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Which story best met the theme "Dorky/Confusion/Yardstick" and most entertained you?

Girls are Evil by Alec Durbervilles
Measuring Up by Shocker
Confused Identity by kittyumbrass

Voting closes: July 03, 2019, 07:05:19 PM


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Author Topic: May/June 2019 Story Contest Poll to Determine the Winner  (Read 141 times)

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May/June 2019 Story Contest Poll to Determine the Winner
« on: June 03, 2019, 07:05:19 PM »
The entries phase is over (,5127.0.html)... Interested authors had all of May in which to submit entries with a word count limit of 2500 words and a theme of Dorky/Confusion/Yardstick.

The theme was chosen by RC member, kittyumbrass.

All entries were certified by myself.

Now it is up to you, the RapeCage members. The winner of the contest will be decided by your votes in this poll.

Guests: If you would like to vote for your favorite, please join RapeCage!!!

Please try and read each story before voting. Think about which one most exited and entertained you. Each member may vote only once and may only vote for one entry. The story receiving the most votes will be declared winner. Voting ends June 30, 2019 at a random time. Please try not to wait till the last moment as the poll will close without warning. The results of the polling will not be visible until the polling time expires. This is a blind poll for fairness.

Here are your choices with hyperlinks so you may easily find the stories:

Girls are Evil by Alec Durbervilles,5158.0.html

Measuring Up by Shocker,5183.0.html

Confused Identity by kittyumbrass,5185.0.html

ALSO NOTE: All contest entries for the current cycle are located in this special dedicated forum.,61.0.html

On behalf of all the authors, I hope member participation is high and that everyone finds a tale that speaks to them. Thank you for reading our stories. Without your eyes, our efforts are meaningless.

When you read stories and poems here at RapeCage, please comment. Even the simplest thank you means so much when received...
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