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Author Topic: Male roleplayer needed.. step daughter and step dad roleplay.. email only  (Read 92 times)

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Hi.. I'm looking for a role play partner? The roles I would like to do is step daughter and step dad.. You've just recently married my mother. She's never at home due to her job, working away from home weeks at a time. One night you're working and your boss gives you the night off resulting in you coming home early. You still a bit wanting to surprise me just to get on my good side cause it's clear that I don't like you. As you come inside the house, you can hear loud thumping and moans coming from my room. You silently walks upstairs to see what's going on and to your surprise you see me face down on the floor with my ass in the air, getting fucked by my best friend, Charlie. He has on hand on my hip and the other on my head keeping me down. Slobber is leaking from my mouth as I moaned.. I don't think he noticed the door creaking open but I did, seeing you peeking through.. oh my God.. small whines escaped my throat as Micheal leans down to my ear "what's wrong, Swiss Roll? You getting picked down good?" He says as he fucked me harder. I gasp and cry out squirting all over the place.. as I looked at you, I closed my eyes in embarrassment. You grin and slowly back away from the door going to your room... After a few more minutes he lifts me up and pushed his cock down my tight, willing throat, cumming inside.. I gagged softly and pulled away, wiping my mouth as I swallowed. After a few minutes, he smiled and rubbed my head, putting his clothes back on as he asked me "was that how you wanted it?" I blushed but nodded softly, one because of the question and two, because you've seen me.. I slipped on my robe and walked him out as he gave a kiss on the cheek. Here's the rest of it..   The next day I woke up due to feeling something wet in my sheets. Gasping I looked down seeing I've made a mess. Was I dreaming??? No.. it couldn't be. I say rubbing my neck cause it hurt so much. But then I remembered that I saw you. That thought sent chills down my spine. Oh no.. I curled up whimpering as I heard a knock on my door. "Anyah? It's me (name?)" I gulped a bit softly as I got up, put my pink and white trimmed robe on and kept repeating to myself, it was  just a dream.. I turned the knob as I peek out looking up at you "y..yes?" Email me at if you're interested. I don't have any limits so do whatever you please!! Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll see you soon..
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