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Author Topic: There Was A Naked Man  (Read 305 times)

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There Was A Naked Man
« on: June 04, 2019, 06:51:05 PM »
There was a naked man
Who raped a naked wife.
The man she will remember
The remainder of her life.

Subdued her with a single slap
That sent her to the floor.
He raped her once, and then again
Then raped her two times more.

She was undressed against her will
Each item ripped in turn.
He sucked her nipples one by one
And made them ache and burn.

He licked a journey up her legs
From toes to inner thighs.
His cock became like molten steel
As he gazed upon his prize.

His tongue between her labia
Caused her head to jerk.
To no effect she bucked and kicked
As he put his mouth to work.

Soon he moved to mount her
As he finished up down south.
The taste of her own honey
She extracted from his mouth.

She fought him as he mounted her,
She kicked and thrashed and struggled.
Her moves had no effect at all,
He kissed and licked and snuggled.

She felt his cock head line her up,
As he prepared to enter.
With a primal growl he did her in,
Driving straight dead center.

The air was sucked out from her lungs
As he took his first poke.
He breached her seven inches
With the first strong, brutal stroke.

She bucked, she kicked, she slapped his chest,
Her head turned side to side.
A tortured moan escaped her lips
As he tunneled deep inside.

His hands were everywhere at once,
On face and tits and thighs.
His tongue slid all along her face,
On nose and cheeks and eyes.

His back was arched, his legs were springs,
His hips were poised and tilted.
With every stroke so deep and strong,
How easily he hilted.

He plunged her strong, he plunged her hard,
He buried deep inside.
He tunneled to her inner depths
And stretched her side-to-side.

She heard his heavy breathing,
Now long enough he'd waited.
With head thrown back and pleasured cry,
He then ejaculated.

He squirted once, then squirted twice,
Then third and then a fourth shot.
He filled her battered cervix,
With his liquid thick and hot.

No choice but to receive him,
Pinned down helpless on her back.
He kept inseminating,
'Til his sperm ran down her crack.

As he collapsed atop her,
A cry escaped her lips.
He kissed her one last on the mouth
As he pulled free of her hips.

He raped her in the living room.
Sodomized her in the hall.
He raped her in the kitchen,
Each time hilting to the balls.

He spermed her in both cunt and ass
Until her crotch was coated.
Reluctantly she sucked his cock.
He moaned as he was throated.

He left her in the living room,
Curled up on the floor.
Only the clock deterring him
From raping her once more.

He turned on to the freeway,
Her panties around his neck.
His next victim already picked,
The teacher at State Tech.

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Re: There Was A Naked Man
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 01:34:49 PM »
@DickBiggers Bravo, mate. Hilarious and hot! :thumbs:

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