorry she said.  No you right this hell I bearly spell I am English Teacher.  I what welcome do know how long Miss Kane be gone.  Few weeks   I know she look for my friend Glory Kramer She like my sister.  She gave me this to any one who take her places Thank you I read this I turn on light 8 pm.

Chapter 81 Midnight meet up

I dress in black out Jimmy rush to me.  Hello Jimmy.  I said come on fellow my might tone ass but don't touch I rip it off beat your arm with it.  Ok you are one scary chick.  Have no idea my friend.  Go out gate go have hide in broken down Bus A prefects pass bye.  once walk away got out go down Jimmy pick the lock open door go in.  What we doing here well the English Teacher I take over for was raped down here.  Raped?  Have meet Gary.  Yes I have he ring leader.  Fuck guy I know not trust him.  Don't trust him.  That got be pit I said.  Fight and winner can do Miss Kane. for two days.  We look around found camera.  With a Note Hello Miss or Mrs. Slut or a whore what ever my ocd kick in any way I hope you enjoy edit Raped of Miss Kane.  He try get my goat I well not get it to me.  let get out Jimmy side.  Sure I said.  He saw prefects  he ran he start chase him I went other way.  I got to my room. 

Chapter 82 Meet young Sally Smart

I got dress for bed.  There is knock on my door Who is it.  open up Hi I Sally 8 year African American it too dark in my room.  Other girl would make fun me if turn on night light.  Hi Sally Miss Kane told me about you Come on in turn on desk lamp.  She got in bed with me my Middle Child is 8 like you.  You have kid.  Yes 3 two girl and young son now.  She smile I like you Mrs. Green.  You not to bad smart Girl.  I went to sleep 7am went get some to eat.  Went to class.  new set of student all past there class. See all.  I went to Hotel Trish was there.  Found tape fucker what get my goat I like you to find some see there face.  Right boss.  I walk to portal go back Kate. One of Bully knock down little Sally. 

Chapter 83 Mommy Green

  Hey you.  I punch the bully he took punch then he swing I block it then.  Hit with 3 punch grab him push to wall then knee him in gut then punch twice than grab hand said stop hit your self.  Kick him in balls fall down.  I said you got knock out bye girl bitch kick in chest.  One other girl High five.  Took Sally to my room. I got her stop cry.  Hayden knock Hey Sally you ok.  Yes I am now. I got big bed come stay with.  I got night light for you.  They took there and walk out.  I Got Text from Trish we found some one look at facial recognition system.  She all most puke few time.  I beat I said.  Call me later.  Over a loudspeaker All Steff come to my office right way. He repeat what say.

Chapter 84 Meeting new friend

Crabapple Was at desk Mr. Hattrick 41 year Black man.  What she doing here look at me.  It a staff meeting I said.  Yes Crabapple said why I call This Meeting Mr. Hattrick look at him he groin but said nothing.  Hi I am Ms. Jennifer Philips I am Art and photoshop I new as well. And load mouth Mr.  Hattrick Math Teacher.  Why I hate math she laugh at that The  meeting  last only 5 minute

Jennifer Philips 5,5 with short brunette hair blue eye.  Long legs 34b her nipple poke out her sweeter.  Did Glory Kramer Family send for you.  No it was Ms. Kane got me.  Yes I got here day after they found her.  open to her room go in to Art room.  Was she Raped.  Yes I said.  Bye fellow Student and there leader Name is Gary.  I not seen him Ever.  Jimmy only one that has.  The  new Student?  Yes I said.  Can trust him?  long if pay well.  I see she said. Have meet Holly Monroe yet?  She cheerleading coach you may need talk to her she knows  Glory very Well I think there on football field right now.

I said my good bye To Jennifer Went to the Football Field then I saw Him. 

Chapter 85 Rapist QB

I Head in Shadow so The QB did see him he in red shirt so no hit him.  It Ken one raped Me and Ashley And He here He toss the ball close to cheerleaders so he can cheek out Holly ass She 5,7 long blond hair brown eyes tight shirt show 38d.  Him and his family and ass I got idea.  I go to Girl rest room.  Shit I see Jimmy said see me come he jump in trash bid.  A prefect walk in I start to wash my hand hey what doing in here.  Wash my hand you perv take paper towel toss it in trash bin.  Do you mind ok Sorry Mrs. Green Walk away.  He gone I told Jimmy he gone.  Don't tell me I don't what know Tell him.  Good I really do not what tell He ran out.  Going to portal jump to the Mall I need pick few Thing.  Go back bye the pool workout area.  The same Prefects before stand bye door weight room.  Hear the very load music  I dress in school girl outfit hello perv I said you like Before he could say any thing put my knife in neck he fell back words.  fall in I Stab in heart.  Ken lift weight No care in world.  Pick a blackjack I hit him in head.  see star I tie to Weight lift he ass was out.  As he saw it was Me.  Hi I said.  Relax slut and in joy it I had biggest glow in dark green Dildo.  I bet you get all way in. I turn music up more Then I force it in him ohhh yes  show me how much you like.  I cum as Anal rape him.

Chapter 86 Boom go the QB

I got off him put dildo way I see you love.  I untie his left hand I put eight-pound, trip-wire activated in hand tie above him This only 8 pound How long can hold well some save you. I turn it on walk out jump one end to another.

I jump front the school next to bike rake.  As going to the dorm.  Holly Monroe come out same Hello she said Hello I am Amber.  Holly are you the new English teacher?  Yes I am I said.  Nice meet  I said.  Same here Then a load boom then Crabapple said what blue hell was that over load speaker.  I go to girls What that some asked.  I bet someone set off fireworks.  Oh ok some other said.  I got go back to bed.  Holly Help go to my Room.  Have seat I told she sat bye desk.  It not firework she said.  It not we need get new QB tell her.  He one my rapist last rape me.  My god Holly said.  He may had been one of one kidnap Glory.  I hope she ok she said.  Then I got text never guess who on video Trish said.  Ken I text.  How? I took care him all ready.  Bow to feet Boss Trish said.  Holly good news.  Well he raped MS. Kane.  Holly I like Glory she nice to every one she some this school look up too. 

Have heard of Gary?  Well I don't think every been to class only few boys ever seen him.  Why?  Ringleader of gang.  Dean Crabapple come again Sorry all there No class tomorrow this not happen in 50 years.  I should go come with me sure we jump to Kate bar. Hope hug me as walk in so did CJ and Tara I log out for the night.

LVL 2 close to 3 44 kills and still kickass

Thank you upgrade to long form This end disc 5 side A


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Re: WWOU World Wide Online Universe Vol 1
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Chapter 87 Day off fun.

Move guys some scream there to many I Call the power of Meow Meow ohhh shit one  most power hammer In the game ok Grottos and Gremlins.  A lighting hit hammer.  I have the Power Am-Ber I chance to English Teacher to powerful warriors in iron bra and Brown fur under wear.  I jump up hit horde of Gremlins Hit them with hammer and lighting one I did kill they run way.  I win the day.  the Nerds all them cheer we been play 12 hour campaign.  I look at Sally Come we better get you to the dorm.  Come on one more.  Sally and I have class the next day. 

Going to the dorm with Sally got her ready for bed tuck her in bed left night light on.  I got ready for bed midnight. 

Chapter 88 Class Time.

I woke up just before alarm clock went off.  Dress in red top cotton and white sweater and skirt with heels.  I had butter on toasted bread. ate face as just made to class Jimmy come in 30 mins late.  Hello class welcome back.  I hope had good day off I hope ready for word vocabulary.  Betty Greer tall nerd girl with brown Eyes and dirty blond hair. she has pink bow and green glasses.  Kelly  Bullworth dress, over a white school shirt, and pink shoes.  She got 100% Jimmy got 98 %  I wait for Russel to get done.  He got 75% you passed. Thank God you are 20 year old Student.  I Kiss for 5 minute rel time.  he can kiss  I wipe off lipstick off mouth He walk out cloud 9.

Chapter 89 after class boxing

Hey Jennifer Said walk in Hello Jennifer you did stay long.  I know Sally was alone I play Grottos and Gremlins with her and fellow of Nerds.  She laugh That good.  I had fun. But?  Glory still alive How she doing?  She need get class For afternoon class.  I left my class room.  I went to town get some fresh fruit then going Town Library Found map of the city.  there no sign of Glory on campus so she in town some where. 

Going to Old Bullworth Vale found Preppies Glass Jaw boxing gym  See Jimmy in ring boxing with Gord Vendome I think his name is. He swing miss Jimmy duck down give uppercut him he dead to feet  he punch one  more time KO Him One them said lucky punch Yes I am the winner.  Jimmy was dress in school uniforms.  Hello Mrs. Green.  Jimmy I said Give a note to him meet me up stairs attic in girl Dorm at midnight. 

Chapter 90  Mrs. Peabody and Midnight meet up. 

Mrs. Peabody is an unattractive woman. She wears an old fashioned white blouse and a brown skirt, and wears her hair in a very plain bun. Her face is pinched and somewhat hawklike, and her most notable feature is her coke bottle glasses. In the winter she wears a cardigan and a heavier skirt.  You late as I walk in.  Hello to you to Mrs. Peabody.  She turn around with flashlight in hand look for perv boys she well do every night.  Go to my upstairs bed room wait.  I sneak bye her.  Jimmy Climb up.  Hey I said.  Hey he whisper.  I got map of city I need you look around cheek off.  Right he said Any thing else I Kiss him.  He all most fell try climb down.  He made it to his dorm before a Prefect see him.  I go down just got my room I went to bed For the day.

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